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August 9, 2001

Gloom in Paris over Olympics decision

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The News Review:

* GFA denies sacking Afranie
* Athletics: Britain must get into the game
* Tottenham in the clear over derby disturbances
* Gloom in Paris over Olympics decision
* The next Maradona
* Final countdown for Olympic hopefuls
* Sports briefs
* State of the Boot Room Address

GFA denies sacking Afranie
BBC News – Jul 31, 2001
Duodu safe

The Ghanaian media is also reporting that Fred Osam-Duodu will remain as coach of the Black Stars, though the GFA has refused to confirm this. Many still believe the departure of Afranie is on the pipeline, despite the Under-20’s surprise performance at the World Cup when they were not expected to make it through the first round. Kukuu Dadzie, a former national team striker, is expected to be in charge of the women’s national team, the Black Queens, while his counterpart John Eshun will be named as coach of the Under-17 squad, the Starlets. The GFA is also reported to be setting up a Spiritual Committee, comprised of religious leaders and psychologists.

Athletics: Britain must get into the game – Jul 21, 2001
Why was the new Sports Minister, Richard Caborn, not present to learn a thing or two?In the politics of sport Britain languishes in the wilderness, reduced to international contempt, not just by the bungling of a new national stadium but by the overt ignorance of former Sports Minister Tony Banks. Britain is sliding towards a situation similar to that of Greece, prior to Athens controversially being elected Olympic host for 2004 – a historic relic. “I told Tony Blair at a private meeting in London in 1998 that England would receive around three votes [from the FIFA executive] for World Cup 2006,” Joao Havelange, the former president of football’s world governing body, said in Moscow. Yet England still proceeded with.

Tottenham in the clear over derby disturbances – Jul 12, 2001
“Colin Hutchinson, the Chelsea managing director, is to step down in the summer after 15 years at the club. One of his last acts could be to persuade Nicolas Anelka to join Chelsea, after Luis Fernandez, the Frenchman’s coach at Paris St Germain, admitted the former Arsenal striker could leave. Germany coach Rudi Voller has signed an extension to his contract that will see him remain in his post through to the 2006 World Cup. Newcastle United are set to sign Lazio midfielder Ivan de la Pena on loan for the remainder of the season, with a view to a permanent move. Arsenal will be without Kanu and Lauren for at least a month when they join up with Nigeria and Cameroon respectively for the African Nations Cup in Mali, which runs from Jan 19 to Feb 13.

Gloom in Paris over Olympics decision
BBC News – Jul 13, 2001
Athens is hosting the 2004 games, Turin the 2006 winter games, and Germany the next football World Cup. The scenes of celebration and fireworks in the streets of Beijing contrasted with an altogether more sober atmosphere in Paris on Friday. Although Beijing was always favourite to gain the nomination, there was great disappointment amongst the assembled dignitaries and young athletes when the result was announced.

The next Maradona
BBC News – Jul 11, 2001
He has been the youth coach for the last three championships and has turned down the opportunity to manage the national side on numerous occasions to develop his country’s young talent. “If my players perform to that level next season the door to the national team will open for them very quickly. “But it’s impossible to say at the moment if any will make it into the squad for the World Cup next summer. ”

The quality of Veron, Ortega and Batistuta probably means they may have to wait. But if you are planning a long-term flutter on the winners in 2006, a few quid on Saviola and company might be a wise investment… “But it’s impossible to say at the moment if any will make it into the squad for the World Cup next summer. ”

The quality of Veron, Ortega and Batistuta probably means they may have to wait. But if you are planning a long-term flutter on the winners in 2006, a few quid on Saviola and company might be a wise investment.

Final countdown for Olympic hopefuls
BBC News – Jul 11, 2001
08:00 BST)

Some nations are in it to win, others just hope not to lose badly, though it
is every city’s fundamental aim to promote itself, its economy and its
cultural identity on the world stage. In the past, particularly close bidding battles have provoked prolonged
post-mortems and resentment between feuding factions and continents within
the Olympic body. The ‘gifts for votes’ scandal that surrounded Salt Lake City’s bid for the
2002 winter Games, and the more recent fiasco regarding football’s World Cup
in 2006, merely serve to increase scrutiny on the voting procedures
themselves. So the IOC will be especially keen to ensure the right choices are made for
the right reasons in Moscow next week. BBC Sport Online has full coverage of the IOC’s 112th Session from Moscow, including live webcasts of the two results.

Sports briefs
St. Petersburg Times – Jul 19, 2001
Vanderbilt athletic director Todd Turner was given a new contract running through 2006. TRACK AND FIELD: Maurice Greene, the Olympic gold medalist, world-record holder at 100 meters, said tendinitis in his left knee could prevent him from defending his 200 title at the World Championships in Edmonton next month. GOLF: Crystal River’s Joe Cioe finished with 31 on the back nine to shoot 5-under 67, and was tied for first at 138 with Jason Colavito at the New England Pro Tour’s North Brentwood Open in Keene, N. The final round is today. SWIMMING: Evgueni Bez-routchenko surged into the lead in the final kilometer and won the men’s 10-kilometer open water race by two seconds at the world championships in Fukuoka, Japan.

State of the Boot Room Address
ESPN Magazine – Jul 26, 2001
I mean, Ben Olsen? Last time I saw Ben Olsen it was whenI was staring at the milk carton on my breakfast table. And let’s be brutally honest, do we really want to watch another 9-4fiasco like last year? Do we want to see Rob Stone hanging “chillin’” infront of the goal with Nick Rimando? I know I don’t. I’ve seen a lot of FIFA World Stars games through the years, but obviouslyMLS players haven’t, because those games look something like soccer. TheseMLS All-Star games look way too much like the MTV Rock n’ Jock games? Toomuch laughing and clowning. More breakaways than you see in one of myson’s U-5 games. What’s next, three points for goals from outside the box?Water balloons for the players on the bench? The other thing that bugs me about the All-Star game is the columnists whowill show up, see 13 goals and say, “If soccer were like this all thetime, Americans would like it. ” Those guys can all go back to their NBASummer League games for all I care… Because MLS cannot afford to give up on one of two teams that playin an appropriate stadium. This is not, in any way, to be construed as”MLS believes in Florida. ” No, I’ve come to the conclusion that Floridacares about football and NASCAR and nothing else. But at least we have anice little stadium with a good lease in Fort Lauderdale. I can live withsub-10,000 crowds at Lockhart because they don’t look that bad ontelevision. As for the other Florida franchise, the league-owned Tampa BayMutiny — we’re moving them to Houston’s Robertson Stadium, starting nextweek. They will be known as Houston ’01, to give the club a sense of history immediately.

facebook ends its nfl bidThe rule was subsequently tweaked to squash that tactic. Figure a rulebook tweak in the future in honor of Harbaugh.USA TODAYRavens secure win by holding, taking safety on final play vs. BengalsHow you like me now? The heat is off the much maligned Ryan Tannehill, at least for the moment as the Dolphins ride a six game winning streak the longest for the franchise since Nick Saban coached Miami to victories during the final six games in 2005 that has put them in the thick of the playoff chase. “We just thought we had to pick (Duryea). He was going too well not to be picked. He almost broke the match committee rules to a degree to play with another small defender. It helps having Shaun Burgoyne, Luke Hodge and Sam Mitchell in the back half who can all move into the midfield when the sub comes on, but it was a bit unusual for us.”You Replica Oakleys do rounds of auditions in New York, LA, Chicago, other places, Toronto sometimes, and then you narrow it down to 50 or 60, and then you bring in 30 or 40 and put them in this studio. . You can play baseball, but can you play baseball in Yankee Stadium? It’s a different set of challenges. And if they’re not ready yet . they just flail. And you’re not doing anybody a favor by putting them up there before they have the poise and the strength, and of course the talent. .At the end of a long holiday weekend, the Giants (8 3) looked as if they gorged on too much turkey and apple pie on Thanksgiving. They stumbled and staggered for much of wholesale nfl jerseys the game before finally putting away the Browns (0 12) to give New York its longest winning streak since 2008.It’s about talent, and talent needs to ripen. And the only way it ripens is it works constantly, and it fails, it takes chances, it gets knocked down, it breaks through. All of that is part of the process, and if you don’t have the room to do it, and you’ve never done it before you’ve gotten here, it won’t matter how talented you are.Connect your Miracast dongle, switch your TV to input. Then, on your Android device, go to cheap nfl jerseys Settings > Display > Wireless display. Of course, this might vary a bit depending on your device. cheap nfl jerseys Now, turn the wireless display feature on, and wait a moment while the device searches for the Miracast dongle or TV. When it appears in the list, tap to connect, and a few seconds later, you’ll see your Android device duplicated on the big screen! Be aware that locking your Android will also black out your TV, so if you’re watching a movie, hook your Android up to its charger.

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