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The News Review:

* Brazil backs SA World Cup bid
* My Sport: Sir Geoff Hurst
* Madiba magic is the key to SA’s 2010 bid
* – NFL – Recap
* Defensive tag makes Parreira lose his cool
* – sport/soccer
* Nigeria Sports Minister explains Robson decision

Brazil backs SA World Cup bid – Nov 8, 2003
Lula in turn astounded the same audience by responding positively and without hesitation. “We are hoping to host the 2010 World Cup and we are certain of doing this with the support of Brazil,” Mbeki said. “With your distinguished football record, the International Football Federation (FIFA) can hardly refuse if Brazil says the cup must go to South Africa. ”
Lula replied: “Brazil will have no doubt about supporting South Africa to host the World Cup. “There is only on provision, however. You cannot create any impediment to Brazil winning the cup in 2010,” he told the laughing dinner guests. The competition among African candidates to host the 2010 World Cup intensified last month when French President Jacques Chirac announced his support for Morocco’s bid… The competition among African candidates to host the 2010 World Cup intensified last month when French President Jacques Chirac announced his support for Morocco’s bid. A five-man FIFA inspection team on Thursday completed a week-long examination of football facilities and other infrastructure necessary to host the world’s largest sporting event. South Africa lost the bid to host the 2006 World Cup to Germany by a single vote.

My Sport: Sir Geoff Hurst – Nov 8, 2003
People always want to talk about the World Cup in 1966, but I would love to see England do it again, to create a new generation to carry on the tradition. Greatest change you would like to see in the running of football: Even though the new league season is now upon us, I would like to see more of a focus on the national side being successful, rather than the club sides being so. The national team winning a World Cup would have the biggest impact on football in this country and on the nation. How is football covered in the media? There is far too much coverage. It is impossible to write successfully and well given the amount of column inches which are dedicated to the game, and that is why some trash is written about football. It is covered from every possible angle, with too much speculation. I am always reminded of the comparison that when Brian James, one of the old football writers, wrote a piece about the World Cup in 1966, it was a couple of paragraphs.

Madiba magic is the key to SA’s 2010 bid
Independent Online – Nov 6, 2003
The first was when Fifa decided to boycott South African sport to support the people of South Africa in the fight against apartheid and their struggle for freedom. “The second was when Fifa decided to give the 2010 football World Cup to the African continent. ”

Peeters’s statement that the host decision could well be influenced by a political vote could give SA the edge over Morocco, Libya, Egypt and Tunisia. Pressed for more details he said: “I am very sorry that I can’t say more. We’ve come here to look, to observe, to ask questions to see what South Africa could offer as part of its bid to host the World Cup. We will submit our reports to Fifa and the executive committee will announce its decision in May… ”

A confident Danny Jordaan, the bid chief executive, said the next task was to gain the support of the voting countries. “We have done all we could in our presentations. ”

“The telecommunications and medical presentations were especially impressive and our bid is significantly stronger than it was for the 2006 World Cup,” said Jordaan. “We are chasing 13 out of the 24 votes and we have to put everything on it. But I have no doubt that South Africa is the best bet to host the first-ever World Cup finals on the African continent. – NFL – Recap
ESPN – Nov 10, 2003
“The balls were very, very slick,” Packers coach Sherman said. “It seemed to affect us more than it did them, however, whichconcerns me. ” The Packers lost their grip not only on the football but ontheir old home-field dominance. They’re still an NFL-best 13-2 at home in November and Decembersince 2000, but they’ve lost three times at home for just thesecond time in 12 years. “This place has been almost a shoo-in over the years,” Favresaid. “I just think it shows there are no sure things. ” The Packers have the league’s easiest remaining schedule, basedon opponents’ records, but “every time we lose one of these games,it’s tough to rebound,” Favre said.

Defensive tag makes Parreira lose his cool – Nov 11, 2003
If you say my team does not attack, either you are not being honest or you don’t know about football. " Parreira faced the latest wave of criticism after his side beat Ecuador "only" 1-0 in their last World Cup qualifier in September. Although the win put Brazil top of the South American qualifying group for the 2006 World Cup with a maximum six points from two games, the result failed to satisfy the demanding Brazilian public. "When you win 1-0 and 2-0, they think it’s horrible. But that’s not the case. Our game against Ecuador was very difficult. "They did well at the World Cup and it’s the same team and the same coach. – sport/soccer
SABC News – Nov 10, 2003
0 Thu Feb 01 20:37:46 2007 –> Beckenbauer to help SA bid. He is arriving at the invitation of the 2010 World Cup bid Committee and is expected in the country next week. A couple of years ago, Beckenbauer and the South African bid committee were on opposite ends of the 2006 World Cup campaign. Germany subsequently won the right to host that world cup, and everything seems to have been forgotten. The Germans pipped South Africa by a single point to be awarded the right to host the next World Cup – and now Beckenbauer is on his way to South Africa to assist in their 2010 campaign.

Nigeria Sports Minister explains Robson decision – Nov 6, 2003
This is the last CAF Cup. It will be amalgamated next year with the Africa Cup Winners’ Cup to make the CAF Confederation Cup. MADAGASCAR — Odon Razafintsalama has been appointed as the fourth coach this year for Madagascar’s national team, who play in Benin in a 2006 World Cup qualifier on November 16. Razafintsalama takes over from Auguste Raux, who headed a panel of three coaches appointed for the first leg of the World Cup preliminary round tie against Benin which ended 1-1. SOUTH AFRICA — Wits University goalkeeper Wayne Roberts extended his record run of not conceding a goal this season to 998 minutes his team forced a 0-0 draw away at Black Leopards on Wednesday. Roberts, a former under-23 international, has not conceded a goal in eight league matches and three cup games. The only goal scored against Roberts was in the first match of the season in the last eight minutes of a 2-1 Super Eight Cup win over Kaizer Chiefs.

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