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May 30, 2002

They think it’s all over the Web. . . it is now

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The News Review:

* Troubled times at FIFA
* S. Africa plays World Cup catch-up
* Avaya’s Downfield Play –
* They think it’s all over the Web. . . it is now
* Digital Chosunilbo (English Edition) : Daily News in English About…
* Hispanics get more coverage
* Case for and against Keane
* Golden Jubilee blues
* Home Advantage? The 2002 World Cup and the Impact on the Real Estate…
* Most Soccer Star For The Buck –
* – SI Online – Grant Wahl – Inside US Soccer – SI’s…

Troubled times at FIFA
CNN International – May 29, 2002
Terms like “crisis point”, “corruption” and “precarious financial situation” have been bantered around by delegates and have kept football barely on the agenda. Instead, the 202 members attending the FIFA meet have been bogged down by heavy financial concerns, political powerplays and a presidential vote that has been nothing short of spectacularly acrimonious. Strange, given also that football has never been so big, so popular or so wealthy. Much of the heat has been firmly directed at FIFA head, Sepp Blatter, who on Wednesday won another four years as president. After his win, Blatter called on FIFA members to unite to restore harmony and rebuild FIFA’s tarnished reputation. But whether his reelection would be enough to close the books on allegations of financial mismanagement, bribery and corruption during his four-year term as chief remains to be seen. Blatter has been under intense pressure to reveal the state of FIFA’s finances, and has been accused of bringing the head of the world’s most populous sport to the brink of financial ruin… Hill said that an audit by KMPG predicted that FIFA would remain in negative equity until 2006. The current figure is minus $300 million. FIFA has even borrowed more than $400 million against target revenue of the 2006 World Cup to assist with a current cash shortfall. As Blatter put it on Wednesday, “We have borrowed money from 2006 to keep us alive to the end of 2002.

S. Africa plays World Cup catch-up
CNN International – May 30, 2002
Apartheid is largely to blame for the lag. Only in 1991 was South Africa allowed to re-enter the international football stage, prompting the sport to get some of the focus and financing it needed. But losing out to Germany in the race to stage the 2006 World Cup following a controversial vote last year was a bitter blow. Africa is yet to stage the tournament. There have been few triumphs for the Bafana Bafana with the notable exception of the 1996 African Cup of Nations — a tournament South Africa hosted. The spirit of the rainbow nation at the time did much to make football, principally played and watched by blacks, more important for whites who mostly regard rugby union as the national sport. And at least at home, hopes are high for this World Cup, even if expectations do not stretch beyond progressing past the group stage… Africa is yet to stage the tournament. There have been few triumphs for the Bafana Bafana with the notable exception of the 1996 African Cup of Nations — a tournament South Africa hosted. The spirit of the rainbow nation at the time did much to make football, principally played and watched by blacks, more important for whites who mostly regard rugby union as the national sport. And at least at home, hopes are high for this World Cup, even if expectations do not stretch beyond progressing past the group stage. To do this they will have to finish in the top of Group B which includes Spain, Slovenia and Paraguay.

Avaya’s Downfield Play –
Forbes – May 29, 2002
When it failed to deliver as promised, IBM suffered a very public black eye. But Avaya can certainly handle the risk involved. Its $100 million financial commitment to the World Cup is small, considering that it extends through 2006 and given its $6. 8 billion in sales last year. And Avaya is not deploying any technology at the World Cup that hasn’t already been proved reliable. Anything Avaya can do to generate sales leads will help. The telecom sector slump hasn’t been kind to the company: For the six months ended March 31, revenue was $2.

They think it’s all over the Web. . . it is now – May 28, 2002
95 (£14) for the privilege. Other technology companies are also ploughing money into the tournament. Avaya, a US telecoms company, has invested $100m in sponsoring the 2002 and 2006 World Cups, as well as the 2003 women’s World Cup in China. It has built Fifa’s communication network which will handle tasks such as scheduling of games and reporting game results. The company is taking 600 guests to Japan and Korea. Paul Myer, vice-president of marketing for Avaya’s World Cup programme, said: “I have a lot of friends all of a sudden. “Mr Myer insisted Avaya will also show a return on that investment by using the World Cup to market its products outside its home market.

Digital Chosunilbo (English Edition) : Daily News in English About…
Chosun Ilbo – May 28, 2002
The cheering that has gone on the streets near these screens has been no less a public festival than at the stadium. Citizens will have this tiny little joy taken from them if it all has to stop because of demands for payment to be able to relay the matches. Korea has paid US$60 million (approximately W77 billion) for the broadcast relay rights to the World Cup, up to the 2006 World Cup in Germany. FIFA? position is that this amount covers television broadcasting via the airwaves, satellites, and cable, and that any group viewing on large electronic screens or multi-vision is not included. It is FIFA that exercises all rights to the World Cup. This being the case, the organizing committee should have negotiated for this from the start, in order to avoid this latest situation. When you?e not ready, the side demanding the money gets to call the price, and there isn? much that can be done.

Hispanics get more coverage
BBC News – May 29, 2002
Univision Communications has paid a reported ?104m to acquire exclusive Spanish language American television rights for World Cup 2002 and 2006, as well as the women’s World Cup in 2003. The same package for the English language US rights went for just ?27. 5m, demonstrating the popularity of football among the growing Hispanic population in the US. According to the 2000 census, there are 35. 3m Hispanics in the country; an increase of 58% since 1990.

Case for and against Keane
BBC News – May 29, 2002
Blown his chance

World Cups come around every four years and Keane will probably not get another chance. He may have had a point about the facilities, travel arrangements, pitches etc – but so would every other Republic of Ireland player in the last 25 years. The Football Association of Ireland (FAI) is not the most efficiently run organisation in the world – but let’s not forget they administer a part-time league. We’ve all had it – Aldridge, Houghton, Whelan, O’Leary, Moran and numerous others. McCarthy has been banging his head against the wall about the FAI for years but he hasn’t been able to change it – and Jack Charlton was unable to do so either. What it should never do is stop you from playing for the Republic… As an Irishman, I’m proud of how he’s represented me while wearing the green jersey. My hope is that he’ll manage Ireland one day. Perhaps he’ll lead us to the World Cup in Germany in 2006?

And for speaking his mind on vital issues, he’s got my support. No questions asked.

Golden Jubilee blues
Spiked – May 30, 2002
There’s something quite desperate about all this, and more than a little bit funny. Because even if the sun shines all weekend, that sought-for SNE ain’t going to happen in the way they want it to. The World Cup, of course, is a shared national experience. It will be watched by 28million people and talked about by many more. Even diehard football fans might have found the media-fuelled anguish over Beckham’s foot somewhat overblown, and they might wince at way it has become practically compulsory for everybody from corporations to politicians to wax lyrical about In-ger-land in Japan, but who cares? It’s football. From those who are passionate about the game to those attracted by the experience of a big-screen bar, the appeal of the World Cup is universal, and exciting. The question is whether the World Cup is exciting enough to save the jubilee from itself.

Home Advantage? The 2002 World Cup and the Impact on the Real Estate…
Hospitality Net – May 30, 2002
75 CPU)–>Hospitality Net – Industry News – Home Advantage? The 2002 World Cup and the Impact on the Real Estate Markets of Host Nations (Jones Lang LaSalle ). Hospitality Net is part of the Hsyndicate… However Jones Lang LaSalle suspects that these forecasts are likely to prove overly optimistic. “It is important to try to separate the World Cup effect from normal cyclical economic movements and to take account of the “crowding out” effect on spending in other parts of the economy. We suspect that the World Cup will probably have little or no statistically significant impact on the host nations’ GDP. ” Sanderson saidBut the World Cup will have a real estate impact. The effects will not be evenly distributed across the real estate sectors. Michelle Webb, Vice President of Marketing and Research based in Sydney and one of the co-authors of the report said, “Hotel operators will benefit the most.

Most Soccer Star For The Buck –
Forbes – May 28, 2002
But the team collapsed on the last day of the season–losing 4-2 to lowly Lazio–and finished third. The outrageously expensive Zidane, meanwhile, got off to a slow start, and his talented Real Madrid squad ended up a disappointing third in the Spanish league. But Zidane was in fifth gear for the Union of European Football Associations’ Champions League, netting the winning shot against hated Barcelona in the semifinal. Then, in the championship match, Zidane scored one of the most breathless goals in recent memory–a volley from 18 yards out–that gave Real a 2-1 win over Germany’s Bayer Leverkusen. For Real fans, that kick alone was worth $25. To create our list of best-value players, we compared the ten costliest players–combining transfer fees and salaries (data courtesy of Spanish sports daily… Opta determines productivity by analyzing 302 actions a player makes in a match, including different types of passes, shots and dribbles. Points are deducted for things like fouls and offsides. com, provides publications with World Cup player data. – SI Online – Grant Wahl – Inside US Soccer – SI’s… – May 29, 2002
In fact, the whole FIFA "Congress"procedings were like a bad Star Wars script, all talk of confederations andabuses of power, etc. , presided over by the iron fist of Blatter, who (likeC-3PO) seems to speak every language in the universe. When the next Congresscomes around in 2006, Sepp had better let Senator Amidala have the floor.

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