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August 22, 2002

Is Nigeria’s 2010 bid the best for Africa?

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The News Review:

* Zim still hopeful for 2010 World Cup
* Bielsa gets second chance
* – Soccer – Italian fans angered by dispute and delay -…
* Is Nigeria’s 2010 bid the best for Africa?
* UEFA Cup – News & Features – News Specific
* – Soccer – Gadhafi using sport to get back into fold -…
* – Soccer – World: Jardel wants to quit Sporting, Portugal -…
* Tokyo teaches painful lesson | | Guardian Unlimited Business
* Anthrax spores found in Princeton mailbox<

Zim still hopeful for 2010 World Cup
BBC News – Aug 22, 2002
Zifa chairman Leo Mugabe has held talks with South Africa’s FA about co-hosting. But while South Africa’s bid chief Danny Jordaan has dismissed the idea, Zifa feels it is still in with a chance. “They were keen and their reaction was that if they have to co-host, their partner would be Zimbabwe,” said Zifa chief executive Edgar Rogers.

Bielsa gets second chance
BBC News – Aug 21, 2002

The eccentric Bielsa kept his job on the strength of his team’s performances over the previous four years. Argentina won the South American World Cup qualifying group – losing only once in 18 games – and impressed in beating Italy and Germany away in friendly internationals. Reports say the 47-year-old Bielsa has been offered a contract to include the 2006 World Cup, should Argentina qualify, and has taken a significant wage cut. – Soccer – Italian fans angered by dispute and delay -… – Aug 21, 2002
Since the end of the last Serie A season, Italians have watched their national team knocked out of the World Cup by South Korea, seen one of their most famous clubs, Fiorentina, disappear under a pile of debts and heard Ronaldo insist he wants to leave for Spain. The last thing the passionate “tifosi” wanted was a two-week extension to the close season, but Tuesday the Football League decided to delay the start of the new campaign until mid-September because of the failure to reach agreement over television rights. “Watching Italian football now is like following the stock market,” said Salvatore Campus, angrily throwing a sports newspaper down onto the steps of Milan’s central cathedral. “It is a power game between a lot of big companies,” added the Juventus fan. Five years ago few would have argued with the Italian claim that they had the world’s most respected league — now they are unable to even start the season on time. “It is a big blow to the image of Italian football in Europe and the world,” admitted Perugia coach Serse Cosmi. After three years of successive failure in European club competition, the Italians now lead the way only in highlighting the manner in which the sport has made itself a prisoner of television budgets… I have given up on the sport. His female colleague shouted across the shop: “Football is so stupid — it is not a sport anymore, it is just about money. Inter running short of strikersMILAN, Italy (AP) — With World Cup star Ronaldo reluctant to rejoin the team and Christian Vieri and Mohamed Kallon limping with injuries, Inter Milan is suddenly running short of strikers. As a result, Inter’s president Massimo Moratti began talks with his Lazio counterpart, Sergio Cragnotti, about the possible transfer of Lazio’s Argentine striker Hernan Crespo, Italian sports dailies reported Wednesday. Rome’s Corriere dello Sport suggested that Crespo would move to Milan as soon as Ronaldo’s long-rumored transfer to Spain’s Real Madrid is settled. Moratti, an oil industrialist who owns Inter Milan, said over the weekend he wouldn’t release the Brazilian superstar, whose contract with the Italian team runs through 2006. However Inter officials seemed more open this week about a possible deal with Real after Ronaldo said in Brazil he was fed up with playing in Italy and spoke of his difficult relations with Inter’s Argentine coach Hector Cuper.

Is Nigeria’s 2010 bid the best for Africa?
BBC News – Aug 22, 2002
Nigeria’s Minister of Sport Stephen Akiga has revealed his country will be in the running to host the World Cup in 2010. “If there is any country at all that should be given the hosting rights, then Nigeria should be there,” claims Akiga. Akiga also argues that Nigeria have “contributed more” to football on the continent. But South Africa has long been the favourite to win the bid, as it has established stadia and infrastructure, although they lost out on the bid for 2006. Meanwhile countries such as Ivory Coast, Morocco and Zimbabwe have also made clear their hopes of hosting the world’s most prestigious football tournament. What do you think of Nigeria’s bid?

Akiga cannot be serious. Nigerian leaders enjoy deluding themselves as to the reality of the Nigerian situation.

UEFA Cup – News & Features – News Specific – – Aug 22, 2002
Four-year dealThe midfield player has joined the 1. Bundesliga side from Club Nacional de Football on a contract which runs until 30 June 2006, but Schalke have not released any details of the fee paid. “Varela can play in several positions in midfield,” said Schalke coach Frank Neubarth. “He is very fast and highly skilful… Four-year dealThe midfield player has joined the 1. Bundesliga side from Club Nacional de Football on a contract which runs until 30 June 2006, but Schalke have not released any details of the fee paid. “Varela can play in several positions in midfield,” said Schalke coach Frank Neubarth. “He is very fast and highly skilful. “‘Spectacular new signings’Varela follows countryman Dario Rodríguez into the AufSchalke Arena after agreeing a four-year contract. Rodríguez joined last Friday for a fee of around €4m from Club Atlético Peñarol. – Soccer – Gadhafi using sport to get back into fold -… – Aug 22, 2002
And talks are said to be under way for Al-Saadi to buy part of the troubled Greek club PAOK Thessaloniki. “It’s not just Juventus, it has to do with [Gadhafi’s] investments in Fiat, and his relations with the Agnelli family,” said Oliver Butler, Editor of the London-based newsletter Soccer Investor Weekly, referring to the Italian automaker and the Turin family which controls Fiat’s industrial empire and also owns Juventus. “It’s possible there is a certain amount of personal interest in Italian football, but it’s really more of a means whereby he can gain status and national recognition,” in addition to a financial investment, Butler said. Branded by the United States as a sponsor of international terrorism and blamed for the 1988 bombing of a Pan Am jetliner over Lockerbie, Scotland, Libya has slowly but steadily over the last few years been trying to shed pariah status and gain political respectability and lucrative economic ties, especially in Western Europe. Italy, for example, has long been a big market for Libyan oil… Foreign Office Minister Mike O’Brian said Libya was making a serious attempt to be accepted in the international fold but that Gadhafi still had a way to go. One way to go for Gadhafi, it increasingly appears, is sports. With African soccer prowess getting more exposure in the last few years with World Cup play and Africans playing for European clubs, Libya’s soccer federation announced in March that it would bid to host the 2010 World Cup and the 2006 African Cup of Nations. The 29-year-old Al-Saadi is the federation’s president. Al-Saadi Gadhafi, a big Juventus fan, is also the captain of his club team, league champion Al-Ittihad — which means “unity” — as well as Libya’s national soccer team. “We’re just at the beginning of a project that envisions the growth of our soccer and the opening of international tourism in Libya,” he said in a recent interview with the Italian sports daily Gazzetta dello Sport. The Libyan soccer federation did not make him available for an interview despite several requests by The Associated Press. – Soccer – World: Jardel wants to quit Sporting, Portugal -… – Aug 22, 2002
7 million) for his transfer. But Jardel’s sharp criticism of his Sporting teammates and Romanian coach Laszlo Boloni in the newspaper interview made his return to the team unlikely. The 28-year-old, who was left off Brazil’s World Cup winning squad, scored 42 goals last season in the Portuguese first division. Jardel in recent years has made no secret of his desire to leave the relatively weak Portuguese championship and join a major European club, which would boost his chances of making the Brazil team. His ambitions have been scuppered, however, by doubts about whether he could reproduce his goalscoring skills in a stronger league. Jardel previously played for FC Porto between 1996-2000 before spending a season at Turkish club Galatasaray. PAOK confirms talks with Gadhafi THESSALONIKI, Greece (AP) — The owner of the cash-strapped soccer club PAOK Thessaloniki confirmed Thursday that he was negotiating with Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi to sell part of his team… Sychyov submitted a written request Wednesday that he be released from his current contract, which runs until 2006, the ITAR-Tass news agency and Gazeta newspaper reported. He later stormed out of the clubhouse, the reports said. The disciplinary committee of the Russian Football Premier League will consider Sychyov’s request next week, according to Gazeta. The 18-year-old Sychyov impressed many observers with his World Cup play, even though the Russian team was knocked out of the competition in the first round. Russia’s poor performance in what was regarded as one of the easiest groups forced the resignation of coach Oleg Romantsev, who was criticized for using outdated tactics and players past their prime. Romantsev, however, stayed on as head of Spartak Moscow. There were rumors that Romantsev suffered a nervous collapse and was hospitalized after hearing of Sychyov’s defection, but club spokesman Alexei Zinin said the coach was suffering from a kidney ailment and underwent surgery Thursday.

Tokyo teaches painful lesson | | Guardian Unlimited Business
Guardian Unlimited – Aug 20, 2002
The banking system has been teetering on the edge of collapse for five years, a majority of companies are bankrupt in everything but name and with public debt at a record of 140% of GDP, Japan’s credit rating has been downgraded to levels more usually associated with impoverished African nations. The longest and deepest slump that Japan has suffered since the second world war has been made worse by deflation, an economic phenomenon not seen in a developed country since the great depression of the 1930s. But the bad times, it seems, have never looked so good as thousands of visiting fans and journalists observed during the World Cup, when they were awed by stunning new football stadiums, bustling entertainment districts and streets thronging with stylishly-dressed shoppers and gleaming cars. Throughout the summer, local governments the length and breadth of the country are staging extravagant displays with hundreds of fireworks, some of which cost more than £10,000 pounds a piece. And as a forest of cranes testifies, central Tokyo is in the midst of a building boom. Next year the capital will see a record 2. 2m square metres of new office space That this is possible after a 12-year economic implosion is largely thanks to huge public spending, which has filled the gap left by consumers and companies who are trying to pay down the debts left after the fall of house and stock prices.

Anthrax spores found in Princeton mailbox<
Red and Black – Aug 20, 2002
Monday at the Boulder County Courthouse. It denied Bloom and his legal team’s request for an injunction against the NCAA’s bylaws preventing amateur athletes from receiving money from endorsements or promotions. Bloom, the reigning World Cup freestyle mogul champion and ninth-place finisher at the 2002 Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City, had previously filed numerous petitions to the NCAA requesting an exemption so that he could continue to earn endorsements related to skiing and still compete as a wide receiver for Colorado University (CU). Thursday’s decision nearly ended all hope that Bloom would be able to continue to participate in both sports. Bloom could appeal the ruling and attempt to bring the case to trial; however, the probability of victory would most likely not merit such a lengthy legal battle, said Jim Smittkamp, one of Bloom’s legal representatives. Also, should Bloom enroll at CU and play football, he would be forced to forgo any modeling, TV or acting possibilities that have been offered to him. Bloom already has appeared as a model for Tommy Hilfiger and has discussed becoming a TV personality for MTV and Nickelodeon… “This is a sad day for student-athletes across America, both present and future,” said Andy Carroll, Bloom’s Utah-based agent. “Jeremy is a great kid and a great student with a squeaky clean background. He had a dream to play football for CU, but he also has a dream to win gold in 2006. ”

Bloom had worked out with the CU football team in fall camp, but was absent Thursday as a result of the court hearing. Bloom can continue working out until CU’s final enrollment date, Carroll said. Former provost raises research funds at Ohio State University

ATHENS — Future Ohio State University (OSU) president Karen Holbrook is ready to apply her background in science and research to bringing increased revenue into the university. She plans to bring in funding through avenues such as technology transfer programs.

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