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November 20, 2002

SOCCER : Make it harder to score points against the refs

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The News Review:

* Germany unveils laughing 2006 World Cup logo
* 2010: How should Africa bid?
* Japan, Reggina set for Nakamura tug-of-war
* SOCCER : Make it harder to score points against the refs
* Changes to Germany 2006 Website
* All-seeing, all-hearing | World dispatch | Guardian Unlimited
* Culture boost for sunny ties
* Bidding is hotting up for Euro 2008
* – Soccer – England: Vultures gather over Ferguson, Venables…

Germany unveils laughing 2006 World Cup logo
Independent Online – Nov 19, 2002
Three laughing characters in coloured circles depicting 006 invite the world to a party on the logo that was presented at a ceremony at the Gelsenkirchen stadium, home to German Cup holders Schalke 04. The three cheerful faces grouped around the World Cup trophy should be referred to as the Celebrating Faces of Football and make clear that Germany will be in celebratory mood, said World Cup organising committee president Franz Beckenbauer. “We want to welcome fans around the world as friends in 2006 and celebrate a unique World Cup in Germany,” said the former World Cup-winning captain and coach, whose charisma and influence were instrumental in bringing the tournament to the country whose team he once graced. “Everybody knows that we’re good at organising but we wanted to convey an other, warmer and friendlier image of Germany. ”

The slogan, Die Welt zu Gast bei Freunden (Friends invite the world), also aims at painting Germany as a welcoming place and promises the world it will feel at home there… “Everybody knows that we’re good at organising but we wanted to convey an other, warmer and friendlier image of Germany. ”

The slogan, Die Welt zu Gast bei Freunden (Friends invite the world), also aims at painting Germany as a welcoming place and promises the world it will feel at home there. “The slogan links our openness to the world and football,” said Wolfgang Niersbach, organising committee vice-president in charge of communications. “The logo is uncommon, funny and emotional. ”

London-based agency Whitestone and Munich-based firm abold had worked on the emblem since September last year, eventually rejecting a bowl-shaped fish in favour of the laughing figures. “Our goal was to convey, via a symbol, the incomparable emotions that can only be evoked by football,” said abold head Andreas Abold. The launch took place at the stadium where Germany will play the Netherlands in a friendly international on Wednesday N a re-match of the 1974 final won 2-1 by West Germany in Munich.

2010: How should Africa bid?
BBC News – Nov 11, 2002
Dovi Amouzou,
a Togolese in Nigeria
Nigeria should forget it. Egypt or Morocco should be the favoured ones and as for South Africa, they may have the infrastructure but they come up short on security. William,
Its a golden chance for Africa to get its own share of football glory, so all Africans must support the best countries capable of bidding. I think there only three are capable, which are Egypt, South Africa and Morocco. Ahmed Kadry,
I think South Africa is the right country to host the 2010 World Cup, because of its good television network and regular electricity supply. Nathaniel S Pour, USA
Fifa, if Nigeria is in your mind think again. Apart from the corrupt nature of Nigerian officials, the infrastructure is not there and may never be.

Japan, Reggina set for Nakamura tug-of-war – Nov 13, 2002
If the transfer goes through, Maezono could become the first Japan international to play in the K-League. Australia to put case to FIFA over 2014 World Cup ADELAIDE (Reuters) — South Australia Premier Mike Rann will promote Australia’s attempt to host the 2014 soccer World Cup at a meeting with senior FIFA officials in Switzerland on Wednesday. “The next World Cup in 2006 will be held in Germany, 2010 will be held in Africa, 2014 is the first opportunity for Australia, although we will face strong competition from South America,” Rann said in a statement. “The planning for Australia’s bid has already begun. If successful, games will be held in Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Brisbane and the other cities. This is a national bid. “I will propose that the 2003 FIFA Congress, involving 2,000delegates, should be held in Australia… Later in August, plans to bid to host the 2014 World Cup were put on hold after Soccer Australia, battling with financial problems and internal tensions, announced it had agreed to a major structural review. South Korea names squad for friendly against Brazil SEOUL (Reuters) — Acting South Korean coach Kim Ho-kon has retained a majority of the players that took the Asian side to fourth place in the World Cup as he named his squad Wednesday for next week’s friendly against Brazil. Midfielder Kim Do-hoon, who plays for K-League side Chonbuk Hyundai and scored against Brazil in a friendly three years ago, had regained his place after being overlooked for the World Cup, the Korean Football Association (KFA) said on its Web site. Another change from the squad that played in the World Cup finals co-hosted by South Korea and Japan is the inclusion of striker Kim Dae-eui, who has enjoyed a good season in the K-League. Two players missing out on next Wednesday’s match are midfielder Park Ji-sung, who plays for Japanese club Kyoto Purple Sanga and Lee Eul-yong, a winger at Turkish club Trabzonspor. Park and Lee scored against Portugal and Turkey respectively in the finals. The friendly against the reigning world champion is being held at the Seoul World Cup Stadium and marks the last appearances for captain Hong Myung-bo and striker Hwang Sun-hong.

SOCCER : Make it harder to score points against the refs
International Herald Tribune – Nov 13, 2002
President of Bayern Munchen, a club expected to win at all costs; commissar of the 2006 World Cup, which will bring the tournament finals back to Germany; member of the FIFA Football Committee, which is the ex-players' panel within the sport's hierarchy; television pundit, and fiercely critical columnist for Bild, a tabloid newspaper. For the most part we fail to see the seams as you negotiate these myriad tasks with some of the elegance you displayed in running Germany's World Cup eleven. Your chameleon-like quality shines. Beckenbauer the president, sharing Bayern's humiliating surrender in the first round of the Champions League, a defeat which will cost tens of millions of euros. Beckenbauer the grateful, as your team recovered Saturday to beat its closest rival in the Bundesliga.

Changes to Germany 2006 Website
This Day – This Day (subscription) – Nov 19, 2002
Up until 24 February 2003, all content (press releases, interviews, photo archive, video clips) was provided in German and English. As of today, French and Spanish have been added to broaden the appeal of the site even further. Though independent in terms of editorial input, the OC site forms part of the most popular sports site in the world, www… Up until 24 February 2003, all content (press releases, interviews, photo archive, video clips) was provided in German and English. As of today, French and Spanish have been added to broaden the appeal of the site even further. Though independent in terms of editorial input, the OC site forms part of the most popular sports site in the world, www.

All-seeing, all-hearing | World dispatch | Guardian Unlimited
Guardian Unlimited – Nov 11, 2002
Since the launch of J Phone’s sha-mail (photo-mail) service less than two years ago, more than ten million consumers – or one in five of all mobile phone owners – are now taking and sending pictures with their ultra-slim handsets. The images may be blurry and dimly-lit most of the time, but what they lack in quality they more than make up for in immediacy. Millions of people have used sha-mail and similar services to share everything from World Cup crowd scenes and new born-babies to student moonies and indecent lust letters. In one highly-publicised case earlier this year, a TV celebrity was caught using his phone to try to photograph up the skirt of a schoolgirl walking up a flight of steps in a railway station.

Culture boost for sunny ties
Calcutta Telegraph – Nov 16, 2002
Organised by the House of the Cultures of the World, the festival will have a huge participation from Indian art groups. ?One of their bigger schemes is contemporary artistic projects in India, for which the House of Cultures has appointed four curators from here,? says Blomeke. News for soccer buffs ? the Goethe Institut is tying up with the German football federation to hype World Cup 2006 in India.

Bidding is hotting up for Euro 2008
Irish Independent – Nov 13, 2002
The latest quarterly edition of ‘Football Business International’ magazine categorizes the joint Scotland-Ireland bid as favourite to gain UEFA’s support when the final vote is taken on December 13. This despite the fact that Croke Park cannot, officially, be part of the Celtic bid, Lansdowne Road remains a Third World tenement with no – as yet – significant plans for a rebuild and Stadium Ireland (even the pared down model) is still a purely aspirational structure despite giddy Government soundings about private sector interest. ‘Football Business International’ actually describes the Scotland-Ireland prospects as “very good,” listing the Austria-Switzerland bid as next-best with a rather equivocal “good. ” Strange? Very strange… ” Yet, the Austria-Switzerland bid is on course, regardless of UEFA’s verdict, to have all eight stadia in place by 2006. A website has been operational for some time, sponsors are in place, pennants have been printed. The ‘expert’s view’ here is that Austria-Switzerland would be favourite, “were it not for the proximity of the 2006 World Cup in neighbouring Germany. ” The joint Nordic bid between Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland is questioned because of the “administrative complications’ of organising a tournament across four countries. The Greece-Turkey bid would be “a progressive choice” but is probably doomed to failure by the poor standard of stadia in both countries, though the Greek side should certainly be up to standard after the staging of the next Olympiad in Athens. Hungary has the advantage of being a single-bidder (as Scotland always hoped to be) but it is thought that prohibitive Government investment would be required to bring the Hungarian stadia up to standard. Russia is deemed a virtual no-hoper on the basis of needling questions over its infrastructure and stadium development as well as concern about the sheer distance between venues. – Soccer – England: Vultures gather over Ferguson, Venables… – Nov 19, 2002
“We are now back to square one,” admitted the ex-Englandcoach after a shambolic defensive display against Bolton thatmerely emphasized the void left by the close-season sale ofEngland defender Rio Ferdinand to Manchester United. Venables’s resigned expression suggested the normallyebullient Londoner is not enjoying his Yorkshire life and hecould be forgiven for wondering why he gave up a lucrativetelevision pundit’s role to become David O’Leary’s successor. For now, Leeds’s progress to the UEFA Cup third round isVenables’s saving grace and Ferguson can also point toManchester United’s impressive European form in the ChampionsLeague. On the home front, though, serious trouble is brewing. Leeds chairman blames slump on Venables predecessor LONDON (Reuters) — Leeds United’s poor form underTerry Venables is not the former England manager’s fault,according to club chairman Peter Ridsdale. Ridsdale was quoted in a British newspaper as saying theslump began under David O’Leary, who was sacked as Leeds managerin June. “The decline at the club began six months before Terrystarted,” Ridsdale told the Daily Express on Tuesday… ” Boksic, who is out of contract with Middlesbrough at the end of the season, began his career at Hajduk. “Swapping from the Premier League to Split means I would have to swap from 30,000 to 3,000 fans at each match,” he said. “I don’t think I could stand playing football with only two or three thousand people watching. It would be really depressing. ” Coventry signs McMaster on loanCOVENTRY, England (AP) — Coventry has signed Leeds’ midfielder Jamie McMaster to a one-month loan deal. The 19-year-old Australian, who joined Leeds three years ago, has made two substitute appearances this season. Coventry player-manager Gary McAllister believes McMaster will help his side.

Yes, Romania are pressing the French goal line and there is an air of excitement frothing from my 42 inch high definition television as the commentators wind themselves into a frenzy. But the picture quality is garbage and I’ve no confidence that it will continue to grace my screen for any length of time without freezing, dropping out or redirecting me to a website selling discounted Russian brides.My pessimism about the feed off a Canadian TV channel turns out to be misplaced. Like “Pieter,” a regular guy who was raised in 1980s South Africa by members of the Afrikaner Resistance Movement (AWB), white supremacists who thought apartheid was far too Cheap Oakleys generous to black citizens. We asked him what it’s like to wake up one day and Replica Oakleys realize you’re the villain in somebody else’s action movie, and he said .No I’m not about to take a nap but I am in a very comfortable position to do what we’re about to do. So you can go ahead and lay down, rest your head into your hands, reach them out in front of you, whatever you prefer but we’re just going to be working the lower body lifting my heels up to the ceiling. So we’re just going to do a few leg lifts this way. Lift, squeeze, hold it for a few seconds, and then lower it down. Lift and squeeze, hold and lower it down. There’s really no right or wrong way to do this, I just want you to feel comfortable not using your lower back to lift but you’re really just lifting the legs. Lift from the heels and then squeeze your hamstrings. Now when I lift I’m going to hold it. So do this actually after you’re on your 15th one and you’re going to scissor the legs. Scissor. And do that for about 12. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, cheap football jerseys 12, and then scissor back and forth. So we’re actually going to pedal up and down. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 and then back Fake Oakleys Cheap to lifts. Upsie Daisy. Lift up nice and slowly. A great thing about this is there’s no impact, this is very, very relaxed. This is a very relaxed type of position where you can get very comfortable resting your upper body while your legs do all the work. And maybe take a nap afterwards.Sunday’s game cheap nfl jerseys was a perfect example of how Smith can get his team the win if he controls the ball properly. Despite only throwing the ball for 162 yards, his team were still able to score 34 points. Being able to rely on a strong defence has given Smith the freedom not to have to make a play. This conservative mannerism may not sit well with some, but for Chiefs it’s working.

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