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August 20, 2003 – MLB – Womack newest Cub after trade from Rockies

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* Olympics: Paris set to strut its stuff
* Sven’s pledge
* Bosses let ITV down
* – MLB – Womack newest Cub after trade from Rockies
* Japan Today – News and discussion
* BBC SPORT | Golf | Presidents Cup places decided
* JS Online: Hales Corners Speedway stands in checkout line

Olympics: Paris set to strut its stuff – Aug 19, 2003
On the other hand,” he went on, “the Stade de France is a model of success and know-how. “Connoisseurs of diplomatic mud-throwing will be hoping M Lamour’s remarks turn the London-Paris face-off into a contest to match the struggle for front-row supremacy in an England-France rugby match. There is no sign yet of the London leaders turning on Paris the way the Football Association rounded on South Africa in bidding for the 2006 World Cup. Ken Livingstone, who understands politics, will know why M Lamour chose those words. His intention was to stir up anxiety inside the International Olympic Committee about London’s chaotic transport network, which leaves us with no scope for poking fun at the Greeks as they scamper to be ready for next summer’s Olympic Games. For the next fortnight London will just have to take its licks. The indelible mark of shame, which French voices will doubtless refer to, is the Picketts Lock fiasco.

Sven’s pledge
ic – Aug 20, 2003
However, Eriksson admitted his future could be taken out of his hands if England fail to qualify for the Euro 2004 finals in Portugal. The England coach was at pains to stress ahead of tonight’s friendly against Croatia at Portman Road that his friendship with Chelsea boss Roman Abramovich has no bearing on his future management plans. Indeed, Eriksson revealed he regularly speaks to leading figures within the game – including Premier League managers – about a whole range of football issues, such as possible transfer targets. Then again, while accepting his photographed meeting with Abramovich soon after the Russian’s takeover was badly timed, Eriksson admits there is little he can do to convince sceptics of his desire to stay with England… We’ve eaten together and, on one occasion, I met Mr Abramovich. “That he bought Chelsea was a big surprise to me. I knew that he was planning to go into football and was also thinking about Formula One. “But when you are invited to take a cup of tea at the house of a friend, and you’re not going there to discuss a contract, I am not rude. “I don’t know how many times I’ve been to [Arsenal vice-chairman] David Dein’s house and I hope that I’m not supposed to be the next Arsenal manager. “Of course, we talk about football. I meet other managers, say Sir Alex Ferguson, and they phone me sometimes to ask me what I think about a player.

Bosses let ITV down – Aug 15, 2003
Unquestionably, Match of the Day is close to the BBC’s heart: the first time the title was seen was in August 1964, when the late Kenneth Wolstenholme said: “Welcome to Match of the Day, the first of a weekly series on BBC 2. ” The match was Liverpool v Arsenal, the coverage was in black and white, and the audience was below 20,000 – less than half the attendance at Anfield. What happened at Wembley in the summer of 1966 changed the face of football in this country. The BBC’s monopoly lasted for only one more season: ITV arrived in 1968 with The Big Match on Sunday afternoons. A year later, MOD went into colour and audiences went up to 10 million and more. But ITV didn’t sit back: the showmen and the entrepreneurs who were in charge then pulled off a spectacular deal – ‘snatch of the day’ – to give ITV exclusive coverage of the Football League. – MLB – Womack newest Cub after trade from Rockies
ESPN – Aug 20, 2003
270 with 30 homers, 308 RBI and 307 steals. He’s also appeared in 23 postseason games during his career,going to the playoffs in 1999, 2001 and 2002 with the Diamondbacks. In Game 7 of the 2001 World Series, his ninth-inning double off theYankees’. Ramirez, a 23-year-old right-hander, has seen action at bothClass-A Daytona and Double-A West Tenn this season.

Japan Today – News and discussion – Aug 20, 2003
“If it were my team, Japan would have won it by 7-0,” the Frenchman said. In an effort to halt the run of poor results, Zico has selected his strongest team for Wednesday’s game, calling on several European-based players, including former Asian player of the year Hidetoshi Nakata from Italy. Zico said he wanted to pick his strongest side in preparation for preliminary Asian qualifiers for the 2006 World Cup, which get underway early next year. “I know it is an important period for European clubs and their players now, but it is also important for international players who will have to compete in the qualifiers for the World Cup soon,” said the Brazilian legend. “Besides, players will get a chance to play overseas by showing a good performance for their national team. Whenever we need them, we want them to take part. ”
Along with Parma star Nakata, Zico has picked Shunsuke Nakamura and Atsushi Yanagisawa from Italy’s Serie A, as well as German SV Hamburg striker Naohiro Takahara and England-based Junichi Inamoto.

BBC SPORT | Golf | Presidents Cup places decided
BBC News – Aug 18, 2003
Howell held on to the 10th spot in the US team after finishing 10th at Oak Hill on Sunday, while Australia’s Appleby ensured he claimed the 10th spot in the International team by finishing 23rd. The fifth Presidents Cup, between America and an International side composed of players from outside Europe, will take place in South Africa in November. “Charles Howell is among the talented young breed coming along in our game today,” said American captain Jack Nicklaus. “He knows how to play the game and, at 24 and the youngest player on our team, will only get better. ”

Nine-time major winner Gary Player of South Africa, skipper of the International team, was equally complimentary about Appleby. “Stuart is a tough competitor who has withstood tremendous adversity, and I am certain he will be a key player in the Presidents Cup,” he said.

JS Online: Hales Corners Speedway stands in checkout line
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel – Milwaukee Journal Sentinel (subscription… – Aug 15, 2003
The engine should provide a significant boost to six drivers who’ve struggled behind those with Toyota and Honda power. “To say that we’re looking forward to racing this weekend is the understatement of the season for our team,” said driver Robbie Buhl, who had the powerful Infiniti engine last year before the manufacturer left. Last laps

In conjunction with the Make-A-Wish Foundation, Nick Pulos, 18, of Sheboygan will serve as honorary crew chief for the Wisconsin-based TeamRTR and drivers Peter Cunningham and Eric Curran in the Speed World Challenge Touring Car race Aug. 23 at Road America. Driver Chad Blount and Jesel Racing are scheduled to make six more NASCAR Busch Series starts, beginning this weekend at Michigan International Speedway, with backing from Miller High Life. Call Dave Kallmann at (414) 224-2537 or send e-mail to dkallmann@journalsentinel.

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