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June 8, 2002

World Cup 2002 – ABC Sport

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The News Review:

* The FIFA Follies
*’s Breaking News
* Sponsoring Soccer’s Big Event
* World Cup 2002 – ABC Sport
* Nix for kicks mix
* Islam Online- News Section
* Africa Puts One Finger on Trophy: News Analysis
* ESPN’s Bodenheimer: From Field to Field General
* Auto Show Adds Heat to Hot Beijing
* The Bush doctrine makes nonsense of the UN charter | Special reports…
* The poet and the princess | Weekend | Guardian Unlimited

The FIFA Follies
BusinessWeek – Jun 3, 2002
Blatter just keep piling up. The 66-year-old Swiss who heads the Fédération Internationale de Football Association, or FIFA, the organization that oversees World Cup soccer, stands accused of nepotism, bribery, and cooking the books–on top of plain old mismanagement. The whistle-blower is Blatter’s countryman and erstwhile ally, FIFA General Secretary Michel Zen-Ruffinen, who claims the financial health of the Zurich organization is in jeopardy thanks to his boss’s shenanigans. “FIFA is in bad shape,” warned Zen-Ruffinen in a May 3 report to FIFA’s executive committee.’s Breaking News – Jun 5, 2002
1 percent CAGR to total $94 billion in 2006, up from $53 billion in 2001. The principal drivers will be increased broadband availability and rising online penetration, while a strong e-commerce market will lead to a rebound in online advertising. Sports – The biggest driver over the forecast period will be the World Cup in 2002 and 2006 (football obviously), and rising television rights fees. However, financial problems for European rights holders will result in a decrease in rights fees in non-World Cup years. The segment will grow at a 6. 6 per cent average rate, rising to $50 billion in 2006 from $36 billion in 2001.

Sponsoring Soccer’s Big Event
Forbes – Jun 4, 2002
Avaya is spending $105 million on sponsorship for this year’s World Cup, the 2003 Women’s World Cup and the 2006 World Cup in Germany. The World Cup is also more sponsor-friendly than the only comparable multiweek global sporting event, the Olympic games. Soccer matches’ two 45-minute halves do not make for many commercial breaks during play, but they do offer continuous exposure to brands savvy enough to exploit the opportunity.

World Cup 2002 – ABC Sport – Jun 4, 2002
The 54-year-old Swede knows the decisions he makes between now and Friday could determine both whether England have any future in this World Cup and whether he has any future as the country’s first foreign coach. Eriksson has enjoyed a long honeymoon in his position thanks to the way he turned the side’s fortunes around during the qualifying competition and most of all because of an historic 5-1 win over Germany in Munich. He has always made it clear that his goal is to build a team capable of winning the 2006 World Cup but, having raised expectations, he is likely to come under extreme pressure if he fails to lead his side into the second round here and the strain is clearly beginning to tell. Eriksson was furious with the way his young team allowed the Swedes back into the match by giving the ball away too cheaply and failing to keep their opponents under pressure. He admitted that inexperience – seven of the players who took part in Sunday’s game for England were 23 or under – may have been a factor in the collapse. But he has not given any indication that he intends to bring in some older heads for Friday’s crunch with Argentina in Sapporo. “Experience is very, very important,” Eriksson said.

Nix for kicks mix
Variety – Variety (subscription) – Jun 5, 2002
1 rating on ABC is not all that bad in this day and age” when all sports have lost viewers as the explosion in the number of televised sports events has fragmented the viewership. “The ratings of soccer are never going to be comparable to football, basketball or baseball in the U. , and I’m not suggesting that,” said Pilson. But, he added, “the sport does have a following here. ” Pilson cited children who play the sport in school, making the phrase “soccer Mom” a definable category in U… Rights quandaryIronically, despite the huge fees soccer-mad broadcasters have paid for rights, Kirch could default on the $905 million it owes global soccer org FIFA for the rights. Kirch Media transferred its rights to the 2002 and 2006 World Cup soccer championships to Swiss-based KirchSport, saving them from possible loss through insolvency. The move was greenlit by banks and FIFA to avoid complications of reselling the rights. However, Europe’s pubcasters have offered FIFA $483 million for the rights to the 2006 World Cup, which will be held in Germany — rights which Kirch, barring default, still holds. That’s $9 million above what Kirch paid in 1996. (David Rooney in Rome and Reuters contributed to this report.

Islam Online- News Section
????? ??? ???? – Jun 6, 2002
Nice Guy’ Says Blatter after Crushing Re-election Victory. But
the crushing victory of the 66-year-old son of a Swiss bicycle
repairer showed that Blatter can stand the pressure and fight with the
most ruthless on the political stage. Despite
months of accusations of corruption and mismanagement, Blatter beat
Issa Hayatou, president of the African Football Confederation (CAF) by
139 votes to 56 to retain control of the body that runs the world’s
most popular sport. "I
had no time to campaign, I only had time to defend myself and the
office of the president," Blatter told a press conference after
his triumph, the size of which amazed even his opponents, reported
Agence France-Presse (AFP). "It
was not my bitter campaign, it was self-defense… He
learned all the secrets of football’s governing body and Havelange
pushed him into becoming the rival candidate to Johansson when the
Brazilian ended his 24-year reign as president in 1998. Blatter
took over a federation running the world’s most watched and played
sport, the biggest sporting event, the World Cup – and with the
popularity just growing. However,
financial problems caused by the collapse of FIFA’s marketing agent
ISL-ISMM and German company Kirch, which held the television rights to
the 2002 and 2006 World Cup finals, darkened the end of Blatter’s
first term. Zen-Ruffinen
turned against his boss, telling the congress this week of mysterious
payments that neither he nor the FIFA executive committee nor its
finance committee knew of. Now
Blatter’s battle will be to reunify the leadership where most of his
vice presidents, including Johanssonm, are against him. After
the victory, the UEFA leader indicated he was ready to help patch up
the quarrels. "You
fight the match until its over and then you have to work
together," the Swedish said.

Africa Puts One Finger on Trophy: News Analysis
People's Daily Online – Jun 6, 2002
In 2010 we will explode. I am ready to bet that in 2010 it will be our turn, especially if it happens in our back yard,” Abedi Pele was quoted by AFP as saying on Thursday. African football was never at the center of the World Cup finalstage until… In 2010 we will explode. I am ready to bet that in 2010 it will be our turn, especially if it happens in our back yard,” Abedi Pele was quoted by AFP as saying on Thursday. African football was never at the center of the World Cup finalstage until.

ESPN’s Bodenheimer: From Field to Field General
Multichannel News – Multichannel News (subscription) – Jun 3, 2002
MCN: Will you be up early in the morning the next few weeks to watch the World Cup?

I will. I’ve been to the World Cup twice; it’s really an exciting event. It obviously has appeal to soccer fans, but depending on how the U. and a couple of other teams do, it has a chance to grab some marginal fans, too. MCN: You have the World Cup and Major League Soccer rights through a partnership deal… I really wouldn’t be in a position to discuss specifics beyond that. I will also say that our contracts are staggered, so we’re constantly in discussions with our affiliates. MCN: Your deals with the National Football League, Major League Baseball and the National Hockey League all conclude with the 2005 season. Is 2006 a big year?

It’s hard to look ahead that far. Just like affiliates, we’re always in discussions with our league partners about opportunities to expand. I don’t look at 2006 as any kind of bellwether year. MCN: Your favorite sport? What do you watch on ESPN?

My favorite sport is to get in a round of golf with the family.

Auto Show Adds Heat to Hot Beijing
People's Daily Online – Jun 6, 2002
Auto Show Adds Heat to Hot Beijing. shtml”–>


The Bush doctrine makes nonsense of the UN charter | Special reports…
Guardian Unlimited – Jun 7, 2002
The argument is controversial, but unless it is challenged by a substantial number of states it will stand as a legitimate new interpretation of international law. Now we have the latest move downhill. In a speech last weekend in the midst of World Cup fever and the Kashmir crisis, President Bush launched his new concept of pre-emption. His speech can claim to be the most chilling statement of his presidency so far. In effect, he retroactively approved the Israeli strike on Osirak and said the US has the right to strike, pre-emptively, at any nation which it decides is developing weapons of mass destruction or supporting terrorism. It is carte blanche for a war on the world. Bush Sr once talked about the need for “the vision thing”.

The poet and the princess | Weekend | Guardian Unlimited
Guardian Unlimited – Jun 8, 2002
She worked with Gloria Estefan on the English versions of her albums, from Saturday lunchtime until 4. She went home at daybreak, drank a cup of coffee and ate a piece of bread, and then fell asleep fully dressed. An hour and a half later, she had to get up for a series of radio interviews. On Tuesday 16, she appeared on a live TV show in Costa Rica. On Thursday she flew to Miami and on to Caracas, where she appeared on the television show Sensational Saturday. She barely slept – on the 21st she had to fly from Venezuela to Los Angeles to attend the Grammys.

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