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November 11, 2002

Asians the villains in failed bid for 2006

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The News Review:

* Football Focus: Blatter hits back at FIFA
* Everything’s going to be all right again – when we bring back Roy
* The business of arab football
* Asians the villains in failed bid for 2006
* Winning at football in the Middle East
* Movin’ up in the world
* Electronics on the pitch
* BBC SPORT | Football | Europe | Top clubs agree salary cap
* The long winter
* Jonathan Freedland: On the Bush campaign trail | The Guardian |…

Football Focus: Blatter hits back at FIFA – Nov 5, 2002
“Let us hope that this is the last World Cup under the current rotten, corrupt, crooked reign of Blatter,” he wrote in yesterday’s match programme. “Under his leadership, FIFA does little or nothing for football but is strong on bungs, bribes, junketing and extravagance. “South Africa have withdrawn from the race to host the 2006 African Nations Cup, in the hope that it will improve their chances of staging the 2010 World Cup. FIFA have indicated that the World Cup looks set to be held in Africa in eight years time and South Africa are keen not to antagonise Egypt who are their main rivals to stage the event. Algeria, Ivory Coast and Libya are the other candidates for the Nations Cup. Lucas Radebe will make a last-ditch attempt to make it to the World Cup finals when he returns to South Africa’s starting line-up against Madagascar today. The defender returned from a 15-month absence in Gary Kelly’s testimonial match last week following knee problems.

Everything’s going to be all right again – when we bring back Roy
Irish Independent – Nov 10, 2002
Never mind the flag-waving leprechauns. Results are what matter, and there’s no place for sentiment. We who are Real Football People know a crucial regime-change when we see one. And now that we’re free to bring back Roy, everything else will fall into place. It won’t be a walkover, mind you, I’m not saying that. But once we bring back Roy, just you watch, we’ll qualify for the European finals in jigtime. Qualify? Did I say qualify? We’ll win the bloody thing! By a country mile! When we bring back Roy… Qualify? Did I say qualify? We’ll win the bloody thing! By a country mile! When we bring back Roy. And that’s just the warm-up. It’s the World Cup that really matters. And you just watch us in 2006. When we bring back Roy, I’m telling you, we’ll be in there like gang-busters, walking all over the over-rated frogs and the jumped-up krauts, showing them how a real team, led by Captain Keano, plays The Beautiful Game. You just watch! Once we bring back Roy. I mean, you can book your tickets now.

The business of arab football
AME Info – Nov 9, 2002
As such, the range of football promotions is only going to get broader. And the scale bigger. Coca-Cola, for example, is already thinking about what it will do for the next World Cup, in 2006. ‘As the next World Cup gets closer, we will undoubtedly launch new and innovative plans to ‘raise the bar’ on the programs we ran this year,’ says Mubaidin. You have been warned.

Asians the villains in failed bid for 2006
Independent Online – Nov 8, 2002
Everybody believes Dempsey, by not casting his vote, was the one that cost South Africa the opportunity of hosting the world’s biggest tournament. But, in reality, South Africa was let down by members of the Asian bloc, who had promised South Africa their votes and then reneged at the last minute. Those Asian countries were South Korea, Thailand, Saudi Arabia and Qatar. South Africa had been confident they would get at least one of those votes, which was basically all they needed to secure the 2006 World Cup Finals… South Africa’s biggest opponents in the bidding process at the time were the Germans. But everything changed, and just before the voting process started the Asians announced that they were going to vote for Germany. In the end it was not about football but rather economic power, as the Germans spent billions of dollars investing in the four Asian countries, who were forced by their governments to vote for the Germans.

Winning at football in the Middle East
AME Info – Nov 9, 2002
This approach has produced no miracles in the Arab world. A handful of Arab players have also been associated with European football. This includes Saudi Arabian players such as Sami Al-Jaber, who had a spell at English club Wolverhampton Wanderers and who announced his retirement from international football following the World Cup. Nawaf Al-Temyat is another Saudi star, who in the run up to the World Cup was courted by Italian clubs Parma and Brescia, as well as by Dutch side Roda JC. The 2000 Asian player of the year, Al-Temyat’s career was almost ended by injury in March 2001. To some extent, Roda pursued Al-Temyat to boost the club’s profile in the Middle East. The Dutch club’s technical director, Wim Vrosch, said Al-Temyat could bring many assets to his club… ‘This cannot be considered a financial deal. Libya believes in sport and in its youth, and Juventus will help us to develop the enormous potential of our football,’ said Al-Saadi. ‘We really want to qualify for the 2006 World Cup. ‘ Libya came last in their 2002 qualifying group. The investment gives Gadhafi some leverage, and Juventus has apparently agreed to play friendly matches in Libya. Gadhafi’s interest in football and oil dollars to burn represent a light of salvation for some. In August, fans of cash-strapped Greek football team PAOK sent a letter to the Libyan leader pleading for his help in saving the club from financial ruin.

Movin’ up in the world
SLAM! Sports – Nov 7, 2002
And that was before Canada played Mexico for a berth in the China 2003 Women’s World Cup here last night. Jack Warner, president of CONCACAF, delivered major news – good news – on several fronts here affecting the sport in Canada. – A chance for a fourth team to qualify for the men’s Germany 2006 World Cup, will be available. Three went to Korea-Japan 2002. – A chance for a third women’s team to qualify for the Athens Olympics will also be available. Only the Americans went to the Sydney 2000 Olympics.

Electronics on the pitch
Ars Technica – Nov 5, 2002
Blatant offside plays were let stand, while others which were obviously onside were whistled down. Knowing the position of every player and ball on the pitch, the system could accurately determine if a play was offsides and alert the referee. Of course it would be up to the referee to acknowledge or ignore the system call! The company is planning on testing the system this fall in Nuremberg with hopes FIFA will adopt the system for use in the 2006 World Cup. I’m not too keen on the idea of computers getting that involved in gameplay. Rules are there to be interpreted, enforced and sometimes ignored. Players on the field sometimes make mistakes and so do referees, that is what makes sports so great. I doubt there would be many arguments at the pub or in the papers about perfectly called matches by computers and I don’t think such a system would have caught Maradona’s ‘.

BBC SPORT | Football | Europe | Top clubs agree salary cap
BBC News – Nov 5, 2002
The G14 group, which includes 18 of Europe’s top clubs, used a meeting of its members in Brussels to agree a salary ceiling of 70% of a club’s turnover. The plan in full

There is currently no limit to what a club can spend on salaries and many are facing financial ruin after gambling on spiralling wages. The G14 clubs

England: Liverpool, Manchester United, Arsenal

Italy: AC Milan, Inter Milan, Juventus

Spain: Barcelona, Real Madrid, Valencia

France: Marseille, Paris St Germain, Lyon

Germany: Bayern Munich, Borussia Dortmund, Bayer Leverkusen

Holland: Ajax, PSV Eindhoven

Portugal: Porto

The G14 plan, which also commits to the principle of performance related pay, intends to introduce a code of conduct to combat ever-increasing wage demands and transfer fees. It is the first time any form of
player salary cap has been agreed in European professional football since the
abolition of the old maximum wage in the sixties. Manchester United – the club with the highest turnover in the world – revealed in September that their wage bill had grown by 40% to ?70m in the last year.

The long winter
ESPN Magazine – Nov 8, 2002
From the national team’s 3-2 victory over Portugal, which propelled the U. to the Final 8 at the World Cup, right on through the Los Angeles Galaxy’s overtime victory over New England in the MLS Cup (in front of 61,000 in Foxboro), fans have had a delightfully full plate. But, as we know, all good things must come to an end… Try to come up with the starting lineup for the U. in their first qualification match for 2006. Does it include a guy who’s first name is Freddy?Avoid using words like kit and pitch, much less calling the coach “the gaffer” or soccer “football” or worse, “footy. ” If you are American, this makes you sound like a dork. Design a uniform for the next MLS expansion team. My club will wear orange.

Jonathan Freedland: On the Bush campaign trail | The Guardian |…
Guardian Unlimited – Nov 5, 2002
Every abstract idea has a visual image, making sure that when Bush speaks, as he might put it, no audience member is left behind. “I personally really like him,” says Lisa Taglamg, who describes herself as a middle-class working mother. “I’d invite him over to my house for a cup of coffee. Despite his family background, he seems like a common man. ” There’s not a politician who doesn’t dream of a rating like that. It helps that Bush appears so relaxed. He did in 2000, too, but now he looks even more comfortable, visibly at ease with himself – even down to the loose way he stands, one hand on each side of the podium.

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