Euro 2012 – Ukraine and Poland

April 15, 2002

Were Italy’s tactics to blame?

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The News Review:

* Turkey finish third
* Can Germany be proud?
* Talk about Cameroon
* Were Italy’s tactics to blame?
* Talk about Slovenia
* Talk about Poland
* Talk about South Africa

Turkey finish third
BBC News – Apr 15, 2002
Murat Mihcioglu, Turkey Thank you Turkey. You certainly deserved this success, but third place isn’t good enough for us anymore. Don’t be surprised, if you see Turkey winning the World Cup in 2006. RC Junior, Turkey Congratulations Turkey! Sukur showed the best example of sportsmanship by holding hands with the defeated Korean players. I am sure that he has captured the hearts of millions of fans around the world with his friendly gesture. He has changed my previous perception, that Turkish players are wild and tough. Thank you for showing real sportsmanship… No one, in goal or defence, could have stopped it. Turkey, you gave a great account of yourselves in this World Cup and you’ll be back, rest assured. Dave, Canada Congratulations for being one of the best football teams of the world. We are proud of you for what you have done so far. You are the champions of our hearts anyway. Venus,TurkeyTurkey could have had a more successful tournament if players out of form such as Hakan Sukur had not played. Erol, USA


Turkey can finish the Cup with your heads held high, you deserve it

Mayra, Puerto Rico

Turkey has been the most inspiring team of the cup, with excellent organisation and flair.

Can Germany be proud?
BBC News – Apr 15, 2002
Matthias, Germany Brazil are worthy champions, and they are now the clearly the greatest footballing nation on earth, but Germany can draw great satisfaction from their performance in the final. Yes, they played no great footbaling giants, but you can only beat who is put in front of you, and Germany has beaten them all. I have never been the greatest admirer of German football, but I am a man converted. In the final they played with passion and a will to win. The only obstacle was a superior side. Chris Bourne, England


Of course I’m sad that Germany lost today. But considering our situation before the World Cup, to be runner up isn’t that bad after all… And I have to mention that all the Germans did give me big surprises when nobody, including myself believed they could reach the final one month ago. Anyway, the Germans have showed they are the best European team in 2002. I look forward to the World Cup 2006 and I believe that they will be stronger and stronger. Victor, Australia P>Of course the better team won. But thank you to Germany for what was a highly engrossing final. Well done! DW, UK Germany had their chances, but if both teams had scored on all their opportunities, Brazil would have won anyway. Congratulations Brazil! Uwe Junge, Germany Congratulations to Germany.

Talk about Cameroon
BBC News – Apr 15, 2002
The African champions were disappointing and never seemed to hit top gear. Various theories will be woven around yet another failure. Can’t we accept that maybe they just weren’t good enough? Desmond Asiedu, Ghana The Indomitable Lions played classic football, though they were outplayed. The defence was perfect, with few flaws, but the attack was rather insatiable because players didn’t take the shots that were necessary. I believe the coach lacked confidence in a bench which proved to be more aggressive and effective than the match starters… After the first half dominance without scores, they seemed to have lost the will to win the match, and lost their chance to the Germans. But all is not lost. Let them begin to think of the 2006 World Cup and I think with Schafer still as coach, they will turn the tables. Till then, we still hope. Amon Andima, Frankfurt, Germany


They have some of the most enterprising players in the world, but where is the will?

Brian Msebe, South Africa

It pains me to say this but I am not really surprised that Cameroon failed to make it past the 1st round. The writing was always on the wall when they failed to win their opening match against the Republic of Ireland and struggled against Saudi, the whipping team in their group. I think the problem was that they believed the hype about being the best out of Africa but they have now found to their cost that it’s performance that win games not reputations.

Were Italy’s tactics to blame?
BBC News – Apr 15, 2002
Though, I think it’d be better for everybody if Italy just accepted the loss VS Korea and still remain honourable. Some calls are made to be controversial, but criticizing about it doesn’t change the outcome. I hope Italy get much further in the 2006 World Cup. Dowoo, Usa-Korea I watched the Italy games hoping to see some brilliant football. That didn’t happen. So then I just watched Francesco Totti.

Talk about Slovenia
BBC News – Apr 15, 2002
Let’s put this all into perspective shall we. Slovenia is making its first appearance at the World Cup, has a population of two million, and is not a football power. Argentina has been to countless World Cups, has a population of 35 million and is (was) a football power. Say no more! Slovenia will be back in 2006, stronger than ever. James,AustraliaSlovenia had a lot of chances to score in all three games but we didn’t succeed because our attackers seemed to be confused and under pressure. Congratulations to our team and coach Katanec who made a small country proud. See you in Euro 2004! Nejc,SloveniaFinally the Football Association of Slovenia does the decent thing and reverses its embarassing decision to keep Zahovic in the squad.

Talk about Poland
BBC News – Apr 15, 2002
What went wrong for Poland?This debate is now closed. A selection of your e-mails appear below. Despite a huge disappointment with Poland’s first two games, I still believed that the boys were able to manage a win against USA, and they did it. I am happy and proud of them but I know that we could have done much better and we just gave the chance away… Instead of playing long ball as they did against Korea and Portugal, they ran and penetrated along the side lines and made solid crosses to dominate USA. Changing the entire defensive squad to younger and more speedy players helped the team out greatly also. Though the result at this World Cup has been disappointing, the last game against USA definitely gave the team hope and vision as to how this team can develop for the upcoming Euro 2004 and World Cup 2006. Good luck for them in the future.

Talk about South Africa
BBC News – Apr 15, 2002
The South African performance throughout shows that Pele may be right: the future of soccer belongs to Africa. Joshua, USA South Africa did the whole of Africa proud! They played the best football of all the African teams, but fell at the last hurdle. Great performances by Radebe, Carnell, Mokoena, Fortune and Arendse. Having Jomo Sono as a coach shows that only Africans should coach African teams. They know the mentality, strengths and weaknesses of the players. James Dzvova,California (Ex-Zimbabwe)I’m very proud of what Bafana Bafana accomplished in this World Cup… Having Jomo Sono as a coach shows that only Africans should coach African teams. They know the mentality, strengths and weaknesses of the players. James Dzvova,California (Ex-Zimbabwe)I’m very proud of what Bafana Bafana accomplished in this World Cup. They won their first World Cup game and ended up drawing with Paraguay, which is much better than their performance in France 98. I picked them to be one of my surprise teams since they had the talent, experience and organization that could have taken them at to the second round. It’s just a shame they couldn’t get past Spain, who didn’t really need this victory. With some more international experience over the next four years, Bafana Bafana will show the world how beautiful South African soccer is in 2006.

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