Euro 2012 – Ukraine and Poland

April 12, 2002

FIFA chief says no to change

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The News Review:

* BBC SPORT | WORLD CUP | Sports Talk | Salute Brazil
* Swaziland want 2010 World Cup
* Soccer: Fancy footwork from FIFA
* FIFA chief says no to change
* Blatter seeks qualifying compromise
* Swansong for Okocha

BBC SPORT | WORLD CUP | Sports Talk | Salute Brazil
BBC News – Apr 11, 2002
David Kiltz, Germany Brazil deserve their fifth World Cup without a doubt! Ronaldo proved to be the best striker in the world and he single-handedly delivered the World Cup to his home nation! Osamah Alhaidry, Saudi Arabia Brazil were brilliant – thoroughly deserved. But also credit to Germany for making it a truly excellent final. This has been a really good World Cup. Roll on Germany 2006! Anthony, UK A super result for a super team. I’ve enjoyed your silky skills throughout the tournament. Congratulations Brazil – it’s time to party! Dann, Australia Brazil are simply the KINGS of soccer… It is hard to beleive that this was the side who at one point were a doubt to qualify! Paul O’Connor, Scotland When I saw how Brazil overcame the early shock of the Michael Owen goal in their match against England, I began to tip them even though I was cautious due to the many surprises we have seen so far. I think they are real champions, they deserve the title. Chidi Nwamadi, Nigeria Brazil deserve to be world champions. They played football as it ought to be played. Plenty of individual skills and creative passing. Look at how they threaded passes through the supposedly strong German defence. Germany were predictable.

Swaziland want 2010 World Cup
BBC News – Apr 11, 2002
South Africa are favourites to hold the tournament that year, having come so close to hosting it in 2006. They lost out to Germany by one vote. Reuben Gwebu, a Swaziland football official, said if the FA’s dream could be achieved it would be a massive boost to the country’s profile. However, he warned that major redevelopment would be required before that could take place.

Soccer: Fancy footwork from FIFA
International Herald Tribune – Apr 10, 2002
The maneuver that "saves" the soccer World Cup, which begins in Seoul on May 31, was sharp. FIFA, the world governing body for soccer, got Kirch, the ailing media giant of Germany, to pay the full 1. 2-billion-Swiss-franc fee, about $717 million, up-front in January, and then to agree at the 11th hour to separate the World Cup rights from Kirch's collapsing media empire. A new holding company, KirchSport AG, formed in Zug, Switzerland, in the nick of time will, Kirch and FIFA believe, put the assets of the 2002 and 2006 World Cup broadcasting beyond the reach of Kirch's creditors in Munich. "We have been closely monitoring the recent developments regarding the Kirch Group and implemented the appropriate measures in order to ensure the smooth organization of the television operations of the 2002 FIFA World Cup," said Sepp Blatter, the president of FIFA… That, too, is built on the golden triangle of television, sponsorship and soccer. That, too, is endangered now that, in England and Germany, television companies who promised too much are either reneging on their deals or simply going bust. The Kirch deal for the 2002 and 2006 World Cups was the watershed. Though there are others who want the broadcasting business — Rupert Murdoch and Silvio Berlusconi to name the obvious — sporting contracts are going to scale down. So maybe the highly prized players we are now watching — Zidane, Luis Figo, David Beckham and Rivaldo — will also prove to have been the highest paid. Interestingly enough, while the money lasts, a galaxy of former greats is lining up behind Blatter for president. Pele, who in 1998 was against him, now says Blatter is the man for transparency and democracy.

FIFA chief says no to change
The Age – Apr 10, 2002
“After the 2002 World Cup we will sit down to see how the different slots will be distributed at the 2006 World Cup,” he said. Blatter is contesting a fierce campaign with African soccer powerbroker Issa Hayatou, who is challenging him for his post at a FIFA meeting in Seoul next month. Chung, who is co-chairman of the Korean World Cup Organising Committee, pledged his support to Hayatou. The CONCACAF Confederation, meanwhile, has called for the resignation of FIFA’s general secretary Michel Zen-Ruffinen. It claims he has exceeded his authority, gone against the wishes of Blatter and the executive committee and interfered in the affairs of the Confederation.

Blatter seeks qualifying compromise
BBC News – Apr 11, 2002
When World Cup places are not at stake, there is the fight to qualify for the European Championships. The same is not true in South America. With just 10 footballing nations, two countries from outside are usually invited to make up the numbers for the continent’s regional tournament, the Copa America. The solution then, is obvious – start South America’s World Cup preliminaries earlier, the dates coinciding with those of the European Championship qualifiers. Since the giant clubs will be releasing their local players for the European games, no extra inconvenience is caused by letting their South Americans go… Since the giant clubs will be releasing their local players for the European games, no extra inconvenience is caused by letting their South Americans go. International calendar

If ratified, the move would put South America on a permanent World Cup footing. The qualifiers for 2006 would start next year, for example. Under such a system it would be extremely difficult to continue with the current
practice of staging the Copa America every two years. To fit in with the international calendar, it would have to be held at four-year intervals. Indeed, it seems that the next Copa, to be hosted by Peru, will be pushed back a year to 2004. But for the South Americans – and in particular the smaller nations – reducing the frequency of the Copa America is a price well worth paying.

Swansong for Okocha
BBC News – Apr 11, 2002
Okocha, a regular fixture in his country’s colours for much of the past decade, said the frustrating failure of Nigerian football to show signs of progress made it doubtful he would be around for the 2006 World Cup. “I’ve been in the national team for nine years now, and so many things have not changed,” said the 28-year-old Paris St Germain star.

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