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September 27, 2002

Radebe to soon pull out of playing for SA

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The News Review:

* Bafana Bafana host England next year
* Crozier’s Wembley dream fulfilled
* Fifa back Vieira
* Radebe to soon pull out of playing for SA
* UEFA coaches keen on goalline referees
* – TOURS – Whaley first woman to qualify for PGA Tour event
* – Soccer – FIFA introduces immediate 1-game ban for red…
* BOPA Daily News Archive
* BOPA Daily News Archive

Bafana Bafana host England next year
Dispatch Online – Sep 26, 2002
The international fixture which is believed to have been well received by the English fans, who are reported to be looking forward to coming to South Africa, will be the first match for England on the African continent. “We will be bringing ambassadors such as former players for this historic game. It is evidence of the relationship and respect that exists between the SA Football Association and England since we both lost the World Cup 2006 Bid,” said Davies. “We will try and bring the best possible available team,” he said adding “details of the English team’s arrival will still be discussed with manager Sven Goran Eriksson. ”

The match will take place three weeks before England’s home Euro 2004 qualifier against Slovakia on June 11. Eriksson was quoted on the FA website saying he was delighted to be leading England “in this historic fixture”. “Football is such a popular sport in South Africa and I’m sure it will be a fantastic occasion.

Crozier’s Wembley dream fulfilled – Sep 26, 2002
Yesterday, as the Football Association finally made the long-awaited announcement that. That was held on July 29, 1999… But in one area, nothing has changed – how wonderful, we are led to believe, Wembley will be for the fans. Yesterday, Adam Crozier, the chief executive of the FA, might well have borrowed Bates’s press release of 1999. Bates had boasted the new Wembley would be “the best stadium in the world”, adding: “The new Wembley has been designed around the fans in their seats. Comfort levels will be outstanding, as will leg-room and sight-lines.

Fifa back Vieira
The Observer – Sep 22, 2002
‘Attention does need to be paid to these problems, but any proposals for a set number of games would have to be thoroughly discussed and debated,’ said spokesman Mike Lee. ‘Stress on players is one reason we have reduced the number of Champions League games from next season. ‘ Fifa plan to conduct extensive research in Europe before deciding what the maximum number of appearances should be and to introduce it before 2006 World Cup qualifying matches begin in mid-2004. The Football Association would not comment directly on Fifa’s proposal but said that the England coach, Sven-G?ran Eriksson, and FA chief executive Adam Crozier both strongly supported introducing a winter break for the Premiership to give players a rest and help them recover from injuries. Ars?ne Wenger, Sir Alex Ferguson and G?rard Houllier also want to create a January break, but the 20 Premier League chairmen have rejected it.

Radebe to soon pull out of playing for SA
Dispatch Online – Sep 23, 2002
“I don’t think that will be long in coming, it will be very soon indeed. ”

Radebe made a remarkable recovery from his knee problems to captain South Africa in Japan and South Korea, where he became the country’s leading cap winner as the Bafana Bafana narrowly failed to make the second round. After the World Cup, Radebe hinted that he was even considering carrying on until the next finals in Germany 2006, by which time he will be 37. The South African Football Association protested to Fifa earlier this month when Leeds pulled Radebe out of the African Nations Cup qualifier against the Ivory Coast in Abidjan. But the world governing body said Leeds had been within their rights given Radebe’s long-standing knee problem, which routinely requires post-match ice-packs to reduce the swelling. Radebe is now in his ninth season with Leeds and has been given a new lease of life with the arrival of former England boss Terry Venables as manager. Leeds are currently riding high after early-season victories over Newcastle and Manchester United.

UEFA coaches keen on goalline referees – Sep 25, 2002

Instant replays to help referees with borderline decisions
were successfully introduced in American football in the 1980s
and are used in rugby union and league, but soccer purists say
they could spoil one of the game’s most important elements. “Football flows, it would worry me if we had breaks to check
the monitor. We have to keep football flowing,” Roxburgh said. Collina, who took charge of the World Cup final between
Brazil and Germany, was also skeptical about the idea of having
a second referee on the pitch, saying that one person has to be
in charge of a match. Two referees were tried out in Italian Cup matches in the
mid-1990s but the experiment was not successful, Collina said. Italy and Spain were among teams who felt let down by
referees at the World Cup after both countries were knocked out
of the tournament by co-hosts South Korea following
controversial decisions. UEFA to introduce club licensing system

BRUSSELS (Reuters) — Clubs will need a license from
UEFA if they want to compete in European competitions from the
2004-05 season, UEFA officials said on Wednesday. – TOURS – Whaley first woman to qualify for PGA Tour event
ESPN – Sep 22, 2002
Thebirth of two daughters, now 8 and 5, kept her from seriouscompetition for a while. In June, she became the first woman to qualify for the NationalClub Professional Championship. Tuesday’s win also gives her a spot on next year’s Challenge Cupteam, a 10-year exemption into the Connecticut Open and a lifetimeexemption into the Connecticut Section Tournament of Champions. Her opponents this week were Connecticut colleagues. “Hardworking guys,” she called them. “I’ve gotten to know them, but it was serious out theretoday,” Whaley said. Whaley has been the head pro at Blue Fox Run for a year. – Soccer – FIFA introduces immediate 1-game ban for red… – Sep 24, 2002
The complaint is still pending, although nine of the 11 members have withdrawn their charges. Zen-Ruffinen was backed by top soccer officials like European head Lennart Johansson and Issa Hayatou, the leader of African soccer who stood against Blatter for the presidency but was defeated 139-56 in voting by FIFA member nations. Zen-Ruffinen was sacked and left FIFA after the World Cup. Blatter hasn’t yet named a replacement, but said he would need to be “loyal to the institution and to the president. ” Other senior posts are also vacant, including the head of external relations after the previous incumbent was also kicked out in July. Blatter said the executive had approved five “construction sites” to “tackle problems and find solutions. ” “It’s not a revolution in the organization, but an evolution toward its future,” he added… FIFA chief complains of soccer surplusPARIS (AP) — Only a few weeks into the new season, the man in charge of the sport is complaining about soccer fatigue. FIFA chief Sepp Blatter says a soccer surplus threatens to outstrip fans’ appetite for the sport and undermine its economic future. “There’s too much soccer!” Blatter told Tuesday’s edition of French magazine France Football. “Soccer is subject to the law of supply and demand. At the moment, the supply is too big. ” Falling TV revenue has already hurt European clubs, dampening the once giddy transfer market: Last year, Juventus got US$ 65 million for selling Zinedine Zidane to Real Madrid, which paid Internazionale US$44 million for the equally stellar — albeit injury-prone — Ronaldo this summer. Blatter said the slump could worsen if club calendars — and TV soccer schedules — aren’t streamlined.

BOPA Daily News Archive
Republic of Botswana – Sep 24, 2002
Saturday's semi-final game of the World Group Independence Cup at theNational Stadium left many people wondering about the direction our footballis taking. Many supporters just stayed home or chose to attend the football festival atWhite City organised by the breakaway Botswana Soccer Association (BOSA). There was not a single soul at the traditional full-house stands of MochudiCentre Chiefs and Township Rollers while the Extension Gunner's stand hadonly 14 people. The rest of other stands would not even reach a combined 50. The coveredstands had nearly 150 people – most of them officials and journalists andunfortunately the sad situation outside the playing field played itself outon the field.

BOPA Daily News Archive
Republic of Botswana – Sep 27, 2002
Daily News does not publish on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays. Please email your comments to. bwFrom 6 July 2006, a graphic version of current edition is availableat the… The Independence Cup, which has had to survive the run-ins between theBotswana Football association (BFA) and the newly formed Botswana SoccerAssociation (BOSA) is not yet free of controversy. BFA executive secretary, Falcon Sedimo could not say whether Mochudi CentreChiefs, Notwane and Township Rollers who played in the early stages but arenow no longer members would be entitled to the money for losers. “I will be constrained to answer that question. It is something that the NECis dealing with,” Sedimo said and added that only BFA affiliates can getprizes and that creates that sort of problem but Rollers, Notwane and Chiefsare no longer with BFA, yet they played in the initial stages. Notwane and Rollers were also controversially removed at the quarter-finalstages after they quit to join BOSA without playing, but even the threat byRollers to cause the cup's stoppage has not dented the cup which reaches itspinnacle on Monday.

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