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May 11, 2001

Blatter against joint World Cup bids

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The News Review:

* Police blamed for Ghana tragedy
* Disasters cast World Cup shadow
* Africa keeps World Cup despite stadium deaths
* Blatter against joint World Cup bids
* … Game – Terry Baddoo – Inside World Sport –’s…
* Picketts Lock always destined for role in mission impossible

Police blamed for Ghana tragedy
CNN – May 10, 2001
The king of the influential Ashanti tribe, Otumfuo Osei-Tutu, visited the injured and donated 20 million cedis ($2,800) to the military hospital to care for the victims. Osei-Tutu, patron of the Asante Kotoko club, said: “I am touched my the tragic news. Football is supposed to entertain people, but what happened last night has been horrific. Ghana’s football federation has indefinitely postponed all premier league matches. This was the fourth soccer disaster in Africa during the past month. Forty-three people were killed April 11 at a stadium in… And on May 6, fighting broke out among fans at a soccer match in Ivory Coast, killing one person and injuring 39. Africa hopes to host the 2010 World Cup — the world’s biggest sporting event after the Olympic Games — despite widespread concerns about stadium safety. South Africa lost out by one vote to host the 2006 World Cup, which was awarded to Germany by soccer’s Swiss-based world governing body, FIFA. FIFA Spokesman Andreas Herren said the disaster should not rule the continent out as a candidate to host the 2010 World Cup. “The fact that there has been a rise in such disasters in Africa is of course a cause for concern,” he said, speaking in Zurich, Switzerland. “But that doesn’t mean Africa won’t be considered. In the meantime, we should have the decency to let Ghana bury its dead.

Disasters cast World Cup shadow
BBC News – May 10, 2001
Africa expects to have its right to stage the World Cup in 2010 ratified by the game’s governing body Fifa at a congress in
Buenos Aires in July. Close to 200 spectators have died in tragedies at matches in
Africa over the last 12 months, most of them in stampedes caused
by police firing tear gas to quell rioting crowds… It is Africa’s worst sporting tragedy and comes just weeks after 43 people died in South Africa and another 14 were killed
in the Democratic Republic of Congo in other stadium disasters. Tear gas fears

The Confederation of African Football (CAF) urged Ghana’s
football authorities on Thursday to avoid the indiscriminate
firing of tear gas in stadiums. “We extend our sincerest condolences to the families of the
victims and to the entire Ghanaian football family,” CAF said in
a statement in Cairo. ”

CAF president Issa Hayatou was among those who had to flee
at last year’s African Champions League final between Hearts of
Oak and Esperance of Tunisia in Accra when a stray canister
landed in the VIP box as police fired tear gas at rioting fans.

Africa keeps World Cup despite stadium deaths – May 6, 2001
It was the fourth time this month that African fans have died in crowd trouble. Markus Siegler, a Fifa spokesman, said: “The next World Cup after 2006 will be organised in Africa despite these tragic events. Tragic events like this happen everywhere. “The organisation said it had set up an emergency committee to draft safety guidelines after the Johannesburg… It was the fourth time this month that African fans have died in crowd trouble. Markus Siegler, a Fifa spokesman, said: “The next World Cup after 2006 will be organised in Africa despite these tragic events. Tragic events like this happen everywhere. “The organisation said it had set up an emergency committee to draft safety guidelines after the Johannesburg.

Blatter against joint World Cup bids
Dispatch Online – May 8, 2001
”We need to get the new calendar applied. ”Then we’ll see what is realistic, rational and possible,” said Blatter. Blatter, who suffered a serious blow to his prestige last year when his favoured candidate to host the 2006 World Cup South Africa lost to Germany in the final round, also insisted there were no plans to enlarge the 32-nation finals format.

… Game – Terry Baddoo – Inside World Sport –’s… – May 3, 2001
While in the Congo, massive overcrowding — some 60,000 spectators were allegedly allowed into a stadium equipped with a 40,000 capacity — has been allied to overzealous policing as the cause. Neither allegation has been proven, but that seems to be the consensus of unofficial opinion. And therein lies the problem as far as Africa’s World Cup Finals ambitions are concerned. Had it been a case of hooliganism that caused either tragedy, then the Confederation of African football could rightly have pointed to similar instances of crowd violence in Europe, which did not preclude countries like Germany, England and Holland from hosting either World Cups or European Championships. However, where Africa came up short was on the issue of organization and security. And sadly, that is one of the areas where those skeptical of the continent getting the finals have raised the most issues. Do the Africans have the infrastructure in place to support the world’s second biggest sporting event? Will they have the finances to build the stadiums and facilities to the standard required, and the expertise to do so on time? Will there be adequate security for the visiting teams and fans? All valid questions, and ones that have to be asked of any World Cup host regardless of what part of the world they inhabit… So what will be the fallout from the tragedies of the last few weeks? Well, if the immediate reaction of FIFA is anything to go by the answer is none at all. Football’s governing body, whose President, Sepp Blatter , has been championing Africa’s cause since before he was elected, has been quick to point out that the South African incident will in no way jeopardize the country’s candidacy for the 2010 finals. And as South Africa is likely to be by far the strongest African candidate to host the finals, given their narrow and controversial loss to Germany for the right to stage the 2006 World Cup, that’s tantamount to saying the World Cup will go to Africa come what may. Should that be the case? Well, in the interests of fairness and football I’d have to say yes. As a strong advocate of the rotational system whereby every region of the world gets a chance to share in the World Cup spectacle, I agree that Africa is the most deserving. But when I learn, as I did this week, that South African officials are only now coming round to the idea of controlling the crowd capacity at major venues by limiting entry to ticket-holders of numbered seats (what a radical concept!), I’d have to say I’d reserve judgement. As I’ve said before on this site, with all the detractors around, the last thing I would want is for Africa’s debut as World Cup hosts to be a bad one.

Picketts Lock always destined for role in mission impossible – May 10, 2001
Primo Nebiolo, the late president of the International Association of Athletics Federations, had made it clear that he wanted to see a World Athletics Championship in the rebuilt national stadium. A new Wembley was meant to provide Britain with a hat-trick: the 2005 World Athletics Championships, the 2006 World Cup finals and the 2012 Olympics. But while Government ministers were ready to encourage such dreams, they were not ready to finance them… The result was a botched rebuilding of Wembley, which contributed to the Picketts Lock debacle. Through a curious muddle, the Football Association became owners of Wembley and, since they were going to provide most of the events, they called the tune. Rugby league and athletics, supposed partners of football, were virtually powerless, enabling football a stranglehold on the national stadium. The original idea of rebuilding Wembley in the image of Stade de France, with retractable seating which would roll back to reveal an athletics track, was abandoned.

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