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April 21, 2002

Owen named England captain

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The News Review:

* Lemerre to sign up until 2006
* Germany Picks 12 Cities to Hold 2006 World Cup
* … .com’s Breaking News Ten Sports scores big with 2002…
* Owen named England captain
* United’s `snub’ can light the fires
* Cole in hot pursuit of the perfect game

Lemerre to sign up until 2006
BBC News – Apr 19, 2002
Lemerre’s assistants Rene Girard, Guy Stephan, Bruno Martini and Henri Emile will sign similar contracts, the paper says. The France coach himself has always refused to comment on the issue. He took over from World Cup-winning Aime Jacquet in 1998 and led France to the European championship two years later. A former defender with six international caps, Lemerre has coached at Lens, Strasbourg and in Tunisia.

Germany Picks 12 Cities to Hold 2006 World Cup
People's Daily Online – Apr 16, 2002
Germany Picks 12 Cities to Hold 2006 World Cup. shtml”–>


… .com’s Breaking News Ten Sports scores big with 2002… – Apr 19, 2002
Along with the World Cup, the Ten Sports programme line up also features cricket triangulars from Morocco, Classic India-Pakistan Cricket, The Sharjah Cup and The Sharjah Champions Trophy as well as all international cricket from Sri Lanka. Ten is also in efforts to secure the television rights contract of the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB). Ten Sports also has WWF (World Wrestling Federation), The English FA Cup, Manchester United Football, the WTA (professional women’s tennis), ATP Dubai Tennis Open, The Ryder Cup, The British Open, Champions Trophy Hockey and Champions Challenge Hockey. Another property that Ten is hoping to cash in on in a big way is the WWF series. The cartoon element that is a part and parcel of the whole thing has made superstars out of the lead players. But at least as far as the US is concerned the craze is clearly waning. The Ten Sports team must be hoping that is not the case in India.

Owen named England captain – Apr 16, 2002
(Being at Anfield) completes it all, in front of your home fans on the pitch you know best. “Everyone knows David is the captain and we have Rio (Ferdinand) and Sol (Campbell) and they are big candidates [to be vice-captain]. “I am not expecting to be captain during the World Cup – I would jump at the chance – but there are plenty of others who are up to the job… “It’s up to him to show that he’s also a leader and I think he is. “I think the future is important, we have a young squad, a lot of young talented football players so you have to see the game against Paraguay and for the World Cup but you have to see the future as well. “I think the target for the FA has always been to try to win an important tournament before 2006, so you have to think about that as well. “Michael Owen’s teammate Steven Gerrard revealed that the striker was “over the moon”, adding: “”He’s very happy, he’s back at Anfield with the armband. “He’s had a bit of a hard time lately but.

United’s `snub’ can light the fires – Apr 20, 2002
Given the argument that Bayer might have failed to qualify above Arsenal had not Deportivo sent out a weakened team in the concluding group match, it could be said that Bayer are lucky to have got this far, in which case few in Germany would grudge them their fortune. As the veteran striker Ulf Kirsten, who has been with the club for 12 years, put it: “Fans in all parts of the country appreciate us. We’re playing the best football to watch and deserve to be champions. “While this may remind you of Newcastle under Kevin Keegan, another tempting comparison would be with the Ipswich of Bobby Robson, who likewise were buoyant for a decade, usually qualifying for Europe, despite being situated in a small town; Leverkusen, though more obviously industrial than Ipswich, is scarcely any bigger with a population of 160,000. The club do, however, have the advantage of backing from the pharmaceutical giant whose name they bear. You may recall that the company also took over the Ruhr club Uerdingen, who, initially, were the more successful, winning the German Cup in 1985 and finishing third in the Bundesliga the following year. But in 1988 the hitherto obscure Leverkusen won the UEFA Cup and have continued to live with Germany’s elite while Uerdingen have declined… The BayArena is excellent. “Compared with most grounds,” said a German journalist, “it feels like you’ve been upgraded to Business Class. ” Yet it was not big enough to be named last Monday among the World Cup venues for 2006; instead the German squad will use it as their training ground. It may well be, then, that Bayer have got as far as they are going. My own view is that, for all their attacking virtues, they are too fragile at the back to avoid falling, like Leeds last year, at the penultimate fence. Ferguson, however, did not mean to say that and he can be expected to spend the next three days denying vehemently that his thoughts already stray to Glasgow.

Cole in hot pursuit of the perfect game – Apr 21, 2002
But Cole wants more. “I watched the 1990 World Cup upstairs on a little TV in my bedroom because none of my family liked football. That’s what made me really want to play. “Now I just want to play better, that’s why I play football because I’m looking for that perfect game,” Cole said. “Anyone who knows me knows that I’m never happy after a game unless it’s perfect. That gives me the desire to push on, that’s what I strive for.

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