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December 17, 2002

The rise and rise of Anton

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The News Review:

* Caf scraps World Cup plans
* Appeal for fair play at World Cup
* Will Euro 2008 be a success?
* The rise and rise of Anton
* Daily Times – Leading News Resource of Pakistan
* Soccer News of Thursday, 12 December 2002
* Scotland’s bid has Dalglish’s support
* Jamaica Gleaner – JFF backs Brown – Friday | December 13, 2002
* England to hear Bratislava verdict
* Briefs: Guilty pleas ending prosecution in horse race scams
* Scots captain prepares for a rematch
* SOCCER: Taylor on UEFA ‘politics’
* Barthez quoted again on that new Spanish ‘keeper bloke and staying at…

Caf scraps World Cup plans
BBC News – Dec 13, 2002
Instead, a complicated procedure is proposed so that one set of continental qualifiers will be used to choose the teams for both competitions. There will be five qualifying groups, with the winners of each going to Germany 2006. New 2006 plans

30 teams in qualifying

Five groups of six teams

Top team from each group goes to Germany 2006

Top three teams from each group go to Egypt 2006

In addition the qualifiers will determine the 16 teams that will contest the Nations Cup in Egypt in the same year. Caf said that many African nations realised they
would lose out on much-needed television and marketing revenues
if there was a significantly reduced qualifying programme.

Appeal for fair play at World Cup
The Age – Dec 12, 2002
“Football is a global game and Oceania is a part of the world where football is not very strong. But Oceania is one of the confederations so it has a right. “If you’ve got four from Asia and five or six from South America, why not one from Oceania?”The Oceania Football Confederation earned full status in 1998 but it is the only one of FIFA’s six confederations without a guaranteed place at the World Cup finals. Socceroo Steve Horvath and former goalkeeper Mark Bosnich have said the World Cup was for the elite and Australia, currently ranked 47 by FIFA, did not deserve to be handed an automatic place through direct qualification from Oceania but should earn its place. But Okon said the system in which Australia played Uruguay, the fifth placed South American team, for the final spot at this year’s tournament was unfair and that the Socceroos would have outperformed many teams which qualified for Japan and Korea.

Will Euro 2008 be a success?
BBC News – Dec 12, 2002
The rule if anything has hurt Irish people playing other sports, rather than any English person I’m sure. The manner the GAA chooses to protect unique Irish sports in the face of global sports such as soccer and rugby, is their business. I wonder if the London GAA asked to play hurling at Lords would they be allowed to do so – I imagine not!?
Liam, Scotland

It didn’t matter that Ireland’s stadiums weren’t built; Hungary were second choice with hardly anything to offer either, Germany were given the World Cup in 2006 without naming the host cities, and Portugal have had their problems in providing stadium funding. "

It would have been a great boost to Scottish football to host the tournament

Kevin, England

It didn’t matter that a stretch of sea separated Scotland and Ireland; water separated Denmark and Sweden in 1992 and they hosted the tournament. It didn’t matter that England hosted the tournament in 1996 and so meant Scotland and Ireland couldn’t have it; the world’s two largest soccer tournaments will be held by three neighbouring countries in 2006 and 2008. Nor, as it turned out, did it matter that the successful bidders of Austria and Switzerland have had much-publicised hooligan problems this year. The bid selection process, and the final decision as to who the winner should be, was influenced by political considerations… If the Irish factor really was decisive in losing out on the bid for 2008, then having Wales as Scotland’s partner should rectify those shortcomings. This stinks as highly as when the Germans were awarded the World Cup ahead of South Africa. Andy, Scotland

The reason behind the bid failing must lie firmly and squarely with the Irish Gaelic Football Association who would not allow Croke Park to be used for any ‘foreign’ sports – namely English! I think it is time to move on from narrow minded nationalism and blatant racism!
Chris Main, Bahrain

It will be a great tournament. After seeing the recent ‘Old Firm’ game, I was shocked to see that the lunacy from Northern Ireland also happens in Scotland too. This alone justifies not winning this bid.

The rise and rise of Anton
BBC News – Dec 14, 2002
“When it came to signing my forms for West Ham I was feeling a bit funny because I wasn’t enjoying my football,” Ferdinand told BBC Sport’s Football Focus. “I just wasn’t having the best time. I told my dad I wasn’t sure I wanted to take football seriously. “Dad said I should try the football first because the music could always follow afterwards. I took his advice and it all worked out for me… “He thinks he is but I am definitely!

“Now I’m known as Anton and not just Rio’s brother. The press used to compare us all the time but people have started to judge me on my own performances. ”

The 2006 World Cup has come a little too soon for Anton but the Ferdinand family ambitions burn strongly. “It has been a dream of mine and Rio’s since we were kids to play as centre halves together for England. It would be amazing for our mum and dad,” Anton said. “I’m only 21 and have plenty of years ahead of me. It is just down to me to work hard and break into the squad.

Daily Times – Leading News Resource of Pakistan
Daily Times – Dec 12, 2002
Mohamed bin Hammam, Asian Football Confederation (AFC) president said the FIFA executive committee meeting, chaired by FIFA president Sepp Blatter would meet in Madrid, Spain for two days from December 17. ?Asia?s request will be put to vote. So far we are pleased with the support. We are optimistic of the outcome on December 18,? Hammam told reporters. The Asian chief expressed confidence that FIFA and the other confederations would vote in favour of Asia?s desire for the five berths, adding that AFC had carried out a series of lobbying activities… In the end Asia backed down from the threat after being handed a play-off spot for a possible fifth place against a European qualifier. Hammam said a similar boycott was unlikely this time around if Asia was unsuccessful. Asked specifically if the AFC would boycott the 2006 World Cup if FIFA rejects Asia?s request, he said: ?In 1999, we announced a boycott but it was to deliver a message. The situation is different now. ?I do not think we will boycott the 2006 World Cup. FIFA is treating Asia fairly. ? Asia had four teams at the 2002 finals, including co-hosts South Korea and Japan.

Soccer News of Thursday, 12 December 2002 – Dec 12, 2002
Alternative proposals include playing the Nations Cup every four years instead of every two. However, CAF has previously rejected this idea because the tournament is a major revenue generator for African soccer. Another idea was to play a full qualifying campaign with five group winners reaching the 2006 World Cup finals and the top three in each group going to the Nations Cup finals, which are to be played in Egypt the same year. Source:Reuters News Service.

Scotland’s bid has Dalglish’s support – Dec 11, 2002
Henderson actually thinks that they also have their own problems. ?I think their main disadvantage is actually the very small stadiums and they don?t have that same football culture that we have. Another thing is the fact that the World Cup is going to be held in Germany in 2006. Having a rather big football tournament in Central Europe, I think that it is our turn, Scotland and Ireland, to host this event. ?

And they also have stadium problems. In Switzerland, every major decision has to be approved by a referendum and that includes the decision to build a new stadium in Zurich. ?I would rather been in a position to have government commitment without the referendum than a commitment with a referendum which could go either way.

Jamaica Gleaner – JFF backs Brown – Friday | December 13, 2002
Jamaica Gleaner – Dec 13, 2002
“The success of this programme depends on a number of things. The president indicated that my keeping the job depends on my succeeding and there is also demand from the Federation side,” said Brown. Brown declared the 2006 World Cup in Germany as his main goal but along the way he said, a number of things will be achieved. Among them are a victory over United States, a team Jamaica have never beaten, when they met at the National Stadium on February 12 in his second match since his official appointment. His first game will be against Barbados in the capital Bridgetown on January 12.

England to hear Bratislava verdict – Dec 16, 2002
“Second Division Port Vale, reportedly £2. 4 million in debt and losing about £500,000 a year, have gone into administration. The qualifying round for the 2006 World Cup, hosted by Germany, will begin on Feb 28, 2004, and must be completed by Nov 20, 2005. The draw will be in Frankfurt on Dec 5, 2003. The draw for the finals will be in Leipzig in December 2005.

Briefs: Guilty pleas ending prosecution in horse race scams – Dec 12, 2002
Klamka said Martin breached her contract by failing to attend promotional events and damaged the event. HIGH SCHOOLS

Clayton Richard, who passed for more than 10,000 career yards and was an all-state quarterback each of his four years at McCutcheon High Schoolin Lafayette, Ind. , has made an oral commitment to play college football at Michigan. Richard, also a starter on McCutcheon’s basketball team, passed for 2,933 yards and 27 touchdowns last season and finished as Indiana’s third-leading passer with 10,777 yards and 92 touchdowns for his career. HOCKEY

Pittsburgh Forge goaltender Peter Mannino was named NAHL Goaltender of the Month for November. Mannino was 8-1-0 with a 1. 56 goals-against average with a… 22, the city council decided Tuesday night. The wording of the ballot has yet to be decided. SKIING

In Ostersund, Sweden, Russia won a women’s World Cup biathlon relay, combining perfect shooting with fast cross-country skiing to beat Germany by 2 minutes, 8. In Clusone, Italy, Norway captured two World Cup cross-country sprints, with victories by Olympic champion Tor Arne Hetland and Marit Bjoergen. In Verbier, Switzerland, Swiss junior downhill champion Werner Elmer died after colliding with a course maintenance worker during a downhill race Tuesday. Police said the 19-year-old Elmer died at the scene of the accident, and the unidentified worker was taken by helicopter to a nearby hospital with undisclosed injuries.

Scots captain prepares for a rematch – Dec 12, 2002
It was, thus, a definitely downcast First Minister who told the Parliament yesterday of the “unfortunate” decision. While he gamely congratulated the successful Swiss and Austrians there was little doubt in this observer’s mind that he felt more than a bit peeved at the continued success of Mittel-Europa on the sports field. Germany, he pointed out, had already been awarded the 2006 World Cup. Not much sharing of the spoils there. But if losing the football championships ended the prospect of jam – in the shape of extra inward investment and new jobs – tomorrow, there is a much more immediate cloud on Mr McConnell’s horizon.

SOCCER: Taylor on UEFA ‘politics’
U.TV – Dec 14, 2002
“That is why, in the couple of days before the event, I was getting more confident because I was getting information that, on a second preference vote, we were getting A, B, C and D votes. “I knew if we were going to get into the last three, we would have a real chance. “We have put in for UEFA Cup finals in 2005 and 2006. We would hope that a UEFA Cup final could come to Glasgow and that is the only major event we are in for at the moment. “But there are other events going on all the time – FIFA events like World Club championships – and these high profile events we would be interested in. “We want to have a few events which will be attractive to the public, not just events for events sake and end up costing Scottish football money. “But Taylor believes the attempts to bring the championships to Scotland and Ireland have helped establish stronger links with the Scottish Executive… “We want to have a few events which will be attractive to the public, not just events for events sake and end up costing Scottish football money. “But Taylor believes the attempts to bring the championships to Scotland and Ireland have helped establish stronger links with the Scottish Executive. Taylor said: “The youth football review which is currently underway is largely being funded by the government and UK Sport. “So that is a new relationship with a new aspect of government we haven`t been involved with before. “The youth review is costing ?100,000 of which ?90,000 is being provided by sources outside of football. “But football is being given the major say in how this is going to be done. “That is a very explicit result in terms of being connected with the relationships we have built up.

Barthez quoted again on that new Spanish ‘keeper bloke and staying at…
Redissue – Dec 11, 2002
– Ryan Giggs and you must have quite a lot to talk about. Both legends at Manchester, both legends for Wales. – My main aim in football nowadays is to see Ryan playing in the European Championships or the World Cup – on the world stage. He’s one of those players, like George Best, who never got to show himself at the highest level. – Talking of Manchester United legends – have you still got the old Clayton Blackmore ladies-man reputation?- Ha, ha, ha, no, no. I’ve packed all that in now. I realised it costs you too much money!Possible transfer gossip from the Guardian:?Emre’s success will only strengthen Inter manager Hector Cuper’s preference for the Turk over Uruguayan Alvaro Recoba – whose brilliant but deeply patchy history at the club could thus finally be drawing to a close.

Manchester United made 33.1m directly from Uefa, more than any other club, before tickets and other match income. This season, on the back of last year’s growth, Uefa’s prize pot has grown almost 29 per cent to 650m. If United won this year’s final, they would get as much as 47m from Uefa, a rise of more than 40 per cent.Jaws have been dropping since the very first time her shy, reserved little boy unleashed a weapon that is being hailed as the Wholesale Jerseys most potent in the game. “He just picked the ball up and kicked it,” she said this week, adding “my goodness!” to sum up a gift evident even before kindergarten.Continue with the same end of your shoelace you were just using, running it back across to the right side of your soccer cleat, crossing over the top of the other end of the cheap jerseys lace. Push it through the top and down into the second hole from the bottom on that side. Bring it back across to the left side of the cleat, running it under the other end of the lace again, and run it up through the third hole from the bottom. Keep doing this with the same end of your shoe lace until you work your way cheap fake oakleys up to the second hole from the top on the left side.That’s disappointing, because in terms of women’s rights, Rwanda kind of shits on wholesale nfl jerseys the rest of the world.For a country that was basically synonymous with all the problems that Africa has become known for, it has undergone a pretty incredible transformation. Two Cheap Jerseys from china decades ago, lawlessness, rape, and murder were endemic, but today you’ll find harsh penalties cheap football jerseys for rape, hotlines for victims, and widespread access to contraception. Take the 2016 season for example. Three of the four teams that made their conference championships last year, didn’t even make the playoffs this year and two did not even finish over .500. Last year’s Superbowl winner, the Denver Broncos, not only failed to make the playoffs but came in third in their own division. Meanwhile the Dallas Cowboys who were at the bottom of their division last year have the NFC’s 1 seed in the playoffs.In Newfoundland, Canada, a power outage on Sunday left 90,000 homes without electricity, a pattern repeated in several locations across the US. Though northern states were the worst affected, record breaking low temperatures were also expected as far south as Atlanta. While farmers in South Dakota worried about keeping their cattle alive through the dangerous chill, down in Florida, citrus farmers were cheap football jerseys reported to be equally concerned about the effect of a prolonged freeze on their crops.

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