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November 2, 2002

More blather, oops, Blatter, coming

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The News Review:

* 2010: How should Africa bid?
* Women’s soccer gets fired up
* SA soccer names new technical boss
* More blather, oops, Blatter, coming
* Derby urge wage cuts

2010: How should Africa bid?
BBC News – Nov 1, 2002
Dovi Amouzou,
a Togolese in Nigeria
Nigeria should forget it. Egypt or Morocco should be the favoured ones and as for South Africa, they may have the infrastructure but they come up short on security. William,
Its a golden chance for Africa to get its own share of football glory, so all Africans must support the best countries capable of bidding. I think there only three are capable, which are Egypt, South Africa and Morocco. Ahmed Kadry,
I think South Africa is the right country to host the 2010 World Cup, because of its good television network and regular electricity supply. Nathaniel S Pour, USA
Fifa, if Nigeria is in your mind think again. Apart from the corrupt nature of Nigerian officials, the infrastructure is not there and may never be.

Women’s soccer gets fired up
Independent Online – Oct 30, 2002
We are sure that women will be given the opportunity to drive the process,” she said. “The Cup will assist women football to achieve a 40 percent representation in the administration of football by 2006. ”

Yvonne Temba of the sponsors added they were looking forward to another season in which women in South Africa could be recognised for their talents and achievements. “The theme is Sisters Doing It For Themselves and the theme song for the Women’s League will be released soon,” she added. A percentage of the CD sales would be ploughed back into the trust fund which would be managed by Sanlam. “The Women’s Football League will culminate in the final being played in June next year,” said Temba… The route to world class women’s football is through the various competitions and in particular the league. “The significance of the Sanlam League therefore is its role in charting the path to world football and the creation of stars, role models and icons that would fit this challenge,” he said. “We are looking forward to the women’s 2003 World Cup tournament in China. ”

Soweto Ladies won the inaugural league last year.

SA soccer names new technical boss
Dispatch Online – Nov 1, 2002
Falopa takes up his new duties today and his contract runs until 2006. His appointment was announced by Safa’s chief operations officer Albert Mokoena who said Safa pledged their full support for Falopa. “He comes highly recommended and we believe that we have signed on a man that will play a big role in helping develop the country’s soccer talent at all levels. ”

Falopa said he was keen to get started but in no way would his appointment conflict with the duties of Bafana Bafana head coach Shakes Mashaba as Mokoena explained: “The new technical director will be on hand to assist the national head coach in any way. But Falopa will not have any say in team selections… He was recommended by the president of the Confederation of North, Central and Caribbean Football Associations (Concacaf), Jack Warner. Falopa was Concacaf technical director from 1995 until taking up this position with Safa. The new technical director is mandated to improve the sport at all levels from grassroots up to Bafana: “I have been impressed by South African soccer, which I watched at the World Cup Finals in 1998 and 2002. “I like the style and passion of the players. I know I can make a big contribution to the game in this country. “But I will be taking it step by step. I will not change much, but will learn to adapt and use my knowledge to try and improve the standard of coaching and playing from junior soccer to national team level,” said Falopa.

More blather, oops, Blatter, coming
Globe and Mail – Oct 29, 2002
The idea is to introduce a system to force clubs into fielding at least six homegrown players at any one time during a game. By homegrown he means players who are eligible for the national team in the country in which they are employed. "The aim is to protect the young players in all countries," a spokesman for the Fédération Internationale de Football Association said last week. "It would be good for soccer and we are fully in line with UEFA. It will form part of the negotiations and discussions with the political authorities in Europe. "Now, I am the first to moan about the lack of local talent in premier leagues throughout Europe. In England and Scotland, the situation has become so absurd that often the best way for a youngster of good but not exceptional talent to make it is by going to Norway, Sweden or Belgium and then return home at a later date when the next shipload of imports docks at a UK port… Or not, depending on which way the wind is blowing. Germany’s scientists want to use microchips sewn into shinguards and balls that will give referees instant visual playbacks at the touch of a button, determining whether a player was offside or if a ball had crossed the goal line. The Germans hope the system will be up and running in time for the 2006 World Cup, to be played in Germany. But, as ever, it will be the emperor’s decision. And, as it happens, one of his last, since Blatter has confirmed that he will stand down as FIFA president in 2006 at the age of 70.

Derby urge wage cuts – Oct 28, 2002
Wimbledon’s home match against Rotherham tonight is set to smash a First Division record – for the lowest attendance. The Division One record of 2,077, set by Wimbledon against Coventry at Selhurst Park last month, is likely to be shattered with less than 100 away fans travelling to south London. Bryan Robson has confirmed he wants to return to football as manager of Stoke City. The former Middlesbrough chief had been linked with Ipswich before Joe Royle’s appointment, but prefers the Stoke vacancy to save him moving from his Manchester home. Robson – out of work since his Boro sacking 16 months ago – said: “I feel I’m ready to get back into the game and I’d certainly be willing to listen to what Stoke’s Icelandic board have to say. “I still miss the day-to-day involvement and the match day atmosphere and if I come back it has to be with the right club. “Stoke isn’t that far from where I live and that would obviously be a consideration if I were offered a position somewhere… Goalkeeper Dave Beasant, 43, could make his debut for Division Two leaders Wigan Athletic against QPR tonight. Beasant, who has had 10 other clubs, is on stand-by for John Filan, who faces a fitness check on a knee injury. FIFA have admitted their policy of selecting match officials on a geographical basis for the 2002 World Cup finals was a failure. Many non-European referees and linesmen were criticised heavily for their performances and yesterday the new Referees Committee, with president Sepp Blatter in attendance, unanimously agreed that for Germany 2006 the best referees and assistants, working as trios from the same country, should be in charge. This would mean referees are familiar with their assistants – for example Graham Poll working with Phil Sharp and Dave Babski instead of two linesmen who may speak little or no English. – – Oct 28, 2002
‘Artificial Turf in UEFA Competitions’, published in the form of a CD-Rom, is destined mainly for the football authorities, but also contains a general description of football-related and technical requirements as far as artificial turf is concerned. Specification criteriaThe CD, which is in English only, also contains two other sections, describing the specification criteria that are important for the turf manufacturer and test laboratories, and including recommendations on design, construction and maintenance. UEFA activitiesIt is the latest stage in UEFA activities in this field, which began several years ago, and which may one day culminate in the widespread use of artificial turf for major European matches as, for example, football’s authorities look at ways of being able to play football in poor weather conditions on playing surfaces that are as close as possible to natural grass. Development processIn conjunction with Rolf Hediger, a Swiss expert consultant in the field of artificial turf, UEFA began studying the synthetic surfaces available on the market in the past decade, and has intensified its involvement in the development process ever since. Fine-tuning and improvementPainstaking studies are ongoing. They include making comparisons between natural grass and the modern-day synthetic turfs with regard to interaction between the player and the field – running and falls – and between the ball and the field – rebounds, rolls and bouncing. These particular investigations are the latest phase in the process of constant fine-tuning and improvement, following initial ventures with artificial surfaces more than three decades ago.

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