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May 19, 2000

Wilko upbeat over England’s chances

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* … football violence yesterday has this effectively ended…
* Hooligan threat to 2006 bid
* England’s 2006 bid praised
* Wilko upbeat over England’s chances
* Withe a flying Englishman abroad
* UEFA Cup final: Double miss costs Arsenal glory
* Sport On TV: Sport rights should be good news
* Guardian Unlimited | Archive Search

… football violence yesterday has this effectively ended…
BBC News – May 18, 2000
It is always a minority that spoils our enjoyment of football so why punish the majority?
In my view, AA Gills unhelpful comments about ‘Thugathons’ will only make matters worse. Scotland also has its problems or does the English only attend the Celtic Rangers game, who also have such problems? Andrew Dixon, Didcot
The only way to deal with football hooliganism is by peer pressure. If a football tournament (e. World Cup) is prevented from coming to this country, football fans generally will realise how serious the problem is and, hopefully, start reporting the thugs who are so obviously in their midst. The real fans are on the ground and are the closest to those who must be stopped from causing terror. Paul Matthews, Rickmansworth

Why is it when it is English hooligans we are all branded as British? David Stevenson, Edinburgh
Regarding football violence, why don’t we just stop away supporters from getting tickets? Andy Bell, London

It is somewhat na?ve to think that this is a problem that follows the English national team and English clubs when they travel abroad.

Hooligan threat to 2006 bid
BBC News – May 15, 2000
The image of all England fans is penalised by the behaviour of a minority

Sports minister Kate Hoey

In the closely-matched contest to host the global event, an outbreak of violence like the rioting that saw England fans arrested during France 98 could easily lose the Football Association vital votes. The National Criminal Intelligence Service, which co-ordinates the fight against hooliganism in the UK, said that it has been liaising “incredibly closely” with police forces in the Netherlands and Belgium “for a number of years” to limit the threat of unrest at Euro 2000. As part of the operation, a total of 111 individuals with football-related convictions will be prevented from travelling outside England while the tournament is on. Under new measures, supporters with international banning orders will have to report to a named police station and hand in their passports… For its part, the Football Association has adopted a system of loyalty points when distributing its ticket allocation through the England Members Club. Supporters who reach a certain number of points by attending a variety of differently categorised England games will automatically receive tickets. But should any member be convicted of a football-related offence in that time, they are thrown out of the club and lose their ticket allocation. England proved with Euro 96 we can host a major international tournament without trouble

The Football Association

“We know where all our tickets have gone,” said a spokesman. The FA has also been deeply involved in a campaign to clean up the image of England supporters – dubbed “Football yes, violence no”- consisting of goodwill trips to meet foreign fans.

England’s 2006 bid praised
BBC News – May 15, 2000
He congratulated the bid team, led by Sir Bobby Charlton and Sir Geoff Hurst, who have spent the last week in the Bahamas, lobbying the Concacaf, the United States and Caribbean football associations, congress in Nassau. Mr Blatter said England had a strong chance to host the 2006 World Cup and should be praised for their hard work. He said: “I can only congratulate the way Bobby Charlton is presiding over the destiny of the 2006, perhaps England, World Cup. ”

The three votes held by the Concacaf region in the 24-member Fifa executive could be
pivotal when the final decision is made in Zurich on 6 July.

Wilko upbeat over England’s chances
BBC News – May 14, 2000
Part of his remit has been to look at the development of football in England as a whole, but he is also in charge of the England under-21s, and as such worked closely with Kevin Keegan in choosing the young players to go to Holland and Belgium with the senior squad. “I’m confident for Euro 2000 on the basis that I think when you look at our best players, we’ve got some very talented footballers,” claims Wilkinson. Wilkinson will be at Euro 2000 in his role as technical director, but he does not want to step on Keegan’s toes when it comes to taking charge of the first team: “My very, very strong feeling is that you can only have one manager… ”

Although Wilkinson believes that England have a great chance at Euro 2000, he is even more optimistic about the future:

“In my opinion, when David Beckham is 30 or 31, there will be a terrific group of English players around the world playing and available for selection for an England manager. ”

David Beckham will turn 31 just before the start of the World Cup in 2006. If Wilkinson is right, then the nomination to host the World Cup in 2006 might not be all that England can look forward to winning.

Withe a flying Englishman abroad – May 12, 2000
“At 49, he is still revered, still vividly remembered for leading the attack for Brian Clough’s Nottingham Forest, for scoring the goal that won Aston Villa the European Cup and, of course, for representing England. Eriksson’s appointment disappoints him but Withe takes umbrage over another Football Association issue. He resents the widely publicised notion that the FA paid his salary to secure Thailand’s vote for the 2006 World Cup. “We never got Thailand’s vote and if that was the case they would never have been in a position to offer me a 12-month extension to my contract,” he said. If Thailand progress from their preliminary World Cup qualifying group next May, the pressure will be on Withe to stay put. Kathy may not be coming home just yet.

UEFA Cup final: Double miss costs Arsenal glory – May 18, 2000
Again Galatasaray’s keeper stood between Arsenal and victory, reacting superbly to twice repel shots from the rampaging Kanu and set up penalties. And so ended a day that all, outside Istanbul, will want to forget. At the end of the longest day, a sorry tale of stabbings and sirens, a football match broke out, albeit one unable to dispel the gathering of the darkest of clouds across Euro 2000 and England’s bid for the 2006 World Cup. This should have been an occasion for celebrating the achievements of two good footballing sides, for lauding the magical moments of Hagi and Dennis Bergkamp, but the mind kept being dragged back to the probability of worse trouble this summer when English and Turkish fans will surely meet on their travels through the Low Countries. As for 2006, England’s attempt to take the moral high ground on security matters looks based even more on shifting sands. Whatever the innocence of the Arsenal fans here, the globally transmitted television pictures of street brawling will have had FIFA’s decision-makers shaking their heads in disgust. And in keeping with the day’s theme of antagonism, this UEFA Cup final produced the prickliest of first halves… Shortly after the break, Galatasaray really should have taken the lead but Sukur’s shot cannoned off Seaman’s left-hand upright. The huge banner born from the shores of the Bosphorus and hung from the rafters of a Scandinavian stadium was beginning to ring true: “We have come to shake the cradle of football”. But the representatives of the nation who gave football to the world showed their character. Moments after Sukur’s chance, Arsenal went raiding. Silvinho, a lively, quicksilver presence down the left, released Thierry Henry, whose cross raced across Taffarel’s box. Arriving unmarked was Keown but the centre-half scooped the ball over. Arsenal were seeking to play on the counter-attack, using the speed of Henry and Overmars to catch the Turks unawares.

Sport On TV: Sport rights should be good news – May 12, 2000
Michael Owen slips past two Brazilian defenders and fires the ball into the net. The goalkeeper has no chance. England win the 2006 World Cup… Rights holders should consider this when they try to frustrate or deny our right to report the news on television and the Internet. Sports organisations want, and need, to be on the news. From boxing to Formula One, from horse racing to football, every sport stages pre-event and post-event press conferences, interviews and photo opportunities and offers filming facilities. It would be quite wrong to cover all these and not show what happened when the event itself took place. Of course, rights-holders need protection for the millions of pounds they have invested. ITN cannot use news as an excuse to run Match of the Day. But there is protection.

Guardian Unlimited | Archive Search
Guardian Unlimited – May 13, 2000
I have never known a bond like it between the team and the players. And, as for the manager, the reaction to him at the last game of the season said it all: he was fantastic. ” It looks as though the lurching comedy of Selhurst Park, a farce worthy of a National Lottery grant to turn it into a Brit-pack movie, may finally be approaching a conclusion. The plot runs like this: Palace fanatic Mark Goldberg (played with that bemused air of hopelessness by Ricky Butcher, ex-EastEnders) buys the club for far too much money from the previous owner Ron Noades (played by Richard Wilson in full Victor Meldrew mode) and installs Terry Venables (Ray Winstone) as manager, promising funds to take the Eagles back into football’s top flight… Now it looks like it’s over, you might say it’s not a bad lesson to learn. ” Which is a moral to a tale that applies well beyond the confines of Selhurst Park. • As the biggest vote since the London mayoral election nears, informed sources within the Football Association are offering an all-or-nothing assessment of England’s chances of staging the 2006 World Cup. England will, they reckon, finish either first or last. If that sounds bizarre, the logic is flawless: the system works in finest knock-out fashion by eliminating the candidate with the fewest votes in each round. Once the loser has departed, the 24 delegates vote again, and again the country with the least friends drops out. And so on until you have a head-to-head final.

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