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August 7, 2002 – Soccer – Surprise Aussie World Cup bid labeled a stunt -…

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The News Review:

* Blatter fights for survival as allies flee
* Victoria (oh, and NSW) to pitch for the soccer World Cup
* League plan TV remedy for play-offs
* – Soccer – Surprise Aussie World Cup bid labeled a stunt -…
* Khoza pays R7m tax bill
* Munich welcomes sporting stars
* Big Phil keeps Brazil waiting over his future
* A Foreign Sports Minister
* KirchMedia bids tick up to £1.6bn

Blatter fights for survival as allies flee – Aug 3, 2002
Blatter’s detractors say he has simply not delivered during his four-year term. He promised Africa the 2006 World Cup which went to Germany. His idea of a World Cup every two years was deemed impractical and almost laughable. The Club World Championship has been suspended while the Confederations Cup loses millions. The presidential election will be held in Seoul before the start of the World Cup finals in May and at present Blatter is the only candidate. Next week in Cairo at a meeting of the Confederation of African Football Issa Hayatou of Cameroon will decide whether to put himself forward… The Club World Championship has been suspended while the Confederations Cup loses millions. The presidential election will be held in Seoul before the start of the World Cup finals in May and at present Blatter is the only candidate. Next week in Cairo at a meeting of the Confederation of African Football Issa Hayatou of Cameroon will decide whether to put himself forward. Hayatou, a FIFA vice-president, has led African football since 1988. He is a close ally of Johansson and has been critical of Blatter in the past. Hayatou was a prominent supporter of Johansson at the 1998 elections and promised to deliver all 51 African votes, but suffered embarrassment when many of his confederation’s members voted for Blatter. “A lot of people have demanded I put forward my candidacy,” Hayatou said.

Victoria (oh, and NSW) to pitch for the soccer World Cup
The Age – Aug 4, 2002
The bid for the 2014 competition was due to be jointly announced today by the Federation of International Football Association’s president, Sepp Blatter, Victorian Premier Steve Bracks and New South Wales Premier Bob Carr. Under the terms of the bid, matches would be played in most capital cities, including at the MCG and Colonial Stadium (Telstra Dome) in Melbourne. Mr Bracks said Australia’s impressive reputation for hosting major international sporting events would provide a major boost to the nation’s bid to host the World Cup “The management of events like the formula one Grand Prix and FIFA World Cup qualifiers in Melbourne and the Goodwill Games in Brisbane continue to highlight Australia’s management abilities,” Mr Bracks said… Mr Bracks said Australia’s sporting infrastructure and technical expertise would continue to be improved with the hosting of major events including the 2003 rugby World Cup and the 2006 Melbourne Commonwealth Games. Australia is a proven host of major international soccer tournaments, including the FIFA World Youth Championships in 1993 and the Olympic Tournament in 2000. The next FIFA World Cup will be held in Germany in 2006 across 12 stadiums. Twenty stadiums were used to accommodate the matches in Japan and South Korea this year. Nine stadiums were employed in France in 1998 and 10 for the World Cup in the United States in 1994.

League plan TV remedy for play-offs – Aug 4, 2002
The Livingston chief insisted: “We just have to leave it at that and see what happens over the next week or so. “The decision is that they haven’t decided to go ahead so you move on, but Scottish football will go on. “Meanwhile in Switzerland, FIFA claimed they had acted swiftly to make sure televised World Cup football is in safe hands for 2002 and 2006. – Soccer – Surprise Aussie World Cup bid labeled a stunt -… – Aug 5, 2002
“It isn’t a question of getting their house in order. At themoment I don’t really think they’ve got a house,” Negus said. Blatter has pledged to push for Oceania to receive directentry into the 2006 World Cup. “It is a basic right for the region,” he said. Blatter: Asia supports no-qualify move for Oceania SYDNEY, Australia (AP) — FIFA president Sepp Blatter said Monday that the Asian soccer confederation is prepared to support a move to give the Oceania conference’s champion direct entry to the 2006 World Cup in Germany. The Asian Football Confederation, which has four votes on the 24-man FIFA executive, was originally thought to be pushing for another position for its own. But Blatter indicated Oceania could expect a bloc vote from the confederation in Oceania’s favor.

Khoza pays R7m tax bill
Dispatch Online – Aug 3, 2002
Gordhan yesterday said the SARS and Khoza had for the past year been reconstructing the finances of the soccer boss in order to establish his tax liability. The first phase of this investigation entailed separating Khoza’s personal financial affairs from those of other entities he had been involved in. These included the Orlando Pirates football club, the Players’ Management Company, and the 2006 World Cup Bid Company. Khoza is chairperson of Orlando Pirates soccer club as well as vice-president of the SA Football Association and the Premier Soccer League. He headed South Africa’s bid to host the 2006 soccer World Cup. Gordhan said the SARS was now examining the tax liability of each of the entities in which Khoza was involved. “Whether there is evasion or not, I am not in a position to say at this point.

Munich welcomes sporting stars
BBC News – Aug 2, 2002
It has been the venue for three European Cup finals in 1979, 1993 and 1997. And it was also the scene of one of English football’s finest moments – the 5-1 victory over Germany in a World Cup qualifier in September 2001. Football will move out of the 63,000 capacity stadium in 2005 after its planned redevelopment for the 2006 World Cup – which will be held in Germany – was rejected. Instead there will be a new purpose-built arena built in the north of Munich, which will act as the centre-piece of the World Cup and house both Bayern and 1860. Despite thier move to the new stadium, the Olympic Stadium will remain in use as a supreme site of sporting endeavour.

Big Phil keeps Brazil waiting over his future – Aug 7, 2002
At the same time, Brazil were in danger of missing out onthe World Cup for the first time in history — with Scolari indanger of being the man who was in charge of the team when ithappened. Burned fingers Scolari later admitted that his first three months in chargeof Brazil was hell and may not want to get his fingers burnedagain — especially as, having won football’s most prizedtrophy, the only way now for Scolari is down. The South American qualifiers for the 2006 World Cup are dueto start in one year’s time and Scolari already knows thedangers that lie ahead. Brazil will face hostile crowds, matches at high altitudeand difficult opponents with only a couple of days trainingbefore each match — yet will be expected to win every time. It will only take one or two defeats against teams such asBolivia, Chile or Paraguay and Scolari could once again findhimself in the firing line. Scolari has already found that Brazilians have shortmemories. His honeymoon with the Brazilian media was cut short afterhe revealed Ronaldo — on whose recovery from two years ofinjury Scolari had bravely gambled — had needed to play morefor the team and do things such as tackle and mark… Parreira, who led Brazil to their fourth World Cup title in1994, complained that he has had to prepare for the competitionwithout two key players and that reinforcements have been slowin coming. “If a team wants to be champions, they have to have a squadwhich is capable of facing the large number of games in thecompetition,” he told the Folha de Sao Paulo newspaper onWednesday. “The absence of one player in football makes an enormousdifference and it’s not easy to replace him. The entire team hasto be rebuilt. Goalkeeper Dida has returned to Italy’s AC Milan andmidfielder Ricardinho has been ordered to train apart from theteam while directors try to sell him to another club. Both players were in Brazil’s squad at the World Cup. Midfielder Vampeta, who was also in the Brazil squad, isalso the subject of speculation about a possible move to aEuropean club.

A Foreign Sports Minister
This Day – This Day (subscription) – Aug 4, 2002
I do not believe that they do anything at the Sports Ministry. We know we would be at the Manchester Games four years ago. What were the plans made? The World Cup took more than a month and I know that during that time no one had time for the Commonwealth Games. Of course, the Minister was busy training with our footballers. As if he would play a match specially organized for visiting Sports Ministers! What troubles one is why we never learn from our mistakes. Steven Akiga, Sports Minister of the Federal Republic of Nigeria must start looking for a scapegoat now. What would he tell Nigerians now… Now he has created a needless controversy. And no one is addressing the real issue. What type of coach do we need? Before that, what is the limited expectation from the Super Eagles? Win 2004 & 2006 Cup of Nations and go on to challenge for the 2006 World Cup? If that is the expectation, we should not start with hiring a coach. The Onigbinde group should have been left till early next year to lay a foundation to be built upon. Our problem in Mali was that we never had a foundation or focus for the Cup of Nations. The NFA never assisted Amodu to understand its expectation.

KirchMedia bids tick up to £1.6bn
Guardian Unlimited – Aug 2, 2002
An administrator appointed by the courts has since been working with creditor banks to restructure the group and find new investors or owners. Often referred to as the jewel in the crown of Leo Kirch’s assets, KirchMedia has a majority stake in the ProSieben. Sat1 TV group and the broadcast rights to both the 2006 World Cup and Germany’s football league, the Bundesliga. Mr Ziems said a decision on a buyer was expected by the end of this month or the beginning of September.

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