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October 26, 2001

True scandal amid Wembley saga lies with missing £100m

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The News Review:

* World Cup deal is good news for fans
* Football: World Cup TV dispute ends in £160m deal
* World Cup television accord
* True scandal amid Wembley saga lies with missing £100m
* Laudrup to step down
* Ellis Park inquiry resumes Tuesday
* POST OF THE DAY Berkshire Hathaway

World Cup deal is good news for fans
CNN – Oct 20, 2001
Eastern believes that Europe, which has hosted nine of the 16 World Cups since 1930, must get used to the idea that it is no longer the centre of the football world. “This is the last World Cup before FIFA starts rotating the tournament around the world. Germany 2006 could be the last time in a generation the World Cup comes to Europe. This is a new age for football, the World Cup has become a truly global event. Kirch’s ambitions to sell the tournament to high-paying subscription channels were also thwarted by government legislation in the UK which lists the World Cup as a “listed event”, meaning it must be broadcast on free-to-air TV. Similar conditions imposed by FIFA, which demands that all of a national side’s matches must be freely available to its domestic audience, along with the opening match, the semifinals, the third-place match and the final, have similarly hindered its efforts to sell rights in other nations. In future, Eastern believes Kirch could challenge such restrictions on its ability to sell its commodity to the highest bidder.

Football: World Cup TV dispute ends in £160m deal – Oct 18, 2001
It laid to rest alarmist fears that British viewers might have to travel to Ireland to watch England play. The key to agreement was the decision to include the 2006 World Cup in the negotiations. One reason the BBC and ITV team had baulked at paying anything like Kirch’s demand of £171 million for the 2002 event, the first in Asia, was that it would not be broadcast at an ideal time – most matches would kick-off in the morning, British time. The 2006 World Cup in Germany would, on the other hand, provide matches in the peak evening time… This rule is stricter than anywhere else in Europe, where only matches concerning the home country have to be shown. Kirch took the matter up with the European Union, who monitor such listing agreements, claiming the Government had not acted properly, but the EU refused to act. Talks resumed last week, and with the Football Association growling from the sidelines and FIFA, football’s world governing body, encouraging Kirch to do a deal, agreement was finally reached. The Government joined in the congratulatory mood yesterday with Tessa Jowell, the Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport, saying: “This is fantastic news. The tournament is one of the sport’s crowning glories and is important to many millions of football fans – that’s why it has been protected as a listed event since 1985. “The BBC and ITV can now resume their traditional rivalry, with BBC confident that, as in the past, they will get twice as many viewers.

World Cup television accord – Oct 15, 2001
They originally wanted £170 million, a demand that was described as “obscene” by Adam Crozier, the chief executive of the Football Association. I understand that in return for raising their price, the highest paid for British World Cup rights – the 1998 World Cup coverage cost a mere £3. 9 million in comparison – BBC-ITV will also get an option for the 2006 World Cup in Germany, the rights for which are also held by Kirch. The negotiations for the British rights broke down in March, leading to fears that there might be no televising of the World Cup and there were even suggestions that British viewers might have to travel to the Republic of Ireland if they wanted to watch the action from Korea and Japan. The talks only resumed last week, following England’s final qualifying match against Greece, and soon there were optimistic noises.

True scandal amid Wembley saga lies with missing £100m – Oct 26, 2001
But if the FA go for the slimmed-down Wembley option, the £100 million will remain part of the deal. But why? The money was granted by the Sports Lottery Panel in a contract for a national stadium that would house football and athletics, suitable for the World Athletics Championships in 2005 and the World Cup in 2006. Why should the public pay such a huge subsidy just for a football stadium that the country’s richest sport could fund itself?When Smith dropped athletics from the Wembley plans, mainly because the platform for the running track would cost over £40 million and would come down after the 2005 event, the original Lottery agreement was broken and, on my reading, the Government were entitled to get their money back. Why, then, did nobody speak up? Because the country was bidding for the World Cup, with a £3 million promotion campaign launched from Downing Street (even the Prince of Wales had to perform). Nothing could be allowed to damage our chances. With a football fan (Tony Banks) moving on from sports minister to oversee the bid and an ex-international (Brooking) at the head of Sport England, the £100 million for Wembley was unlikely to be questioned.

Laudrup to step down
BBC News – Oct 22, 2001
“I have been very happy as the assistant coach,” said the former international player. “The
co-operation with chief coach Morten Olsen has worked very
well, but I think it will be the right time to move on after the
World Cup finals. ”

Laudrup plans to continue his career as a coach but has not decided where. As a player, the 37-year-old former international striker
had spells with Juventus, Barcelona, Real Madrid and Ajax.

Ellis Park inquiry resumes Tuesday – Oct 22, 2001
Witnesses have told the inquiry that fans broke down fences and forced their way into the stadium, overwhelming police and security personnel. Former league officials have criticised the poor state of soccer facilities in the country, including Ellis Park, which has been faulted for being too small for major soccer matches. South Africa had been expected to secure the hosting of the 2006 World Cup but lost out narrowly to Germany. They are bidding again to stage the 2010 World Cup and are favourites although it is by no means a foregone conclusion that they will succeed.

POST OF THE DAY Berkshire Hathaway
Motley Fool – Oct 15, 2001
We agreed to disagree (I still reckon our SAS would beat Delta Force on points, after 15 rounds!!). He used to be a good football player (your soccer) but age was getting to him and he’d damaged his knees in the service. I suggested to him that he tried our football! Who knows; he may in be your soccer World Cup team in 2006 (unlikely, but at least he had the spirit to try; which is infinitely more important than anything else). I used to be in the British Army. I have friends who are “on operations” in Central Asia (I won’t say any more ? careless talk costs lives). If I were 20 years younger I would reenlist.

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