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March 14, 2004

Venezuela emerge from obscurity

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The News Review:

* German World Cup tainted by bribes scandal
*’s Breaking News ESS’ deal with the Asian…
* Baron calls for end of World Cup hangover
* Venezuela emerge from obscurity
* – sport/soccer
* Johnson confirmed as Warriors coach
* Decision postponed on South American World Cup qualifiers
* Budweiser to Sponsor XX Olympic Winter Games in Torino
* Martial …A Lesson For Chukwu
* BBC SPORT | Other Sport | Horse Racing | Richard Pitman’s Gold…
* BBC SPORT | Tennis | Hewitt urges doping action
* BBC SPORT | Tennis | Ferrero pulls out
* ThisWeek Community Newspapers – –

German World Cup tainted by bribes scandal
Guardian Unlimited – Mar 11, 2004
The country’s World Cup organisers said yesterday that they were shaken following the arrest two days ago of several top German football executives – including Karl-Heinz Wildmoser, the president of 1860 Munich, one of Germany’s leading clubs. Mr Wildmoser is alleged to have taken bribes from an Austrian construction firm that won the tender to build a new stadium in Munich, where the tournament will open in 2006. According to prosecutors, Mr Wildmoser, his son and at least two other associates were secretly paid €2… ” Yesterday, however, the spokesman for the organising committee, Gerd Graus, insisted the World Cup’s image had not been tarnished. “We don’t see this happening,” he said. “It’s unfortunate for German football, but we don’t think there will be any long-term damage. ” Special report.’s Breaking News ESS’ deal with the Asian… – Mar 12, 2004
The AFC package includes the rights for the 2004 Asian
Olympic Qualifiers and the Asian World Cup Qualifies (for the 2006
World Cup) as well as the Asian Cup 2004, the biennial Tiger Cup
(2004 and 2006) and the biennial Asian Youth Under-20 Championships
(2004 and 2006). The package also includes the Asian football weekly
magazine show Football Asia. This wil air from April to
March 2006. In all, ESS will air 170 hours of live Asian football action on
Star Sports (48-hour delayed basis in China for the World Cup and
Olympic Qualifiers and Asian Cup matches). This will reach over
57 million households across Asia claims the broadcaster.

Baron calls for end of World Cup hangover – Mar 11, 2004
England lost out for the 2007 event through an alliance between France and the Celtic countries: Ireland, Scotland and Wales. However, Ireland have already decided not to stage any games because Lansdowne Road is to be redeveloped and Scotland are also thought to be considering handing their pool games back to France. Instead, the RFU have agreed to help fund a bid by the English women’s union for the 2006 World Cup. John Steele, the operations director at Northampton, has rebuked Darren Fox, the flanker suspended for eight weeks over a butting incident in the Heineken Cup game against Glasgow. Northampton have decided not to appeal against the ban and Steele said he was disappointed by the player’s actions. “They are not in keeping with either the way we play the game or conduct ourselves. An internal disciplinary committee fined Darren, who has made it clear he regrets his actions.

Venezuela emerge from obscurity – Mar 11, 2004
The side had one of the worst records in internationalfootball and aroused so little public interest that many peopledid not even know what colour they played in. Nowadays, the distinctive burgundy shirts are ubiquitous tosports shops around the country and the team routinely playtheir home matches to sellout crowds. There is even talk that the ‘Red Wine team’, who on Wednesday sank Honduras 2-1 in a friendly in Maracaibo, might qualify for the 2006 World Cup in Germany. The man credited with performing the turnaround is nationalteam coach Richard Paez, a former international midfielder whoremembers only too well what it was like in the old days. Venezuela, where baseball has long been king, have won moreWorld Cup qualifiers in the three years under Paez than they didin the previous 37. Before Paez replaced Argentine Omar Pastoriza in 2001, theyhad managed only three victories since they first ventured intothe World Cup qualifiers in 1965. Since he took over, they have won six times including theirlast two matches in the qualifying competition for 2006. – sport/soccer
SABC News – Mar 11, 2004
French World Cup and European winning coach Roger Lemerre, who has just won the African Cup of Nations with Tunisia, is among the favourites. However, the language and other cultural differences may just hamper his chances of securing the job. But De Sa says the world has become so small that football has become globalised. It’s one sport and there’s not much difference between different countries. Kenny Ndlazi, the former national under-23 coach, is the only South African to have applied for the job. Local front-runner Jomo Sono did not apply, but says he’s interested in the hot seat. Sono became the favourite after Ajax Cape Town coach Gordon Igesund withdrew… Sono became the favourite after Ajax Cape Town coach Gordon Igesund withdrew. The new coach will be presented to the Safa executive on or before May 1. The new coach’s contract will run up to the 2006 World Cup, which is to be hosted by Germany.

Johnson confirmed as Warriors coach
Namibian – Mar 12, 2004
Johnson, who also heads a school in Tsumeb, has been mandated to take the team to the knockout Cosafa Castle Cup match against Angola in Luanda on May 9. Johnson, who also coached at national junior level, takes over from German Technical Director Peter Ueberjahn, who resigned late last year. Ueberjahn stepped down after Namibia lost to Rwanda 4-1 on aggregate in the 2006 World Cup and Nations Cup preliminary qualifiers. Namibia has changed coaches 12 times since entering the international footballing arena in 1992. If Namibia is knocked out of Cosafa by Angola, the national team will not have official international fixtures until after three years as the team has been eliminated from the 2006 World Cup and Nations Cup qualifying groups. In 1998, Namibia competed in the final of the African Nations Cup in Burkina Faso, which served as the highest feat they have ever achieved. So far, the Brave Warriors have lost 19 out of 26 international matches and this has also led to their slump on the world football rankings… If Namibia is knocked out of Cosafa by Angola, the national team will not have official international fixtures until after three years as the team has been eliminated from the 2006 World Cup and Nations Cup qualifying groups. In 1998, Namibia competed in the final of the African Nations Cup in Burkina Faso, which served as the highest feat they have ever achieved. So far, the Brave Warriors have lost 19 out of 26 international matches and this has also led to their slump on the world football rankings.

Decision postponed on South American World Cup qualifiers – Mar 12, 2004
asked the presidents of the national associations to put forward their ideas at
a future meeting so that this can be sorted out with time to spare,” Eduardo
Deluca, general secretary of the South American Football Confederation (CSF),
said in Asuncion, Paraguay on Thursday. FIFA president Sepp Blatter said last
month that world soccer’s governing body would not accept a repeat of the
controversial system in which the 10 South American nations play each other home
and away in a tournament lasting more than two years. The format, used in the
qualifying competitions for the 1998, 2002 and 2006 World Cups, has prompted
protests from European clubs, who say their South American players return from
their frequent transatlantic trips tired or injured. One possible alternative
would involve a preliminary stage with two groups of five, where the teams play
each other once,followed by a six-team mini-league, possibly held at a single
venue. Another would involve dividing the teams into two groups of
five. Deluca said another meeting would be held in February or March to
discuss the matter.

Budweiser to Sponsor XX Olympic Winter Games in Torino
PR Newswire UK – PR Newswire UK (press release) – Mar 11, 2004
(NYSE: BUD) today announced Budweiser will be the "official beer sponsor" of the XX Olympic Winter Games. This deal marks Anheuser-Busch’s first sponsorship of an Olympic Games held outside the United States. The sponsorship will give Budweiser official use of the 2006 Olympic Winter Games logo in Italy and a significant number of other countries. "Anheuser-Busch’s international business continues to play a critical role in our company’s success, and global sports sponsorships like the 2006 Olympic Winter Games in Torino help Budweiser reach adult beer drinkers around the world," said Tony Ponturo, vice president, global media and sports marketing, Anheuser-Busch, Inc. "Throughout history, the Olympic Games have captured some of the most remarkable and memorable moments in sports, and Budweiser is honored to support the world’s best athletes as they compete for gold in 2006. " "We are proud that Budweiser, the world-famous beer and a brand of Anheuser-Busch, Inc. , has joined the team of Torino 2006 as Official Sponsor," said the CEO of TOROC, Paolo Rota… Budweiser has been an Olympic supporter since 1984 when the brand was the "official beer sponsor" of the Olympic Games in Los Angeles. Budweiser and Bud Light also represented the "official beer sponsors" category of the 1996 Olympic Games in Atlanta and the 2002 Olympic Winter Games in Salt Lake City. In addition to the Olympic Games, Budweiser sponsors a variety of international sports properties including the FIFA World Cup(TM), the BMW WilliamsF1 Team, the English Premier League, and Manchester United and Chelsea football clubs.

Martial …A Lesson For Chukwu
This Day – This Day (subscription) – Mar 11, 2004
He should exude absolute confidence. His continued whimpers that he is ready to serve under any foreign coach is nauseating to the ears, abusing to the Nigerians coaches, sickening to play second fiddle and a disservice to the nation that voted for his ilks. The journey to Egypt 2006 and Germany 2006 is so thorny and lethal. The Wasps of Rwanda match has been set as a trap for him. We have ambush teams in Algeria, Rwanda, Zimbabwe and Angola. Nigeria is the only country to beat either at home and away… Nigeria is the only country to beat either at home and away. A win at home for any of these teams is a discredit to Chukwu and the indigenous coaches who President Olusegun Obasanjo righly pitched his tent with. Did we all, like Chukwu, recall we had to struggle to narrowly escape from the hands of Liberia, Sudan, Sierra Leone etc to qualify for Japan-Korea 2002 World Cup? If we have to go through that path again, then the President’s investment on Nigerian coaches would not only have been squandered but the apologists of foreign coaches would have a field day. Best Nigerian Coach
Many Nigerians believe that Christian Chukwu is good but not the best Nigerian for the job. Here belongs former Sports minister Alex Akinyele who is of the opinion that Chief Adegboyega Onigbinde should be drafted in but with people like Chukwu supporting him. Though, he called for the Modakeke chief to change his mien. Another informed opinion is that of Mr.

BBC SPORT | Other Sport | Horse Racing | Richard Pitman’s Gold…
BBC News – Mar 12, 2004
But only one fence is sighted on the descent with two jumps on the climb to the finish. Stamina is a prerequisite and so a slower pace and devious tactics are employed to either save a doubtful stayer’s energy or to capitalise on known stamina. If you get over the third last fence, there are two nice jumps to home, but the 50,000 crowd does distort things a bit.

BBC SPORT | Tennis | Hewitt urges doping action
BBC News – Mar 11, 2004
Hewitt said he was pleased for Rusedski but added that the sport had a problem. “I’d like to think tennis is pretty much clean most of the time but clearly there’s a problem somewhere,” he said. “I know I’m 100% clean. Still, you come out of some matches with guys who look stronger in the fifth set than the first… “They are pinpointing some guys more than others. ”

Tim Henman, also in Indian Wells, said he was pleased his Davis Cup team-mate would now be able to concentrate on his playing career. “I’m so glad he’s been able to prove his innocence,” Henman said. “I’ve said all along that he just wasn’t the type of person that would take something. “He knows you’re not going to get away with something like that with the drug-testing programme already in place. “The last six months must have been absolutely horrific for him.

BBC SPORT | Tennis | Ferrero pulls out
BBC News – Mar 12, 2004
“Sometimes things happen and you can’t do anything about it – I’m disappointed because I was looking forward to playing here,” said Ferrero. The 24-year-old will be replaced by Jeff Salzenstein in the men’s draw which gets underway on Friday. World number eight Nalbandian failed to recover from an ankle injury sustained in the Davis Cup in time for the first Masters Series event of the season, while Ivanisevic withdrew with a back injury and will be replaced by Antony Dupuis. Switzerland’s world number one Roger Federer is the top seed and the 32 seeds, including Britain’s Tim Henman, all have byes into the second round. Henman has what looks like a favourable draw, being in the same section as sixth seed Rainer Schuettler. The draw has set up a potential third round clash between Andy Roddick and Marat Safin, who beat the American at this year’s Australian Open.

ThisWeek Community Newspapers – –
Columbus This Week Newspapers – Mar 11, 2004
It is a remarkable, and in many ways, exotic world into which the general public gets only the occasional glimpse as a result of competitions shown on PBS and in such films as Australia’s “Strictly Ballroom” and “Shall We Dance?” from Japan. It is a world with which Powell resident Bill Sparks is intimately familiar, having embraced ballroom dancing like a favored and familiar partner after his early-on dream of a career in ballet was abruptly halted by back injury. Sparks has stepped and strutted and even stripped (see related story) his way to the top of this world. He has sipped at the sweet cup of success, breathed the rarefied air of being named U. Latin Champ several times over. Now Sparks is introducing into this special world he knows so well more than two dozen youngsters from across central Ohio.

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