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December 23, 2002

Anti-war Christmas sermons likely

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The News Review:

* Victims of the numbers game
* Britain’s Olympics bid to be scrapped
* Soccer : An official motivated by love of his sport
* Anti-war Christmas sermons likely
* China appoints Dutchman Haan as soccer coach
* European goal is ‘zero intolerance’
* – SI Writers – Grant Wahl – Inside US Soccer – Grant Wahl:…
* Unsung Friedel keeping calm
* UEFA EURO 2008™ – News
* England freed from Warne shackles
* | The Topeka Capital-Journal | Briefly in sports 12/21/02
* … .com – SI Writers – Gabriele Marcotti – Inside World Soccer …

Victims of the numbers game
BBC News – Dec 22, 2002
With the continent’s support, Sepp Blatter was re-elected as Fifa president. Then Ronaldo’s goals in South Korea and Japan put South America ahead of Europe by nine World Cup wins to eight. Armed with prestige on the pitch and political influence off it, South America fully expected to be awarded five places in the 2006 World Cup. Last week they were cut down to four. The one available through a play-off with the champions of Oceania has gone, and holders Brazil will have to fight for a place which would have been freed for someone else.

Britain’s Olympics bid to be scrapped
The Observer – Dec 22, 2002
One Cabinet Minister told The Observer: ‘There are several scars to bear in mind: our experience of the Millennium Dome, the failure to be awarded the 2006 football World Cup and the fact that we had to arrange £105m of emergency funding to ensure last summer’s Commonwealth Games in Manchester went well. ‘ There is widespread support for a bid, however. Its backers include London Mayor Ken Livingstone, the Conservatives and Liberal Democrats, London Labour MPs, British sporting greats such as five-times Olympic gold medal winner Steve Redgrave, the business community, newspapers and the British Olympic Association. Unless Ministers endorse a bid and commit around £250m to it, however, the association will not go ahead. ‘There’s a safe option and a gamble, and the safe option is to say no because the figures don’t add up,’ said a senior government source.

Soccer : An official motivated by love of his sport
International Herald Tribune – Dec 20, 2002
He was among sportsmen, with a full glass at hand. Sadly, among the tributes to his 15-year tenure as chairman of the England Football Association and his 13 years on the executive committee of UEFA, the European governing body of soccer, a terrible and crass lie is resurrected against him. It was widely reported, indeed documented by Hansard, the official record of Britain's Parliament, that there had never been a "gentleman's agreement" between the English and Germans to support England as host of the European championships in 1996, in return for which England would approve Germany for the 2006 World Cup… Sadly, among the tributes to his 15-year tenure as chairman of the England Football Association and his 13 years on the executive committee of UEFA, the European governing body of soccer, a terrible and crass lie is resurrected against him. It was widely reported, indeed documented by Hansard, the official record of Britain's Parliament, that there had never been a "gentleman's agreement" between the English and Germans to support England as host of the European championships in 1996, in return for which England would approve Germany for the 2006 World Cup.

Anti-war Christmas sermons likely
BBC News – Dec 22, 2002

‘Britain’s Olympics bid to be scrapped’ is The Observer’s front page headline. The paper reports that senior civil servants have warned the prime minister that staging the Games in Britain in 2012 would involve spending “an unnecessary” ?2bn and could attract endless negative headlines. An unnamed Cabinet minister tells The Observer there are several scars to bear in mind including the Millennium Dome and the failure of the 2006 football World Cup bid. Lotto ‘takeover’

The Sunday Telegraph concentrates on another potential problem for the government – the national Lottery. Culture Secretary Tessa Jowell tells the paper she is considering the idea of bringing the game under state control as part of attempts to reverse a fall in ticket sales. Archer release

There is good news for the disgraced Tory peer, Jeffrey Archer, in the Sunday People. It claims that despite repeatedly breaking prison rules, he will be released in July halfway through a four-year sentence for committing perjury and perverting the course of justice.

China appoints Dutchman Haan as soccer coach
Times of India – Dec 22, 2002
He was picked from 22
candidates and signed a four-year contract Saturday night, the CFA said. “I
have full confidence, otherwise I wouldn’t have come to such a big country,” the
official Xinhua News Agency quoted Haan as saying. “I believe that we can have a
good result at the 2004 Asian Cup and qualify for the 2006 World Cup in
Germany. ”

CFA vice president Nan Yong said Haan’s contract called for him
to coach until the qualifying rounds for the next World Cup and will be extended
if China makes the finals. Milutinovic gave up the job after the World Cup,
saying it was “time to move on. ” Known popularly in China as Milu, he became a
national hero when the team made the cup finals, where it was eliminated without
scoring a goal. No details of Haan’s contract were released.

European goal is ‘zero intolerance’
Independent Online – Dec 20, 2002
This season Uefa have announced a 10-point plan, including threatened sanctions on clubs and supporters, to attack racism and have also launched investigations into two cases of alleged racist abuse. Two black England internationals – Emile Heskey and Ashley Cole were appalled at the vicious tirades they were subjected to during an international between England and Slovakia in Bratislava in October. Heskey was a particular target of the “fans”, who made monkey noises and gestures, while Cole said even stretcher bearers in the Tehelne stadium had insulted him… ‘We are working towards a situation where we have absolutely zero intolerance’”Racism in Italian stadiums isn’t a novelty,” said a magazine produced by the anti-racist group Progetto Ultra. Rome’s Lazio are most closely associated with hard-core racist supporters, although president Sergio Cragnotti has taken a lead by telling them they are simply no longer welcomed at the Olympic stadium. Racism has not been an issue in the Bundesliga recently but there have been problems in the minor leagues and banners bearing right-wing slogans were seen in the stands during a bad-tempered match in the eastern city of Leipzig, a venue for the 2006 World Cup finals. Power said one of the key aims of “Kick it Out” was to seek more diversity in the game in Britain. “We have made a lot of progress on the overt chanting and abuse that we have seen recently in Europe,” he said. “But the problem is by no means fully dealt with. What has happened in England is that as we have got better in dealing with racism the expectations of fans and players of every minority community increase as well. – SI Writers – Grant Wahl – Inside US Soccer – Grant Wahl:… – Dec 20, 2002
World Cup team: Reader response Got plenty of comments about last month’s survey that asked MLS and USSF coaches to name the U. ‘ starting 11 for the 2006 World Cup. Mat from New York City made perhaps the best point: "Arena proved that the ‘starting 11’ concept is almost immaterial. He rotated 19 guys this summer with impunity, changed formations and strategies and generally proved that in an extended tournament you have to be solid beyond just the first 11 spots.

Unsung Friedel keeping calm – Dec 20, 2002
‘Anyone who looks to have a bit of quality will be guided in the right way. If anyone catches my eye, I will certainly recommend them to Graeme Souness and Blackburn. ‘ So what next for Bruce Arena’s national team? ‘To be honest, we would probably be happy to repeat the achievement of this year reach the last eight of the 2006 World Cup,’ he adds. ‘We have the luxury of a couple of years to build towards the qualifying games and find a few new players along the way. I’m sure the coach will be looking at guys between the age of 16 and 23 and hope to find a couple of stars in there. We are not a major national team, but it can change in years to come. ‘ Role models like Brad Friedel may yet turn America onto the game the rest of the world has embraced for more than a century.

UEFA EURO 2008™ – News – – Dec 20, 2002
World Cup hope Pakhomov, the former Russia Under-21 coach, has agreed a four-year deal which will see him guide the team through qualifying for the 2006 FIFA World Cup in Germany. Kazakhstan just missed the deadline for the 2004 UEFA European Championship. Tough task”He has been given a tough task to guide Kazakhstan to the 2006 World Cup finals,” Tlek Akpayev, vice-president of the Kazakhstan Football Union, said. The 59-year-old Pakhomov had held various coaching positions since leaving the Russian U21 team at the end of 1999. Previous achievementsKazakhstan, which is five times the size of France but with just 15 million people, reached the second phase of Asia’s FIFA World Cup qualifying tournament in 1997 and the finals of the FIFA World Youth Championship in Nigeria in 1999. ©Reuters 1998-2006. All rights reserved.

England freed from Warne shackles – Dec 21, 2002
In 10 years of larger-than-life exploits on and off the field, Warney – actually an upper-crust, privately-educated lad who plays the larrikin – has become the personification of Australian cricket, and sport, and therefore life. Stuart MacGill, set to replace him in the Melbourne Test, is a fine leg-spinner in his own right: the Australian propaganda machine already labels him ‘The second-best spinner in the world’. But as soon as he bowls, we will appreciate what we are missing – and may miss forever more, as Warne did not immediately buy into the optimism which had him bowling again in the World Cup, and said he had learnt from his last shoulder operation not to return before he was back to his best. MacGill runs up, bowls, walks back to his mark and repeats the process, like any other bowler. Warne was not only the master of bowling but choreography too: he never let a batsman, or a spectator, switch off between deliveries. Before walking in, he moved the field, made a gesture, forced the batsman to go at his – Warne’s – own pace; and after he had bowled came the raised arms, the wry smile, which told the batsman that the ball, even a long-hop, had been part of the master-plan. Yet there never were any long-hops – perhaps one per day – because Warne had such extraordinary control… The MCG has six drop-in pitches, all of them grown to a depth of eight inches in a nursery, brought in by semi-trailer and installed in September, with a metre in between each one for the batsmen to run up and down. They are a commercial necessity. Four Australian Football League clubs now use the MCG, ruining the square every winter, but football provides 80 per cent of the revenue. As the curator Tony Ware said: “We could survive without cricket, not without football. “In spite of the absentees, this Melbourne Test should still be a fine occasion. Since 1862 the good burghers of this free-settler city have driven to Yarra Park and the MCG, to see England’s cricketers and to be seen. So established, so thoroughly genteel was Melbourne life by 1877 that the notices for the first ever Test specified the direction in which the horses’ heads should be pointed when the carriages were parked. | The Topeka Capital-Journal | Briefly in sports 12/21/02
Topeka Capital Journal – Topeka Capital Journal (subscription) – Dec 21, 2002
The deal came a day before the 11th-ranked Tigers (6-0) play No. 12 Illinois in the annual Braggin’ Rights game. He had been signed through March 31, 2006, and the school said the deal is worth slightly more than $1 million per year the next five years… Vitali Klitschko will challenge Lennox Lewis for the heavyweight title in April. Klitschko’s promoter, Klaus-Peter Kohl, said the fight will take place in the United States on either April 12 or one week later, and Las Vegas is one of the possible venues. Didier Defago, of Switzerland, won the super-G Friday at Val Gardena, Italy, for his first World Cup victory. Ken Schrader signed Friday with BAM Racing, securing a ride for the next season just before the start of January testing. Whitey Herzog was hospitalized in satisfactory condition and was moved out of intensive care Friday, a day after undergoing quadruple bypass heart surgery in St. NHL: Sabres in jeopardyThe financially troubled Buffalo Sabres are in jeopardy of folding or leaving the city after this season unless state and local governments help out a pair of prospective buyers, NHL commissioner Gary Bettman said Friday.

… .com – SI Writers – Gabriele Marcotti – Inside World Soccer … – Dec 20, 2002
Here?s hoping the romantic streak at Santos prevails over financial sense so that Diego and Robinho can stay where they are for a few more seasons. Brazilian fans, and lovers of great soccer everywhere, deserve it. This must be one of FIFA?s most boneheaded decisions ever, as it reduces the South American slots to four and basically grants Australia free passage to Germany 2006, as the Socceroos dominate their qualifying zone. Australia has won four of the last five Oceania qualifying tournaments (the one time it did not, it lost out to Israel, which was shunted over for political reasons), but each time it lost its playoff for qualification. This decision smacks of marketing and economic concerns (the sale of TV rights for the World Cup in Australia is worth much more than the sale in, say Chile or Uruguay), not footballing logic. BAD WEEK: Celtic, who had three of its players arrested following a drunken night out at the team Christmas party.

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