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July 6, 2000

Press Briefing: 11am Tuesday 4 July 2000

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The News Review:

* World Cup bid ‘influenced’ soccer crackdown
* World Cup bid on knife edge
* The failings of English football
* Press Briefing: 11am Tuesday 4 July 2000
* Cape council upbeat about bid
* The law of the knee-jerk
* Furious Zoff resigns

World Cup bid ‘influenced’ soccer crackdown
BBC News – Jul 5, 2000
“And given the fact that we had this in mind for the period we were working
the proposals up, it would have been daft to have published them at the end of
the week rather than the beginning,” he told BBC Radio 4’s Today programme. is not dictated by the possibility of a World Cup competition in the UK in 2006, which is six years away, but by various qualifying games and a friendly between England and France in Paris in early September where there could be hooligans and trouble and we wish therefore to have these measures on the statute book as quickly as is sensible. ”

Mr Straw denied that England had already lost the 2006 bid… is not dictated by the possibility of a World Cup competition in the UK in 2006, which is six years away, but by various qualifying games and a friendly between England and France in Paris in early September where there could be hooligans and trouble and we wish therefore to have these measures on the statute book as quickly as is sensible. ”

Mr Straw denied that England had already lost the 2006 bid. “I think the one thing we ought to know about football, and the Italian
supporters were reminded very starkly about it on Sunday, which is that in
anything to do with football the game is not over until the final whistle
blows. Odd things have already happened with Brazil withdrawing
early and as far as our bid for the World Cup in 2006 is concerned, it is a very
good bid.

World Cup bid on knife edge
Dispatch Online – Jul 4, 2000
Brazilian Football Confederation president Ricardo Teixeira said this in Rio de Janeiro yesterday when he announced his country had withdrawn from the bid and thrown its weight behind South Africa. Brazil’s pull-out was hatched during Teixeira’s visit to South Africa two weeks ago. In the critical meeting, two options were discussed: Brazil’s withdrawal before the voting or during the second round to ensure that the South Americans vote for South Africa. ”We will work for our vote to go to South Africa and for us to have their support in 2010,” Teixeira said yesterday.

The failings of English football
BBC News – Jul 6, 2000
Now all the campaigning and horse-trading is over, perhaps the English can come to terms with the Football Association’s failure to win the 2006 World Cup. Losing with dignity was always regarded as a national asset – just as well given recent results across sport. But time will tell whether the bid campaigners should have heeded the words of Concacaf vote-broker Jack Warner and retired from the race amidst the jostling and barging of the home straight. Mr Warner said they “weren’t listening”, but the fact is the English haven’t been listening for years.

Press Briefing: 11am Tuesday 4 July 2000
10 Downing Street – 10 Downing Street (press release) – Jul 4, 2000
Given that the World Cup Qualifiers were due to begin in the autumn when England travelled to Finland, there was recognition that we needed to take action quickly. Asked if there had been any consultation with the FA, UEFA and other bodies, the PMS said the Home Office had been discussing these measures with the relevant authorities, as you would expect. Asked if Jack Straw’s statement today was a deliberate ploy to get in an announcement before a decision on the venue for the 2006 World Cup was taken on Thursday, the PMS said no. The measures the Home Secretary would announce today were ones we had been looking at post-Euro 2000. Obviously we wanted to get these measures through as quickly as possible in time for the World Cup Qualifying campaign. Asked if he would expect the measures in the statement to have any effect on England’s 2006 bid, the PMS advised journalists not to hold their breath on that. Asked to clarify this last point, the PMS said he had been asked whether the measures being put in place to tackle the problems of hooliganism would make a difference to our bid.

Cape council upbeat about bid
Dispatch Online – Jul 5, 2000
He added that the upgrading of the Athlone Stadium as a showpiece soccer venue was part of Cape Town’s contribution to the national effort to win the right to host the tournament. The announcement of the successful bidder will be relayed tomorrow at a festive event in the Good Hope Centre. High-ranking sporting, political and business personalities are expected to attend the festivities. The event is a joint project by the Western Province division of the SA Football Association in association with the City of Cape Town.

The law of the knee-jerk
BBC News – Jul 5, 2000
But is such swift action always wise? By BBC News Online’s Ryan Dilley. The wheels of justice seldom whiz around in a mad blur. Vexing as this may sometimes be, the legal system is usually anything but rash. But now and again the pace can dramatically quicken, especially when government chooses to strike while the iron is hot… The initiative comes hard on the heels of the violence wrought by England fans during Euro 2000, and within a whisker of Fifa’s decision on where to stage the 2006 World Cup. The government hopes its new proposals will ensure the hooligan element can never again run riot on foreign shores. However, legislating for a problem still so raw in the national psyche has its dangers, says Steve Wedd from the Criminal Law Solicitors’ Association. “If you act while still white hot with anger, your response will usually be the wrong one.

Furious Zoff resigns
Irish Independent – Jul 5, 2000
I’ve got experience of that. ” A spokesman for the Italian Football Federation said that Zoff’s resignation would probably be accepted, a move that would make the former goalkeeper, who came within a whisker of being the first man to win the European Championship both as a player and a manager, the sixth Euro 2000 coach to leave his position. Of the semi-finalists, only Roger Lemerre, of France, remains in his position. ZOFF joins Frank Rijkaard of Holland, Humberto Coelho (Portugal), Mustafa Denizli (Turkey), Erich Ribbeck (Germany) and Bo Johansson (Denmark) in falling on his own sword, while some who were much less successful, Kevin Keegan, of England, among them, have vowed to continue. Lacking Christian Vieri, the injured Internazionale striker, Italy’s strengths had a more defensive flavour, yet few would argue that their display in Rotterdam three days ago matched that of France. Berlusconi, however, professed himself to be “indignant” that Zoff chose not to assign someone to man-mark Zinedine Zidane… I made a tactical criticism which I’m sticking to. ” The controversial Milan supremo can now expect an interesting phone call as Zoff promised: “I will reply to Berlusconi personally. ” The Times, London SOUTH AFRICA is on the brink of being chosen to stage the 2006 World Cup finals, just a decade after being made a sports outcast because of apartheid. Barring an unexpected last-minute hitch, the South Africans will see off rival bids from Germany, England and Morocco when FIFA’s 24-strong executive committee meets in Zurich today to chose the venue. Their decision will be announced tomorrow. The South Africans have strengthened their chances by doing a deal with Brazil, who have withdrawn their application in return for gaining African support for a bid to stage the 2010 finals. JOHN SCALES @@STYL cf,tmb,8,8.

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