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October 15, 2003

Euro 2004 playoff draw opens way for favourites

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* BBC NEWS | UK | England | UK police prepare for Euro 2004
* ESPNsoccernet – England – Your view: Istanbul aftermath
* England should celebrate with peace summit
* Euro 2004 playoff draw opens way for favourites
* Vogts assured his job is safe
* How far can England go?
* Fans prepare for Dutch duel
* UEFA Cup – News & Features – News Specific
* BBC SPORT | Football | My Club | Stockport | McIlroy quits NI for…
* Time to change guard
* Turkish prime minister defends decision to send troops to Iraq
* Japan beckons as FAI count cost of failure
* Only Owen and Beckham stand out
* Heskey to shoulder the scoring burden
* Souness calls for calm
* ESPNsoccernet – Euro 2004 – Vogts stays positive
* Pressure mounts on Advocaat

BBC NEWS | UK | England | UK police prepare for Euro 2004
BBC News – Oct 13, 2003
“We said at the time we would not be taking tickets for the matches against Turkey and Macedonia, but that we were not intending to set a precedent,” an FA spokesman said. “We have every intention of taking tickets for the England match in Portugal next February,” he said. “We always intended events off the pitch did not affect our progress in the competition. We believe this policy has helped us qualify for the finals.

ESPNsoccernet – England – Your view: Istanbul aftermath – Oct 14, 2003
The Euro 2004 qualifying match in Istanbul may have ended 0-0 – with the point enough for England to qualify automatically for the championships and Turkey to face the play-offs – but there were plenty of talking points before, during and after the match. TOP STORIES FA extend Arsenal charges deadlineOlimpija striker lays into LiverpoolQuakers chief targets GascoigneYour Verdict:As an England fan it shocks me that Alpay has been vilified even by his own national coach for his actions last Saturday. I do not condone his actions but Alpay should not take all the blame for the incidents surrounding the Turkey vs England game. Both the Turkish and English F. A’s are at fault for their contribution in their war of words weeks before the game, and Eriksson and in particular Gomes comments in the weeks before did not help give leadership to the players… So what if he made personal remarks about his mother, if you’re professional enough you’ll ignore it, get on with your job and not go whining to the press afterwards. What goes on the field stays on the field, stop carrying on and trying to make the England team much bigger heroes than they really are David. Andrew Browne, SydneyI sit here in Barbados mildly amused at the comments attributed to UEFA spokesman Mike Lee regarding the argy bargy during the weekend’s heated Euro 2004 qualifier. Did we not see in the Manchester United vs. Arsenal league match a few weeks ago that several players involved in a similar scrap, faced disciplinary action from the FA?That was at the club level. It is reasonable to expect that at the international level there will be similar sanctions given out. Then again we may see absolutely nothing come of the jeering and goading of missed penalty takers.

England should celebrate with peace summit – Oct 13, 2003
I have a job to do to protect the rights of players. This case has been damaged by the breach of confidentiality. “Soho Square should really be working with Taylor and United, gaining their trust and not threatening legal action. Rather than bickering, English football should be celebrating today. After a good night in Istanbul, Eriksson finally stressed that he would lead England into Euro 2004 despite speculation linking him to Chelsea. “Yes, I will be manager at the European Championships. ” Of England? “Yes… It’s very important that he takes us into that tournament. “I don’t think there is anybody better. I don’t see why we can’t win Euro 2004. We’ve proved that we can mix it with the best. We’ve come to Istanbul and done well against these boys who were third in the World Cup. “Turkey players such as Alpay were involved in an unpleasant fracas with England’s at half-time. Referee Pierluigi Collina has told UEFA’s match delegates that he would be mentioning the unsavoury events in the tunnel, but would not be recommending any disciplinary action.

Euro 2004 playoff draw opens way for favourites – Oct 13, 2003
Spain need to overcome Norway to make the short trip to neighbouring
Portugal, while the other four ties saw Latvia pitted against Turkey, Scotland
drawn to play the Netherlands, Croatia paired with Slovenia and Russia drawn
against Wales. The 10 teams finished as group runners-up in the qualifying competition that
ended on Saturday. Spain, third in the FIFA world rankings and the highest ranked nation in the
draw, lost 1-0 to Norway in the finals of Euro 2000… Croatia, meanwhile, welcomed their draw against neighbouring Slovenia. “We have high respect for what Slovenian team has achieved in the last
several years, but we believe it is an opponent we can beat to qualify for Euro
2004,” Croatia FA secretary-general Zorislav Srebric told Reuters. Slovenia participated in Euro 2000 which Croatia did not, and both teams took
part in last year’s World Cup. “I’m not satisfied with the draw. It’s a match between neighbours and these
are always tense and never easy,” said Slovenia captain Miran Pavlin.

Vogts assured his job is safe – Oct 13, 2003
Scotland earned their place in the play-draw with Saturday’s 1-0 win over Lithuania, and even if they do not make it the finals, the Scottish FA want Vogts for the long haul. Scottish FA chief executive David Taylor said: “Obviously we have had a few frank discussions over the past year and a bit but we made a considered judgement. What you do in football is not get too high when things go well and you don’t get too low when they don’t. “”You have got to try to look at the longer term.

How far can England go?
BBC News – Oct 13, 2003
But they are still not the resilient Italy of old and should hold few terrors for England. Germany will be in the mix simply because they are Germany – resilient, stubborn, successful. England’s hopes

Eriksson is not given to bold statements, so it reveals inner confidence to suggest England as potential winners of Euro 2004. England faltered at the World Cup in the quarter-finals, but Owen and Beckham were not fully fit and the injured Gerrard was back home on Merseyside. If Eriksson can keep his key men fit, integrate the attacking partnership of Rooney and Owen and solve the left-flank puzzle, he may just be in a position to deliver England’s first major trophy since 1966. And then he may be able to leave Soho Square for Stamford Bridge in peace.

Fans prepare for Dutch duel
BBC News – Oct 14, 2003
Many of them will and I would expect more than 5,000 Scottish fans to end up with tickets for the game. ”

On the subject of air fares, Mr Husband said: “We know all about the ticket prices with easyJet and other airlines but that’s their stated policy. I’m not saying it’s right or wrong but that’s the way it works. “Fans will find other ways of getting there and will fly to places like Brussels, Frankfurt and Paris and they’ll get a
train on to Amsterdam from there. ”

Despite the increased cost of flights between Scottish Airports and Amsterdam, easyJet said seats are fast selling out on the days surrounding the game.

UEFA Cup – News & Features – News Specific – Oct 14, 2003
By Patrick Kluivert
No one at Barcelona was delighted with our 1-1 draw against Púchov last month but it was certainly not a terrible result. Perhaps they were lucky to score so late in the game but it was a difficult examination for us and we know we will have to pay them due respect in the second leg in the Camp Nou this week. Intimidating atmosphereBecause Púchov’s own ground does not have floodlights, we played in another stadium but their fans made it feel and sound like their own. I think there were about 20,000 fans at the match but it sounded and felt like many more and it obviously motivated their players. We expected them to play the game of their season against us and that was exactly how it seemed. Sense of reliefIt is always a different challenge to play in countries like Slovakia and against sides you are not familiar with. There is always a sense of relief to come away from such places with a safe result and hope for the second leg… I injured my knee during Holland’s win over Moldova on Saturday and at the moment I am not sure whether I will recover in time to play. I saw specialists on Monday and Tuesday but there is little more I can do now than wait and see how my body feels. Happy outcomeOn Monday, the draw for the EURO 2004™ play-offs paired the Netherlands with Scotland. We knew before Saturday’s round of matches that there would be some serious opposition in the play-offs and while I certainly consider Scotland to be serious opposition, it won’t surprise anyone when I say we would prefer to play them than Spain, Croatia or Turkey. Scottish powerI have not seen Scotland play for a long time but I know they play in a typical British style. It will not be the first time we have faced a team with this mentality but teams with that kind of passion and technique can never be written off. We will expect to beat Scotland, but we know it will not be easy.

BBC SPORT | Football | My Club | Stockport | McIlroy quits NI for…
BBC News – Oct 15, 2003
“He has advised that his decision was based entirely on a growing desire to return to the day-to-day cut and thrust of club management,” said Bowen. “He emphasised that in his four years as manager he deeply appreciated the tremendous support that was given to him by the Association, his squad members and not least the supporters who have backed him all the way.

Time to change guard
Irish Independent – Oct 13, 2003
Saturday’s defeat by Switzerland means that Ireland’s players will be kicking their heels next summer when the cream of the Continent assemble for the Euro 2004 finals in Portugal. So, it’s back to the drawing board after Ireland’s failure to finish in the top two of their group for the first time since the 1986 World Cup qualifying campaign. After going through their 2002 World Cup campaign unbeaten, from the first qualifying game to the last 16, failure to reach the finals of Euro 2004 is as major disappointment. Kerr, who only took over in January after Mick McCarthy resigned following the defeats by Russia and Switzerland, inherited a desperate situation and must be commended for going close to pulling off a remarkable turnaround. But, considering that Ireland went into their final two games knowing that wins in both would guarantee automatic qualification, Kerr must be as puzzled as everybody else at the flat performances produced against Russia and Switzerland… “It is a chance to start afresh,” said the manager. “We have got a bit of time before our next competitive game and that gives us an opportunity to look at the younger players. But it’s important that we are not starting from scratch – most of the current squad are relatively young so we won’t have to throw in a load of new fellows together. ” The manner in which both the Russians and the Swiss took care of Ireland in the last two games is worrying and in the wreckage of Basel on Saturday night Kerr suggested that playing in England has left many of his squad one-dimensional when it comes to tactics. “Our players play in a league where there is very little tactical variation,” he said. “There are very few teams who play more than 4-4-2 on a regular basis. It’s been a problem for our teams for a good few years now.

Turkish prime minister defends decision to send troops to Iraq
Kathimerini – Oct 13, 2003
England finally held Turkey to a 0-0 draw to book their place in the Euro 2004 finals in Portugal. Turkey must negotiate the playoffs after finishing as group runner-up. By Gareth Jones – Reuters
ANKARA – Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan said yesterday Turkish soldiers would be a guarantee of peace in Iraq even though Baghdad?s US-appointed Governing Council says they would not be welcome. Turkey?s Parliament voted last week to send troops, believed to number up to 10,000, bowing to a request by its NATO ally the United States… ?I believe Turkish soldiers will be a guarantee of peace there,? said Erdogan, the first head of a Muslim country to agree to a dispatch of troops to back the US-led occupation. Iraq?s Governing Council fears Turkey could have ulterior political motives which could further destabilize the country. Ankara says its troops will not be deployed in mainly Kurdish northern Iraq, where local people fear Turkey ? which is battling Kurdish separatist fighters on its own soil ? will try to curb their hard-won autonomy from Baghdad. Turkey wants the United States to persuade the Governing Council of the need for Turkish troops before sitting down with its ally to hammer out logistical details, such as the size and exact location of its deployment in Iraq. Muslim nations attending the 57-member Organization of the Islamic Conference in Malaysia left Turkish delegates isolated by demanding the ?eviction of all foreign forces from Iraq. ?Erdogan easily won last Tuesday?s parliamentary vote on the deployment, despite earlier fears that some AK members might join the opposition as they did in March in opposing government plans to let US forces attack Iraq from Turkish soil. Underlining his now confident command of the party, Erdogan was re-elected AK leader unopposed at yesterday?s congress.

Japan beckons as FAI count cost of failure
Irish Independent – Oct 13, 2003
Saturday’s defeat in Basel in likely to cost the FAI up to €4million in lost revenue as it misses out on the financial windfall guaranteed to the 16 qualifiers. However, chief executive Fran Rooney maintained last night that the association had factored the possibility of not qualifying into their budgets. “Not reaching the finals gives us the opportunity of looking at all aspects of our commercial activities to put a new platform in place. We have got a lot of work to do in terms of the corporate side of the business,” said Rooney. Ireland’s failure to make the play-offs means that the FIFA derogation on bucket seats at Lansdowne Road has now expired and the official capacity for all competitive internationals played there is 22,000. Rooney admitted that was a worrying one for the association and revealed that the FAI were pressing hard for the government to make a decision on a national stadium. “We are concerned about the lack of urgency in making the decision on the new stadium,” he said.

Only Owen and Beckham stand out – Oct 13, 2003
Traditionally some have been intelligent, some have not. Some have famously transplanted their brains to the boots and left the cranial space as a mere echo chamber for the mobile phone at their ear. So you are presented with a choice. A foreign player, say Dutch, educated at Ajax with something a little more rounded than text-messaging or a promising young English player… You try to remember the 0-0 draw against Turkey that carries England to Euro 2004, but cannot help intrusive thoughts about daft player strike threats, Wayne Rooney, our bright young thing, allegedly embroiled in a tunnel punch-up and the fact that David Beckham prefers to play in Madrid. By now, you – as an incisive and contemplative business leader – would be forming a logical conclusion: a) bail out to ICI or, if that option is not available, b) do not, do not on any account, employ the maelstrom of potential difficulties, arrests, parking offences, brawls, boozing and other assorted tribulations that are associated with your average English footballer. You need not fear he will fall back into the primordial swamp. There is always the Nationwide League or the Conference to grimly support his peculiar habits on far more sensible wages.

Heskey to shoulder the scoring burden – Oct 15, 2003
He did not withdraw that threat yesterday when asked whether he feared another incident this season. A greater degree of responsibility falls on Heskey and his front-running colleagues tonight as Liverpool aim to capitalise on Owen’s vital away goal, three weeks ago, which rescued the Merseysiders from a below-par performance in Slovenia and enabled them to escape with a 1-1 draw. Owen, who broke Ian Rush’s European scoring record that night, is unable to complete the job himself as he has still not recovered from. He is a contender to return at Portsmouth on Saturday.

Souness calls for calm – Oct 15, 2003
Midfielder Trevor Sinclair is pushing for a place in the team after having to settle for a place on the bench in the 1-0 defeat by Wolves. Richard Dunne (ankle) and Danny Tiatto (dead leg) are also available for the match in Belgium after being injured. McManaman expects a resounding triumph on foreign soil: “We have got lots of lads who have played in big games, so that should not be a problem,” he said. Fresh concerns over the durability of Craig Bellamy arose yesterday after the Newcastle striker was ruled out of his club’s UEFA Cup tie in Holland due to the recurrence of a knee problem. While his colleagues were preparing to take on NAC Breda at the MyCom Stadium tonight, Bellamy was awaiting the results of scans. Newcastle lead 5-0 from the first leg. Bellamy’s career has been blighted by knee injuries since his Norwich days and the latest problem follows his participation in Wales’ Euro 2004 qualifying match with Serbia and Montenegro last weekend… While his colleagues were preparing to take on NAC Breda at the MyCom Stadium tonight, Bellamy was awaiting the results of scans. Newcastle lead 5-0 from the first leg. Bellamy’s career has been blighted by knee injuries since his Norwich days and the latest problem follows his participation in Wales’ Euro 2004 qualifying match with Serbia and Montenegro last weekend. While his colleagues were preparing to take on NAC Breda at the MyCom Stadium tonight, Bellamy and Sir Bobby Robson, the Newcastle manager, were anxiously awaiting the results of scans on the forward’s persistently problematic knee. His Wales counterpart, Mark Hughes, will also be disturbed to hear of Bellamy’s plight with a Euro 2004 play-off against Russia looming next month. Robson will be keen to avoid a repetition of previous club-versus-country rows over Bellamy, but is “frustrated” his forward has returned from international duty with knee problems for the second time this season. “The boy was sent for scans to compare his knee to what it was when he came back from a Welsh match (also against Serbia in August) and complained bitterly about it and insisted he needed to be out of the game for a little while.

ESPNsoccernet – Euro 2004 – Vogts stays positive – Oct 13, 2003
euroq –>Updated: Oct. 13, 2003Vogts: Anything can happenBerti Vogts was upbeat despite Scotland’s nightmare pairing with Holland when the draw for the Euro 2004 play-offs was made in Frankfurt this morning. The Scots finished runners-up in Group Five behind Germany thanks to their 1-0 win over Lithuania at the weekend, but could not have been given a tougher task in facing the Dutch, who were second best to the Czech Republic in Group Three. And the Scotland head coach said: ‘This is probably one of the toughest draws inthe group but it is still just two games. Anything can happen and we have achance. ‘It will be a good experience for us but we are looking forward [to it]. Theteam played very well against Germany and we will have to do the same againstthe Netherlands.

Pressure mounts on Advocaat
BBC News – Oct 13, 2003
And it is a mood Berti Vogts and his Scotland side will attempt to exploit as they aim to overcome the odds in the two-leg play-off against one of the world’s most talented group of players. Advocaat, like so many of his predecessors, has had an uneasy relationship with the variety of big-name egos inhabiting his dressing-room – and with the media. Uncomfortable caught in the media spotlight, he admits to an increasing dislike for the wall-to-wall coverage demanded of a manager with previous charges Rangers and now the Netherlands. Advocaat did not even bother travelling to Frankfurt for Monday’s draw for the play-offs, preferring to give a short, sharp reaction back in his homeland… Advocaat, like so many of his predecessors, has had an uneasy relationship with the variety of big-name egos inhabiting his dressing-room – and with the media. Uncomfortable caught in the media spotlight, he admits to an increasing dislike for the wall-to-wall coverage demanded of a manager with previous charges Rangers and now the Netherlands. Advocaat did not even bother travelling to Frankfurt for Monday’s draw for the play-offs, preferring to give a short, sharp reaction back in his homeland. After speaking in his mother tongue, he was asked if he would give his assessment in English for British television but replied: “No, because they do not translate anything into Dutch.

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