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February 9, 2003

Team of the Year 2006

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The News Review:

* South Africa ready for the challenge
* US could be starting World Cup qualifying next spring
* – Soccer – Eriksson aims for ’04, asks international…
* Team of the Year 2006
* Current Affairs | 02.05.2003 Germany in Brief
* Twin towers put up a fight
* England cause needs calm
* ESPNsoccernet – England – Leeds v Gillingham Report

South Africa ready for the challenge
BBC News – Feb 4, 2003
The race to host the World Cup in 2010 is provoking a huge response from World Football listeners. We spoke to Segun Odegbami, the head of the Nigerian bid, a couple of weeks ago and his interview is still drawing your comments. Kevin Afe in Nigeria says the country should sort out its problems at home before it thinks about staging the event. Shehu Yusuf, also in Nigeria, admires Segun Odegbami’s patriotism, but believes that the man must know the plan is doomed to failure because Nigeria can’t match the organisational skills of the other bidding nations. Oseme in Morocco writes that the North should unite behind one bid to beat South Africa.

US could be starting World Cup qualifying next spring
USA Today – Feb 5, 2003
could be starting World Cup qualifying next springNEW YORK (AP) — The United States could start qualifying for the 2006 World Cup next spring instead of next summer, according to proposals being considered by soccer’s regional governing body. The Confederation of North and Central American and Caribbean Football Associations is to consider expanding the qualifying schedule when its executive committee meets Friday in New York. “We think it’s unlikely we’ll begin in the summer of 2004,” U. coach Bruce Arena said Wednesday. “We think we’ll begin a little earlier. – Soccer – Eriksson aims for ’04, asks international… – Feb 8, 2003
Asked if he would be in charge of England for the World Cupin Germany in 2006, the England coach told reporters: “At least,my contract is until then [2006] and I have no reasons to notbelieve it. “But in football you never know. You lose two games and thenyou are out. But the contract is until then.

Team of the Year 2006 – – Feb 3, 2003
com users took their opportunity to salute Turkey’s scintillating display in the World Cup finals with goalkeeper Rüstu Reçber and team coach Senol Günes taking pride of place in the starting lineup ahead of stiff competition from their German counterparts, Oliver Kahn and Rudi Völler. World Cup achieversOther World Cup heroes given their just desserts were Republic of Ireland winger Damien Duff, who capped a fine year of football with Blackburn Rovers FC, and Ronaldo whose eight goals at the finals won him the Golden Shoe and a place in the heart of uefa. Home truthsHowever, domestic form proved just as important as several players absent from the World Cup finals made their way into the Team of the Year. Evergreen midfield player Clarence Seedorf experienced disappointment with the Netherlands but was in inspiring form for AC Milan and, previously, Internazionale FC, and his team-mate Alessandro Nesta joined him in the squad. Elsewhere in defence, FC Barcelona’s Spanish international Carlos Puyol was a beacon of hope for the Catalan side.

Current Affairs | 02.05.2003 Germany in Brief
Deutsche Welle – Feb 5, 2003
Germany, the biggest single backer of the A400 program with orders for 60 aircraft, has caused major delays in the project because of a lack of funds. Budgetary approval for the purchase is expected next month. Beckenbauer threatens to quit World Cup committee
German soccer legend Franz Beckenbauer has threatened to step down as president of Germany’s 2006 World Cup organizing committee over a dispute with FIFA one day before its executive body meeting in Zurich. Beckenbauer, president of Bayern Munich, accused soccer’s world ruling body of being chiefly interested in making money and of wanting to set unreasonably high ticket and hotel prices for packages for VIPs. “FIFA’s main goal is to make money and all the rest is secondary,” Beckenbauer told Friday’s issue of football magazine Kicker. “We will not let that happen.

Twin towers put up a fight – Feb 7, 2003
7, 2003Twin towers put up a fight
Developers finally began the laborious process of pulling down Wembley’s twin towers today – but the famous landmarks were putting up a struggle against their demolition. After a ceremony to celebrate the past and future of the stadium, a giantcrane nicknamed Goliath struggled to break into the west tower’s masonry and work will continue over the weekend. Only by early next week will the last vestiges of the stadium which hosted the1966 World Cup final have been completely removed. Football Association spokesman Nick Barron explained that the towers could notbe blown up with explosives to protect the local environment and due to pledgesto recycle all materials. ‘It will take all weekend and into early next week but this is a constructionproject and we have to do things by the book,’ he said. The end was nevertheless still near, with the FA having concluded that itwould be at best overly expensive and at worst impossible to remove the hollowconcrete towers in one piece. World Cup winner George Cohen declared: ‘The towers were a beacon for Englishfootball recognised all over the world and I suppose for some people it will bean emotional moment when they go.

England cause needs calm – Feb 6, 2003
Each was English, thrown out by police for screaming abuse at Italians. Attention tonight switches to the Walker’s Stadium for the friendly visit of Serbia and Montenegro, England’s first home game since the hooligan-scarred Euro 2004 qualifier against Turkey. Most eyes will be on the football, on the sight of Matthew Upson making his first international start, on Phil Neville anchoring midfield, Frank Lampard tucking in on the left and seeking to release Michael Owen and Emile Heskey. Other eyes, those belonging to security hawks and anxious FA officials, will be watching for any malevolent movement off the field, following that noxious night at the Stadium of Light which resulted in scores of arrests, a £75,000 fine and a final warning from UEFA, the governing body of European football, that another outbreak of hooliganism would lead to England being barred from Euro 2004… David Beckham was first up, pleading in a pre-recorded broadcast for an end to racist chants, booing opponents’ national anthems and pitch invasions. Then came Owen, captain in Beckham’s absence, who broke off from training to voice his alarm that all the team’s “hard work” in seizing the initiative from Turkey in Group 7 could be “ruined” by the fans. “We have a great chance of winning Euro 2004 and we will be at our absolute peak at the World Cup [of 2006],” said Owen, 23. “It would be awful to think we had the best team in the world and to then have everything spoiled by the fans. The players have a small part to play as well. Hopefully we will score but then we won’t run off jumping into the crowd. “Before they leave the dressing-room, Owen will remind every player of the need to conduct themselves appropriately. – – Feb 5, 2003
Graz venueThe Homeless Streetsoccer World Championship will take place in the Austrian city of Graz from 7 to 13 July. Teams from each of the world’s continents will join together for the event, which is being organised by the International Network of Street Papers (INSP). Social respect”The championship wants to offer the chance to give social respect and dignity back to young homeless from around the world by means of sport,” the INSP said. “Football is capable of filling all social classes with enthusiasm. The world championship offers young homeless a totally new room of identification.

ESPNsoccernet – England – Leeds v Gillingham Report – Feb 4, 2003
‘But Lucas (Radebe) suffered a bang on his head (after a clash with Sidibe)and wanted to go back on, but that was impossible. ‘Dominic (Matteo) then came off 20 minutes from time and that threw us alittle bit and we ended up struggling in the closing stages. It was nervy at theend but that’s cup football. ‘Before the game Venables had been boosted by the news Smith had agreed to signa new three-and-a-half-year contract which will keep him at the club until thesummer of 2006. The result and Smith’s decision proved to be a double delight for Venables whoadded: ‘Alan’s staying is good news for everybody. It’s the sort of news weneed and the supporters need. ‘Despite Hessenthaler’s criticism of Venables, he at least praised theperformance of Viduka, even though it was the Australian who helped send hisside spinning out of the cup… ‘Despite Hessenthaler’s criticism of Venables, he at least praised theperformance of Viduka, even though it was the Australian who helped send hisside spinning out of the cup. ‘It was a good night for us and we’ve had a decent run in the cup, but thelikes of Viduka caused us problems all night,’ added Hessenthaler. ‘He showed just what a world-class player he is. I think at home he doesperform because I’ve seen him away a few times and he is not as good, buttonight he showed his quality.

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