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September 4, 2001

Northern Ireland and Wales can no longer afford to insure footballers

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The News Review:

* Sport on Television: Testing time for ITV
* Eriksson will need time to strike it rich
* Brown stays dignified to the end
* Northern Ireland and Wales can no longer afford to insure footballers
* Brown told to carry on
* McIlroy stays as NI boss
* European Hotels Celebrate Millennium With Record Breaking Performance

Sport on Television: Testing time for ITV – Jul 9, 2001
But the BBC and ITV have made a “substantial offer” to the German-based Kirch Organisation to whom FIFA sold the world TV rights. How much is substantial? I understand it is similar to the figure agreed for the European Football Championships in Portugal in 2004. Isn’t the World Cup 2002 worth more than Euro 2004? Not really. Portugal is on the same time as the UK; the World Cup matches next May and June will be played at 7. Now, it is just possible that if England play Argentina on a Saturday morning in May, there will be an audience of some millions, but nothing like the 25 million who watched England play Germany in the 1990 World Cup semi-finals.

Eriksson will need time to strike it rich – Aug 25, 2001
He has always maintained that he does not like to play players out of position, although he may have to do so on this occasion. Thankfully, due to Ashley Cole’s adventurous spirit, it means that whoever does play ahead of the Arsenal player can do so slightly tucked in, which is important if Eriksson is to retain a diamond shape to his midfield. Nevertheless, it does make us look a little unbalanced, given the heavyweight on the opposite flank, David Beckham. The ideal split partnership in attack is still proving elusive. The trouble is nearly all our strikers are of the out-and-out variety… England are currently going through a stage of finding out who can hack it and which can’t. That’s going to take time and hopefully people will be patient. It would be fantastic if England could qualify for the World Cup finals, not because I think we could win, but because it would be an invaluable experience for the younger players and set them up perfectly for Euro 2004 and, more importantly, the 2006 World Cup. That is when I believe this team will make their presence felt in Germany because by then, all being well, we should be one of the world’s best teams.

Brown stays dignified to the end – Jun 9, 2001
The full-time under-21 coach will then act as assistant to the manager, as will the under-18 coach. It is expected that the entire Scottish coaching structure will be subject to a wide-ranging review. There is now a year-long competitive window before Scotland, under new management, begin their qualifying campaign for Euro 2004 and the meeting with Latvia at Hampden Park next month – which brings to an end the Scots’ Group Six schedule – will be used to blood younger players. No opposition has been confirmed for the November slot set aside for a friendly, although Brown said yesterday that Scotland were likely to fly to Cairo to play a friendly with Egypt and fulfil a reciprocal agreement between the two countries. It is much more likely that Scotland will meet one of the sides who have already qualified automatically for the World Cup finals, or else a team who, like themselves, are out of the reckoning completely. Similar games – a meeting with France in Paris next spring has already been scheduled – and one of the few consolations for the SFA is that the finals in Japan and South Korea were not likely to be particularly lucrative from a Scottish point of view… If you’re asking me if I want to stay on, I have to say that I will only answer that when asked by my employers,” said Brown, who also holds the position of Director of Football Development at the SFA. Unlike his managerial contract he can remain in that position until he reaches the official retirement age of 65 in three years’ time. Asked whether he might remain as football director but not team manager, he replied: “The two jobs are not inseparable at all. In fact, I have said that I would remain in both until the end of December when my contract as manager expires. Thereafter the SFA have the option to invite me to remain or otherwise but I have the option of saying whether or not I wish to remain, so it works both ways at that time. At this time it works only one way because I’m not a quitter and I’ll see out my immediate contract as manager. “But it would be understandable if they wished me to discontinue sooner or not extend my contract.

Northern Ireland and Wales can no longer afford to insure footballers – Jun 9, 2001
Jim Boyce, president of the Irish Football Association, told me: “We stopped doing it because we could not afford the premiums. It was coming to £25,000 a match. We are losing £400,000 a year and when… “To generate more money Boyce tried to revive the Home Nations tournament, last played in 1984, but was turned down by England. Boyce had two potential sponsors lined up for a competition to be played every two years using the present dates set aside for friendly matches. Now his only hope is to get a `big’ country when the Euro 2004 draw takes place in Porto in January. “I am hoping that on Jan 25 we draw Germany, Italy, France or Spain,” he said. “Germany is the one I want. It has the biggest TV market and a match against Germany could make us £1 million in television fees.

Brown told to carry on – Jul 9, 2001
“His current contract as international team manager expires at the end of this year, so discussions with Craig about what happens thereafter are already planned. “However, these discussions will necessarily be confidential and no public comment will be made about their progress until the matter is fully resolved. “The position of team manager is crucial to the future of Scottish international football, and although everyone at the SFA shares the disappointment of our apparent failure to qualify for the World Cup, it would be entirely wrong for us to rush into any decisions, particularly as the Euro 2004 qualifying campaign is not likely to start until next September. “I can confirm that Craig remains in position and under contract as international team manager.

McIlroy stays as NI boss
BBC News – Aug 8, 2001
Northern Ireland have lost their last six matches, but McIlroy has impressed officials with the way he is rebuilding the squad. The manager was in Belfast on Wednesday to thrash out a new deal with the IFA’s international committee. McIlroy’s current agreement expires in the autumn and his new contract will cover
Northern Ireland’s qualifying campaign for Euro 2004. The IFA also confirmed that the mooted friendly against Spain will definitely take place in Belfast on 17 April while Northern Ireland will also take on McIlroy’s former club Macclesfield in a match on 13 November. Wednesday’s IFA meeting also discussed the by now infamous Prague Five episode when four Northern Ireland players and goalkeeping coach Tommy Wright were arrested by Czech police… Wednesday’s IFA meeting also discussed the by now infamous Prague Five episode when four Northern Ireland players and goalkeeping coach Tommy Wright were arrested by Czech police. Wright plus players Michael Hughes, David Healy, Glenn Ferguson and Peter Kennedy were detained after an alleged incident in a Prague nightclub. Widespread criticism was directed at the IFA for not leaving an official in Prague when the five squad members were detained by Czech police on the day after the match. IFA president Jim Boyce told the BBC that the meeting agreed that a representative should have stayed in Prague to act on the players’ behalf. “The International Committee agreed that the matter had been handled in what they thought was the best way at that time. “However, we now accept that someone should have stayed behind in Prague rather than leaving the players there on their own,” admitted Boyce. Linfield striker Glenn Ferguson angrily claimed that the IFA had left the five squad members “in limbo”.

European Hotels Celebrate Millennium With Record Breaking Performance
Hospitality Net – Jul 20, 2001
6%) and Warsaw (59. In the millennium year, two cities which were expected to benefit from the religious significance of 2000 did not meet expectations. Although 25 million pilgrims and tourists visited Rome during the year, this was considerably less than the anticipated 30 million and room occupancy only increased by 0. 7%, well below the peak of 81… These results show that Europe is still on an upward cycle which, on the face of it, still has some time to run although it is likely that the gathering evidence of an economic downturn will flatten the peak. “Several cities’ performance was boosted by the impact of major sporting events. Amsterdam and Brussels benefited strongly from Euro 2000 and Portugal, the host of Euro 2004, will be hoping that it can reap the same rewards in three years time. Barcelona and Athens basked in a post- and pre-Olympic glow with Barcelona enjoying another stellar year with room occupancy rates of more than 80% and a growth in yield of 23. Athens increased its occupancy to 72. 9% and its yield by nearly 25% as the city looks forward to the 2004 Olympic Games.

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