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July 8, 2002

Hiddink back at PSV

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The News Review:

* Fans lose out as FAI signs €7.5m Sky deal
* A celebration of World Cup-2002
* They went home early
* Hiddink back at PSV
* Shift in soccer power balance: DAWN EXCLUSIVE
* You Are Forgiven
* ‘Women like Beckham because he’s a good husband and father…

Fans lose out as FAI signs €7.5m Sky deal
Irish Independent – Jul 6, 2002
The football authorities sensationally sold the live TV rights on all the Republic’s home internationals over the next four years to Sky in a €7. As part of the deal, TV3 will be able to broadcast the games an hour after they finish. RTE bid €400,000 a year for the right to screen the big games live – €100,000 less than what it paid the FAI last time round. Last night, Ireland’s legion of loyal fans lashed out at the decision, which comes only weeks after the debacle in Saipan in the build-up to Ireland’s great World Cup run… The new arrangements could have the impact of depriving many of the Irish fans of the opportunity of seeing the national team playing live in international competition. He said he was sure his sentiments would be shared by fans of “this great Irish team”. Under the new deal, viewers will have to watch Ireland’s qualification matches for Euro 2004 and World Cup 2006 live on Sky Sports – or wait for a deferred broadcast on TV3. The deal represents a 350pc increase on the FAI’s previous deal with RTE. FAI spokesman John Delaney defended the organisation’s decision, insisting it had done everything possible to keep the games on RTE. “RTE wanted to pay us less than they had done over the past four years. We were prepared to give it to them for less than what we were offered by Sky and TV3,” said Mr Delaney.

A celebration of World Cup-2002
Pakistan Dawn – Jul 7, 2002
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A celebration of World Cup-2002
By Atif Khan. Brazil has yet again taken away the trophy that everyone ? at least everyone in Brazil ? expects it to retain every four years. And yet again, a European team has failed to take the trophy while playing outside Europe. A month?s worth of footballing entertainment, spread over 64 matches and 24 stadiums, brought with it all the fun and excitement that was expected of the World Cup. The 21st century?s first World Cup, also Asia?s first, was, to say the least, a success… That one goal that helped Senegal beat their former masters flagged the change of guard. France couldn?t make it to the second round and signalled to the traditional powers of football that there weren?t any weak opponents in the tournaments. Who knows, Pele?s hope of seeing an African country win the Cup just might come true in 2006. Let?s keep our fingers crossed!. com Banner Code ————– –>. floor(99999999 * Math.

They went home early
The Observer – Jul 7, 2002
‘The team itself has now scattered, many back to their European homes – indeed, analysts say one of Argentina’s problems is that many of its ex-patriot players are losing their natural Argentine footballing style. ‘The players haven’t really started analysing what went wrong, it’s too soon for that,’ said Sergio Batista, who played in Argentina’s winning team of 1986. ‘But if we use our young, local players, we will have a good run in the next World Cup, in 2006. ‘ Sophie Arie in Buenos AiresItaly Crowds of supporters welcomed the Italian squad when it touched down at Milan’s Malpensa airport but it was a homecoming bereft of joy, with the players cheered not as heroes to be idolised but victims to be comforted. The fury at Italy’s exit in the second round still blazed because nothing, not Fifa’s assurances, not the rest of the world’s mockery, could douse the utter certainty that the Azzurri had been robbed. ‘Fifa Mafia,’ said the placards, and it was apt that two organisations famed for power, secrecy and ruthlessness should rhyme. A tournament which saw five valid Italian goals disallowed, and Francesco Totti sent off just before South Korea’s golden goal, was surely rigged, agreed the chat shows, pundits and politicians.

Hiddink back at PSV
BBC News – Jul 8, 2002
He has been made an honorary citizen and handed huge bonuses, advertising contracts, a holiday home, free first-class air travel, a luxury limousine and free insurance. The deal offered by PSV appeals to Hiddink because it allows him to remain involved in Korean football. He will continue to work as an advisor for the 2004 Olympics and 2006 World Cup campaigns. Hiddink also took Holland to the 1998 World Cup and, as well as Real Madrid, he has coached Valencia, Fenerbahce and Real Betis. Hiddink also said he wants to take talented young Korean players to Europe to improve their experience in tougher leagues. “I have not made a decision yet on which players I would like to take with me to Europe,” he said. “They could be younger than those in the World Cup squad.

Shift in soccer power balance: DAWN EXCLUSIVE
Pakistan Dawn – Jul 7, 2002
But England is gaining ground. The English team in this World Cup was eliminated by Brazil in the round of 16 in the closest and most hard-fought challenge Brazil experienced. Since England?s is a young team, it has great prospects for the next World Cup in 2006. Germany, as always, was the exponent of total football; every player was trained to attack and to defend, facing opponents with total commitment at both ends of the field in rapid sequence. But, with rare exceptions, Germany lacked the technically dominant players to prevail by maneuver rather than by frontal assault. Even so, these tactics and the condition and dedication of the German players have seen Germany win two World Cups since 1970 and play in the final of two others. The basic Italian game plan is psychological: to throw the adversary off his game.

You Are Forgiven
This Day – This Day (subscription) – Jul 6, 2002
Having taken an average side almost single-handedly to the World Cup 2002 final, Kahn’s spectacular run came to a grim end, spilling Rivaldo’s shot into the path of Ronaldo for the all-important first goal. Only Kahn was ever likely to stand between Brazil and their fifth World Cup and when he, for once, came up short, Rudi Voller’s side fell with him. At the final whistle, Kahn threw his gloves into the net in frustration, then sank to his knees, inconsolable. Bayern Munich club-mate Thomas Linke was the first to offer sympathy, then Brazil skipper Cafu, but the keeper turned them both away. “Words of consolation have no effect,” he said… “Not everything was crap this time, there were no squabbles in the camp and we put German football back where it belonged,” said Kahn. On home soil in four years, this proud man is unlikely to settle for second best. For good measure he would literally cling onto his Most Valuable Player Award for the World Cup 2002 as he asks his folks to render him another support in four years from now.

‘Women like Beckham because he’s a good husband and father…
The Observer – Jul 7, 2002
A man that even football-haters admire, or, anyway, can pick out of a team line-up. David Beckham’s combination of extreme beauty, steely character and world-beating talent is unique, and has unique all-round appeal. If you don’t agree, consider the other potential heroes. Michael Owen? Cool-headed, supremely gifted, but with the air – and the hair – of a short copper. David James and Thierry Henry have the looks, but James hasn’t the talent, and Henry is too much of a princess (and he’s French)… Now women enjoy bars, feel comfortable there, unthreatened – and, of course, the more women there are, the less threatening the atmosphere. Another aspect is the absence of hooliganism. This, of course, may well change in 2006, when Germany will be World Cup hosts: the proximity and the history mean that thugs from all over Europe will do their utmost to get there for some trouble. But in 2002, the world and the English saw no pictures of St George-crossed knuckle-heads turning chairs into weapons, wrecking the party, threatening passers-by; no reasons to feel ashamed or wary of flying a flag. There is hope now that the England colours can be claimed from the racists. Of course, in order for the English to do this, they have to be more aware of what St George means. The English within Britain are like the Americans within the world: they don’t understand why everybody else hates them.

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