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November 22, 2001

World Cup: Germany face their destiny

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The News Review:

* Platt prepares for step into the unknown
* From riches to rags
* Africa’s World Cup share plan
* World Cup: Germany face their destiny
* Inside Sport: FIFA’s battle royal about to start
* Sven remains Man Utd target
* Malawi to Bid for 2005 Caf U-17 Finals
* Let the losers play on
* Champions League: Germans stand by their man

Platt prepares for step into the unknown – Nov 14, 2001
The pleasing thing is they are getting belief in themselves and each other. “That belief is ingrained in countries like the Italians, Germans and French, who expect to win from day one when they take part. “You need the experience of going to play in tournament football before realising how different it is,” Platt said. “The games come thick and fast. It’s about group stages, then semi-finals and finals almost immediately, living together in each other’s pockets with people you are not familiar with. “It’s about more media, it’s about pressure coming thick and fast at them, it’s about living and breathing football. There is an intensity about it which leaves you feeling knackered when you come back… “It’s about more media, it’s about pressure coming thick and fast at them, it’s about living and breathing football. There is an intensity about it which leaves you feeling knackered when you come back. “But, like I’ve said before, it is a great experience if they do eventually step up into the full squad for the 2004 European Championship or 2006 World Cup finals. “England have been joined in next May’s finals by Portugal, Belgium, the Czech Republic and Greece.

From riches to rags
BBC News – Nov 16, 2001
Or play a sport where your country is desperately struggling domestically – as well as internationally – from your own very limited funds, with minimal opportunity to progress to the top echelons of the sport. Although the Romanians did not qualify for the 2002 World Cup in Korea and Japan, a new generation of genuinely talented footballers are likely to uncovered during the campaign for the 2006 Cup in Germany. And according to the president of the Romanian Rugby Union, Dumitru Mihalache, rugby will decay into oblivion if the International Rugby Board (IRB) does not intervene. “We have to transform the sport and become professional – like football,” said Mihalache, who watched Wales thrash his side 81-9 in Cardiff in September… And according to the president of the Romanian Rugby Union, Dumitru Mihalache, rugby will decay into oblivion if the International Rugby Board (IRB) does not intervene. “We have to transform the sport and become professional – like football,” said Mihalache, who watched Wales thrash his side 81-9 in Cardiff in September. “We have to ensure that the players have the same chances as their counterparts in football – otherwise we simply cannot challenge. “We have a huge plan and there is help from the IRB, both financially and in terms of planning. But we have to rebuild from the ground up. “We would like to play the top-level teams more, because that’s the only way to see where we are and how to improve.

Africa’s World Cup share plan
BBC News – Nov 15, 2001
We can do it by ourselves. ”

Rivalry also counts against the idea of the World Cup being shared – there is no united African front. The Confederation of African Football (Caf) was unable to convince either Morocco or South Africa to pull out of the bidding for the 2006 World Cup. The result was that the vote was split between the African candidates, and South Africa missed out on holding the competition by a single vote. Fifa has agreed to rotate the competition between the continents, and has agreed that Africa should be first in line.

World Cup: Germany face their destiny – Nov 13, 2001
Level after Saturday’s 1-1 draw in Kiev, Germany may, publicly, offer the air of a nation confident of securing qualification for the World Cup finals for the 13th successive competition. Inside the stadium a clock ticks down to the start of Germany 2006; yesterday it showed that there are 1,668 days to go. By tonight, there may be 1,667 days to their next World Cup tie.

Inside Sport: FIFA’s battle royal about to start – Nov 15, 2001
Chung, known as ‘MJ’, is a FIFA vice-president and co-chairman of the organising committee for next year’s World Cup. He is likely to announce his decision some time after next month’s World Cup draw in Busan, the Korean port city. Chung’s decision will electrify the elections, due to take place when the FIFA congress is held in Chung’s home city of Seoul next May, just before the World Cup… Blatter has also tried to get Issa Hayatou, president of the African federation, on his side. Hayatou had been a supporter of Johansson in 1998 and had hoped to succeed Blatter next year. I understand Blatter has promised to stand down in 2006 and ensure Hayatou replaces him. There is no love lost between Blatter and Chung and relations soured further last week after Blatter released a `confidential’ letter he had written to his rival. In it, he said that Korea must not allow restaurants to serve dog during the World Cup. Koreans feel strongly that they are being picked on. Sources close to Chung say he feels strongly that the time has come to take a stand and demonstrate that FIFA maintain proper standards and that nobody should be able to question their integrity.

Sven remains Man Utd target
BBC News – Nov 15, 2001
“But to be honest, no-one from the club has talked to me or asked me about that. ”

The FA are determined to hang on to Eriksson, who has been a major success since succeeding Kevin Keegan, guiding England to automatic World Cup qualification. “If Sven should win it (the World Cup) then I would merely ask him to do it again in 2006,” said FA chief executive Adam Crozier. But United are equally desperate to bring in a new manager who has already experienced success in Europe at the highest level. Eriksson won the Serie A title in Italy with Lazio and twice won the Portuguese championship with Benfica.

Malawi to Bid for 2005 Caf U-17 Finals
This Day – This Day (subscription) – Nov 16, 2001
Malawi and Zambia made an unsuccessful joint bid to host the 2002 African Cup of Nations which was eventually won by Mali. Malawi’s bid, made by Sports Minister Moses Dossi, was described as the poorest. Zingale said he will contact South African Football Association (Safa) to learn how they do their bids. Safa lost the chance to host the 2006 World Cup finals to Germany after making an extensive and very convincing report. They are currently bidding to host the 2004 African Cup of Nations which they last hosted and won in 1996.

Let the losers play on
The Observer – Nov 18, 2001
It is one that would maximise interest and excitement for the quadrennial event. (Or will they also be discussing, informally at least, the prospects for every three years?) Or if interest and excitement don’t count for enough, maybe the idea of increasing income might appeal to them. How about, for 2006, keeping the thirty-second place open for a Rest of the World selection? That final place this time will go to the winners of the Australia v Uruguay play-off taking place over the next week. Whichever country loses, it will mean that a clutch of world-class players will not be going to the finals: Mark Viduka and Harry Kewell on one side, Paolo Montero and Ivan Alvaro Recoba on the other, for example. With Holland and Ukraine also having failed to make it, such world figures, who would surely have graced the tournament, as Ruud Van Nistelrooy and the especially deserving Andrei Shevchenko will not be going. Add to them such names as Sammy Kuffour, Jaap Stam, Pavel Nedved and Edgar Davids and it becomes clear just what we will be missing. It is not a new problem, of course… There are arguments against, it has to be admitted. It would indeed dilute the national purity of the tournament, though the words purity and Fifa have not often belonged in the same sentence. Their seedings for the World Cup draw, designed to get the biggest TV countries, plus the two host countries, into the second phase, will undoubtedly reflect that. Beside it may be no bad thing at a time when nationalism is far less fashionable than it used to be for a team to appear under a united world banner rather than a national flag. We have also had years of the tournament being expanded to accommodate more developing nations and it will be difficult to turn back the tide. Which continent will lose a place? Probably the one to kick up least stink. Probably the one that can be persuaded to accept compensation, either financial or political.

Champions League: Germans stand by their man – Nov 19, 2001
That’s the end of the discussion. I’m just glad it’s not my problem to choose a successor to my friend Sir Alex. “While the smart money here in Germany says Hitzfeld will be national coach by the time.

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