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January 9, 2002

Who should fill Brown’s boots?

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The News Review:

* Ronaldo pays debt to give Brazil fifth World Cup
* He Needs Help to Work His Magic
* Fifa unveils ‘uniform calendar’
* Who should fill Brown’s boots?
* BOPA Daily News Archive
* Sport+Markt names its price
* Rivaldo could be seen as King of Barcelona, but he is out of favour…
* Inside Sport: United refuse to out Old Trafford queens

Ronaldo pays debt to give Brazil fifth World Cup – Jan 7, 2002
Patricia Souza, 29, a student from the Brazilian city of Espirito Santo was one of those packed into Bar Madrid in Soho, central London. She said: “We are so happy and everyone from Brazil should be extremely proud of our team. We have the beautiful football and the most beautiful women. “It was all so different from the World Cup final of four years ago when Ronaldo cut a forlorn figure after taking to the field despite a… The intervening years have been marked by a series of minor ailments, culminating in a serious knee injury in 2000. His return to fitness came only four months ago. Ronaldo equalled his countryman Pele’s 12 goals in World Cup tournaments but has the opportunity to overtake him in the next World Cup in Germany in 2006. He said that he owed his country a debt for his past performance. Yesterday he repaid it.

He Needs Help to Work His Magic – Dec 31, 2001
His arrogance aside, the Stars were a letdown in the finals of the Castle
Cup and Cecafa Senior Challenge Cup, losing in the most unfashionable manner
to unfancied opposition. What irks soccer fans most is losing to a country like Ethiopia. Ethiopia,
however, played in the Youth World Cup this year in Argentina. For Kenya,
which dominated regional football in the 1960s and 1970s, losing to Ethiopia
was a slap in the face for loyal fans who had hoped that the team would
break its losing streak by winning the trophy that it surrendered in 1983. Worse for Kenya, the so-called professional players’ style of play has
been pedestrian. They have been totally outplayed by the amateurs who play
in local leagues. Fabisch, described a Mr-Quick-Fix-It, is doing his third stint in Kenya
in 15 years, has always been seen as a saviour of Kenyan soccer.

Fifa unveils ‘uniform calendar’
BBC News – Dec 28, 2001
The calendar, which harmonises all football dates worldwide, will come into operation from January 2002. Andreas Herren, spokesman for the sport’s world governing body, said the calendar will be binding on all member countries. “All countries affiliated to Fifa will have to respect the new calendar,” Herren told BBC Sport Online. “The clubs will also have no cause not to obey the uniform calendar… Africa’s governing body, Caf, is hoping to help solve the problem by using the Nations Cup tournament as a qualifer for the World Cup. Caf president Issa Hayatou said if approved by congress members in Mali, the plan will come into effect from the 2006 Nations Cup. Some players reckons that a shift in the Nations Cup date would solve the club-country row. Herren said Fifa would favour the new Caf plan. Rules

It will mean a reduction in the number of matches that African players will be involved in. Hayatou noted that many problems were being created by African countries relying on their foreign-based players.

Who should fill Brown’s boots?
BBC News – Dec 28, 2001
(Also, his assistant has a big red nose so they can pretend they got Fergie after all!)


As an Everton fan, I would hate to see him leave us but Walter Smith is the man to take on the Scotland job as he is the best Scottish manager after Sir Alex Ferguson. He has had to make the best of a poor job at Everton, so the Scotland position would be right up his street. Daniel Chidley,

Whichever foreigner takes charge has to look to try to help develop the game at all levels so that in 10-15 years time we look like regularly qualifying for the World Cup and Euro championships all the time. And playing some enterprising football. Qualification for 2004 and 2006 is a must because there is a danger that we will fall too far behind many of the weaker nations we used to laugh at not too long ago. You have to blame the SFA and clubs for our failures. The talent is there but needs to be nurtured and developed properly and played in the SPL every week.

BOPA Daily News Archive
Republic of Botswana – Dec 28, 2001
Daily News does not publish on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays. Please email your comments to. bwFrom 6 July 2006, a graphic version of current edition is availableat the… Mamelodi was speaking on South African Broadcasting Corporation's (SABC)Talking Sport programme on on Monday. Mamelodi has been COSAFA secretary for the past four years and is also FIFAdevelopment officer for southern and east Africa. He said for the past fouryears COSAFA has made a number of achievements citing South Africa'squalification to the World Cup and its Under-17 national soccer squad at theyouth championships as examples. However, he said there were still challenges that were still to be met andthose include more funding for COSAFA and to engage more in women football. COSAFA will also have to put more effort in youth development, saidMamelodi. Commenting on the FIFA Goal Project, Mamelodi said eight countriesare to benefit from the project in the southern African region, noting thatthose whose projects were already off the ground were Lesotho, Zambia andMozambique. Botswana and Malawi had just had their projects approved and Zimbabwe,Namibia and Angola will soon have theirs approved when the FIFA Goal Projectcommittee meets in the near future.

Sport+Markt names its price – Jan 5, 2002
Sport+Markt’s senior account manager, Andrew Walsh comments: “Although the issue of stadia naming rights has been long established in the USA, its value in the European market place is somewhat unclear. We based our model on an established market and the expertise of those involved in the States and developed a system to apply that to the European context. “The success of the Bayern-Allianz deal was based on this innovative method of anticipating market development in addition to the respective club and sponsor variables. With research conducted on both sides of the Atlantic we are able to determine a price that is justifiable for both club and sponsor.

Rivaldo could be seen as King of Barcelona, but he is out of favour…
This Day – This Day (subscription) – Dec 29, 2001
Yet, miraculously, he was back at Camp Nou within 14 days. Forty-eight hours later Rexach leff him out of Barcelona’s match at Real Sociedad citing lack of match fitness. World Cup duty against Chile meant the Brazilian missed Barc,a’s next two games as well. Hence the tardy home debut against Lyon. Needless to say, Rivaldo was the only one of 29 Spainbased players to face a chorus of boo-boys on his return from international duty. But what exactly was his crime? Getting injured? Recovering in record time? Flying 17,000 kilometres to face Real Sociedad only to be snubbed? Taking absolutely no part in the slanging match between Barcelona and Brazil coach Luiz Felipe Scolari?
Not for the first time Rivaldo was a pawn in a political spat. This time it was Barcelona and the Brazilian federation at loggerheads… The perpetual frown on Rivaldo’s face these days suggests that’s easier said than done. Rexach admits that squeezing Rivaldo, Kluivert and Javier Saviola into the same forward line can be a problem. Kluivert, 25, and Saviola, 19, are both under contract until 2006. Rivaldo is 30 in April and out of contract in June 2003. Long-time suitors Lazio and Juventus have made a note of the latest episode of disharmony. Realpolitiks suggest Barcelona will cash in this summer at the latest. * Culled from World Soccer.

Inside Sport: United refuse to out Old Trafford queens – Dec 29, 2001
“Butterbean’s nickname derives from his notorious weight-loss diet consisting solely of chicken and butterbeans, yet Perry’s methods during his footballing days were even less scientific. The Refrigerator would quell hunger pains with copious amounts of beer and then sweat it out in a sauna. Has Butterbean finally bitten off more than he can chew?THE AMATEUR Swimming Association have enlisted the support of London mayor Ken Livingstone in an imaginative scheme to attract the 2006 World Long-Course Championships to the capital – by erecting a temporary pool in the Dome at Greenwich. ASA officials believe the south London site, due to be turned into a sport and leisure complex, including a 20,000-seat venue, would be the ideal place to host a major championship. This year’s World Championships were, for the first time, held in a temporary 50-metre pool in Fukuoka, Japan, and ASA chief executive David Sparkes is convinced that taking the pool to the stadium is the future for major swimming events. “As far as I’m concerned, it can’t come quick enough for the Dome,” he says. “We would be delighted to advise the authorities on how to make this happen in London.

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