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April 17, 2002

Talk about Slovenia

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The News Review:

* Talk about Denmark
* Turkey finish third
* Talk about Poland
* Talk about Slovenia
* Talk about Croatia
* Can Sweden hold their heads high?
* Scotland’s new libero
* Vogts voices approval

Talk about Denmark
BBC News – Apr 15, 2002
Michael Thompson, UK Denmark were absolute rubbish and did themselves no justice. Sure England have some good players but Denmark gave the ball away too often and made huge defensive errors to give England two easy goals. You do not do this in World Cup football because you will get punished. Hopefully Denmark can bounce back and qualify for Euro 2004. Brian Petersen, Denmark


The Danes just didn’t look as if they believed enough – and the defensive errors were proof of this

Barney, UK

I do not agree with Soren below. The only thing that has been proved is that England are a better side. It makes little difference how we qualified or how the first stages went for them, the fact is England beat us comfortably.

Turkey finish third
BBC News – Apr 15, 2002
I am proud that my team, Costa Rica, managed to pull a draw off Turkey, and hope, for the good of football, that Turkish football will continue to grow not only where the national team is concerned, but in league football, where Turkey is showing they have what it takes to shine. Daniel Bullon,Costa RicaCredit for both teams for making the semi-final such an entertaining one. It has been a great show, many many thanks for those who took part… Edgar, UK Just think what might have been for Turkey if Hakan Sukur had been dropped for the semi final. Leigh, England What an impressive performance by Turkey! I watched Turkey play in Euro 2000, and since then I know how well they can play. Well done Turkey, I hope you play as well in Euro 2004. Yoshi,JapanAlthough they lost to Brazil they will be considered as one of the new football powers in the world. Thank you for entertaining us and hope to see you soon – better and more experienced. Mohamed El Laithy, Egypt


Excellent match – possibly the best I’ve seen in the entire tournament!


Turkey, be proud of your football team.

Talk about Poland
BBC News – Apr 15, 2002
Despite a huge disappointment with Poland’s first two games, I still believed that the boys were able to manage a win against USA, and they did it. I am happy and proud of them but I know that we could have done much better and we just gave the chance away. Anyway, Euro 2004 is coming and we have to get ready for this game and not allow the same mistakes to happen again. Daniel Maciejewski, Australia


There was a lack of spirit shown by the more established players

Mark Rodziewicz, UK

Poland came out attacking and it worked great. Instead of playing long ball as they did against Korea and Portugal, they ran and penetrated along the side lines and made solid crosses to dominate USA. Changing the entire defensive squad to younger and more speedy players helped the team out greatly also. Though the result at this World Cup has been disappointing, the last game against USA definitely gave the team hope and vision as to how this team can develop for the upcoming Euro 2004 and World Cup 2006.

Talk about Slovenia
BBC News – Apr 15, 2002
Although Slovenia have been knocked out, they’ll return and earn their place in the next World Cup! Donna Ipavec, Slovenia With the heated departure of their talisman Zahovic, it was no surprise to see this mercurial side exit. The Slovenians have no one but themselves to blame. Despite being drawn into a favourable group, this gifted side did not show the commitment and desire needed to progress further in this tournament. Nonetheless, I expect this side to flower in time for Euro 2004. Bobby Seagull, England… The Slovenians have no one but themselves to blame. Despite being drawn into a favourable group, this gifted side did not show the commitment and desire needed to progress further in this tournament. Nonetheless, I expect this side to flower in time for Euro 2004. Bobby Seagull, England.

Talk about Croatia
BBC News – Apr 15, 2002
All in all, in response to some, we are not simply the best, we are steadily declining and if we do not join a larger, more competitive league, our soccer teams, our national team, and our initial soccer talent is simply going nowhere. , US We are pathetic. We are not capable of pressing our advantage… The team had no legs; we were only dangerous from set-plays. I know Jozic doesn’t like to concede goals but what kind of tactical mastermind was at work when, at 1-0 down with ten men on the pitch, he decided to substitute our two forwards for a defender and a midfielder. Was he hoping to secure a 1-0 defeat as “damage limitation”? We are out so we might as well prepare for Euro 2004 and bring on the young guns of Olic and Vranjes Paul Marijetic, Croatia The match against Mexico was clearly an embarrassment to Croatia. The Croatian team has many skilled and experienced players who were obviously not playing to their potential against Mexico. However once a few changes take place and the midfield area is sorted out they can and will do better.

Can Sweden hold their heads high?
BBC News – Apr 15, 2002
The fellow who says that Sweden would have won in colder weather is totally wrong. If it had been ten degrees hotter, would Senegal have beaten them 3-0? Sweden were beaten by Senegal, FAIRLY. Incidentally, Senegal also beat France (as I’m sure you would know,) so what makes you think that Sweden were untouchables?! Teams win games because of how they play, not because of their names. Limpho, Lesotho Sweden deserved to lose. They took Senegal for granted and decided to defend after going a goal up – it was both na?ve and absurd. This allowed them to dribble and penetrate the goal area. Sina, Sweden


I am very proud of the Swedish team… A great shame that Ljungberg missed the game. He could have provided something special. Looking forward to seeing Sweden in Euro 2004. Kate, England Well done Sweden. I must send my congratulations for a good and entertaining match against the Lions and above all your good performance during the tournament in the death group. "

Sweden are a great team and everybody must congratulate them for their efforts

Abir Basu, India

Against Lions you had many chances and Henry Larsson was graet player. I think Ibrahimovic was little bit selfish for not giving the ball to Larsson.

Scotland’s new libero
BBC News – Apr 17, 2002
Williams was born in Glasgow, is desperate to play for his country and hopes it will be a mutually beneficial arrangement. “Berti Vogts is a very good coach and working with him will make me a better player,” he said. Williams sees the Nigeria game as a big chance for himself and several other debutants to cement their place in time for the start of the Euro 2004 campaign. But he insisted: “I’m not really the kind of person who gets affected by nerves. “I am only 20 and, having achieved so much with Forest, it will only be the icing on the cake.

Vogts voices approval
BBC News – Apr 17, 2002
A full house at Pittodrie cheered the new-look Scotland side on for ninety minutes and gave both sides a noisy ovation after an entertaining match. “I’m happy with the performance,” said Vogts. “I’m not so happy with the result. I think a draw would have been a fairer result… Vogts will now select a squad to tour the Far East in May. After pointing out the absence of players such as Barry Ferguson, Don Hutchison, Craig Burley and Gary Naysmith, the coach concluded: “We have a good quality in the squad. After the summer tour I think we will be ready for the (Euro 2004) qualification (matches).

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