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December 4, 2001

Government had no business changing agreement

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The News Review:

* WORLD CUP 2006: Head-2-Head: Uruguay and Australia do it all again
* Fifa makes major policy shift
* F1 to ban cigarette ads
* Government had no business changing agreement
* Why I fear meltdown in fierce heat
* IOC turn down five-a-side plan for Games

WORLD CUP 2006: Head-2-Head: Uruguay and Australia do it all again – Nov 25, 2001
The glittering prize: A ticket to Germany
Now, after more than two years’ hard work, the conclusion is just days away. Both sides agree that much will depend on the outcome of the first leg: Uruguay know that glory could be theirs if they can open up a commanding lead in Montevideo, while Australia feel that at least a share of the spoils could allow them to then make amends for 2001 when the sides return to Sydney. At stake are prestige, national pride and a place at Germany 2006, where the cream of world football will be waiting. notas_de_prensa_archivo.

Fifa makes major policy shift
BBC News – Nov 30, 2001
Fifa president Sepp Blatter announced the major change in policy following a meeting of the organisation’s executive committee on Friday. The board decided the defending champions should no longer get automatic entry for the subsequent World Cup. “It’s something that’s been thought about for some time,” Fifa General Secretary Michel Zen Ruffinen told BBC Sport Online. “We feel it’s not proper that the winners shouldn’t play in competitive matches before having to defend their championship… “We?ve had a lot of suggestions that they should have a direct place but we have to consider if their representatives would be able to do themselves justice in the Finals. “When I go to Sydney I emphasise personally that I would like to give them a permanent slot but Fifa as a whole has the final say. ?

The General Secretary also dismissed the notion that Oceania is over-looked because it’s football market isn?t as prosperous as elsewhere in the world. “We are very helpful to this region – we allow a New Zealand team to play in the Australian League to help both countries and I think Soccer Australia are well aware of what we do for them. ”

The introduction of Fifa’s unified calendar next year would also cause problems for automatically qualified world champions. With dates of competitive and friendly games to be standardised on a worldwide basis it would be harder for the champions to arrange friendlies. The new calendar will also spell the end for the current South American qualifying format, which involves all
teams playing 18 games each in a league.

F1 to ban cigarette ads
CNN – Nov 22, 2001
Max Mosley, president of Formula One’s world governing body the FIA, announced the move on Thursday at a joint news conference in Geneva with Gro Harlem Brundtland, director-general of the World Health Organization. Cigarette sponsorship currently brings in an estimated $350 million at all levels of motor sport and top Formula One teams such as Ferrari and McLaren rely heavily on tobacco revenue. Back in 1998 the European Union set a deadline of October 2006 for an end to tobacco sponsorship — though the directive was subsequently annulled — and health organisations had been lobbying Formula One chiefs to introduce a voluntary ban before that. Mosley is urging motor racing teams to seek alternative sources of funding. “It is our intention to ban tobacco sponsorship from international motor sport by the end of the 2006 season,” said an FIA statement. “We will seek support for this initiative from all countries that host FIA World Championship events. We will encourage motor sport competitors to diversify away from tobacco sponsorship… Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Said the WHO: “The campaign aims to clean sports of tobacco advertising, sales and consumption. Upcoming Tobacco Free Sports events include the 2002 FIFA World Cup and the 2002 Winter Olympics. The launch came during the third session of the Intergovernmental Negotiating Body on the Framework Convention on Tobacco Control. Representatives of 191 governments are meeting to negotiate an international treaty on tobacco control. The treaty is meant to cut smoking through measures like tax hikes, restrictions on advertising and marketing and tighter labelling controls. It was scheduled to be ready by 2003 but faces delays due to disagreements between the negotiating countries.

Government had no business changing agreement – Nov 23, 2001
Kaufman says they should have asked for their money back. But how could they demand repayment from the FA when it wasn’t the FA who broke the agreement? Brooking also argues convincingly that such a demand would have pulled the plug on the whole project and made it impossible to raise private capital. It would also have scuppered the country’s bid for the 2006 World Cup. Sport England will seek their money back, he says, if and when the FA decide against Wembley or when the scheme collapses. That seems fair enough to me. What remains worrying, however, is that the financial and legal pressures on the FA may force them to go to Wembley even if Birmingham or Coventry are objectively better choices. And there is still the question of athletics.

Why I fear meltdown in fierce heat
The Observer – Dec 2, 2001
As for the draw, we obviously wanted to avoid the very best sides if possible – particularly Brazil and Argentina outside the Europeans – because the big target at the outset will be to make the knock-out phase. We’ve got Argentina and we’ll have to deal with that. We also now know that if Eng land were to win the World Cup, we would not automatically qualify for the finals in Germany in 2006. Fifa have scrapped automatic qualification for winners, who had been handicapped by being trapped in a vacuum of meaningless, friendly warm-up games rather than engaging in real competition. France find themselves in just such a position. Players want proper, competitive matches. It is hard to get them ‘up’ for friendlies and we’ve experienced this with England.

IOC turn down five-a-side plan for Games – Nov 28, 2001
European football’s governing body had hoped to have the competition included by 2006, but the International Olympic Committee quickly dismissed the suggestion, saying it would not qualify because the discipline, known as futsal, is not a winter sport. “We usually have it played during the winter break. It is an indoor sport and indoor sports are usually in the Winter Olympics,” said UEFA spokesman Thomas Giordano… “This is an injustice,” said Juventus vice-president Roberto Bettega. “This time we will appeal with the utmost urgency. “The media in South American yesterday launched a bitter attack on Danish referee Kim Nielsen for his controversial performance in Tuesday’s World Club Cup final between Germany’s Bayern Munich and Argentina’s Boca Juniors in Japan. Argentine newspapers accused the official of inconsistency and of allowing Bayern players to conduct a witch-hunt against Boca playmaker Juan Roman Riquelme by not showing them yellow cards. Brazilian media, who usually have little sympathy for their bitter arch rivals, joined in the criticism. The Argentines had few complaints about the first-half dismissal of Boca striker Marcelo Delgado, who was sent off for diving having been previously booked for kicking the ball away. But they asked why Bayern’s Elber and Bixente Lizarazu were not booked for the same offence in the second half.

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