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May 21, 2002

More pressure on Blatter

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The News Review:

* Zidane promises four more years
* Daily Times – Leading News Resource of Pakistan
* Carlsberg to sponsor FA
* More pressure on Blatter
* Observer Sport Monthly
* Tesco eight check out more than £1m each | | Guardian Unlimited…

Zidane promises four more years
BBC News – May 13, 2002
“I’m beginning to be frightened by all those great strikers. “It gives a lot of responsibility to the man who does all the passing for France,” he told French weekly Le Journal du Dimanche. Before he switches his thoughts to the World Cup, the twice Fifa World Player of the Year is concentrating on trying to collect his first Champions League winners’ medal. Zidane’s Spanish club Real Madrid play Bayer Leverkusen in Glasgow on Wednesday and the Frenchman is seeking better luck. The 29-year-old lost both finals he appeared in with Juventus in 1997 and 1998. Zidane said: “The two finals I lost belong to the past. “I would have a real feeling of fulfilment should I be able to score a Champions League and World Cup double.

Daily Times – Leading News Resource of Pakistan
Daily Times – May 13, 2002
But the problem is we have not got any money. ? In February there was chaos outside the stadium, jammed to 25,000 capacity, as a team of UN soldiers took on the de-facto Afghan national side and security forces beat back frustrated fans who couldn?t get in. Zalmai Payanda, head of the Afghan football federation, said the prospects of the team entering the qualifying rounds for the 2006 World Cup in Germany were not looking good for financial reasons. ?We would love to have the chance to face other national sides but we don?t have enough money to travel to matches abroad and pay our own bills,? he told AFP. ?I have asked other national teams to come to Kabul (including world champions France, India and Iran) but so far no one has accepted. ? German legend Franz Beckenbauer accompanied Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder to Kabul last week when he handed over three goalkeepers? tops to Payanda but there is still no strip for the outfield players to pull on. The national side used to play in light blue but Aziz said he hoped the new strip would reflect the green, black and red of the national flag which was reinstated earlier this year for the first time since former king Mohammed Zahir Shah?s ouster in 1973.

Carlsberg to sponsor FA – May 15, 2002
The deal come just weeks after Carlsberg became the first official sponsor of the European Championships in Portugal in 2004. “The FA deal is an important part of the jigsaw as we develop our commercial plans for the Carlsberg brand,” said Doug Clydedale, managing director of brand and sales at Carlsberg-Tetley.

More pressure on Blatter – May 13, 2002
Keith Wiseman, then chairman of the Football Association, and Graham Kelly, then FA chief executive, argued that this was done to help England secure the 2006 World Cup. Johansson had said the event should go to Germany and England felt Blatter would be a better bet for their purposes. Wiseman and Kelly’s tactics backfired, and despite Blatter winning, Germany won the contest and both men lost their jobs… Keith Wiseman, then chairman of the Football Association, and Graham Kelly, then FA chief executive, argued that this was done to help England secure the 2006 World Cup. Johansson had said the event should go to Germany and England felt Blatter would be a better bet for their purposes. Wiseman and Kelly’s tactics backfired, and despite Blatter winning, Germany won the contest and both men lost their jobs.

Observer Sport Monthly
The Observer – May 19, 2002
They rarely fail to get past the quarter finals. Notoriously consistent on the big occasion. Finest hour Beating Johan Cruyff’s heavenly Holland to win the World Cup on home soil in 1974. How did they qualify? 5-1 ring any bells? An otherwise forgettable campaign will forever be remembered for 1 September 2001. Germany were typically solid and set the pace in their group until the aberration in Munich, but normal service was resumed, and a little self-belief restored, when they thrashed a hapless Ukraine side to qualify via the play-offs… How do you beat them? Play them in Munich. Obviously that’s out of the question, so your best bet is to sit deep and hit them on the counter attack. Their defence is one of the most sluggish in world football. Factor in the increased humidity in the Far East and they will be vulnerable against genuine pace (stand up Michael Owen and Emile Heskey). How do they beat you? No team at this World Cup will fear Germany, unless the match is taken to penalties – in which case every team at this World Cup will fear Germany. Most likely match-winner? Sebastian Deisler can be inspirational, but has been injured for most of the season, so look to Michael Ballack. One of Germany’s finest young talents, Ballack is a tall, elegant midfielder with wonderful technical ability – his only flaw is his supreme arrogance.

Tesco eight check out more than £1m each | | Guardian Unlimited…
Guardian Unlimited – May 14, 2002
A spokesman said: “It’s a very tall order. To put it in context, the share price would have to double from around £8 to £16 in three years and we would have to outperform our competitors by a significant margin. These are very stretching targets: it would be like winning the World Cup twice in a row, but if they did achieve the bonus our shareholders would be delighted. ” He said the scheme was based on one Halifax used to offer, which has not paid out since it was introduced in 1997. The National Association of Pension Funds said it was recommending that members vote in favour of the scheme tomorrow, but did have reservations about some aspects.

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