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May 1, 2003

Brugge set to clinch Belgian title

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The News Review:

* Call to Africa to back our 2010 bid
* The cricket World Cup has caught Labour out
* G14 clubs demand slice of World Cup profits
* Brugge set to clinch Belgian title
* England to reject tickets for Turkish qualifier
* Animal crackers | | Guardian Unlimited Arts
* ‘Welcome to Sars central’ | Special reports | Guardian…
* BBC SPORT | Other Sport | Snooker | Hendry’s wife miscarries

Call to Africa to back our 2010 bid
Independent Online – May 1, 2003
They also called for the whole of Africa to get behind this country’s bid. Ideally, Cosafa and Cecafa, along with bid chief executive Danny Jordaan and bid chairman Irvin Khoza, would like the Confederation of African Football (Caf), led by Issa Hayatou, to present the Fifa Congress in October with one unified “African” bid for the World Cup. “So many countries are using their resources to bid,” said Kenyan Football Association president Maina Kariuki, “when their resources would be better utilised in the development of African football… ”

South Africa face challenges from Nigeria, Libya, Morocco and Egypt. The main opposition to Cosafa and Cecafa’s mission would in all probability be the North African countries. Morocco went up against South Africa for the 2006 World Cup and are likely to present their fiercest opposition this time. But Jordaan emphasised that Caf’s backing of one country would not prevent other African countries from bidding. “For 2006, Uefa gave their backing to Germany’s bid, but England still went ahead and bid,” he said. Nevertheless, England’s bid went absolutely nowhere, and if Caf were to back South Africa, Jordaan and company would have to be favourites to get Caf’s four Fifa executive votes. Furthermore, the likelihood of unifying Caf by October is also small.

The cricket World Cup has caught Labour out – May 1, 2003
This is utterly unconvincing. The Government becomes involved in sport all the time when it suits, whether it be leading Olympic bids, awarding lottery grants, or deciding on television broadcast rights. One event that was typical of ministerial influence was the way that, in a show of support for England’s bid to host the football World Cup in 2006, Manchester United were persuaded to pull out of the FA Cup and play instead in an international club championship in Brazil. And it was Tony Blair, not the Queen, who opened the last cricket World Cup in England, in 1999. Ministers must know that Mugabe will exploit the World Cup next month as a means of legitimising his state terrorism. The event will be used as a showcase for his rule, just as the old Communist dictatorships usurped international sporting events to prop up their failing regimes. The decision to pull out of Zimbabwe or not is a political one and the politicians should take responsibility for it.

G14 clubs demand slice of World Cup profits – Apr 29, 2003
Speaking in his role as vice-president of the G14 group of Europe’s 18 richest clubs, Kenyon demanded a slice of the revenue from the 2006 World Cup to cover the costs of players’ salaries, insurance and injuries. In return the G14 clubs would drop threats to boycott the Confederation’s Cup – being staged in France in June – and the Club World Championship planned for 2005… Speaking in his role as vice-president of the G14 group of Europe’s 18 richest clubs, Kenyon demanded a slice of the revenue from the 2006 World Cup to cover the costs of players’ salaries, insurance and injuries. In return the G14 clubs would drop threats to boycott the Confederation’s Cup – being staged in France in June – and the Club World Championship planned for 2005. “It’s also inevitable, given the way the game is organised, that all these issues will be linked together.

Brugge set to clinch Belgian title – Apr 29, 2003
FIFA will decide in May next year which country will host the event. South Africa and Morocco are considered the favorites. Germany will host the 2006 World Cup. Czechs to face Turkey without Nedved in friendly PRAGUE, Czech Republic (AP) — With Juventus star Pavel Nedved and more regulars unavailable for the Czech Republic, others have a chance to impress in a friendly against World Cup semifinalist Turkey on Wednesday. “Pavel wanted to come, but Juventus asked us not to call him up,” Czech Soccer Federation spokesman Daniel Macho said on Tuesday. He said Juventus feared another match would be too much for Nedved as Serie A was approaching its final stage and Juventus was also preparing for the Champions League semifinals. “We understand their situation, and the coach agreed to leave him off,” Macho said… I am leaving this team but my soul will stay with it. Balakov, who has won 91 caps and scored 16 goals for his country, said he had made the decision after talks with national coach Plamen Markov, the Bulgarian Football Union (BFU) and his family. “He is a real leader in the team but the decision is solely his, we cannot blame him (for the retirement),” BFU President Ivan Slavkov said. Balakov will continue to play for VfB Stuttgart until the end of the season and then take up an assistant coach position with the German club. He was a member of the Bulgaria team which reached the semifinals of the 1994 World Cup, beating holders Germany in the quarterfinals. Balakov made his senior debut aged 16 in the domestic premier championship with his home side Etar Veliko Tarnovo.

England to reject tickets for Turkish qualifier – Apr 30, 2003
That is a great disappointment to me. ” Ratcliffe took over at Shrewsbury from Jake King in November 1999. Shrewsbury has won only two league games since losing 4-0 to Chelsea in the fourth round of the FA Cup in January. Shrewsbury had been in the Football League — which runs the first, second and third divisions of English soccer — for 53 years. Government minister brands Bates a ‘disgrace’ LONDON (AP) — A British government official called Premier League soccer club Chelsea and chairman Ken Bates “a disgrace” for failing to help children in its local community. Education Secretary Charles Clarke said Chelsea, based in an upmarket area of west London, was the only club in the 20-team Premier League not to be involved in a program to help children read and write. The program was launched by Prime Minister Tony Blair in 1997, and 78 clubs from soccer, rugby, cricket, basketball and other sports have set up “Playing for Success” centers.

Animal crackers | | Guardian Unlimited Arts
Guardian Unlimited – Apr 29, 2003
Horse and Dog is none of these things, though you might say that while the Swiss artists are consciously taking apart big themes in a big landscape, Webb is playing with things on a smaller, domestic scale. Fischli and Weiss, you may remember, brought us the unfinished gallery in the opening show at Tate Modern, a room full of tools, plinths, wallboards and abandoned detritus. This was all fake, remade, replicated, right down to the last fag-end, polystyrene coffee cup and dried-up paintbrush. Their most famous film, The Way Things Go, is the unacknowledged inspiration for the current TV advert for Honda, a roundelay of cause and effect using car parts to act out a kind of kinetic performance. Webb’s staged photos similarly revel in their own artifice, their props, their creation of a suspended, provisional world: they have an air about them of those post-surreal Silk Cut adverts of the 1980s. It often feels uncomfortable, as well as disingenuous, to compare artists, to pitch them against one another and to rank them on a chart of worth. Here, though, we are dealing with animal-costume art, artist’s film, and a genre slippage between art for adults and entertainment for kids… Here, though, we are dealing with animal-costume art, artist’s film, and a genre slippage between art for adults and entertainment for kids. We are also looking at parallel-universe fiction (isn’t all fiction thus, you might ask). This is a smallish world, but it is densely populated, with everything from Tom and Jerry to Swan Lake, The Lord of the Rings to Planet of the Apes, the Teletubbies to the House at Pooh Corner. Jonathan Swift is there, along with Stephen King, Aesop’s Fables and the Jungle Book. In fact, it’s not such a small world after all, although Webb seems to make it so. There are no big themes here – few themes at all – in furry guise under quintessentially English skies. · Boyd Webb – Horse and Dog is at the Estorick Collection of Modern Italian Art, London N1, until May 25.

‘Welcome to Sars central’ | Special reports | Guardian…
Guardian Unlimited – Apr 29, 2003
Fatigue sets in as you re-breathe your own stale air. Eventually, you forget the darn thing is on. I remember being doubled over in laughter at a colleague whose coffee spilled all over him when the cup hit his mask. Containers of hand sterilising lotion that soon dissolve your fingers were stationed in every room. March 20 would be the last day for three weeks I would see my office colleague. She had patients at the Grace division and I did not. The hospital announced that all travel between our two hospital sites was suspended, for all staff… By the end of the ordeal, which lasted several hours, there were masks and gloves strewn everywhere. It had been impossible to preserve isolation, yet none of the staff left until their patient was stabilised. The world owes these professionals an unbelievable debt of gratitude. They knew the risk that was evolving, and they did not flinch. My friend told me that those watching from outside were in tears. As I read about it, I was too. Later the same day I was informed that three family doctors in a four-man community practice just down the road – colleagues I would see at educational events or medical dinners – had become ill with Sars after treating a patient with the disease who came to their office.

BBC SPORT | Other Sport | Snooker | Hendry’s wife miscarries
BBC News – May 1, 2003
“Mandy and I are devastated. It’s all very, very sad,” Hendry said in a statement released through his management company. Hendry lost to Mark Williams in the quarter-finals of the Embassy World Championship in Sheffield on Wednesday. The former world number one, who has a six-year-old son, Blaine, is now back at his home in Scotland.

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