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June 19, 2002

Aberdeen ready to fit carpet

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The News Review:

* Riot mars Russia’s Euro 2008 hopes
* Five-star Scots Euro 2008 boost
* Fergie backs Euro 2008 bid
* Aberdeen ready to fit carpet
* Roberto Carlos in Old Trafford link
* Final coalition draft leaves room for smaller ‘bowl’
* Let’s be party capital of the world

Riot mars Russia’s Euro 2008 hopes
CNN – Jun 10, 2002
They fought with police and each other as well as attacked a group of young Japanese musicians. Five music students from Japan who were attending the 12th Tchaikovsky musical competition nearby were attacked by soccer hooligans, a duty officer at the Japanese embassy in Moscow said. One of the students was injured but his wounds were not considered serious. The windows of Western shops up to a mile away — including a Tiffany jewellery store, a Sbarro pizzeria, the Ecco shoe store and the historic Yeliseyevsky grocery store — were smashed.

Five-star Scots Euro 2008 boost
Edinburgh Evening News – May 23, 2002
The bid will then select from a new ground in Aberdeen, a joint-shared stadium in Dundee and re-development of Easter Road. But McConnell maintains the stadia currently in place in Scotland have already earned the Celtic bid a positive nod from UEFA. “The specific sites for the stadia are not critical to the bid,” said McConnell. “Being as specific as possible is helpful – particularly for Scotland because it means we can talk about the stadia we have. “We need to resolve the issue of the other two stadia, but we don’t need to do that until even after the bid is finally agreed, or otherwise in November. “We hope some of the outstanding difficulties in Aberdeen and Dundee particularly will be worked out in the coming months. “But it is not a problem for the bid and they (UEFA) have stressed to us privately that, as long as we get guaranteed stadia – and they know we have four stadia which are so big, successful and already in place – then they will take a very positive attitude to that.

Fergie backs Euro 2008 bid
BBC News – May 29, 2002
Uefa praised the National Stadium and Glasgow’s preparations for the match. It is expected that Ireland will provide two of the eight stadia required to host the tournament. However, the document being signed on Wednesday will not specify which stadia will make up the final bid. The final decision on who will host the tournament is due to be made in December by Uefa’s executive committee. Financial support

A joint Swiss-Austrian bid – which includes a new stadium in Basel – remains the front runner in a field of seven bids. On Tuesday, the Russian government announced that it would give financial support for a bid to host the event. The confirmation from Prime Minister Mikhail Kasyanov ended a lengthy stalemate prompted by doubts over how hosting the event could benefit the country financially.

Aberdeen ready to fit carpet – Jun 3, 2002
Aberdeen have already confirmed they would consider installing an astroturf alternative to the ageing Pittodrie pitch, which was laid more than a century ago on a rubbish dump. UEFA, European football’s governing body, do not permit plastic pitches, which were installed amid great controversy at a number of English grounds in the 1980s before being banned. But with technology having advanced over the past few years, a UEFA spokesman confirmed they could be on the way back. She said: “It was something that was being looked at in a recent workshop. It was suggested that one club in each country could have one on a trial basis. A decision is expected soon… Dundee United’s Tannadice pitch is particularly bald and Hearts have recently spent money relaying turf at Tynecastle. Shinie said: “It might cost half a million to relay a new pitch and there is not a lot of money floating around at the moment. “The Dons are also considering moving to a new ground if Scotland’s Euro 2008 bid is successful but if a new pitch should precede the move it would probably have to be written off. Shinie added: “Reports that we would be able to roll it up and take it with us are wide of the mark.

Roberto Carlos in Old Trafford link – May 29, 2002
Reports valued the 29-year-old at around £38 million, the same price the European champions paid to take Luis Figo from Barcelona two summers ago. The player said yesterday: “It is true that Manchester United want me. But at the moment that is not important. “I have a contract and I am happy in the city and at Real Madrid. I do not know if the clubs are talking. If Real Madrid and Manchester want to, they can sit down to speak about a transfer that could happen. I am not going to put up any obstacles… Manchester United wish to point out that they have not made an illegal approach by forwarding a contract to Rio Ferdinand in Japan, or a list of houses in Cheshire for his perusal. “Meanwhile, Ferguson was yesterday confirmed as an ambassador for Scotland and Ireland’s bid to host the Euro 2008 Championship. Lawrie Sanchez, Wimbledon’s former FA Cup-winning goalscorer, said yesterday that it was the end of an era for the “Crazy Gang” after the club’s controversial move to Milton Keynes was approved by the Football Association. “The name of Wimbledon won’t last very long now their permanent home is Milton Keynes – it doesn’t make sense,” he said. “I can’t see what we did happening again. I can’t see a team winning the FA Trophy and then 25 years later winning the FA Cup.

Final coalition draft leaves room for smaller ‘bowl’
Irish Independent – Jun 3, 2002
Six outstanding issues have been resolved in “tic-tacing” between the negotiation teams over the weekend, with a form of words found to resolve the conflict over the National Stadium between the rival party manifestos. The precise wording is still a closely-guarded secret, but Mr Ahern is understood to have scope to build his cherished 60,000-seater arena at Abbotstown. The PDs will be responsive to the needs for Ireland to meet its obligations under the Euro 2008 bid with Scotland, formally unveiled last week. In response, Fianna Fail is thought likely to forego the necklacing of other sports facilities around a central showpiece at the 500-acre “Bertie Bowl”. With Fianna Fail making the National Stadium a core ambition in their manifesto, and the people returning the party to a near overall majority, the PDs have been unable to resist conceding ground on what Michael McDowell had dubbed a “Ceaucescu era project”. Mr Ahern will thus have his desired implementable wording to ensure the stadium is built, while the PDs will be able to claim that they ensured the overall vision was radically scaled back from an initial price-tag likely to exceed €1bn. Both parties will also move forward to implement their ambitious health strategy, unveiled last autumn, and put even greater emphasis on delivering major public infrastructure in terms of roads, motorways, Luas and Metro… The agreed allocation of Progressive Democrat Cabinet seats and junior ministry responsibilities could be copperfastened at this encounter. Both leaders will then take the agreed programme to their respective parliamentary parties for their rubber-stamp endorsement. The Programme for Government between the two parties may not be published until the latter part of this week, it appeared last night. Some feel it would not be appropriate to release the Coalition platform until the Dail meets on Thursday. On that day, the eight PD TDs will assent to formal re-election of Bertie Ahern as Taoiseach. Mr Ahern meanwhile has spent the weekend working on the Fianna Fail make-up of his new cabinet, having promised some changes and new faces for the purposes of piloting the agreed workload through the five years of the 29th Dail.

Let’s be party capital of the world
Edinburgh Evening News – Jun 17, 2002
SE Edinburgh and Lothian is working with the council on the study, which will form part of the enterprise company’s tourism strategy. No conclusions have yet been drawn about what might work in the Capital, but the organisation is stressing that it will not simply be copying other countries’ ideas. A spokesman said: “The Scottish Executive has established an events unit and is taking the lead role in bidding for Euro 2008. “Edinburgh is Scotland’s tourism capital and we have a significant contribution to make in developing a strategic approach to attracting and staging events that will raise Scotland’s international profile as a world class destination. “The report is still under consideration and will be used to help inform our events strategy. ” Councillor Anderson said: “The pulling power of events and festivals is tremendous. The contribution they’re making economically to Edinburgh is huge and they’re also events that Edinburgh residents enjoy… “We’re world leaders with Hogmanay and Capital Christmas, but we’re now looking at the whole Easter period as well. We’d like to expand activities then, which would provide a huge boost at the start of the season. However I’m not keen on mimicking things from elsewhere. There has to be a uniqueness about it. ” He said no firm plans had yet been made. A spokeswoman for Edinburgh and Lothians Tourist Board said: “We’re looking forward to reading the report as it clearly has implications for tourism in the city.

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