Euro 2012 – Ukraine and Poland

June 17, 2002

S. Koreans exempted from military service

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The News Review:

* Daily Times – Leading News Resource of Pakistan
* Commentary: World Cup: Sponsors Need to Get in the Game
* Germany in with a shout?
* S. Koreans exempted from military service
* Soccer News of Sunday, 16 June 2002
* Cameroon want Schafer to stay
* Co-hosts adopt England as third ‘home’ team
* … –’s complete coverage of the FIFA World Cup -…
* Robot Challenge to the World Cup
* FIFA pledge to look into problem of empty seats

Daily Times – Leading News Resource of Pakistan
Daily Times – Jun 15, 2002
Peter Velappan, the general secretary of the Asian Football Confederation (AFC) and the World Cup Co-ordination Director, stressed that most Asian sides could not compete against what he termed ?hard core professionals. ? China and Saudi Arabia both exited the World Cup without a point or a goal for their efforts. The Saudis? 8-0 loss to Germany was particularly damaging for Asian football which is lobbying for five spots at the World Cup in 2006. Chinese players have to develop a passing game if they are to go anywhere in world football. There are many important lessons to be learned by the Chinese FA from the World Cup experience. And they have to act quickly so that the team will be ready for the 2006 finals in Germany. ?They need to improve the professional league and educate the players better.

Commentary: World Cup: Sponsors Need to Get in the Game
BusinessWeek – Jun 17, 2002
But the spontaneous voice vote in Seoul suggests that the soccer Establishment has grown dangerously out of touch with the fans. That’s one more reason sponsors should be pushing for reform before the next World Cup, in 2006. “It’s in their enlightened self-interest to take action,” says Jeremy Pope of the London-based anticorruption group Transparency International. As an organization, FIFA operates with almost no oversight. Blatter–who won’t even give FIFA’s executive committee a clear idea how much he is paying himself–has refused to cooperate with an independent audit launched by the committee. Only the national soccer associations can oust Blatter, and they’ve missed their chance, since elections won’t be held again until 2006.

Germany in with a shout?
BBC News – Jun 15, 2002
That includes Brazil. They always seem to do just enough and I wouldn’t bet against them this time. It may be a sad day for football if this German side wins it but anything is possible. This World Cup has had its share of upsets already and a German win may be the icing on the cake. For England’s sake I just hope we avoid them and let someone else take care of them. Allan Gregory, USA (English)

No, we cannot go all the way. We have to be more than happy with what we have achieved so far.

S. Koreans exempted from military service
Pakistan Dawn – Jun 16, 2002
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S. Koreans exempted from military service
SEOUL, June 15: South Korea on Saturday exempted its World Cup football squad from serving the mandatory 26-month military service after the co-hosts reached the last 16 at the football finals. ?The defense ministry plans to positively consider and actively promote ways of giving the players favors in the form of exempting them from military duty,? a ministry spokesman said in a statement. The decision was made in line with the public?s wishes to reward the players and also to allow the team to continue practicing without interruption, he said. South Korea joined fellow World Cup co-hosts Japan in reaching the second round of the tournament on Friday, when a Park Ji-Sung goal eliminated nine-man Portugal 1-0 in their final Group D match. The ministry?s statement came after President Kim Dae-Jung personally congratulated the team and coach Guus Hiddink on making history ? South Korea has never made it to the last 16 before… At the same time, team captain Hong Myung-Bo raised the issue of military service. President, I hope the issue of military service of my juniors can be resolved so that they can prepare themselves without interruption for the 2006 (World Cup). ?
Kim replied that he would tell the defense ministry to look into it. Currently, athletes who win any Olympic medal or a gold in the Asian Games are eligible for exemption from military service. The conscription age for South Korean men is 20. Ten of the team?s football players are expected to benefit from the exemption.

Soccer News of Sunday, 16 June 2002 – Jun 16, 2002
Ben Koufie has stated that Ghana’s national team Black Stars shall begin their early preparation for the next World Cup qualification to ensure Ghana’s participation in Germany 2006. Koufie posed a question among other things he said that, “Wouldn’t it have been nice watching Ghana play at the World Cup?” He answered himself by vowing that there cannot be any compromise for Ghana’s inability to partake in the World Cup that a soccer nation like Ghana has never had the chance to take part on the senior level. According to the G… Ben Koufie has stated that Ghana’s national team Black Stars shall begin their early preparation for the next World Cup qualification to ensure Ghana’s participation in Germany 2006. Koufie posed a question among other things he said that, “Wouldn’t it have been nice watching Ghana play at the World Cup?” He answered himself by vowing that there cannot be any compromise for Ghana’s inability to partake in the World Cup that a soccer nation like Ghana has never had the chance to take part on the senior level. According to the G. F A boss ,Ghana will have to redouble her effort in ensuring that this time around the country will not be denied her qualification to the next World Cup.

Cameroon want Schafer to stay
BBC News – Jun 15, 2002
You get maybe twice in your lifetime a chance to go really far and thanks to our organisational mistakes Cameroon let this chance slip. Despite his anger the players have pledged their allegiance to Schafer and he is also believed to be favoured by Cameroon’s Minister for Sport, Bidung Mpkatt. The 52-year-old is thought to be seeking a four-year deal as he looks to blood a new generation of players with an eye on the 2006 World Cup. He now intends to persuade several stars from the 1990 World Cup
squad which became the only African side ever to reach the quarter-finals, to help scout for young talent and has also demanded more training pitches. But Schafer wants to go even further than that. “With regard to the 2006 finals we must find some 12 to 15-year-olds and keep them in the country. We must offer them incentives so that they don’t get conned by vague promises from agents.

Co-hosts adopt England as third ‘home’ team
Independent Online – Jun 16, 2002
However, no-one should believe for a moment that a bright new age has dawned. Japanese fans have a markedly different outlook on life and soccer than those in Europe. In two years time Portugal will host the 2004 European Championships and in 2006 the World Cup returns to Germany. It is hard to see home fans conga-dancing with the English in the isles in Lisbon or Berlin. But who knows, maybe the Japanese have taught the Europeans a thing or two about soccer they didn’t know before.

… –’s complete coverage of the FIFA World Cup -… – Jun 16, 2002
Out of 5 countries that qualified, only 1 made it to the second round. South America with its football tradition had five teams qualified to the World Cup and one was favored to win it all, but only two made it to the second round. Asia which had 4 representatives in this years tournament only had two (host countries) make it to round two. The other two countries came in 32nd and 31st place. Europe had its 15 countries represented in the World Cup and only 8 made it through. Of those 8, two countries (Italy and Turkey) had must-win situations… Hernandez, Miami, FL Answer: Actually nine European teams made it to the second round. And Italy was not in a “must-win” situation, as proved by the fact that it did not win and still made it to the second round. The allocation of World Cup spots will definitely change in 2006, since there will be only one host nation and the previous champion will not qualify automatically. This means that there will be 31 spots available, compared to 29 this time. Last time, the 29 slots were allocated like this: UEFA (Europe): 13 + 1 playoff (against AFC) AFC (Asia): 2 + 1 playoff (against UEFA) CONMEBOL (South America): 4 + 1 playoff (against OFC) OFC (Oceania): 0 + 1 playoff (against CONMEBOL) CAF (Africa): 5 CONCACAF (North and Central America): 3 To some degree, of course, performance in this World Cup will affect the re-allocation of spots. However, FIFA is well aware that performances in a one-month tournament (where luck and chance can and do play a part) will not necessarily reflect relative strength in four years’ time. Ultimately, politics and economic concerns have a lot to do with it as well.

Robot Challenge to the World Cup
PR Newswire UK – PR Newswire UK (press release) – Jun 17, 2002
It is hoped that these prototype robots may even be used as the basis to simulate the prefect footballer and provide Scotland with some home-grown, high-tech alternative players of our very own, perhaps a Robotic Ronaldo, Cybertronic Simone or even a Bionic Beckham!The Robot Football Challenge will take place at the University on Tuesday 18 June 2002. Teams from ten Scottish secondary schools will work with the University’s engineers and scientist, using a kit including microchips to construct infrared controlled robot “buggies”. The robots designed and built by the pupils will then battle it out in a robot world cup competition in the afternoon. To inspire the pupils, two star machines from TV’s Robot Wars will provide a demonstration of their own and commence battle courtesy of sponsorship from BAE SYSTEMS. VORSCHT the university’s own life-sized robotic alien that was featured in the launch of the millennium Edinburgh Science Festival and in the “Frontiers of Technology” exhibition at the Royal Society in London will also be on-hand… The Robot Challenge was set-up to coincide with the launch of Heriot-Watt University’s new BEng in Robotics and Cybertronics degree. The course aims to produce well qualified, highly motivated graduates able to play a leading role in the design, control and commissioning of a wide range of intelligent and autonomous engineering products. 00am at The Edinburgh Conference Centre, Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh Campus. Note to Editors:A range of robot events will take place during the day, including a mouse hole challenge and prize ceremony. The winners of the Robot Challenge will receive prizes from Heriot-Watt University, the Institute of Mechanical Engineers and the Institute of Electrical Engineers. Farnell LEctronics and Marionville Models from Edinburgh are also donating prizes.

FIFA pledge to look into problem of empty seats
Edinburgh Evening News – Jun 15, 2002
Many empty seats at matches in Korea, including high-profile games such as France v Denmark, were due to FIFA’s policy of charging fans the same prices in the cohost countries of Korea and Japan, despite the per capita income being far lower in Korea. Tickets for the cheapest games started at 60 dollars, beyond the reach of many Koreans. “It is a FIFA World Cup so we have to take our responsibility,” said Blatter. “We tried to find the best way to avoid problems but I can say we have not found it. “We will go into an investigation to see where we are responsible. ” Blatter admitted he was not in a position at the moment to offer any answers to the problems, which also included national associations ordering too many tickets and being unable to sell them. Manchester-based company Byrom, who had been appointed by FIFA to handle ticketing, have also faced criticism… “If you want to know exact reasons today then there would be no reason to go away and try to clarify the situation,” he said. Blatter, however, firmly believes the problems will be eradicated for Germany. “In 2006 we will trust the expertise of the German Football Association,” he said.

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