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June 19, 2003

ESPNsoccernet – Euro 2008 – Sweden v Poland Report

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The News Review:

* ESPNsoccernet – Euro 2008 – Ireland v Georgia Report
* ESPNsoccernet – Euro 2008 – England v Slovakia Report
* ESPNsoccernet – Euro 2008 – Faroe Islands v Germany Report
* ESPNsoccernet – Euro 2008 – Sweden v Poland Report
* ESPNsoccernet – Euro 2008 – Belgium v Andorra Report
* ESPNsoccernet – Euro 2008 – San Marino v Hungary Report
* ESPNsoccernet – Euro 2008 – Norway v Romania Report
* UEFA Cup – News & Features

ESPNsoccernet – Euro 2008 – Ireland v Georgia Report – Jun 11, 2003
• Kerr salutes unsung players’The thing which pleased me most was winning the match 2-0,’ said Kerr after the match. ‘But in terms of the team, what pleased me was the fact that some of theplayers who have been fringe players, and who haven’t had much opportunity, werethrown into a big match tonight and did their stuff. ‘The biggest surprise was that Kerr opted for Healy, who had not played in theCeltic team since February, but the manager had no doubts. Kerr said: ‘Colin has played well in a few teams I have had in the past andhe played well when he was selected by (previous manager) Mick McCarthy. ‘He is a high energy player, he is a good player, he can tackle and he gaveus some physique because they were a big, physical team. It meant we had anotherstrong person at set pieces which needed to be defended and I felt he did a goodjob. ‘In the circumstances I felt we needed a bit of freshness in the team.

ESPNsoccernet – Euro 2008 – England v Slovakia Report – Jun 11, 2003
David James made a smart parry after Robert Vittek had left fly with an angleddrive and Matthew Upson followed up with an important block to clear. Although Slovakia continued to look suspect defensively – Rastilav Michalikalmost headed Scholes’ cross into his own net – the same could be said ofEngland as Radoslav Zabavnik picked out Igor Demo’s run with a beautiful lateralpass but he sliced into the crowd. The warning was not heeded and after 31 minutes Janocko swung over a free-kickfrom the left touchline, the ball curled over every player and bounced past theembarrassed James. It was almost 2-0 when Michal Hanek forced James to parry and then England andSlovakia traded miss for miss for the rest of the half. Owen had two more good chances, one created by Ashley Cole’s drilled cross andthe other by Frank Lampard’s astute pass, but both times his shot was feeble. In between, Slovakia took advantage of space on the flanks to rip Englandapart, though with no further reward. Michalik picked out Demo, who somehowblasted wide from 12 yards though completely unmarked, and then Szilard Nemethcontrived to miss from virtually the same spot… Lampard turned Southgate’s shot into the net from close range only for anoffside flag to end his celebrations. Television replays showed the Chelsea manclearly onside. England were not to be denied however. Gerrard flighted over a teasing crosswhich Owen rose to meet with perfect header which bulleted into the net. The hat-trick seemed there for the taking when Cole picked out Owen again butafter his first shot was parried his follow-up header came back off the bar.

ESPNsoccernet – Euro 2008 – Faroe Islands v Germany Report – Jun 11, 2003
‘Against such teams as the Faroe Islands you always have enough chances tomake the score 8-1 or 10-2 but unfortunately we made it quite exciting,’ saidVoeller. ‘It was a little irritating. In principle I can not really criticise the teama lot. ‘In the first half we played well enough and applied lots of pressure in thesecond. At some points in the second half we could have even been able to playwithout a goalkeeper. ‘We wanted to put on a good showing after the Scotland game and I think therewere some good moments in the game where we showed a good playing style. ‘Captain Oliver Kahn added on www.

ESPNsoccernet – Euro 2008 – Sweden v Poland Report – Jun 11, 2003
Dudek then made a spectacular point-blank save from anunmarked Ljungberg in the final minutes of the half. The defensive-minded Poles only had two chances in the firstperiod as striker Artur Wichniarek almost found an equaliserwith a low shot just past the post in the 35th minute. The visitors improved after the break as Sweden grew morecautious but they could not find the net as goalkeeper AndreasIsaksson proved equal to their efforts. In the 71st minute Svensson completed a great night when hescored with a superb free kick which Dudek got a hand to butcould not stop from going in. ‘We were well prepared for this game and we ran over them,’said Svensson. ‘Everything went as we had hoped. Thingsundoubtedly look bright.

ESPNsoccernet – Euro 2008 – Belgium v Andorra Report – Jun 11, 2003
Belgium dominated from the start and Goor put them ahead inthe 20th minute, forward Wesley Sonck getting the second justbefore halftime. Goor added his second in the 68th minute but a solid displayby Andorra goalkeeper Agusti Pol ensured his team did notreceive a more severe beating as he twice saved well from Sonckin the second half. Belgium coach Aime Anthuesis was pleased with his side’sperformance. ‘I am very happy,’ he told Belgian television. ‘The Belgiansplayed strongly. Afterwards, you can say that it was very easy,but you have to score goals.

ESPNsoccernet – Euro 2008 – San Marino v Hungary Report – Jun 11, 2003
Hungary, chasing goals in what is shaping up to be a tightgroup, got off to a flying start when Debrecen’s Zoltan Boorlatched on to a threaded pass from Peter Lipscei on the rightand cut in to open the scoring after just five minutes. Krisztian Kenesei then smacked a shot against the postbefore Hungary doubled their lead in the 20th minute through aKrisztian Lisztes free-kick from 25 metres, Hungary’s 150th goalin European championships. It was not all one-way traffic though. San Marino strikerAndy Selva volleyed just wide on nine minutes and Marco De Luigiwasted a good opening from a beautifully weighted Selva cross. In the second half, Hungary, without several key players dueto injury and suspension, added a third when Lisztes set upKenesei for a tap-in. San Marino, facing a 33rd straight defeat in Europeanchampionship qualifiers, had a chance to at least score theirfirst goal of this campaign when substitute Miklos Lenvaiupended Simone Bacciochi in the area, but Selva chipped his spotkick over the bar. Imre Szabics then headed a fourth for Hungary, his fifthgoal in three games, before Lisztes chipped in his second andHungary’s fifth on 82 minutes.

ESPNsoccernet – Euro 2008 – Norway v Romania Report – Jun 11, 2003
Manchester United’s Solskjaer grabbed a precious point afterthe referee awarded a harsh-looking 78th-minute penalty againstcaptain Christian Chivu. ‘The result was because of a mistake by the referee,’Cristian Bivolaru, vice-president of the Romanian SoccerAssociation, said. ‘The result does not mirror the game, we owned the match inthe second half,’ added Bivolaru, who stood in for coach AnghelIordanescu at a news conference, saying Iordanescu was sufferingpsychological pressure. Denmark tightened their grip on Group Two with a 2-0 victoryover Luxembourg. They now have 13 points, with Norway on 11 andRomania 10. ‘We’re still in a rat race to the end,’ Norway coach NilsJohan Semb said. ‘We played a good first half but were bad in the second whenwe got completely exhausted.

UEFA Cup – News & Features – Jun 19, 2003
The UEFA Cup final will be held in Gothenburg, Sweden on 19 May 2004. All rights reserved.

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