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September 26, 2001

Champions League: Liverpool make point for the future

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The News Review:

* Football wars reach fever pitch
* Yahoo! Gets World Cup Contract
* Yahoo and FIFA Form Expansive Global Relationship
* Champions League: Liverpool make point for the future
* You quizzed George Weah
* What a marvellous week!
* Eriksson’s quiet revolution

Football wars reach fever pitch
BBC News – Sep 10, 2001
The broadcasters face an appalling backlash if viewers discover they won’t be able to watch the World Cup. Kirch needs a UK sale if it’s to recoup the huge sums it paid Fifa for the rights in the first place. There are signs that the broadcasters are prepared to consider a compromise, in the shape of a deal covering not only the 2002 World Cup but also the 2006 tournament. The 2006 tournament will be be played in Germany (and for which both BBC and ITV would be prepared to pay considerably more because matches will be played in UK prime time). But so far, it appears, Prisma has not responded to this proferred olive branch.

Yahoo! Gets World Cup Contract
E-Commerce Times – Sep 12, 2001
Yahoo! said it has exclusive rights to produce, market and host the FIFAworldcup. com site, and will sell site sponsorships, along with FIFA. The deal covers the 2002 World Cup in Korea and Japan, and the 2006 event in Germany. “Marketing and sponsorship packages available on FIFAworldcup. com also allow Yahoo! to demonstrate its ability to deliver on advertisers’ goals by reaching their targeted audiences with creative, relevant and compelling solutions,” Yahoo! president and chief operating officer Jeff Mallett said. Yahoo! has been trying to boost revenue and expand its offerings to offset money lost from a widespread downturn in the Internet advertising… The 64 matches of the 1998 World Cup, held in France, were watched by more than 33 billion viewers, with the final match — between France and Brazil — drawing 1 billion people. By contrast, the National Football League’s Super Bowl generally gets about 140 million viewers each year, Yahoo! said. The Web site for the last World Cup, France98. 1 billion page views during the event. “Combining the worldwide popularity of both the FIFA World Cup and the Internet, along with Yahoo’s 200 million unique monthly visitors, the aim will be to exceed this mark and create a new precedent for event traffic,” Yahoo! said.

Yahoo and FIFA Form Expansive Global Relationship
Article Central – Sep 13, 2001
Through the agreement, Yahoo! will exclusively produce, market, host, and
with FIFA, sell sponsorships of the official co-branded Web site of the FIFA
World Cup (fifaworldcup. com) and has become one of 15 official worldwide
FIFA Partners. The announcement was made
at a news conference from FIFA headquarters in Zurich, Switzerland. Video of
the news conference can be viewed at.

Champions League: Liverpool make point for the future – Sep 19, 2001
Certainly, Jerzy Dudek was well beaten. In the end if was the closest Dortmund came to breaking the deadlock, leaving both clubs in an identical position with four games of this Group B competition remaining but the Germans doubtless cursing an opportunity wasted. According to the scoreboards at either end of the ground, the 2006 World Cup here in Germany is 1,723 days away. For the future hosts it is probably just as well.

You quizzed George Weah
BBC News – Sep 18, 2001
We’re going to prove to people that we are a great team. I think I’ve reached a point where I don’t want to continue as a player after the Nations Cup. So what I’ll try to do is see how else I can help. The idea of travelling around for miles and miles when other people aren’t giving full support is not for me. Also I’d like to give some of the younger players a chance to take my position and play like me.

What a marvellous week!
BBC News – Sep 13, 2001
It’s a terrible tune anyway. It is, I think the Germans’ is more rousing to be honest. It is, but it does have overtones which they’d do well to get rid of and think of a nice pretty tune – maybe Nicole’s A Little Peace?

But I don’t think we’ll win the World Cup in 2002, Paul, to get back to your question. I do think we’ll win the European Championships in 2004 – and in 2006 we’ll walk it. Not only because all the players will be in full, er, blossoming-ness, if that’s the right word – probably bloom actually is better. I mean that tournament should have been held at home, in England. Instead it’s being held over there, in Germany, which will be hilarious as it’s like playing at home for us anyway.

Eriksson’s quiet revolution – Sep 11, 2001
It’s a very young team”, he emphasises. “Despite what people thought before the Greece game at Old Trafford – that it was a formality – 27 or 28-year-olds with a bit of wool on their back would deal with that situation more comfortably than young internationals for whom every game is a new experience. “Unless you’re very lucky, every international is virtually a cup game. You get in, and your world is full of the glamour of international football. Then it starts to dawn on you how important every single match is. With a club, your form is judged over 50 games. Internationally, you’re looking for eight or nine out of 10 from players most of the time, because that’s what’s required to win at that level.

Once, I was sitting in leathers in the ER, restrained to a hospital bed with a security guard outside my door. I was reading a book, but it was impossible to turn the pages with just one hand. I slipped out one hand to turn the pages, then sneaked back into the cuffs and played dumb when the nurse came in. All innocently: “Could you flip the page for me? I’ve been stuck on this one for like 10 minutes!”You can insert your own sinister chuckling.Begin your preparations early. Football practice in the week leading up to a football match is an important factor in match preparation for players Cheap Jerseys from china and coaches alike. Practice should work on the physical fitness of a football player, while also developing the technical and tactical ability of each player and the team as a whole. Coaches must monitor fitness levels throughout a season and give feedback on game performance. Coaches should tailor practice to improve weaknesses or install a game plan for the next football match. Scottish professional football player Jack Ross explains how at St. Mirren fitness tests are routinely conducted throughout the season, and players are given DVD feedback on cheap nfl jerseys shop their performance in previous games.First and foremost, Coach Edwards congratulated them (as a team) for their victory. He made specific references to 3 or 4 things they did well. Then he constructively pointed out things that needed more work. And finally, the Coach said that this week was down time as the NFL requires that a team can only keep 53 players on their roster. The Chiefs would have to cut 22 players from their present squad.What wholesale nfl jersyes a tremendous Test match. Australia look like they are through. The ball falls fortuitously to Hooper and then Folau. But Hartley recovers it and Ford produces a lovely dummy before running clear from deep. He kicks out of hand straight cheap nfl jerseys up the pitch and shouts, ‘go on Marland!’ Yarde sprints up the pitch but has plenty of Aussies for company. Right wing Haylett Petty has a nervy moment as he fumbles and Yarde nearly touches over the line but Australia get it down. BIG scrum to come. The crowd are up for this now!Like a lot of European teams, Roma operate best by controlling the midfield and that is what they did on Tuesday. By using two strikers, City played into their hands. It is obvious that in Europe, Yaya Tour cannot play in the two in front of the defence. Roberto Mancini played him further up the pitch. Sergio Aguero plays Fake Oakleys better with someone alongside him but that can create a four v two situation in the middle of midfield.

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