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September 10, 2000

New measures against football hooligans undermine civil liberties in…

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The News Review:

* USA World Cup 2006 team Profile from
* World Soccer/Rob Hughes : Behind FIFA’s Happy Facade: A Tangle of…
* New measures against football hooligans undermine civil liberties in…
* Terrace converts
* Keegan spins as knives sharpen

USA World Cup 2006 team Profile from – Aug 20, 2000
It would again be great to make it that far, the team is better, the younger players have matured, and there is some young talent that should help. Anything higher then the last 16 is a stretch, but in the World Cup who knows what can and will happen. Founded in 1913 as the United States Football Association (USFA). It was granted a provisional membership by FIFA. Then at the annual meetings in Oslo, Norway, FIFA granted the U.

World Soccer/Rob Hughes : Behind FIFA’s Happy Facade: A Tangle of…
International Herald Tribune – Aug 9, 2000
Even as he glowed in Zurich, the illusion of a contented FIFA family was exposed as bogus. Africa and Asia, the most populous soccer continents, are squabbling like errant children. The Africans say they are breaking off relationships with the Asians because Asia voted for Germany, not South Africa, to stage the 2006 World Cup. This petulance cannot last. African countries are in the throes of attempting to qualify for the 2002 World Cup, held in Asia.

afrol News – Aug 13, 2000
to our new Afrol Sports News Page! Time being, it will only focus on African football, so it should probably have been called Football News. Related items News articles ?… com, 13 July – Charles Dempsey, the President of the Oceania Football Confederation (OFC), today tendered his resignation from the FIFA Executive Committee and all other FIFA committees of which he is a member. Dempseybecame famous as he abstained from voting in the third an final round, decidingwere the FIFA World Cup 2006 would be arranged. His abstention was againstorders ha had gotten from the national football organisations of New Zealand,Australia and the Pacific island nations, and in practical terms, against thewill of the government of these countries. Dempsey’s abstention is believed tohave caused Germany to win and South Africa to lose, in its final consequence. In his letter to FIFA General Secretary Michel Zen-Ruffinen, Mr Dempsey cited the media attention following the 2006 FIFA World Cup decision as the principal reason for his resignation, effective as from 14 July 2000. FIFA system for awarding World Cup needs to be reviewedafrol.

New measures against football hooligans undermine civil liberties in…
CIQI – Aug 29, 2000
The Euro 2000 incidents came after repeated clashes betweenEnglish and Turkish fans, following the killing of two Leeds Unitedsupporters by Turkish Galatasary supporters earlier in the year. News broadcasts of drunken English fans, shouting racist slogansand fighting opposing supporters during Euro 2000, caused graveembarrassment to the Blair government and football authorities. The incidents came just as England was preparing to place itsbid to host the World Cup finals in 2006 before FIFA’s executivecommittee—the world body governing football. Winning thehost bid can be worth billions of pounds in sponsorship dealsand tourism. With Europe’s governing body, UEFA, condemning English fansas a "disgrace" and threatening to throw the Englandteam out of Euro 2000, the football authorities and the policedemanded tougher laws to crack down on hooliganism. Football Associationchief executive Adam Crozier said new laws "must be consideredjust the start of a huge drive to stop these people disgracingnot just the game of football but the whole nation. "Although legislation already exists in the Football SpectatorsAct 1990 to prevent certain individuals from attending footballmatches, the Blair government hurriedly drew up more far reachinglegislation… This was held to be in poor contrast with the actions of theGerman authorities in preventing suspected hooligans from travellingto Belgium prior to Euro 2000. German police had staged hundredsof dawn raids on homes before the tournament, seizing passportsand banning 3,000 potential troublemakers from leaving the country. Keen to placate the football authorities and sponsors, andprove it could be just as tough as Germany—a rival bidderand eventual winner to host World Cup 2006—the Blair governmentpressed the new Act through parliament in record time. The Bill will do nothing to prevent the type of drunken, xenophobicbehaviour so openly displayed by English and other internationalsupporters in Euro 2000. Ultimately this is rooted in the politicalclimate in many countries, in which the official parties striveto outdo each other with their anti-foreigner sentiment and nationalism. Football tournaments, particularly at an international level,deliberately endorse such prejudices with their gladitorial-styleconfrontations between countries for glory or defeat. The mediaplays a largely negative role by portraying each match as a virtualmini-war.

Terrace converts
BBC News – Sep 8, 2000
And, as Steve Beauchamp? reports, terraces are still a key part of German fan culture. The rebuilding of Germany’s football stadia ahead of the 2006 World Cup finals continues apace, with the official opening of Hamburg’s Volksparkstadion last weekend marked by the country’s 2-0 victory over Greece. With a construction programme to rival that seen in English football, German supporters can anticipate watching their sport in some spectacular grounds in the years ahead. What’s more, many will do so standing on terraces. When Fifa’s World Cup inspection committee visited the country last October, Deutscher Fussball-Bund general secretary Horst R. Schmidt stressed the importance of providing fans with good facilities, pointing out that terraces were essential to German fan culture.

Keegan spins as knives sharpen
BBC News – Sep 1, 2000
But in many ways, it’s one of the toughest jobs in public life. The Prime Minister has enough aides and spin doctors to supply 10 football teams. Keegan has a new regime at the Football Association who set him a target of winning the World Cup by 2006. Hoddle lost his job after being quoted as saying that the disabled “are punished for sins committed in a former life”. To this day he denies uttering that extraordinary phrase. After his public hanging he insisted that the FA should in future give the England coach better protection, even to the extent of taking up legal challenges on the coach’s behalf against newspapers. That’s not the answer.

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