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October 12, 2002

Second death after Russian riots

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The News Review:

* FAI denies Euro 2008 reports
* Threat to Irish-Scots Euro 2008 bid
* SOCCER: Final push for Euro 2008 bid
* Second death after Russian riots
* Paterson poised for Aberdeen
* UEFA sets new agenda
* Murrayfield’s Euro snub is outrageous
* UEFA Cup – News & Features – News Specific
* Bertie’s blunders help No’s

FAI denies Euro 2008 reports
BBC News – Oct 11, 2002
It was reported that documents released under Ireland’s Freedom of Information Act stated that conditions demanded by Uefa had not been met. When Uefa inspectors arrived in Ireland to examine the country’s preparations for the bid, no guarantees were available for any stadia… “In our case, the Irish government has given the private sector until 18 October to submit proposals for investing in the National Stadium. “A number of companies have already expressed strong interest so obviously things will become a bit clearer next week,” said the FAI official. Mr Delaney said that the FAI had not asked the Irish Government about the prospects of GAA stadium Croke Park being part of Ireland’s bid. The GAA has recently reiterated its stance that it will not allow soccer to be played at Croke Park although the Irish Prime Minister Bertie Ahern continues to hope that the organisation might reverse its policy. The documents obtained by the Irish Independent quoted Sean Benton, Commissioner of the Office of Public Works and chief executive of the Campus Stadium Ireland Development company. ‘Alive and kicking’

He reportedly told a government working group that he had met a Uefa “preview team” in Abbotstown on 7 August. “It was made clear that Uefa would need certainty on the availability of two stadia suitable size and design by mid-September or the bid will fail,” said Benton.

Threat to Irish-Scots Euro 2008 bid – Oct 9, 2002
The bid hinges on Scotland providing six stadiums and Ireland two, but the Irish Government tonight said that “in the current circumstances, it is not in a position to provide any Exchequer funding”. Instead, ministers would seek private sector funding to secure an estimated £315 million (500 million euros) for the stadium.

SOCCER: Final push for Euro 2008 bid
U.TV – Oct 12, 2002
They failed to win 2004 after a joint bid with Hungary but have now joined forces with Switzerland – where the announcement of the host nation will be made. The two countries are centrally located in Europe and, with Switzerland being the home for FIFA and UEFA, may swing the political vote towards this joint bid. However, recent outbreaks of violence outside grounds – most notably when Liverpool played in Basle – have been known to upset voters as England found to their cost when they lost out on World Cup 2006. Politically, the area has become sensitive to the disturbing rise of the right-wing… HungaryIf God loves a trier as the saying goes, Hungary will sneak the vote from under the noses of the other competitors. The Hungarians have made 2008 a sole goal, pumping well over 1billion euros into its push – leaving its bid for the 2012 Olympics on a back-burner. The country is hoping to have learned its lessons from the disappointment of failing with co-hosts Austria for 2004 and were not expected to be a serious contender this year. However, optimistic noises can be heard from the eastern Europeans after the UEFA delegation visited. But economics are harsh in Hungary and a question must remain over whether they can deliver on time. Greece-TurkeyThe most unlikely of allies when they first aired their desire to host the competition. Football in both countries has risen in profile recently with Turkish club Galatasaray leading the charge on the European front.

Second death after Russian riots – Oct 6, 2002
The man has not yet been identified, although reports suggest that the victim was a police officer who died from stab wounds. Russia’s prime minister Mikhail Kasyanov has condemned the attacks and warned that any repeat of the violence could end the country’s hopes of hosting the Euro 2008 football finals. If there is a repeat of such incidents in the future, then the question will be asked – do we have the right to put forward a bid for the European football championships in 2008?”… The man has not yet been identified, although reports suggest that the victim was a police officer who died from stab wounds. Russia’s prime minister Mikhail Kasyanov has condemned the attacks and warned that any repeat of the violence could end the country’s hopes of hosting the Euro 2008 football finals. If there is a repeat of such incidents in the future, then the question will be asked – do we have the right to put forward a bid for the European football championships in 2008?”.

Paterson poised for Aberdeen – Oct 12, 2002
Paterson held talks with the Aberdeen chairman, Stewart Milne, who is looking for a successor to Ebbe Skovdahl. Inverness did not attempt to block the approach for Paterson, who is expected to take his No 2, former Aberdeen striker Duncan Shearer, with him to Pittodrie. A spokesman for the First Division club said: “Our negotiations with Aberdeen on a compensation package have concluded this morning with an agreement suitable to all parties. Steve is now in final discussions with Dons and it is up to them. ” It is understood that a six-figure compensation sum has been agreed… It is understood Aberdeen had hoped to lure former player Eric Black away from Coventry City, where he is assistant to Gary McAllister. But when Black declared he would stay in the Midlands Aberdeen quickly turned their attentions to Paterson in the knowledge he and Shearer would be popular appointments with the fans. Scotland and Ireland believe they can pick up enough votes to win the right to stage Euro 2008. The bid team, the last of the seven candidates, offered their official presentation to UEFA last night ahead of the final announcement tomorrow. The team are in Switzerland ahead of the announcement with canvassing still uppermost in their minds as they attempt to bring the event to Scotland and Ireland after 18 months of effort. Scottish Football Association chief executive David Taylor has joined Simon Lyons, the marketing director, and former civil servant John Henderson in Geneva. Football Association of Ireland officials are also in the country.

UEFA sets new agenda – Oct 7, 2002
Specifically, UEFA’s executive body will hear a report on the latest state of preparations for Euro 2004 in Portugal and discuss the forthcoming inspection trips to the associations who are bidding to host Euro 2008. “The licensing system has a variety of objectives to improve quality standards in European football,” UEFA says. ” These include improvement of clubs’ economic and financial capacities, through the installation by clubs of appropriate financial tools, as well as the adaptation of clubs’ sporting, administrative and legal infrastructures to modern-day requirements… In addition, the date and venue of the next UEFA Ordinary Congress is scheduled for confirmation with Rome mooted as the venue for the next meeting of Europe’s football parliament. The Congress, which will now take place on an annual basis, is likely to take place in late March 2003. Although not on the official agenda, it has also been mooted that UEFA will ponder ways of reining in the FIFA president, who yesterday sacked his director of communications Keith Cooper.

Murrayfield’s Euro snub is outrageous
Edinburgh Evening News – Oct 5, 2002
How right Scottish officials who apparently pushed hard for Murrayfield are to be “disappointed”. Outrage might have been a more appropriate emotion, though, given the Irish capital has already played host to the event. Am I alone in feeling this misguided decision is yet another legacy of the 1999 World Cup tournament which took place under a different Murrayfield regime and which proved the catalyst for major changes on the marketing and promotional front? If so, for how much longer must Edinburghers pay for that catalogue of errors which saw World Cup bosses fail miserably in terms of a pricing structure, kick-off times, television coverage etc? Did the Dublin-based ERC not cast an eye, too, in the direction of rugby league to see how Murrayfield has provided a superb backdrop to a couple of Challenge Cup Finals with locals adding to the flavour of the occasion while recognising the vast majority of fans came from the north of England? And, if Scotland is not considered historically to be a rugby country, how come that Edinburgh hosted the first international back in 1873 while fast forward just over a century and what was then the largest crowd ever to attend a Test – around 105,000 – turned up to see Scotland play Wales? Of course, we are talking here about club rugby and there can be no denying that the bulk of the rugby’s appeal lies in the international scene. But what an opportunity for European Cup Rugby to have helped break that mould and simultaneously recognise the tremendous strides made by the Evening News-sponsored Edinburgh Rugby particularly. Since the arrival of professionalism in 1995, the gulf between the city clubs elsewhere and a game mainly organised around old boy sides has closed significantly to the extent that Edinburgh went into today’s matches topping qualifying Group A of the Celtic League. Perhaps the best response is for the Gunners to mount a sustained European challenge. In launching their bid next Friday at Meadowbank against Newport, the Gunners can take comfort from the fact they have just been rewarded with their highest European ranking.

UEFA Cup – News & Features – News Specific – Oct 8, 2002
Special significanceFenerbahçe defeated AIK Solna to go through to the second round while Panathinaikos, quarter-finalists in last season’s UEFA Champions League, beat Bulgaria’s PFC Litex Lovech. Their meeting is lent special significance by the relationship between Greece and Turkey, historic rivals but now making a joint bid to stage EURO 2008. ‘A difficult opponent’”Panathinaikos are a good team and a difficult opponent for us,” Fenerbahçe vice-president Sadettin Saran said. “But our chances are 50-50 I think. This draw also has historical importance since it is the first time a Turkish team will play against a Greek team. We are looking forward to these two matches… The Greek league has been halted by financial problems but Pilavios was hopeful this would not damage his club’s European prospects. “The clubs and the state will meet and find solutions to all these matters,” he said. “Every club who are not playing have slight fitness problems, but Panathinaikos will be ready for Fenerbahçe. Lazio, top seeds in the draw, will face a tough two-legged tie with former European champions FK Crvena Zvezda, who have already eliminated one Italian team, AC Chievo Verona, from the competition. Zvezda sport director Dusan Savic warned that his team would be out to produce “a new surprise”.

Bertie’s blunders help No’s
The Observer – Oct 6, 2002
It was meant to be Stadium Ireland, a 65,000-capacity all-seater stadium on Dublin’s western outskirts, Ahern’s pet project and some critics say his hubris. Having poured half a billion euros of taxpayers’ money into the project, the government announced in September it was pulling out. The fiasco, which has endangered Scotland and Ireland’s joint bid to host the Euro 2008 soccer tournament, has come to epitomise the mishaps of the administration. Ahern’s withdrawal from what critics had dubbed the ‘Bertie bowl’ was due to the gaping hole in Ireland’s finances after years of unprecedented success for the ‘Celtic tiger’. Last week Finance Minister Charlie McGreevy, Ireland’s free-market Thatcherite, revealed that the national debt was more than 3 billion euros. With unemployment rising and cuts planned in health and education, the government could ill afford to prop up the ailing ‘Bertie bowl. ‘ But the direst month in Ahern’s political career got worse last weekend with revelations that a party colleague he elevated to Foreign Minister in 1997 was corrupt… A judge given the task of heading a tribunal into political corruption and graft in Ireland singled out Ahern’s former ally Ray Burke as being at the centre of a scandal involving payments in brown envelopes to politicians from building contractors in exchange for them re-zoning land in north and west Dublin. Supporters of the Nice Treaty acknowledge that these scandals could push the electorate into the No camp. One senior Fianna Fail strategist admitted yesterday that what was at stake was not only EU enlargement but also the future of Bertie Ahern, the man who swept Fianna Fail back into power five months ago. ‘Back in June Bertie was walking on water, he was invincible. But now he has been badly weakened by his association with Ray Burke, the collapse of Stadium Ireland and the cuts. If he loses the Nice referendum, then the heat will be turned on him from the backbenches,’ he said. The Fianna Fail backroom man had a warning for Ahern from the party’s history. – Oct 10, 2002
We hope that all parts of European football can come together to unite against racism and do all we can to eradicate it from our game both on and off the field. ” The ten-point plan in full: 1. Issue a statement saying the club will not tolerate racism, spelling out the action it will take against those engaged in racist chanting. The statement should be printed in all match programmes and displayed permanently and prominently around the ground. Make public address announcements condemning racist chanting at matches.

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