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January 7, 2004

EURO 2004: Spain

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The News Review:

* Injury puts Woodgate out of Euro 2004
* Czechs need Nedved to find his old ways
* News | Telegraph
* EURO 2004: Spain
* Jenas sets sights on Euro 2004
* SOCCER: Larsson would quit football
* EURO 2004: Italy
* Roddick puts friendship aside to douse Schalken fire
* Forgiving Desailly may take time
* Rio ready to drop drugs ban appeal – reports
* 2004: Hot new year of curls, girls – and fabulous Freddie
* Thompson set for England call
* Round-up: Chelsea target Tiago
* Video of SAS shootings to be given to coroner

Injury puts Woodgate out of Euro 2004 – Jan 5, 2004
The Newcastle United defender tore his thigh muscle in last week’s win over Chelsea and was ruled out for the rest of the season, but yesterday he was forced to accept that he would not be available for selection in Sven-Goran Eriksson’s provisional squad of 23, due to be announced on May 17. “Jonathan’s injury will need at least two months to repair,” said Robson… Speaking after his side’s 2-2 draw at Charlton Adams said: “I fear for the future of the club in many ways, in terms of trying to get back on the Premiership stage, because I’m sure there’ll be clubs out there looking at my players and thinking they might want them in their team. “As I’ve said to the players, I won’t stand in anybody’s way. If they are good enough they will be on this stage again next season. If they are not, first day of pre-season, they are back at it. But I can’t tell you who’s going to be here and who’s not.

Czechs need Nedved to find his old ways – Jan 5, 2004
The Czechs drew 1-1 in Holland and won 3-1 at home to top the group and push the Dutch into a play-off with Scotland. A silly quirk of the draw means they meet again in Portugal. But it is not the over-familiar Dutch who occupy the thoughts of Bruckner, Nedved and Co, nor even the Germans who also feature in the toughest of Euro 2004 groups. Bruckner reiterates, like a mantra: “I am thinking about only one team: Latvia. ” The Czechs play the Baltic debutants in their opening game on June 15 in Aveiro. “It’s the only match which matters at this moment. The first match is everything.

News | Telegraph – Jan 7, 2004
And where better to start than the great leader’s own pronouncements? “The status quo is not an option”, he declared solemnly in his speech on Tuesday, as he unveiled the BBC’s manifesto for charter renewal. A pithy soundbite which is – coincidentally – precisely what Ofcom said last month about public service broadcasting. It is also exactly what the Prime Minister said about higher education two years ago. And, yes, Stephen Byers said the same about Europe way back in 1999. The Minx could go on… “That’s why their pictures are so often out of focus and badly framed. “The Minx is pleased to announce that its first-ever Henry Kissinger Prize – awarded to journalists who display a firm grasp of geo-political subtleties – goes to the Sunday Mirror’s Euro 2004 team. In a piece about violence among football fans at Euro 2004, the hacks claimed the Portuguese police were on the trail of a gang of Croatian hooligans called – surprisingly and, it must be said, somewhat implausibly – “the Belgrade Boys”. When Radio 4’s You and Yours had Loyd Grossman on to discuss the Government’s “Better Hospital Food” programme, he was introduced as the “celebrity chef” who had himself “devised the new recipes” called “Loyd Grossman Recipes”.

EURO 2004: Spain
Squarefootball – Jan 6, 2004
Despite possessing a talent-filled squad, the only thing certain about Spanish campaigns in recent years is their eventual doom. They went the way of Italy at the 2002 World Cup, crashing out to inhospitable upstart hosts South Korea. This was a source of much embarrassment to the nation as a whole, and Euro 2004 presents the first real opportunity to make up for what was, even by Spanish standards of under-achievement, a calamity. Helping Spain in their quest will be the fact that the tournament takes place in Portugal. This should provide conditions that the Spanish players will be accustomed to. Excuses about the heat of Portugal in June won’t wash, and the Spanish players should acclimatise quicker than most. The draw for the opening group phase has also been kind, with the clash against the hosts likely to be their most difficult first round assignment… Coach Inaki Saez has just agreed to a two-year extension to his contract with the Spanish national team, which is in itself unusual. The football-watching public are more used to seeing Spanish coaches resign in despair after another miserable exit from a major competition, yet clearly the powers that be in Spain see Saez as the man to lead them not only in Portugal, but all the way through to the next World Cup in Germany in 2006. Whether Saez can deliver on this occasion seems questionable, and not only because of the apparent curse on Spanish squads in recent years. Spain’s only major title came in 1964 when they won the European Championships, and a repeat looks unlikely. The problems for Spain begin at the back. It is the first entry in the great big football book of truisms to suggest that Real Madrid are more than a bit dodgy at the back. That being the case, the fact that two of Spain’s back four, Michel Salgado and Ivan Helguera, play their football at the Bernabeau does not augur well for the side’s defensive stability.

Jenas sets sights on Euro 2004 – Jan 6, 2004
But I think it was more a thing of, after the result against Blackburn, we wanted to put it right for ourselves, and that’s what we went and did. ‘Jenas is the only Newcastle player to play in all 27 of the club’s games sofar this season, and although he is still awaiting his first goal, he is notunduly worried despite stick from Kieron Dyer, who capped a superb return afterinjury at the St Mary’s Stadium with a double. The former Nottingham Forest player did not find the back of the net untilJanuary 5 last year, but finished the season with eight goals to his name. ‘Kieron’s giving it a bit, but hopefully I’ll catch him up,’ he said. ‘Iwas hoping it was going to come on Saturday – that’s when I got my first onelast year, in the FA Cup – I didn’t come, but I can feel it coming. ‘Hopefully, when I get the first one, I can get on that little run again. ‘Jonathan Woodgate, one of the mainstays of Saturday’s win at Southampton, isexpected to line up against his former club, although Lee Bowyer will not as heattempts to fight his way back from a niggling hip injury.

SOCCER: Larsson would quit football
U.TV – Jan 5, 2004
The Celtic striker performed an extraordinary U-turn when he revealed he will come out of international exile to take part in Euro 2004 for Sweden, two years after announcing his retirement at that level. The change of heart revived hope that Larsson may also reconsider his decision to walk away from Parkhead when his current deal expires at the end of the season but he has vowed to stand by his original plan… Now Larsson has claimed he would rather hang up his football boots altogether than accept anything less than playing at the highest level. He said: “If I do not have anything sorted before the European Championship. I will not talk to anyone during the championship, I will be focused on Sweden and we will see what happens. “I may still quit after the European Championship if I do not get the move that I feel I want.

EURO 2004: Italy
Squarefootball – Jan 6, 2004
Coach Giovanni Trapattoni and his troops are still reeling from their shock exit from the 2002 World Cup Finals to co-hosts South Korea, and the Italian public are sure to demand more inPortugal. Trapattoni has been linked with almost every job that has become available in English football recently, and one gets the feeling that anything less than the European title will see him set free to accept offers of employment elsewhere. Something had to change tactically since that inglorious second round World Cup defeat, and it has. Back then, Italy employed a rigid 4-4-2 formation, the foundation of which was a solid defensive unit… Also in contention for those roles are former-Rangers man Gennaro Gattuso and Inter’s Christian Zanetti. If an Italian side with attacking flair to burn seems a surprise, then perhaps even more surprising is their apparent problems in defence. With a late bid to tempt the peerless Paolo Maldini out of retirement proving unsuccessful, there are worries that the back-line does not possess the depth of years gone by. The central pairing of Milan’s Allesandro Nesta and Fabio Cannavaro of Inter will be almost impentrable, but the cover for this impressive duo does not inspire quite so much confidence. Cannavaro’s club-mate, former Everton man Marco Matterazi offers one option, with Matteo Ferrari of Parma and Lazio’s Guiseppe Favalli also included in the squad. However, there is no place for Juventus pair Nicola Leggrottaglie and Mark Iuliano. The latter is an international defender of someexperience and may yet be missed.

Roddick puts friendship aside to douse Schalken fire – Jan 7, 2004
While Roger Federer’s game has been compared to brush strokes from an artist, Roddick hurls buckets of emulsion at the wall. Schalken, by comparison with his opponent, appeared to be serving with a shuttlecock, but his groundstrokes were heavy enough, and it was more or less a certainty that tie-breaks would be required to separate them. Roddick won the first of them, with the Dutchman suddenly finding the net so often that he should probably have been playing up front with Ruud van Nistelrooy in Euro 2004, and the American narrowly took the second as well. Midway through the this set, the umpire suddenly announced: “Ladies and gentlemen, play is suspended”, which made the crowd wonder briefly – at least until a few drops of rain began to fall – whether it had been called off on quality grounds. Whatever, when play got under way again, half the spectators failed to return. Even the disputes were unexciting. On a couple of occasions, Roddick made as if to remonstrate with a line judge before thinking better of it, possibly in the realisation that when it came to criticising someone else, he was on fairly rocky ground… On a couple of occasions, Roddick made as if to remonstrate with a line judge before thinking better of it, possibly in the realisation that when it came to criticising someone else, he was on fairly rocky ground. Schalken also wandered halfway towards the umpire’s chair for an inaudible mutter, which was pretty wet of him. If you’re going to have an argument, at least have a proper one, not least on the grounds that it might have perked the game up a bit. The Dutchman, though, did nothing with conviction yesterday, and had probably convinced himself beforehand that he wasn’t going to win. When asked how he fancied his chances, Schalken replied: “Well, my serve is not so good. He can return my serve, and I have a lot of trouble returning his. ” This is not the kind of oratory of someone with an unshakeable belief in himself, and reaching the quarter-final was probably as far as he expected to go.

Forgiving Desailly may take time – Jan 5, 2004
Desailly seemed to have a point to prove – it was the first time he had played for his club in his homeland for a long time – and he was on edge. He was having a tough time against Fernando Morientes and Ludovic Giuly and was clearly not on his game. But to congratulate a referee for sending someone off is about the most unsporting action and it will be interesting now to see how the crowds react to him when he leads France out against England in their first game at Euro 2004. The French do not tolerate gloating and it may take a while for them to forgive. It is ironic, therefore, that Desailly is suspended for Wednesday’s tie because of another incident that caused offence – the elbow in Morientes’s face. Strangely, you won’t find Monaco players or supporters complaining so much about that. I think they agreed with UEFA in reducing the ban and were only surprised it was not reduced by another game to give him a chance of playing in the final.

Rio ready to drop drugs ban appeal – reports
Independent Online – Jan 6, 2004
The £30-million England defender still believes his eight-month suspension for missing a random drugs test is too harsh but the Daily Mail reported that he fears a failed appeal could rule him out of action until next winter. He has two weeks to lodge an appeal against a ban which at present means he will miss the Euro 2004 championships in Portgual starting in June. When the FA announced Ferdinand’s ban, United director and solicitor Maurice Watkins said an appeal against the “savage and unprecedented” punishment was “inevitable”. But an appeal would not be heard until the end of February at the earliest and – if the verdict and sentence are upheld – would delay the start and finish of the suspension… But an appeal would not be heard until the end of February at the earliest and – if the verdict and sentence are upheld – would delay the start and finish of the suspension. Meanhwile his Old Trafford team-mate Ryan Giggs became the last United player to speak out against the severity of Ferdinand’s ban. “We are all gutted for him,” Wales forward Giggs told the Daily Express. “I’d prefer to wait and see how his appeal goes before saying too much, but I do hope that they are sensible when they review his ban because to me, eight months seems ridiculous. ”

Giggs added: “The boys were stunned when we discovered how long the ban was for, because not one of us expected it.

2004: Hot new year of curls, girls – and fabulous Freddie
Irish Independent – Jan 5, 2004
We’ll be so over David Beckham and Cillian Murphy will replace Colin Farrell as Ireland’s Hollywood heart-throb. Excited? Impatient to know even more about what you’ll be wearing, buying or drinking in the coming year? Well if so, read on as we reveal what’s hot and not for 2004. GLAMOUR IS BACK Ditch your ’60s mini and the unflattering pinny that was so fashionable last season and get ready for flirty femininity, which is set to be the defining look for 2004. Known as the new retro, this look encompasses a soft shoulder line, slim waist and full skirt and replicates the famous ’50s feminine shape of Christian Dior and Givenchy known then as the New Look. Pencil skirts, cashmere cardigans and retro prom dresses in soft candy colours will be the order of the day for fashionistas this spring. Think Charlotte in Sex and the City and you’re on the right track FAB FILMS I’m looking forward to Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason for the sole purpose of marvelling at Renee Zellwegger’s weight gain… Aman resorts are currently building what they describe as, ‘mini dream-palaces’ around the country. For anyone looking for a city break, Beirut is being touted as the new Paris (in the 1950s it really was known as the Paris of the East). As host of the next Olympic Games, Greece is also a hot travel ticket, as is Portugal with Euro 2004 fever set to really put the Algarve on the map. And finally for seekers of chic, Casablanca is the new Marrakech and the place to be seen posing and preening this summer. HOME FRONT Chinoiserie may be so two-seasons-ago for our wardrobes but it is set to be the look for interiors this year. From lacquered furniture to chic painted ceramics this will feature in all trendy abodes in 2004.

Thompson set for England call
BBC News – Jan 5, 2004
England assistant manager Tord Grip was highly impressed by both Thompson and Chris Sutton in Saturday’s 3-0 win. Grip says either he or Sven Goran Eriksson will watch the pair again when they play Hearts later this month. “Sven has been very impressed with them both. They’ve done very well in Europe, so they can play at the top,” he said… ”

Both players have been touted for England call-ups for over a season now, but with the left side of midfield still a problematic role for Eriksson, Thompson is the most likely to feature in the squad to play Portugal on 18 February. “First of all Alan Thompson is playing on the left-hand side and has a great left foot. Celtic play in some sort of a diamond formation and it’s not too difficult to put him into our formation,” added Grip.

Round-up: Chelsea target Tiago – Jan 7, 2004
Tiago, 23, plays at Benfica and is a fringe member of Portugal’s Euro 2004 squad. Attention has turned to him because Chelsea’s relationship with Porto has been strained after full-back Paulo Ferreira followed manager Jose Mourinho to London. “In the position he plays Tiago has been identified as one of three possible solutions to Chelsea’s needs,” Kenyon said… He was an ever-present in the Norwich side that clinched promotion and the First Division title last term. “I’m absolutely delighted to get the contract situation sorted – it’s been a long time coming,” he said. “The club approached me at the end of last season so it’s taken a lot of hard work between my representatives and the club to get where we are and I could not be more pleased. “Essentially the reason I wanted to stay with City was because we are playing in the Premier League. I have been at the club for around 11 years and this is the first time in nine years we have been in top-flight football and I wanted to stay and be a part of it. “Wolves midfielder Silas believes his year-long loan to Maritimo could help his chances of a Portugal recall. The player claims he has no regrets about leaving the Black Country for the Madeira-based side, but did not make any promises to his new employers.

Video of SAS shootings to be given to coroner – Jan 7, 2004
Mr Darling told the British Airline Pilots’ Association that if a credible threat were made against a flight, the aircraft would not take off. However, he failed to make clear the kind of information that would be thought significant enough to justify putting sky marshals on a flight, but not sufficiently serious to cancel it. Jordan Sanderson, 22, of Waterthorpe, Sheffield, will have to surrender his passport during England’s away games and has been told that a holiday in Portugal for the Euro 2004 championships must be cancelled… Jordan Sanderson, 22, of Waterthorpe, Sheffield, will have to surrender his passport during England’s away games and has been told that a holiday in Portugal for the Euro 2004 championships must be cancelled. He was also told to pay court costs of £2,366. South Yorkshire police decided to seek an order through the civil courts, where the burden of proof is lower than in a criminal case. A hearing at Sheffield magistrates’ court heard that Sanderson had been involved in nine incidents this season.

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