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August 30, 2001

African football’s search for cash

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* Munich will not finally bring peace in our time
* Final act for Munich’s sporting theatre
* Eriksson will need time to strike it rich
* African football’s search for cash
* Warrant of arrest for Pirates boss
* Kirch, Euro b’casters fight Cup cold war
* Open stays on BBC
* Sports Round-up | Sports Round-up | Other Sports | Sport | Telegraph

Munich will not finally bring peace in our time – Aug 28, 2001
Even when the press reveal a rare restraint, as at Euro 2000, jingoism still seeps like sewage from the English. At any international, but particularly Anglo-Teutonic, the fans constantly sing songs from war films. Authorities and sponsors hardly help: the Football Association back a band who perform the theme from The Great Escape (a strange choice as most of the English are shot at the end of the movie) while one of the team’s commercial partners used a prison-camp setting for a promotion involving squad members. Don’t mention the war? We English cannot stop. Those young men in England shirts who will march through Bavaria chanting “Two World Wars, one World Cup” actually demean the memory of those young men who gave their lives in the last century… Let us never forget Lothar Matthaeus consoling a stricken Chris Waddle after his missed penalty at Italia 90. Let us recall the German squad taking out a full-page advertisement thanking their English hosts for such a well-organised Euro 96. And who broke the gentlemen’s agreement with Germany over hosting the 2006 World Cup? England. And what of Oliver Kahn, who through word and handshake has shown his regard for English opponents? And what of Didi Hamann, who refused to revel in his winner at Wembley that consigned to history Kevin Keegan and the Twin Towers? Hamann is a thoughtful individual, given to exploring the English countryside. But what did his former Newcastle United team-mates give him one Christmas? A copy of Mein Kampf. Hamann laughed but, back home, his compatriots were outraged. Yet still the Germans embark on charm offensives towards the English.

Final act for Munich’s sporting theatre – Aug 29, 2001
“Munich have a chance to get the 2006 World Cup opening game and one of the semi-finals,” said Markus Hoerwick, Bayern Munich’s spokesman. “There’s also a possibility that it will get the press and media centre – without the new stadium we have no chance.

Eriksson will need time to strike it rich – Aug 25, 2001
Holland were allowed a ridiculous amount of space, which I cannot imagine us permitting against the Germans in such an important game. That said we have nothing to lose. Defeat will not put us out of the World Cup, it will merely consign us to the play-offs, which, ever since Eriksson got us back on track after the home defeat to Germany, has been our realistic target. Germany, with their record in World Cup qualifying games, will be strong favourites but this is a good time to be playing them, despite their recent good form, because this is not a strong German team. In fact, we might do rather better than the pessimists imagine after what happened at White Hart Lane. The media always see things in black and white, never a shade of grey. We are either the best team in the world or the worst, when, in fact, we are neither – by some considerable distance… England are currently going through a stage of finding out who can hack it and which can’t. That’s going to take time and hopefully people will be patient. It would be fantastic if England could qualify for the World Cup finals, not because I think we could win, but because it would be an invaluable experience for the younger players and set them up perfectly for Euro 2004 and, more importantly, the 2006 World Cup. That is when I believe this team will make their presence felt in Germany because by then, all being well, we should be one of the world’s best teams.

African football’s search for cash
BBC News – Aug 27, 2001
European football clubs may be suffering from a surplus of cash causing wage inflation and other problems, but football in Africa has yet to reap financial rewards. With top players in Europe earning 25 times more than their African counterparts it is not surprising that many African players choose to sign for European teams. Six years ago there were no South Africa players in European teams – now there are more than 80… Orlando Pirates chairman, Irwin Khosa, says he needs to devise new competitions that will attract the TV audiences and sponsors. “We’re in a globalised market, where there are no boundaries”, he says. “I think it is a good thing to say that other leagues are better organised than us, but at the same time it is a challenge – how organised is our league, how best can we improve our leagues?”

World Cup hopes

More than any improvement in their home football competitions, what unites all those involved in soccer in South Africa, is the country’s failure to host the 2006 World Cup, and its hopes for 2010. “We would be able to demonstrate our ability to provide a return on investments for those who would like to invest in African football,” he adds.

Warrant of arrest for Pirates boss
BBC News – Aug 22, 2001
This document is now the subject of an investigation instituted by national police commissioner Jackie Selebi. Khoza is generally regarded as one of the most powerful figures in South African football. In addition to being vice chairman of the SA Football Association, he was also chairman of the country’s 2006 World Cup bid. Related to this story:.

Kirch, Euro b’casters fight Cup cold war
Variety – Variety (subscription) – Aug 29, 2001
Eight European countries have yet to secure TV rights, including France, the U. and Italy, as broadcasters accuse the German media kingpin of being too greedy in its demands for cash. It is said to be asking 1 billion francs ($139 million) for the French rights — as much as pubcaster France Television spends on all sporting rights in a whole year… The company paid soccer’s international governing body FIFA some $500 million for European TV rights to the 2002 World Cup, and another $600 million for the 2006 contest, ending the practice of selling direct to broadcasters. It strengthened its position even further by picking up rights to the rest of the world, including the U. , when rival rights trader ISL went bankrupt earlier this year. Tres cherWhile Kirch is cashing in on its position (or hoping to), Euro broadcasters feel the price it is asking is too high, given that many matches will kick off while viewers are still tucked in bed because of the time difference between Japan and Europe.

Open stays on BBC – Aug 23, 2001
“The R & A is delighted to have reached a further five-year agreement with the BBC which ensures that the Open championship will remain on terrestrial television. “The agreement covers 2002-2006 and also includes live coverage of home Walker Cup ties and edited highlights of the amateur and boys’ championships and the St Andrews Trophy. Scotland are prepared to invest £80 million to secure the Ryder Cup in 2009 despite not knowing which of their four venues would stage the event. Henry McLeish, the first Minister of the Scottish Executive, presented the nation’s bid to the Ryder Cup committee last night at Stirling Castle. Slaley Hall in Northumberland and Celtic Manor in Wales are also bidding.

Sports Round-up | Sports Round-up | Other Sports | Sport | Telegraph – Aug 23, 2001
The agreement covers the years 2002-2006 and includes live coverage of home Walker Cup ties and edited highlights of the Amateur and Boys’ championships and the St Andrews Trophy. She had rounds of 74 and 71 to win her group by 20 strokes. Laura Eastwood, of Yelverton, captured the girls’ under-17 trophy with a 153 aggregate. She had a hole in one during her first-round 75 on Tuesday… World Student Games Michelle Rogers has given Great Britain gold at the Games in Beijing, winning the women’s judo Under-78kg final after Claudia Zwiers, of Holland, was disqualified for a dangerous hold. Although Rogers had dominated the early exchanges, Zwiers was threatening to snap the Briton’s right arm and the referee stopped the fight. The men’s football team looked ragged during their 2-0 loss to China. Rugby League Andy Farrell has four targets to aim for in trying to frustrate former Great Britain coach, Malcolm Reilly, against Leeds at Headingley tonight. The British captain needs only eight points to equal the Super League record of 352 and eight more goals to equal another record of 151 for a season, which he achieved last year. Farrell also needs one goal for the 1,000th of his club career but his most important objective is steering Wigan to a win that would keep them in touch with league leaders Bradford. Shooting Three hundred and eighteen competitors from 23 Commonwealth countries have assembled at Bisley in Surrey for the Commonwealth Shooting Federation Championships, which start today.

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