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July 12, 2000

Mandarins must deflate political football

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The News Review:

* Shameful voting process scars the face of football
* Dempsey ‘sympathetic to whites-only football’
* Now is not the moment to become too carried away
* Mandarins must deflate political football
* Wilkinson suggests FA abandon 2002 hopes
* England’s new beginning
* Zim police accused of inciting crowd
* Shame and fear on the front line
* American U-turn sounds death-knell for 2006
* BBC and ITV play waiting game over 2002 deal
* FA ready to make move for Robson
* More soccer blues

Shameful voting process scars the face of football – Jul 11, 2000
This would spread hosting more equably around the world, would reduce the politicking that led to the Asian voters siding with the Germans over a past Blatter snub. “There should be rotation,” said Zen-Ruffinen. “I don’t expect Europe, now that they have had the World Cup in ’98 and again in 2006, to block such a proposal if it is formally submitted to the FIFA Congress in August. We need a formal proposal, either by a FIFA committee member, or by a national association seconded by two other ones. They will need three-quarters of the vote to get through. “Everyone recognises the right for other confederations to get the World Cup. If South Africa or Morocco submit again, I’m definitely sure they will get it.

Dempsey ‘sympathetic to whites-only football’
Independent Online – Jul 10, 2000
The Johannesburg-based Sunday Independent reported claims that Dempsey voted for the Football Association of South Africa (Fasa) not to be expelled from Fifa in 1961. The paper said the black, coloured and Indian football body, the South African Soccer Federation, pushed Fifa to sanction Fasa, resulting in the apartheid-era association being temporarily suspended. The son of Mohammed Mayet, one of the officials who called for Fasa to be blacklisted, told the newspaper when the football world governing body put the issue to the vote: “Charles Dempsey, then in New Zealand, was one of those who voted against expelling South Africa.

Now is not the moment to become too carried away – Jul 11, 2000
It’s just like the old song by Allan Sherman about Camp Granada. Joe Spivy developed poison ivy – England’s football team couldn’t beat Romania. The lake has alligators – Lord’s saw England cricket all out for 134. Leonard Skinner got ptomaine poisoning after dinner – 14 of Britain’s tennis players were knocked out of Wimbledon by Thursday. Then, suddenly, miraculously, it all changes. Wait a minute, we’ve stopped losing… So we can comfortably draw the conclusion, can we, that after all the angst, doom and failure of the last few weeks, British sport can emerge from the swamp and congratulate itself on success? No, it cannot. It’s not played properly, it’s not managed adequately, it’s not run well. For an example of the last, take the World Cup 2006 bid. After the years of campaigning, after spending millions, after Bobby Charlton racked up more air miles than a BA stewardess, we might get two votes. Actually, Alec McGivan, the campaign leader, lowered our aspirations still further in a radio interview yesterday and mentioned “one” vote. We are to conclude before the decision on Thursday that England’s bid is less flourishing than a snowball in hell, and here’s to our next realistic chance in 2018. The message from the FA is that hooliganism has done us down.

Mandarins must deflate political football – Jul 11, 2000
Your Thought Police can haul me to the nearest cashpoint for their £100 reward but I reckon it’s a small price to pay for being able to say that FIFA, post. Bring me your sick and infirm, they seem to say, and we’ll put them on a committee… This wasn’t a decision, it was a long drawn-out ritual, featuring luxuries for the boys, and the sacrifice was the sport’s reputation. One favoured theory is that the whole of Asia voted for Germany because a deal was struck between Daimler-Chrysler and Hyundai. It ought to be ridiculous that a football decision is based entirely on the manufacturing industry of the bidding countries (which explains why England had no chance – would Asia want Vauxhall?), but who would put anything past the delegates of FIFA now?Dear Charlie, the old buzzard, clung to power for too long. He lost his bearings. I stop short of making comments upon his marbles. But longevity is not always accumulated experience. The annals of sports government point to many characters who develop a taste for power, a thirst for Dom Perignon and sell a sackful of principles to stay there.

Wilkinson suggests FA abandon 2002 hopes – Jul 11, 2000
And would the new coach wish to dispense with such experience, even if some are close to or past their sell-by date? Keown, for instance, has rarely played better and he is 34. But a massive watershed may be approaching. “Abandoning the World Cup is a serious possibility – it’s got to be thought about,” said Wilkinson, though he stressed: “I’m not putting that forward. That has to be the decision of the next manager. The technical director might want to discuss the idea but, with great respect to my superiors, the chief executive and so on, they aren’t the ones to decide strategy. ” It is down to the new boy. Wilkinson then turned on the media for claiming that England had some “world-class” players… It is all about employing the right coach. Friday the 13th is perhaps not the most auspicious day to start looking. Yet England need someone of vision and experience of world football to drag them from the edge of the precipice. It comes to something when even England’s most loyal supporters, who often lambast the media after matches for daring to criticise the team, were coming up and urging endless column inches of condemnation of England.

England’s new beginning – Jul 11, 2000
“Whenever you change anything, there are always people who want things to stay as they are,” Crozier said last night. “But we have to stop thinking that everything is about what happens in England. Football is a world game and we have to get ourselves back from a position of not competing and into the frame where we can compete… As a professor of football across the world, he is very aware of what goes on here. “Eriksson, who will live in London, will be assisted by Tord Grip, his Swedish super-scout who works with him at Lazio. Eriksson’s contract, worth a minimum £2 million a year plus substantial performance-related bonuses, lasts until the end of the 2006 World Cup finals with an additional two-year option. Crozier, joined on his 48-hour head-hunting trip to Rome by David Dein, the Arsenal and FA vice-chairman who knows Eriksson, first made contact with the Lazio coach on Sunday night. They expect Eriksson, 52, to make a flying visit to England for a public unveiling any day from “Thursday to Sunday”. Crozier and Dein made sure that Eriksson was happy to work with.

Zim police accused of inciting crowd
Dispatch Online – Jul 10, 2000
“When the bottles were thrown, we needed good crowd control, not panic. The police were under no threat so why did they make such a stupid decision,” the former Wimbledon striker told AFP. Fashanu, who played international soccer for Nigeria, said enemies of African soccer would pounce on the incident and use it as justification for not taking the 2006 World Cup Finals to South Africa. “Once again South Africa will take the blame for something that happened beyond their borders”. “I have been to South Africa many times and this incident would not have happened there”. Germany controversially pipped South Africa 12-11 last Thursday for the right to host the 2006 World Cup after Oceania delegate Charles Dempsey abstained despite being told by his confederation to back South Africa. The Egyptian match commissioner said he would report the incident to Fifa authorities… Down on the pitch, Bafana Bafana players writhed on the pitch after inhaling teargas. Their eyes were burning and attempts to lessen the discomfort by pouring cold water on their faces only exacerbated their agony. SA Football Association chief executive Raymond Hack said later the players and the technical team were safe and were on their way to the airport. — Sapa-AFP

Eastern Cape.

Shame and fear on the front line – Jul 11, 2000
The two issues cannot be separated, however hard you try. “We cannot accept it any longer. It will kill football. ” This was UEFA’s chilling language from the previous day. The 2006 World Cup bid is already dead. In Zurich on July 6, the FIFA executive committee will deliver the same condemnatory verdict that UEFA could yet impose by the end of this week.

American U-turn sounds death-knell for 2006 – Jul 11, 2000
Yet The Sunday Telegraph has evidence that a crucial pocket of support has swung against them and will kill off their hopes altogether. The three votes of CONCACAF, the North and Central American confederation, were seen as essential to England’s chances and Alec McGivan, the campaign director, was confident that England had them in the bag. However, a CONCACAF source says that the events in Brussels and Charleroi last weekend have now forced an about-turn. In a last-minute rescue mission, McGivan and Tony Banks are intending to cross the Atlantic to meet the CONCACAF three… So is it over for England? “Some in the media have leaped to that conclusion,” said McGivan, “and I can see why they’d jump at such an easy story. ” However, he insists that the England bid is not going down without a fight. The rearguard action began on Monday with a meeting in Brussels between the key players, McGivan, Banks, Sir Bobby Charlton and Adam Crozier, chief executive of the Football Association. There the conclusion was simply to get through the following day’s game against Romania and then let the dust settle. Once England were out, it became possible to start assessing the damage. “We have to try to reassure people,” said McGivan, “to make the point that this doesn’t affect our ability to stage a World Cup, and that we can’t give in to these people, that voting against England because of this would be giving in to the hooligans. “It was thus decided that FIFA’s 24 executive members should be contacted to find out if their views on the England bid had changed.

BBC and ITV play waiting game over 2002 deal – Jul 11, 2000
The World Cup is a listed event in the United Kingdom, which means matches involving the home countries, and the semi-finals and finals, have to be shown on terrestrial television. There has been some talk that Kirsch could still sell the rights to Sky, who would then act as a sort of gatekeeper, sublicensing the matches to BBC and ITV. This would leave Sky, who have never had World Cup or European Championship final matches, some live football during the tournament, even if the contests are of the less appealing variety like, say, Bulgaria versus Mexico. But industry sources say such a scenario is unlikely, and BBC and ITV are well aware that they are the only bidders in town. Three months ago BBC and ITV signed a confidential letter to bid together for the rights, recreating the sort of cartel arrangements that used to prevail in domestic football. The match in Finland will be the first England game to be shown on pay per view television, available on u>direct, Ondigital and on cable through Front Row. U>direct are believed to have paid £3.

FA ready to make move for Robson – Jul 11, 2000
Sheffield Wednesday have signed former Wimbledon striker Efan Ekoku on loan from Grasshopper Zurich. Ugo Ehiogu has completed an £8 million move from Aston Villa to Middlesbrough with £3 million of the fee going to former club West Bromwich Albion, from whom he joined Villa for £40,000. Alan Miller, the former Arsenal goalkeeper, has joined Coventry City as cover for the injured Magnus Hedman and Morten Hyldgaard. Manchester City have failed to sign Newcastle defender Laurent Charvet and now Charlton are ready to make a move for him.

More soccer blues
Dispatch Online – Jul 10, 2000
South Africa were scheduled to play Equatorial Guinea in Tembisa, 30km east of Johannesburg, but the Central Africans did not arrive. Equatorial Guinea, ranked 49 of 52 football-playing African nations, caused a shock by winning the first leg 2-1 on the tiny island off Gabon two weeks ago. * Last Thursday South Africa were controversial 12-11 losers to Germany for the right to host the 2006 World Cup… South Africa were scheduled to play Equatorial Guinea in Tembisa, 30km east of Johannesburg, but the Central Africans did not arrive. Equatorial Guinea, ranked 49 of 52 football-playing African nations, caused a shock by winning the first leg 2-1 on the tiny island off Gabon two weeks ago. * Last Thursday South Africa were controversial 12-11 losers to Germany for the right to host the 2006 World Cup.

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