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April 3, 2002

Can FIFA Clean Up Its Own Game?

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The News Review:

* Blatter replies
* Libya’s World Cup bid
* Kirch faces critical deadline
* Can FIFA Clean Up Its Own Game?
* A sorry tale for Scotland
* Eriksson’s wonderfully simple approach
* Mountain to climb for Celtic bid

Blatter replies
BBC News – Mar 28, 2002
We have a democratic system. But I have to say that not one single vote from the eight Europeans went to Africa. If just one had voted, or even abstained, then the World Cup in 2006 would have gone to Africa. Other than the Goal project and the World Cup in 2010, what other things can we look forward to as Africans if you win?

Erick Obed Mwanza

There are already 29 Goal projects completed or being implemented, and six others are in the planning stage. That means that of the 52 associations in Africa, 35 are already in the Goal project. And the Goal project will be developed. It is not a one day thing… The World Club Championship and the World Cup every two years are policies that haven’t been particularly well received. Are you going to stick to them and what other big ideas do you have in the pipeline?

Anthony Jeory, England

The idea of the World Cup every two years hasn’t been well received by the organisers of the big club competitions, because it will take away some of their revenue and economic power. There is only a certain amount of money for football in the world. But for the time being, until 2010, everything is organised. So for now I have put this idea in the safe and I have lost the numbers of the combination. Who do you tip win the World cup?

Nick Palmieri, England.

Libya’s World Cup bid
BBC News – Mar 29, 2002
South Africa, Egypt and Morocco are all interesting in bidding. Libya hosted the African Nations Cup in 1982, reaching the final where they lost 7-6 on penalties to Ghana. The country is one of seven bidding to hold the Nations Cup in 2006. Al-Saadi Gaddafi has become a well-known figure in Italian football since investing heavily in Serie A club
Juventus. Related to this story:.

Kirch faces critical deadline
CNN – Mar 28, 2002
The current round of negotiations, which began a few weeks ago, are focusing on a cash injection of 800 million euros in return for control of Kirch Media, which holds the group’s film rights and commercial TV business. Under the terms of the possible deal, investors would get about a 70 percent stake in KirchMedia and creditor between 25 and 30 percent, Reuters reported. KirchMedia owns the rights to the 2002 and 2006 World Cup football tournaments and has a majority stake in German broadcaster ProSiebenSat1. Leo Kirch,75, who built up the group over the past 47 years, is said to have agreed to give up control in exchange for a continuing interest in the group’s World Cup broadcasting rights. Those involved in the talks include New Corp’s Rupert Murdoch and Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi, who also owns the country’s main private broadcaster Mediaset. Both media moguls already have stakes in Kirch. “Leo Kirch has had a showdown with creditors and he is on his way out, but he wants one last thing in return for giving up control,” a source close to the negotiations told Reuters.

Can FIFA Clean Up Its Own Game?
BusinessWeek – Apr 1, 2002
Blatter is right up there with Bill Clinton. The chief of the Zurich-based group that oversees World Cup soccer hasn’t been accused of groping any interns, but that’s about all he hasn’t been accused of. Vote buying, mismanagement, cronyism–and that’s just for starters. Yet the 66-year-old Swiss shows no sign of abandoning his campaign for a second four-year term. Blatter, a master of dispensing FIFA’s hundreds of millions in annual revenue to inspire loyalty, even stands a good chance of reelection… “How could the salary of the FIFA president be a secret? That’s unthinkable,” fumes Chung. There are signs that FIFA’s troubles are bigger than Blatter is saying. Last year, FIFA used marketing contracts for the 2002 and 2006 World Cups to issue $420 million in bonds, a first for the federation. Chung says a nonprofit organization like FIFA shouldn’t be financing current operating expenses with future revenue. The insurgents have already won one victory: They persuaded the rest of the executive board to order an audit of FIFA finances. But Blatter–who claims, through a spokesman, that the accusations are a smear campaign–should not be underestimated. At least publicly, sponsors and member associations remain remarkably blase about the controversy.

A sorry tale for Scotland
BBC News – Mar 31, 2002
Few cities in the world, if any, have more famous tourist attractions than Paris. It is indeed a wondrous place. But as the Japanese and the Americans pointed their Nikons at the Eiffel Tower and the rest, they suddenly had another quaint and curious target at which to aim. The Tartan Army may now be the most photographed battalion on the planet… But there must be no criticism, cheap shots or knifing in the back of the new coach. Frankly, as we stand, I think it will be a miracle if we make Portugal 2004. But what we must witness is steady progress and the gelling of a team that can make the finals of the 2006 World Cup. Tongue biting is not the Scottish way. This nation wallows in a perverse enjoyment of slagging our own team. But for some considerable time I suggest the cynics look the other way. In the meantime, if you want to win an international competition, start a World Cup for fans.

Eriksson’s wonderfully simple approach – Mar 29, 2002
By the end of the film, they were touting Chauncey for president, and Shirley MacLaine had fallen in love with him. If he really was a fool, he was their fool. Three short years ago, the rich and powerful of the English football establishment responded to the popular call to make a saviour out of Kevin Keegan. He was the only man for the job. The national mood demanded that he became… Somebody will ask him soon enough. If Wednesday was about learning things, let’s all try. Players will decide the outcome of this year’s World Cup finals, and the next, and all the ones after that. If Argentina appear daunting first-phase opponents for England, is it because they are coached by Marcelo Bielsa, or because Veron, Crespo, Saviola, Claudio Lopez and the rest will be fighting for places on his team-sheet? In fact, how many World Cup coaches can you name? And how many of them will be sitting in television commentary booths when we all reconvene in Germany in 2006?They are all talking about tired players and overcrowded fixture lists. They are all negotiating with club managers and sponsors. They are all trying to keep their media and public sweet. It is the same old balancing act.

Mountain to climb for Celtic bid – Apr 3, 2002
This is Austria’s third bid. They entered the contest for 1996 on their own. That went to England and their joint bid for the 2004 event with Hungary was pipped by Portugal. Aberdeen have appealed against the red card shown.

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