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October 3, 2002 – SI Online – Pedro Pinto – Inside World Sport – Pinto…

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* Athletics: Stadiums need to make the fans feel at home
* Soccer News of Monday, 30 September 2002
* Blatter to stand for FIFA re-election
* – SI Online – Pedro Pinto – Inside World Sport – Pinto…
* For the love of soccer
* FA carves a niche profit out of old towers
* BOPA Daily News Archive
* Wembley finally rests in pieces
* Bulldozers Begin Wembley Demolition
* Beating the boys at their own game

Athletics: Stadiums need to make the fans feel at home – Sep 29, 2002
“In fact, getting governments and society generally to understand that sport and particularly track and field, which is the basis for all sport, is the best tool to fight vices in modern society is one of the challenges I have in this job. I believe more than ever that children that are involved in sport do become better people. “Gyulai has other targets in his sights, some of them brought crisply into focus by the avaricious nature of football that now eats into the heart of the traditional track and field season and the budgets of television sport throughout the world. Gyulai is no latecomer to these realities. He said: “Five years ago I gave a speech outlining my concerns about the place athletics had in world sport. The person who comes to athletics has got to be made to feel more at home than simply sitting watching the sport on television. “There was a view that the best place to watch athletics was on television, with expert commentary and analysis and all the technical advantages of slow motion replays… However, I think the majority opinion is to maintain it. “What other competition gives the opportunity to weaker athletes to compete alongside the major stars in a team event? It’s also important for the development of the continental associations. “The World Cup goes to Los Angeles in 2006. “This will help with our problems in the sport in North America, which is better than it was but suffered after the high point of the 1984 Olympic Games with inappropriate management until relatively recently. “It is not enough for us to sit back and say, ‘Well, the best American athletes come to Europe whatever we do’. We have to help them promote and market our sport domestically. “It’s possible for the World Cup to become a biennial event held in America in a four-way competition with teams from the United States, Africa, Europe and a World-Select if 2006 is successful.

Soccer News of Monday, 30 September 2002 – Sep 30, 2002
It was not long ago that the football association paraded Milan Zivadinovic as the man to drag Ghana football from the bottom pit it has fallen. To make his stay more comfortable, the FA went out of their way, to look for top of the range accommodation for him. A donor, apparently, with a lot of FA prompting donated a house at Adwoa Wangara, complete with a swimming pool, to make the coach?s stay comfortable and enable him give off his best to the cause of Ghana football. Milan had been contracted on $10,000 and $15,000 signing on fee to do a job for the country… In the run-up to Mali 2002, the Ghana Football Association held a press conference and outlined a new policy. That policy is that the nation would use the Mali 2002 squad as nucleus of the national team. The rationale is that the youthful squad would be peaking when the nation get ready to contest for a place in the 2006 World Cup in Germany. In spite of some people who would want us to believe that qualifying for the quarterfinal re-presented a failure, there are many in the football fraternity who see a lot a lot of wisdom in the policy. That is why I am disappointed that the FA did not insist on this policy in their dealing with Milan Zivadinovic. Milan appears to have started all over again calling every Ghanaian footballer on the planet to camp. The result was that when the Black Stars arrived in Kampala, the coach did not know his first team choice.

Blatter to stand for FIFA re-election – Oct 1, 2002
Blatter also said publicly for the first time that the World Cup finals in 2010 would definitely be staged in Africa. Although that has been widely understood for almost a year, this was the first time the FIFA president had said so explicitly. “Rotation of the World Cup finals around the confederations will start with the 2010 finals in Africa when the African Football Confederation will have access to the highest level of competition organised by FIFA. He added that South Africa and Morocco, who both bid to stage the 2006 finals, would be strong candidates to host the tournament and that Egypt had also expressed an interest in doing so. Blatter said that while the last 12 months had proved to be difficult ones for FIFA, he never thought about standing down as president and had no doubts about standing for re-election. – SI Online – Pedro Pinto – Inside World Sport – Pinto… – Sep 28, 2002
Venezuela did put a string ofvictories together towards the end, but they were already eliminated. Chile and Bolivia were both in the rebuilding process and struggled tokeep up with the pace of some of the continent’s best sides. They couldbe a factor for 2006, just like they were in the past. First off Pedro if i was president of FIFA I’d try and stamp diving out. If TV replays showed sufficient evidence that you dived thenyou’d get an automatic 2 match ban, no appeal, and automatically befined 2 weeks wages without appeal. Diving has gotten out of control. Then I’d have the likes of San Marino and co… I’d make all top domestic league and internationl refsprofessional, it’s remarkable that there are still many amateur refswhen here in America every ref in every professional sport has a union. I would also consider some form of instant replay, perhaps linesman orthe 4th official could watch TV replays to make decisions about offside. I think it’s a tough decision though because i personally beleive thathuman error is part of the game, but if it’s the world cup final andScotland has a goal disallowed because of human error i’ll be prettyangry so i can see both sides of the argument. –Jon, Tampa, FL Mailbag Pedro Pinto will answer questions from CNNSI. com users in his mailbag periodically. If you’d like to submit a question, please enter it below.

For the love of soccer
Massachusetts Daily Collegian – The Massachusetts Daily Collegian – Sep 30, 2002
My younger sister, who speaks Portuguese, favors the Brazilians, a love that is shared by my mother, who thinks Ronaldo is hot. My brother was recently bribed by aMexican houseguest who gave him the Mexican soccer jersey, and has moved from the Brazilian to the Mexican camp in the family. For me, this world was going to decide whom I favor. If there is one thing I’d like to say about the team that eventually Won the world cup (besides D-A-M-N), is that original soccer won. Brazilian soccer has its own style, its own flavor, and talent that can only be found in the beaches of Rio-de-Janeiro or the streets of Sao Paulo. Brazilians, for one thing, don’t really know what “defense” means. For them, a defensive team means six offensive players on the field instead of eight… So in the end my family found itself partying with the thousands ofBrazilians who converged onto downtown Framingham (I pity the people who didn’t know it was World Cup final day). Joining the party were Americans, Brits, Turks, Mexicans, and others whose teams submitted to the yellow and green. Whether you spelled it “soccer,” or “futebol,” or “football,” you were there in the spirit of the sport. For their talent, their spirit, and most of all, their originality of play, (ok, ok, and for the fact that female Brazilian fans don’t tend to wear much while rooting for their team). I made 2 decisions: (1) Until the U. or Israel make it to the finals, I’m with Brazil, and (2) it was well worth getting up at 3:30am to watch the games.

FA carves a niche profit out of old towers
Guardian Unlimited – Sep 30, 2002
Australian contractor Multiplex, which is knocking down the old stadium and building the new one, has been asked to save the rubble from its most recognisable feature, the famous twin towers, for the FA. English football’s governing body plans to crush the rubble and make mini twin towers out of it which will then be sold around the world, via the internet… The towers are made out of concrete and the FA has received several offers from football museums and wealthy enthusiasts to buy them. However, it was decided to demolish them after it was found it could cost £20m to move them intact to another location. The mini twin towers will go on sale by the time the new Wembley is complete – the stadium is expected to open for the 2006 FA Cup final. No price has yet been fixed for the mementos. Demolishing Wembley could take six months. The towers are likely to be the last part of the stadium to be torn down. It is not just the debris of the towers that will be made available.

BOPA Daily News Archive
Republic of Botswana – Oct 2, 2002
Daily News does not publish on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays. Please email your comments to. bwFrom 6 July 2006, a graphic version of current edition is availableat the… The attendance was a disappointment that would make people begin to wonderif this is where Botswana football is heading to where finals are played toan empty stadium. Soccer analysts would be first to remind us that only a fool would expecta full house in the case of an ailing sport whose administration is inhospital. Thanks go to whoever deserves the praise, because at least the World GroupIndependence Cup played to its finality despite football being torn inbetween the Botswana Football Association (BFA) and its rival the BotswanaSoccer Association (BOSA). It is still to be seen whether Chiefs, Notwane and Rollers who played in theearly stages, but are now no longer members would be entitled to the moneyfor losers. BFA, executive secretary, Falcon Sedimo said on Friday that he wasconstrained to answer the question and it is something that the NEC isdealing with. 'Accordingly, only BFA affiliates can play and get prizes but Mochudi CentreChiefs, Notwane and Rollers played in the initial stages of the cup. Rollers and Notwane were to later resign from BFA before they could play thequarterfinal and the BFA booted them out in what was to lead to many otherquestions.

Wembley finally rests in pieces
Calcutta Telegraph – Oct 1, 2002


Wembley finally rests in pieces

London: Demolition experts finally began ripping the heart out of Wembley Stadium on Monday, turning one of the world?s most famous sporting landmarks into a pile of dust and rubble. With a new stadium set to rise in time for the 2006 FA Cup final, the Twin Towers that have watched over so many of English football?s greatest moments are being torn down and consigned to the history books. The stadium, that cost ?750,000 to build in the early 1920s, will now cost more than ?750 million to rebuild. Ferguson all praise for Ryder skipper

Manchester: Manchester United manager Alex Ferguson was full of praise for Sam Torrance on Monday after his fellow-Scotsman led Europe to victory in the Ryder Cup. ?It was magnificent,? Ferguson said. ?I?m really delighted for Sam.

Bulldozers Begin Wembley Demolition
This Day – This Day (subscription) – Oct 1, 2002
With a new stadium set to rise in time for the 2006 FA Cup final, the Twin Towers that have watched over so many of English football’s greatest moments are being torn down and consigned to the history books. However, the replacement of a venue which cost 750,000 pounds to build in the early 1920s by one costing more than 750 million, is only the latest chapter in a Wembley story that is already 110 years old. An unremarkable patch of land northwest of London first made headlines in 1892 when the foundations were laid of what would later be known as “Watkins Folly” — a steel tower designed to emulate, if not surpass, the Eiffel Tower in Paris. Edward Watkin, chairman of London’s Metropolitan’s Railway, was ultimately to be disappointed as only the first stage was ever completed and within a few years of its 1896 opening, the tower had fallen into neglect, before later being demolished. From the ashes, the Empire Stadium rose nearly 20 years later as the centrepiece of the British Empire Exhibition, opened by King George V in 1924.

Beating the boys at their own game
Guardian Unlimited – Sep 28, 2002
A reluctant interviewee, she prefers to answer questions on the run, while walking through the smart Soho headquarters of the Football Association this week. Clad in black, the extraordinary deal-doer is dodging cameras at a press conference hastily convened by the FA to celebrate the signing of a deal many thought would never be achieved. Saunders, 40, has just pulled off another block-buster… Hiring Saunders and her team was a bold move by WestLB, a bank that will continue to be funded by the taxpayers of the German state of North Rhine Westphalia until 2005, when it has to give up its state guarantee to comply with the demands of the European Union. There is speculation that Saunders will have long flown the nest by then but she makes it clear that she has no intention of leaving. She will, she says, even be at WestLB when the FA cup final is played at the new Wembley, all being well, in 2006. Born in North Carolina but brought up in Florida, Saunders describes herself as a team player, a member of a 30-strong group of financiers. When asked about the lengthy process of negotiating the Wembley transaction, she talks about key colleagues – Tim Nathan and Neil King – on the deal and the “ethos of our team”. “The team works well together,” she says. Even so, it is Saunders who is perceived as the star, something that is rumoured to upset her bosses in Dusseldorf.

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