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December 16, 2001

Safa finally owns a stadium

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The News Review:

* Jay-Jay Okocha replies
* Inside Sport: Blatter looks set for another FIFA term
* Zidane retirement hint
* Safa finally owns a stadium
* Rai scores Cup for Italy
* ‘Theatre of Dreams’ to host 2003 final
* Japan Today – News and discussion
* BOPA Daily News Archive

Jay-Jay Okocha replies
BBC News – Dec 13, 2001
Well, I think that for the past couple of years, I have been a changed man. I am matured now and I try to cut down on the showmanship. But I must say that my type of football is not really a show. I am still learning and I have a lot of room for improvement. Please, tell me what you are still doing at PSG? Aren’t you good enough to play for clubs like Inter Milan and other teams in Italy and Spain?

Kenneth, Nigeria. It’s very difficult for an African to get the play maker’s role in a big European clubside. I am happy here and we all can’t play for the big clubs… What was it like to win gold in Atlanta?

Osasu Obayiuwana, London

It’s difficult to describe how I felt. We never thought that we could win it but we did. Do you see yourself with the Super Eagles for the 2006 World Cup in Germany?

Ike Naijaman, Nigeria

I don’t know for sure. It will be a bit difficult because we have young talents coming up and I don’t want to frustrate their ambitions. If I see that there are better players than myself, I will make way for them. Have you ever considered playing in the English Premier League?

Ebohon, England

I have given it very serious thought. I would love to play in the Premiership if I get the opportunity.

Inside Sport: Blatter looks set for another FIFA term – Dec 15, 2001
The collapse of FIFA’s marketing agents, ISL, the last-minute cancellation of the club world championship – the brainchild of Blatter himself – and the decision by insurers AXA to pull out of their agreement to cover the World Cup have heaped pressure on the suave Swiss, whose organisation is reported to have lost £27 million in the six months to June alone. It was thought he would face at least one challenge to his presidency in May, possibly from the Asian football supremo, Chung Moon-joon. However, a FIFA executive committee member said: “I do not think he will be challenged unless something extraordinary happens between now and then. I think we can assume that he will be voted in as president again. “THE 18,500 members of the MCC must wait several months before planning their cricket-watching schedule for 2002 – because the prestigious MCC diary is not ready.

Zidane retirement hint
BBC News – Dec 10, 2001
“It will be the summit of my career, I’ll be 30 for my last World Cup. ”

And Zidane admitted he is already started thinking of his future after football – but he insisted he still has four good years ahead of him. “I have started to think about my future over the past few months and to be honest with you, it is still very vague,” said the former Juventus man. “I would like to remain in football, but what I want above everything is to be left alone. “So I don’t think becoming a coach would be a good idea, but working with kids, why not?

“But for now I still have three or four years ahead of me, I have not finished yet.

Safa finally owns a stadium
Dispatch Online – Dec 14, 2001
FNB, however, will retain the naming rights for the next 10 years. Oliphant said his organisation was busy trying to apply for a bond at different financial institutions. Ownership of the stadium forms the pillar of South Africa’s bid for the African Nations Cup in 2006 and the World Cup in 2010. “Safa is committed to the ascension of African football where hosting major events is concerned. To stage these events, there must be venues,” said Oliphant.

Rai scores Cup for Italy
Variety – Variety (subscription) – Dec 12, 2001
Sports News, news from the entertainment source: Variety. Rai scores Cup for Italy.

‘Theatre of Dreams’ to host 2003 final – Dec 13, 2001
The decision to award the final to Manchester United’s ‘Theatre of Dreams’ was announced at the end of the two-day UEFA executive meeting in Nyon, Switzerland, yesterday. It means that Britain will host the prestigious event in successive years, with this season’s final due to take place at Hampden Park, Glasgow, in May. However, as Telegraph Sport had already revealed, the UEFA executive decided not to tinker with the two-group format of the Champions League at least until 2006. Speculation about changes… They are bidding against IMG to remain UEFA’s consultants. The executive postponed their choice between the two until January partly because IMG made an unexpectedly strong showing. But if the Champions League does not require changes there is growing alarm about the state of FIFA’s finances and the effect this could have on next year’s World Cup. As exclusively revealed by Telegraph Sport last week,.

Japan Today – News and discussion – Dec 10, 2001
In addition, Dentsu intends to collaborate with FIFA as much as possible in other territories as well, by means of collective marketing efforts. Copying or using text, photographs, illustrations, video or images appearing on this site without permission is prohibited. All rights reserved.

BOPA Daily News Archive
Republic of Botswana – Dec 11, 2001
Moleofhi proved to be a real FIFA referee when she yellow carded Modise “TenTen” Motswadi for a dive early in the first half. As usual Moleofhi wasfirm on her decisions. The world football governing body has made it clearthat all players who fake injury and take dives during the 2002 World Cup inJapan and South Korea will be punished.

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