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November 6, 2000

Venables might just be the man

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The News Review:

* England spark controversy by refusing to buy British
* Eriksson to lead England football
* Asian Football in 21st Century
* Venables might just be the man
* Morocco and Qatar resume relations
* – Inside Game – Gabriele Marcotti – Inside World Soccer -…
* Press freedom situation seriously deteriorating
* Sound advice from Wilko

England spark controversy by refusing to buy British
Namibian – Nov 2, 2000
""To do that we have got to move on. People have to stop thinking about the way it’s always been because that is not going to get us anywhere. ""The 52-year-old Eriksson will leave Lazio at the end of the season and take up a five-year deal from July until the end of the 2006 World Cup. His long-term appointment is arguably the most controversial decision in FA history. Some had favoured re-appointing England’s Euro 96 coach Terry Venables or going for another Englishman in former Switzerland boss Roy Hodgson. Former defender Jack Charlton, a member of England’s World Cup-winning team, said the FA was making "a terrible mistake". His brother Bobby Charlton, who played 106 times for his country, had been quoted last month as saying that it would be an insult to national pride for a non-Englishman to get the job.

Eriksson to lead England football
CNN – Oct 31, 2000
Eriksson, currently the coach of Italian glamour club Lazio, will take up a five-year contract on July 1, 2001 with the aim of taking a competitive England side to the 2006 World Cup. England’s Football Association Chief Executive Adam Crozier said on Tuesday the appointment was a unanimous choice among selectors and no other candidate had been approached. Earlier Lazio confirmed a “saddened” Eriksson had caught the players and board by surprise when he told them he was taking the English national job. “He is full of pride in becoming the first foreign manager of the England team and I understand this,” Lazio’s president Sergio Cragnotti said. Eriksson declined to speak to reporters at the end of team training at Lazio’s Formello training outside Rome on Tuesday.

Asian Football in 21st Century
People's Daily Online – Oct 23, 2000
Velappan also hinted that the AFC could up the number of participating countries in the Asian Cup from 12 to 16 if the competition and executive committees approve the decision. “Because the level of football has gone up in Asia and more teams are getting better, there is a good case to look at 16 teams,” said Velappan. The AFC secretary general also stressed that the organization will insist that the 2006 World Cup include five Asian teams instead of the 4 and half allocated by FIFA to Asia for the 2002 World Cup. Velappan had a few words to say about Lebanon’s organization of the Asian Cup 2000, which came through despite regional political instability, changes of governments, delay in construction of stadiums and various other snags. “A miracle has happened in Lebanon??because as you all know the AFC has had a very rough ride to the Asian Cup,” said Velappan. “The political violence surrounding Lebanon was like a volcano waiting to erupt. And only 8 weeks ago I wasn’t sure that the Asian Cup was going to take place here,” he added.

Venables might just be the man
BBC News – Oct 15, 2000
Indeed, if the FA is as modern and forward-thinking as it likes to claim, then this should already have been going on for some time. After all, Mr Crozier knows that he bears the ultimate responsibility for the appointment of the England coach and his own reputation would be index-linked to the standing of Mr Venables. Knighthood

Allow me some poetic licence here but Venables might conceivably earn them both a knighthood if he brought the 2002 World Cup back from the Far East. Equally, though, he would surely take Mr Crozier down with him in the event of his suitcase bursting open and a whole pile of dirty laundry tumbling out. The chief executive could probably survive the failure of Mr Venables as a football coach, though he might need a tin hat for a while amidst the flack. But any proven shortcomings in Mr Venables’ integrity when it had been so deeply and persistently called into question before would look like a careless calamity that had been waiting to happen. Those newspapermen so intent on knocking him off his pedestal for a second time would also feel entitled to ask why he’d been put up there again.

Morocco and Qatar resume relations
BBC News – Oct 22, 2000
Moroccan television said the decision was taken on the sidelines of the emergency Arab summit in Cairo when King Mohammed held talks with the Qatari Emir, Sheik Hamad Bin Khalifa Al-Thani. Morocco had recalled its ambassador in June after Qatar voted in favour of Germany hosting the 2006 football World Cup, rather than support the Moroccan bid. From the newsroom of the BBC World Service. – Inside Game – Gabriele Marcotti – Inside World Soccer -… – Oct 31, 2000
Last July, Charles Dempsey, a member of FIFA’s Executive and president of the Oceania Football Confederation (OCF), decided to abstain from the final round of voting. His decision virtually guaranteed that Germany would be given the mandate to organize the 2006 World Cup, as the final vote was 12-11 in favor of the Germans. Dempsey had been instructed by the OCF to back England in the first round of voting, but once England was eliminated, he was to switch his allegiance to South Africa. Had he cast his vote for South Africa, it would have finished 12-12 and FIFA boss Sepp Blatter would have been asked to break the tie. It is widely assumed that Blatter, a vocal supporter of any African World Cup bid, would have backed South Africa. Instead Dempsey chose to abstain.

Press freedom situation seriously deteriorating
IFEX – Oct 16, 2000
Just as the journalist was trying to transmit images to her office, the public station RTM, through which she usually broadcasts her reports, denied her permission to do so, citing “technical difficulties”. This decision is likely linked to deteriorating relations between Qatar and Morocco. A representative of the Fédération Internationale de Football Association (FIFA) from Doha recently decided not to support Morocco’s candidacy to host the 2006 World Cup. From 8 to 10 October, three France 3 journalists – cameraman Joseph Thual, editor Jean-Marc Pitt, and video editor Michel Bernasconi – were placed under house arrest in Errachidia (in Morocco’s east). On 7 October, they had covered a pilgrimage by the organisation Forum Vérité Justice (Truth and Justice Forum) to the prison in Tazmamart, located sixty kilometers from Errachidia. The authorities accused them of filming military installations. The journalists were able to return to France on 12 October, but their materials were confiscated.

Sound advice from Wilko
The Observer – Oct 15, 2000
More seriously, the ousting of the promising Peter Taylor as under-21 coach now looks an even poorer piece of judgment than it did at the time, especially from a man espousing the need for continuity and a system where junior coaches can be promoted from within. For all these reasons, it is easy to laugh at Wilkinson, and for the past few days that is what his shriller critics have been doing. There was a particular feeding-frenzy when Wilkinson surprisingly admitted it might be necessary to be realistic about 2002 World Cup hopes (ie write them off) in order to get a new team and a coherent system in place for the 2006 event. Surprisingly because those words immediately translated into ‘Let’s surrender’ type headlines, not because his thought process was faulty. This is a point of view that has been put to the past two or three England managers, and Wilkinson deserves credit for being brave enough to admit the truth instead of hiding behind wishful patriotism. When the question was put to Keegan, for instance, his reaction was to turn on the questioner, defend his players, and declare that England would be sending out a team to win Euro 2000. From that point on (a couple of days after the miserable defeat by Scotland in the second leg of the play-off) Keegan’s days were numbered.

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