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October 12, 2002

Sven has faith in his young guns

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The News Review:

* World Cup 2006 | 10.06.2002 Taming Cameroon’s Football Lions
* Sports-for-all strategy ‘proposed’
* Former Glory coach to sign up with Iraq
* Sven has faith in his young guns
* Williams Returns to FIFA
* SOCCER: Final push for Euro 2008 bid
* “Goliath” crushes Wembley icon

World Cup 2006 | 10.06.2002 Taming Cameroon’s Football Lions
Deutsche Welle – Oct 6, 2002
That was a definite risk for the Sports Minister. If we had lost early in the Africa Cup then the question would be: Why did we get a German?
Since 1990, the theory has always been that the future of football is black. Why is it then that the greatest success by a black team has so far only been Cameroon’s trip to the World Cup quarterfinals in 1990?
It’s not enough just to play football at a World Cup. You need to have excellent medical support as well. African teams have always had a problem with this. There is also the lack of tournament experience that teams like Germany traditionally live off of. You simply need to play tournaments.

Sports-for-all strategy ‘proposed’
BBC News – Oct 8, 2002
Our report is about putting in place the infrastructure that allows that to happen. ”

The disclosures follow years of failure in government-backed sporting projects including the much-delayed reconstruction of Wembley stadium, the collapse of plans to stage the 2005 World Athletics Championships at Picketts Lock, north London and the unsuccessful English bid for the 2006 football World Cup. However, its seemingly negative stance about the financial benefits of major sporting events was contradicted by last month’s announcement that the Commonwealth Games in Manchester saw a ?55m profit. An indication that the UK should split into England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland when competing in the Olympics is likely to be seen as the most controversial plan. A Downing Street spokesman refused to be drawn on the document’s contents, but said the government “does not recognise the characterisation” of details in media reports. Controversy

“This report is all about how to ensure the government’s support for sport is effective, not about whether or not we should be supporting sport in the first place,” he said.

Former Glory coach to sign up with Iraq
The Age – Oct 6, 2002
He faces an uphill task – Iraq is ranked 51st by world soccer’s governing body, FIFA, and has qualified only once for the World Cup finals, in 1986, when it lost all three of its matches. Stange, 54, said he was optimistic. “The Iraqis are mad about football and I would currently rank them fifth on the Asian continent, which has four places for the 2006 World Cup. So the chances are good. ” He was last employed as coach of Oman but was sacked in September last year after just 10 weeks in charge. Stange also coached VfB Leipzig, then in the German first division, until 1994 before working for Ukrainian club Dniepr Dnepropetrovsk. He then led Perth Glory to the runner-up spot in the National Soccer League in the 1999-2000 season.

Sven has faith in his young guns
ic – Oct 9, 2002
to be one of the main contenders to win the 2004 European Championships. Eriksson believes that the young squad who reached the quarter-finals of the 2002 World Cup will be even better equipped to make a strong bid for success in Portugal in two years’ time. It was the Football Association who targeted 2004 and the 2006 World Cup finals as realistic chances for England to finally emulate their famous 1966 triumph when Eriksson took charge 20 months ago.

Williams Returns to FIFA
This Day – This Day (subscription) – Oct 12, 2002
The rest are Tinoco Kipps Rafael Ignacio from Guatemala, Bantangtaris Wandy from Indonesia, Colombani Armand from Tahiti, Vilar Alberto representing Spain and two unnamed candidates whose membership was determined by both the AFC and World Championship holding next year. Members of the FUSTAL Committee and others involved in other FIFA committees are to arrive Zurich on October 26 for the week long deliberations that would herald FIFA’s new calender after the World Cup. The committee’s assignment would end after 2006 World Cup which would be hosted by Germany. Reacting to the development, Williams told SPORTSday that his return vindicated his abilities. He said that having impressed the world football governing body with his contributions and ideas during the period, it behoves on the body to improve on the quality of their assignment by retaining some members who served in the immediate past committee. “I was delighted at the announcement. During the last four years, members of the FUSTAL Committee did their very best to move the game forward internationally… The committee’s assignment would end after 2006 World Cup which would be hosted by Germany. Reacting to the development, Williams told SPORTSday that his return vindicated his abilities. He said that having impressed the world football governing body with his contributions and ideas during the period, it behoves on the body to improve on the quality of their assignment by retaining some members who served in the immediate past committee. “I was delighted at the announcement. During the last four years, members of the FUSTAL Committee did their very best to move the game forward internationally. The nomination of four out of the entire fifteen member committee, was an indication that we did well. ” His current assignment would see him serve on the committee for eight years.

SOCCER: Final push for Euro 2008 bid
U.TV – Oct 12, 2002
They failed to win 2004 after a joint bid with Hungary but have now joined forces with Switzerland – where the announcement of the host nation will be made. The two countries are centrally located in Europe and, with Switzerland being the home for FIFA and UEFA, may swing the political vote towards this joint bid. However, recent outbreaks of violence outside grounds – most notably when Liverpool played in Basle – have been known to upset voters as England found to their cost when they lost out on World Cup 2006. Politically, the area has become sensitive to the disturbing rise of the right-wing. Denmark-Finland-Norway-SwedenThe Nordic bid might have Scandinavians excited but the prospect of travelling between four countries with different tax systems might be too much for even the hardiest of accountants. Some excellent facilities such as the Parken Stadium in Copenhagen add strength to the bid. But spreading the competition over four countries may prove too much and Sweden played host to the tournament in 1992… But economics are harsh in Hungary and a question must remain over whether they can deliver on time. Greece-TurkeyThe most unlikely of allies when they first aired their desire to host the competition. Football in both countries has risen in profile recently with Turkish club Galatasaray leading the charge on the European front. Money has already been ring-fenced for the finals if the bid is successful and Greece is already anticipating the next Olympics. However, civil unrest in both countries could prove to be a strong factor against their bid. Bosnia-CroatiaBoth countries will need the exposure of a successful 2008 bid to capture much-needed funds for rebuilding after the long and bloody civil war in Yugoslavia. The sentimental vote my be tempted to offer it to the region which has suffered so much in recent years.

“Goliath” crushes Wembley icon
Infolink Architecture & Building – Oct 8, 2002
5m3 bucket, giving it maximum flexibility. Stone from the twin towers will be turned into commemorative keyrings and sold at the new stadium when it opens in 2006. Multiplex has committed to deliver the new Wembley Stadium within the next 40 months, in time for the 2006 FA Cup final. Largely supported by the new arch and key to the stadium’s design is a 7,000 tonne retractable roof, designed to maximise the best conditions for the pitch including air movement and sunlight. With a diameter of 7m and a span of 315m, the arch is the longest single span roof structure in the world. The 50,000m2 roof has retractable edges on the East, South and West sections to allow sun to reach all parts of the pitch and can be closed within 15 minutes to cover all seating for events. It is supported by the lattice arch with an asymmetric cantenary cable net and stayed trusses spanning 220m across the stadium bowl… Civil and structural engineers involved in the stadium’s design consortium, the Mott Stadium Consortium, include Mott MacDonald and its Australasian associate Connell Wagner, and global professional services consultancy Sinclair Knight Merz. The new stadium has been designed to accommodate major athletics meetings, a definite major selling point for any London Olympic bid. An athletics track will only be built when its needed with the stadium featuring a removable steel and concrete platform that will rise 6 m above the football pitch to contain a 400m running track. Taking approximately six months to build and with a hefty cost of about STG20 million involved to adapt the stadium, Wembley will only host athletics for major events. To accommodate an external concourse all around the stadium, the new arena building will move 30 metres north, towards Wembley Park Station. Transport facilities around the new stadium will be largely rebuilt, with Wembley Park station, the main underground stop for fans, set to be completely reconstructed and a new stadium access road to be built. 8-Oct-2002

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