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September 19, 2000

Andrew Johnson

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The News Review:

* Wilkinson making plans for 2006
* Final ball for Wembley
* – Inside Game – Michael Lewis – Offside Remarks –…
* Andrew Johnson
* The crisis of confidence in global sport
* BOPA Daily News Archive

Wilkinson making plans for 2006 – Sep 11, 2000
Finding and fostering the new Moores involved planning and patience, not qualities normally associated with the national game. “We haven’t been good at long-term planning in sport generally in this country,” said Wilkinson. “Our culture was, ‘It isn’t the done thing to practise’. In the past people preferred the gentleman cricketer who gets out for a duck, has a round of golf, goes to Ascot in the afternoon, stumbles back to the crease and the fact that he scores 98 in his second innings proves that that’s the way to do it.

Final ball for Wembley
BBC News – Sep 19, 2000
“Not just a celebration of all that is good about Wembley, but also such an important fund-raising event for the NSPCC’s Full Stop campaign. ”

An hour of the evening will be televised and broadcast live. Delays have plagued the planning process for the new Wembley, which was intended to be the jewel in the crown of England’s 2006 World Cup bid. Construction work has already been put back twice and a plan to include athletics was ditched last year following a row over the addition of a running track. There has also been an issue between Brent Council and the consortium developing the new stadium over who should pay for improvements to the notoriously congested access routes around the stadium… Delays have plagued the planning process for the new Wembley, which was intended to be the jewel in the crown of England’s 2006 World Cup bid. Construction work has already been put back twice and a plan to include athletics was ditched last year following a row over the addition of a running track. There has also been an issue between Brent Council and the consortium developing the new stadium over who should pay for improvements to the notoriously congested access routes around the stadium. – Inside Game – Michael Lewis – Offside Remarks –… – Sep 15, 2000
International Olympic Committee president Juan Antonio Samaranch says that FIFA president Sepp Blatter is willing to eliminate the under-23 age limit for the men’s Olympic soccer tournament for the future. Are they nuts?When do the players get a rest?And what does that do to the vaunted World Cup, the world’s greatest single sporting event and FIFA’s big cash cow?”Football is very eager to protect its World Cup, but I have spoken to Mr. Blatter and his executive committee is ready to improve the quality of Olympic football,” Samaranch said. Mailbag Michael Lewis will periodically answer questions from CNNSI. com users in his mailbag. If you’d like to submit a question, please enter it below… The 1992 and 1996 Games had some classic finishes and confrontations and there are some strong early hints the 2000 version will be just as good, if not better. Blatter keeps talking about the importance of having an international calendar and fewer competitions for the top players so they won’t burn out, and he supposedly shelves his idea of having a World Cup every two years, then he comes up with this bit of stunning bit of information. Well, what do you want from a lame duck and a sitting duck?Samaranch retires next July and Blatter, under increased criticism and pressure over the process in which his executive committee awarded the 2006 World Cup to Germany rather than his preferred South Africa, may turn into a one-term president if he continues to think this way. In fact, I want the tournament to go the other way: Turn the Summer Games into an Under-23 tournament only. It just doesn’t make sense for teams to qualify under one set of rules (under-23 players only) and then all of a sudden to compete under another set (three over-age players allowed). Many of the teams didn’t send an over-age player to Australia. Others, such as Nigeria, lost one key over-age player, striker Nwankwo Kanu, one of the heroes of the Africans’ stunning gold-medal triumph in 1996.

Andrew Johnson – Sep 18, 2000
He bagged a superb 32 goals in all competitions, 28 of those in the normal First Division campaign – making him the top scorer in the division. Unsurprisingly, Johnson was named Palace’s Player of the Year, and he picked up Player of the Month awards for January and April. He was also named in the PFA’s Team of the Season and also won Football League’s Umbro Isotonic Goalscorer of the Season award. This time he would get the chance to play in the Premiership, and he marked his first top-flight appearance with the leveller in the season opener at Norwich City. Shortly after the game he penned a new five-year contract. Anyone who doubted his ability in the top flight was silenced. Johnson’s lightening pace, quick feet and intelligent running off the ball gave most Premiership defences plenty to think about… Eriksson handed him a full England debut in February in the international friendly with the Netherlands at Villa Park. But remarkably he was played on the right wing after replacing Wayne Rooney on the hour and looked completely out of place. Many thought Eriksson had simply brought Johnson on to appease the public rather than have any real future plans for the forward, something which was probably proved by the fact that Johnson made just three more appearances under the Swede until he left the job after the 2006 World Cup. When Johnson moved on to Everton, he left Palace having scored 85 goals in 160 games – a fine return. And anyone who thought his first season in the Premiership was a flash in the pan was forced to think again after his fine start to life with the Toffees. In his first season he scored 12 goals in 36 starts as Everton grabbed a sixth place finish and a UEFA Cup place.

The crisis of confidence in global sport
The Observer – Sep 17, 2000
When he tells the people of Sydney that they have hosted truly “the best Games ever,” his customary accolade – denied only to troubled Atlanta in 1996 – will this time mean something more. For it closes the final Olympics of the 80 year old’s twenty year reign as the most powerful man in sport – his sixth and final term as President of the International Olympic Committee. And Samaranch follows from the stage his contemporaries and collaborators Joao Havelange, who bossed world football from 1973 to 1998 and Primo Nebiolo, who ran international athletics for eighteen years after 1980. Together these visionary and charismatic autocrats seized the opportunities of the global age to change the face of sport. Their successes and their failures cast a long shadow for those chosen to succeed them. We shall not see their like again… Take the hosting of major tournaments – which have gone from being expensive burdens to glittering prizes which bring real economic benefits. Today FIFA and the IOC are putting themselves in the dock by choosing to televise the announcements – their biggest moment in the spotlight outside the tournaments themselves – without modernising the murky system. Political machinations, corruption and the bumbling amateurism of delegates are exposed – bringing into disrepute decisions like that for Atlanta over Athens for the centenary Olympics or against South Africa for the 2006 World Cup. But sporting bodies have continued to regard enquiries from outside as illegitimate. FIFA President Sepp Blatter’s response to allegations about cash hand-outs in envelopes the night before the vote was fairly typical: “The referee has blown his whistle. The players have left the field.

BOPA Daily News Archive
Republic of Botswana – Sep 11, 2000
Daily News does not publish on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays. Please email your comments to. bwFrom 6 July 2006, a graphic version of current edition is availableat the… With regard to the new league structures, he said the executive committeewould propose to the national convention that the league structure for allleagues be as they were at the end of the 1998 football season andcomprising a maximum 12 teams each. Or that the league structure beformulated such that the super league shall comprise 14 teams and the otherleagues shall be adjusted where necessary. Regarding the special competitions, he said the BFA had taken the view thatthey be allowed to continue, hence the on-going World Group Independence Cupwould continue as scheduled. Regarding the prize money paid for winners of the now nullified footballseason, Mr Fani said it was only fair that the money should be paid because thegames had actually been played. He said up to this point clubs participatingin the Castle Super League, Motor Centre Group Toyota league and Chibukuleagues had been paid, with the exception of GU who decided not to collecttheir prize money. Also, he said they had decided to register the champions of the Coca-ColaChallenge Cup 2000, Mogoditshane Fighters, in the African Cup of Cup Winners2001. Mr Fani said that was because the Coca-Cola cup was not affected bythe ruling of the National Appeals Board.

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