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February 17, 2002

Spartanburg SC | | Spartanburg Herald-Journal

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The News Review:

* BBC secures new Scottish deal
* Talking Football: Scots and Irish due a reward
* Eriksson left all alone
* Spartanburg SC | | Spartanburg Herald-Journal
* Rosicky joins Arsenal | FOOTBALL | SPORT |
* Youth pick up the standard
* McCarthy’s new deal
* FAI unlikely to force Mick to keep his promise
* Sylvestre saves a bit of face

BBC secures new Scottish deal
BBC News – Feb 14, 2002
Live Scottish Cup commentaries from every round on Radio Scotland and a significant number of ties streamed live on the internet. Extensive highlights from two matches every round and every goal scored on TV. Exclusive highlights of all Scotland’s home international matches, including Under-21 qualifying games for the first time, for Euro 2004 and the World Cup in 2006. BBC Scotland’s head of programmes Ken MacQuarrie welcomed the announcement and said it further underlines a commitment to broadcasting the very best Scottish football action. “In the last few years, BBC Scotland rightly has earned a reputation as the station to watch and listen to Scottish football,” he said. “This comprehensive package for fans across the country and the fact we have announced another live match when France entertain Scotland in Paris next month – our 20th of the season – is proof of our ongoing commitment. ”

SFA chief executive David Taylor added his backing for the new contract: “We are delighted that Scottish international and Tennent’s Scottish Cup football will be seen and heard on the BBC for another four years and that our successful partnership with BBC Scotland, whose coverage of Scottish football is of the highest quality, will continue… “In the last few years, BBC Scotland rightly has earned a reputation as the station to watch and listen to Scottish football,” he said. “This comprehensive package for fans across the country and the fact we have announced another live match when France entertain Scotland in Paris next month – our 20th of the season – is proof of our ongoing commitment. ”

SFA chief executive David Taylor added his backing for the new contract: “We are delighted that Scottish international and Tennent’s Scottish Cup football will be seen and heard on the BBC for another four years and that our successful partnership with BBC Scotland, whose coverage of Scottish football is of the highest quality, will continue. ”
Eight live matches

It is part of a new broadcast deal thrashed out with the Scottish Football Association, which will benefit to the tune of ?26. 5m over the next four years. The new broadcast contract with the IMG sports management group starts at the beginning of the 2002-03 season and covers international and cup football up to the end of the 2005-06 season. Sky Sports will broadcast all Scotland home internationals exclusively live across the UK and Republic of Ireland.

Talking Football: Scots and Irish due a reward – Feb 12, 2002
More recently, a few Tartan Army irregulars never made it back from Estonia, preferring to run taverns in Tallinn. At the Italian World Cup, the Brazil-Argentina game was graced by at least 20 Scots in kilts with Pele No 10 shirts. These are real football fans, like the Scots huddling together on a trawler on the trip to the Faroe Islands or shaking Wembley at Euro 96 with a raucous half-time rendition of Rocking All Over the World. A few become so intoxicated they become an irritation but usually the Tartan Army resembles a happy Hogmanay on tour. The Irish enjoy a similar reputation, welcomed throughout the world for their extraordinary bonhomie. The Italians fell in love with them. So many Irish fans turned up in Sicily during Italia 90 that some locals rented out boats for them to sleep on.

Eriksson left all alone – Feb 11, 2002
So, for all the obvious coaching talent McClaren has displayed as an assistant at Derby and Manchester United and manager at Middlesbrough, it should be relatively easy to recruit a replacement of the same high standard. The real problem, of course, lies in the conjunction of the two departures, Crozier’s and McClaren’s, from Team England. Coming together, they are bound to make Eriksson feel that the support for him at Soho Square is being eroded and lead him to wonder whether, despite all his protestations to the contrary so far, it is worth honouring his contract right up to the 2006 World Cup. Provided Eriksson was allowing him plenty of input into England’s team selection and tactics – and there is reason to doubt that was so in every case – McClaren has to take some of the blame for the recent struggle to beat Slovakia, ranked 45th in the world, in Bratislava and then the embarrassing draw with Macedonia, another 45 places down the rankings, in Southampton a few days later. One is bound to wonder, too, what part McClaren played when England failed so abjectly to make the most of their numerical superiority over Brazil in the second half of the World Cup quarter-final in Japan.

Spartanburg SC | | Spartanburg Herald-Journal
Spartanburg Herald Journal – Spartanburg Herald Journal (subscription… – Feb 13, 2002
Coach Avraham Grant announced his resignation on 26 October 2005. After the end of his contract he was succeeded by Dror Kashtan. The continued presence of the Israeli Football Association in UEFA was a precedent cited by Australia to justify its transfer from Oceania to the Asian Football Federation. Competition history
FIFA World Cup record
Asian Nations Cup and Euro Championship record
Euro 2008 qualification tournament

Following Israel’s close failure to qualify for the 2006 World Cup, Dror Kashtan became national team manager.

Rosicky joins Arsenal | FOOTBALL | SPORT |
TVNZ – Feb 13, 2002
“The team showed its strength recently in the Champions Leagueand it has big potential with a lot of young players, I think wecan be even better next season. This is the best club in Europe andI will give everything for Arsenal. The attacking midfielder was contracted to Dortmund until 2008and is a key member of the Czech Republic’s World Cup squad. He hasbeen a long-standing Atletico Madrid target. Czech media reported that Rosicky flew to London on Tuesday andhad passed his medical. Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger said: “We are delighted to welcomeTomas to our squad. He has great technique, skill on the ball andsharp passing.

Youth pick up the standard – Feb 16, 2002
Advancing through the ranks, meanwhile, are all those Jermaines; it seems only a matter of time before England can field an entire team of them. What does this signify? First that never, in the field of footballing piffle, has so much been uttered with such certitude than on the subject of how young English players would suffer from the proliferation of foreigners. I can think of just one who could claim that his plausible World Cup chances have been ruined by consignment to the reserves and even Paul Robinson – so unfortunate to play second fiddle to Nigel Martyn at Leeds – has never called for a ban on cheap Cornish imports. Youth’s bloom has been so dramatic, bringing to mind one of those speeded-up films of a field in spring, that Kevin Keegan should not be criticised for stating a couple of years ago that he had only 35 serious candidates. Eriksson has used 43 players and, while we must take into account that Gavin McCann was among those with whom he began, still does not have enough room for all who are worth a look. Initially guided by Peter Taylor, he has maintained the… Although it may be difficult to win the tournament with a very young squad. I’ve seen statistics that suggest the World Cup winners often have an average age of 28 or 29. So that’s good for 2006!”His criteria were characteristically simple: only if two players were of equal capability would he would choose the more experienced. But by this criterion England could achieve a desirable age structure sooner than he might imply. Bear in mind that, although France and, before them, Brazil leant heavily on experience, previous World Cup winners had benefited from the verve of players in their mid-twenties. David Beckham, Paul Scholes, Gary Neville and Heskey come into this category, while Owen is experienced beyond his years.

McCarthy’s new deal
BBC News – Feb 11, 2002
We are not happy or content at simply qualifying for the World Cup. “Now we want to have a good tournament and not be coming home after the group stages. ”

A four-year contract would have seen McCarthy in charge for qualification for the 2006 World Cup. Rapid resolution

But McCarthy feels longevity will only be achieved through success. ” If I don’t get us to the European Championships, because standards have now been set, then I will not be around,” he said. Brendan Menton, chief executive of the FAI, is delighted a new contract was agreed so swiftly. “On behalf of the Association we are delighted this has been resolved – and very quickly,” said Menton.

FAI unlikely to force Mick to keep his promise
Irish Independent – Feb 13, 2002
But being an international manager has its perks. Leaving aside the stg£350,000 salary, McCarthy’s profile has never been higher and he’s in constant demand for commercial and corporate gigs, while leaving plenty of time for his charity work. The BBC can’t get enough on McCarthy, who pops up on Football Focus, Match of the Day and Five-Live almost as regularly as Mark Lawrenson. While Sky Sports slot him on to the couch for their Sunday magazine slot. Unlike club managers who squeeze a fortnight off in June, McCarthy’s job allows him time for proper family holidays while he can also indulge his other great sporting passion, golf. Already, McCarthy is the longest serving head coach of UEFA’s 50 nations and when the 2004 Euro finals come around, he’ll be the Methuselah of management, even at 45. By then, he’ll have had eight years in the post and may feel it’s time for a fresh challenge… Unlike nations of comparable size and resources, the FAI don’t indulge in a ‘hire and fire’ policy, even if one or two qualifying campaigns go belly-up, as just two men, Charlton and McCarthy, have managed the Irish senior team since 1985. Even if Ireland don’t qualify for Euro 2004, and they’ve an evens chance as Russia and Switzerland don’t have the same ring about them as Portugal and Holland, McCarthy may well do a U-turn. Leaving aside another shot at the World Cup finals, or the fact that Ireland could be co-hosts of Euro 2008, he might just realise that as day jobs go, the one he holds takes some beating. The FAI’s decision to stage the FAI Carlsberg Cup replays last night, on the eve of a senior international, defies logic. It would have made more sense to wait a week when there were no major attractions to compete with for media coverage. Okay, they’d lined up Big Jack and Big Mick for the semi-finals draw, but with seven teams still standing, it was like repeating the quarter-finals draw.

Sylvestre saves a bit of face
SLAM! Sports – Feb 15, 2002
 In the halfpipe, Natasza Zurek of Vancouver was touted as a medal favourite, but finished 15th. On the men’s side, Trevor Andrew of Falmouth, NS, finished ninth. Daniel Migneault of Baie Comeau, QC, who won a World Cup event in Whistler in December, finished 26th and Mike Michalchuk of Calgary finished 27th.  Fawcett, of Rothesay, NB, finished 17th and didn’t make the final. Anderson, of Mont-Tremblant, QC, who doesn’t like the parallel slalom format, finished last (29th) among the riders who completed the qualifying run. Ryan Wedding of Coquitlam, BC, was 24th.  It didn’t help that a knee injury kept Guillaume Morisset of Ste-Foy, QC, out of the halfpipe competition… The venue here was packed with a raucous crowd of 16,000 people.  ”Look at this,” said Faithfull, looking up at the crowd. “There’s a football game behind me and snowboard is over here. ”
 Faithfull will now face the challenge of pulling the snowboarding community – by the nature of the sport, a fractious bunch – together. Riders like Anderson are not even full-fledged members of the national team, but associate members. They aren’t obligated to national team sponsors, but instead have their own deals. The riders are used to fending for themselves and with a budget of just $600,000 at this point, the CSF can’t come up with enough money for the riders to justify dumping their current sponsorship deals.

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