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September 9, 2002

Blatter has `nothing to hide’

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The News Review:

* Football fans enjoy ‘carnival’
* Eriksson to name squad
* Sychyov’s ‘Golden Boy’ Tag Tarnished
* Blatter has `nothing to hide’
* Madrid deal becomes real for Ronaldo
* Vogts deserves more time
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Football fans enjoy ‘carnival’
BBC News – Sep 2, 2002
If there is a great passion among Asians for football it was not in evidence, as in a crowd of roughly 5,000 at least two-thirds were supporting Jamaica. Yet those who did turn up made perhaps the most awesome sound an English ground will hear this year. Drum wars

Old Trafford may be famed for its prawn sandwiches, but there are still places where “proper” football supporters congregate. And nowhere will the sounds of India versus Jamaica come close to being replicated… But there was no sign of a new star who could make the breakthrough into the English game. Aruna Chaudhuri, who runs the Indian Football website, hopes this will change. He said: “If we can keep developing in the next three or four years we might make it to the World Cup in 2006. ”

It seemed more a hope than a realistic aim, but there was no doubt that the team has improved over the last three years. Mr Chaudhuri was more at a loss to explain the low turn out, saying: “The ticket prices didn’t help. “The Indian cricket team are also touring so that may have affected the crowd. ”
Going backwards

It is to be hoped that English crowds can learn something from the Indians and Jamaicans.

Eriksson to name squad
BBC News – Sep 2, 2002
Defender Sol Campbell and striker Darius Vassell are not expected to figure after picking up injuries on Sunday. Woodgate’s affray conviction meant that his international suspension – which was put in place when he was originally charged with the offence – was extended beyond the World Cup. But the Football Association now believes that he has served a suitable punishment. The Leeds defender has been away from the international scene for just under three years. “I agreed not to pick them as I thought there would have been a lot of confusion around the national team and that’s not good… “Those who weren’t in the World Cup squad have to show they are better than those who were in it. “We don’t need to change a generation here. Most of the players here could play at the 2006 World Cup and maybe even longer. “It is very difficult for me to pick players who are not playing regular Premier League football,” said Eriksson. But the England coach also stressed that David Seaman remains his first-choice keeper.

Sychyov’s ‘Golden Boy’ Tag Tarnished
St Petersburg Times, Russia – Sep 6, 2002
16 when Sychyov, who only joined Spartak in December, wrote to the club saying he wanted to annul his contract. Later, the player wrote to the disciplinary committee of the Russian Football Union saying that he had not received $10,000 promised by the club and that he had been forced to quit by "strong psychological pressure" put on him by Spartak after he refused to sign a new contract. Spartak immediately called for Sychyov, who, before the World Cup signed a contract tying him to the club until 2006, to be disqualified from playing as punishment for his attempts to break his contract. In an interview with Sovietsky Sport on Monday, Spartak manager Oleg Romantsev said no payment of $10,000 had been agreed to with Sychyov. "None of it is true," he said. "We haven’t made [such payments] to players at any time.

Blatter has `nothing to hide’ – Sep 3, 2002
But he was forced to climb down amid suggestions that FIFA’s losses are far more than the 51 million Swiss franc (£22. 2 million) figure given by Blatter and that he has been using funds earmarked for the 2006 World Cup to prop up his ailing organisation. Blatter said both these claims were untrue. “If you don’t believe the facts and cannot rely on your own colleagues you start to put everything in question. I have nothing to hide and am adamant my credibility will not be undermined. “Though the establishment of the so-called internal ad-hoc audit committee is a significant blow to Blatter’s reputation, he insisted it would not uncover anything untoward… “I am not going to give a platform to those who doubt the correctness of my election. “Though the furore surrounding FIFA’s financial affairs and the alleged cash-for-votes crisis has been described as being potentially more damaging than the Salt Lake City Olympic scandal, FIFA sources poured scorn on the latest corruption claims by suggesting that the embattled Blatter will emerge even stronger when he stands for re-election on May 29. The African Football Confederation will announce on Saturday whether their president, Issa Hayatou, will stand against Blatter but FIFA sources said any prospective opponent would lose and that Blatter already had the support of over half FIFA’s 204 member countries. “We already have 112 confirmed messages of support ,” said one high-ranking FIFA source who also denounced the man at the centre of the latest bribery allegations, Somalia’s Farah Addo. “Addo is a discredited figure, even in his own continent. Using him to attack the president is like shooting yourself in the foot,” one senior Blatter aide said.

Madrid deal becomes real for Ronaldo – Sep 1, 2002
The Spanish giant agreed to a $45 million deal to sign Inter Milan’s Brazilian star Ronaldo just minutes before the European transfer deadline late Saturday night. In a deal which looks the most significant transfer of the summer, the World Cup hero — whose contract with Internazionale was not due to expire until 2006 — has joined the 2001-2002 Champions League winner two days after Real overwhelmed Feyenoord to win the UEFA Super Cup. After long negotiations on Saturday night, Madrid agreed to pay Italian Serie A side Inter $35 million over the next five years for Ronaldo. In addition to the fee, Inter has been promised a player of its choice from the Madrid squad, which it will be able to sign during the winter transfer window. Commentators have suggested that this clause raises the value of the deal to something like $45 million The 26-year-old Ronaldo joined Inter in the summer of 1997 from FC Barcelona, but his five-year spell was beset by injuries — including a career- threatening knee problem that needed extensive surgery. However, when fit he maintained an incredible strike rate of 49 goals in 68 Serie A appearances for the San Siro club.

Vogts deserves more time
BBC News – Sep 8, 2002
Sounds like a mouthwash, but it doesn’t kill all known germs currently plaguing Scottish international football. Maniacs with laptops and others in the Tartan Army currently calling for the head of Berti Vogts should have a cold shower, head into a darkened room and think their headlines through. So we sack the German. What happens next?

Let’s not mince words here. Scotland’s performance on the cliffs at Toftir had the puffins laughing, particularly in the first half when we made the Faroe Islands look like Brazil… Wee Berti, contrary to what some seem to think, didn’t arrive with a bratwurst-shaped magic wand which would turn Kevin Kyle into Gerd Muller and David Weir into Franz Beckenbauer. The road to Portugal was always going to be the mountainous route. We’re poor and I know we are, but he has set off on a youth policy plan which is now in place and we have no real alternative but to stick with it until at least the launch of the 2006 World Cup campaign. And another thing, you have to look at the plus points. For a start, will Scotland not be a lot better with Don Hutchison, Dominic Matteo and Gary Naysmith in the team, players who all know their way about the English Premiership?

And lucky though we were, we didn’t actually lose in the Faroes, which does mean that, strictly speaking, we are still in the race for the play-off place in the group.

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BloodHorse – Sep 6, 2002
Breeders’ Cup has found out Oct. 29, 2005, works for NBC. Now, it must deal with a possible shortage of hotel rooms in Louisville, Ky… Churchill was tabbed as the host site for 2005 as part of a new long-range planning strategy for Breeders’ Cup. Van Clief said the two parties “could go as long as the spring of 2004 in finalizing a contract, but we’d rather not. We’d like to get 2005 done, and begin thinking about 2006. “This year’s World Thoroughbred Championships will be held Oct. 26 at Arlington Park. Santa Anita Park in California has been tabbed for 2003, and Lone Star Park for 2004. Copyright © 2002-2007 The Blood-Horse, Inc.

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