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January 26, 2004

Caribbean call-up for hacker Harvey

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The News Review:

* Safa to bid for AFCON 2008
* Sports | Columns | Luis Bueno | | Southern California News |…
* SA dream leans on Beckham factor
* Caribbean call-up for hacker Harvey
* Schroeder supports SA 2010 bid
* Wales want Russia kicked out of Euro 2004
* BBC SPORT | Golf | Triplett and Mickelson share lead
* Policing policy needed
* Mad Brit Diary Borussia Dortmund is the champ when it comes to…

Safa to bid for AFCON 2008 – Jan 23, 2004
“It will help the country evaluate our readiness for the World Cup, which is
even bigger than the Olympics,” Khoza told a This Day newspaper. The 2006 African Cup of Nations will be held in Egypt and South Africa has
withdrawn its availability for the tournament, rather concentrating on the
bid for 2008. “We will be sending people to the 2006 World Cup in Germany so they may see
first hand the magnitude of the event and gain valuable experience. ”

The requirements for the African Cup are less than those of the World Cup, as
Khoza explained. “The World Cup consists of 32 participants and needs eight venues while the
African Cup of Nations requires only four. Ghana and Libya have joined the race to host Africa’s biggest tournament and
the latter are also in the race for the 2010 World Cup. South Africa does stand a good chance to host the biannual tournament again
as North Africa will host it twice consecutively ? Tunisia this year (2004)
and Egypt in 2006.

Sports | Columns | Luis Bueno | | Southern California News |…
Press-Enterprise – Press-Enterprise (subscription) – Jan 23, 2004
Africans, though, care about their regional championship, as well they should. But the minnows are complaining about the lack of equality for all African nations. The 2006 African Nations Cup will determine all five of Africa’s 2006 World Cup teams. In a sense, this was done to appease European clubs, since the mighty and powerful European clubs complain every time they must release an African player for international duty. Recent complaints aside, European clubs will likely be less vocal in 2006, since they should have their African stars for much of 2004 and all of 2005 with no worries about African World Cup qualifiers. In fact, 21 nations have already been knocked out of the 2006 African Nations Cup and have no shot at Germany. The fact that many of these inconsequential countries likely would never qualify for a World Cup is irrelevant, since tiny nations such as Grenada and Dominica will at least compete in World Cup qualifiers.

SA dream leans on Beckham factor
Independent Online – Jan 24, 2004
“England are one of the most demanding teams in the world and dealing with their players and their fans was a great experience. You have to show that their comfort is important. ”

The memory of South Africa’s last World Cup bid still burns deep after they lost the 2006 tournament to Germany by just one vote and Jordaan, who was also in charge then, is prepared for all eventualities. “It can happen again,” he said. “But on the day the vote is taken, 24 members of FIFA will drop their papers into a box, that’s democracy. ”

Jordaan added that he was keen not to price the tournament out of the reach of fans in South Africa and has been working on a deal with banks in the country to set up special saving schemes so the poorly paid can put money aside to afford the tickets. “We don’t want to have a World Cup in Africa where all the African fans are standing outside because they can’t afford to get in,” he said.

Caribbean call-up for hacker Harvey
Irish Independent – Jan 24, 2004
Surveyor Lawrence Harvey, 30, of Burwell, near the border between Cambridgeshire and Suffolk, is able to play for the Turks and Caicos Islands because he worked in the British Crown Colony for two years. Centre-half Harvey plays for Alcia Athletic in the Halls of Cambridge Sunday League. He said he was amazed to find out that he had been selected for two World Cup 2006 qualifiers against Haiti on February 18 and 21. “Football has only been played on the island for seven years and it hasn’t developed beyond the massive ex-pat community,” he said. “They gave me a call and asked if I would be interested in playing – I still can’t believe it’s happening. It will be a truly amazing experience, regardless of what happens. ” Teaser answer: Berwick Rangers.

Schroeder supports SA 2010 bid – Jan 23, 2004
“I believe it would be right and appropriate for South Africa to
be the host of the world soccer championship of the year 2010,” he
said after bilateral talks with President Thabo Mbeki in Pretoria. “And I believe the leaders of the German Football Association
would agree with me on this. ”

Mbeki, for his part, described Schroeder as a “great,
enthusiastic supporter of South Africa with regard to the 2010
Soccer World Cup”. The other contenders included Morocco, Libya, Tunisia and Egypt. The successful country would be decided in May at a meeting of the
FIFA executive committee in Zurich, Switzerland. South Africa lost the right to host the 2006 cup to Germany by
one vote… The other contenders included Morocco, Libya, Tunisia and Egypt. The successful country would be decided in May at a meeting of the
FIFA executive committee in Zurich, Switzerland. South Africa lost the right to host the 2006 cup to Germany by
one vote. Schroeder is on a two-day official visit to South Africa as part
of a four-nation African tour.

Wales want Russia kicked out of Euro 2004 – Jan 23, 2004
But now it has emerged that Russia’s Yegor Titov failed a drugs test after the first leg in Moscow. Titov played in the second leg in the Millennium Stadium in Cardiff which the Welsh lost 1-0 to Evseev’s headed goal. But now a source close to the Football Association of Wales has revealed to the Press Association they will contact UEFA on Monday to seek clarification and possibly call for UEFA to throw the Russians out of the finals. Wales thought their chances of playing this summer had disappeared after play-off defeat but are now set to begin a campaign to take Russia’s place in a group which also includes hosts Portugal, Greece and Spain. Titov was found to have the stimulant bromantan, believed to be a designer drug rather than a prescription medicine, in a sample taken after the play-off first leg in Moscow on November 15. After playing as a substitute that night in a 0-0 draw Titov started the second leg in Cardiff. Titov has until Monday to contest the one-year ban imposed by UEFA, meaning he could miss the Euro 2004 finals anyway regardless of his country’s fate… UEFA, who have also asked world governing body FIFA to extend the ban worldwide, have fined the player ?4,420, while his club Spartak Moscow have received a ?8,840 fine. Following the first leg in Moscow the Russians called for Giggs to be banned for the second match in Cardiff following an elbowing incident involving Evseev. Giggs was allowed to play in the second leg but subsequently banned for two matches by UEFA, meaning he will miss Wales’ opening two games of their 2006 World Cup qualifying campaign. Filed by Barry J Whyte.

BBC SPORT | Golf | Triplett and Mickelson share lead
BBC News – Jan 25, 2004
Mickelson, who dropped 14 places in the world rankings after a disappointing 2003 season, admitted Sunday’s final round would be a test of his new-found confidence. “The more you’re in contention, the more comfortable you feel in those surroundings or in that situation,” said Mickelson. “But the less you are in contention, the harder it seems to be to break through. “I’m hoping that maybe the experience that I had in 2002 will help out and give me some positive momentum. ”

Five other players, including 2000 winner Jesper Parnevik, are within four shots of the leaders.

Policing policy needed
The Age – Jan 25, 2004
Leeds has received no offers to buy Viduka, although one European club, believed to be involved in this year’s Champions League, wants the striker on loan until the end of the season. Farina’s candidates list will also be tested by captain Paul Okon, who has been told by Italian Serie B side Vicenza he can leave the club. Okon quit Leeds United last year to find regular first-team football with the sole purpose of remaining in Farina’s 2006 World Cup plans but has not featured in struggling Vicenza’s line-up this year. “It makes it hard for Paul; you don’t have to be a brain surgeon to work that out,” Farina said.

Mad Brit Diary Borussia Dortmund is the champ when it comes to…
SoccerTimes – Jan 23, 2004
German giant and fashionable Bayern Munich draws around 60,500 a game to the Olympic Stadium. According to recent statistics, the German Bundesliga has an average attendance of 36,492, the highest in Europe. Tickets are cheaper in Germany than the English Premier League — costing between $11-$50 — and the fans are getting excited about hosting the 2006 World Cup. The Germans are also building new andbetter stadiums. In England, Manchester United rules with an average crowd of 67,655 according to the Premier League’s official web site. Newcastle United comes behind the Red Devils, drawing 51,898 fans to St… Why is that? Because they lived with their university or college for four years and were a part of it. It was something (in which) they could choose to participate. We need to work towards creating more of a “club” culture in our football here. Sam Kpakiwa writes: “As always, your work is much appreciated, MB. Keep up the excellent work. Santiago Carrizo suggested that MLS team names are lame.

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