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April 18, 2004

Fortune smiles on ITV

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The News Review:

* Germany lose Lauth for Euro 2004 finals
* Blunkett warns Blair on Euro 2004
* Not Keane on Roy
* Fortune smiles on ITV
* Beckham the Galactico sent crashing to earth
* Samuel seeks to end Villa’s European exile
* Sports | Columns | Luis Bueno | | Southern California News |…
* Protecting children in war
* Sven has no fears over Beckham
* Moyes: ‘Rooney is going nowhere’
* Greeks prepare to party
* – The Professional Footballers’ Association
* Trapattoni confirms Baggio’s Italy farewell
* Dealing with the commodity market

Germany lose Lauth for Euro 2004 finals – Apr 18, 2004
The 22-year-old 1860 Munich marksman was injured in Saturday’s 2-1 defeat by SV Hamburg and will be out for six weeks. His absence will be felt not just by national coach Rudi Voller, but also by his club side, who still have a relegation battle on their hands with five games remaining… The 22-year-old 1860 Munich marksman was injured in Saturday’s 2-1 defeat by SV Hamburg and will be out for six weeks. His absence will be felt not just by national coach Rudi Voller, but also by his club side, who still have a relegation battle on their hands with five games remaining. “I don’t have relations with the coach, I speak with the president,” Vieri said before the match, in a comment sure to increase speculation about his possible departure. Still recovering from a head injury after being hit by a bottle thrown by a Perugia fan last week, Vieri was declared unfit by Zaccheroni to play a full 90 minutes.

Blunkett warns Blair on Euro 2004
BBC News – Apr 17, 2004
In a leaked letter, David Blunkett has said embassy staff in Lisbon, Portugal, will be “stretched” during the football tournament. Officials will have enough to do without arranging ministerial visits, he said, according to the Sunday Times. The Home Office said Mr Blunkett’s intention was to help co-ordinate the trips not stop them. Risk assessmentAlmost 10,000 England fans have bought tickets for the competition… Risk assessmentAlmost 10,000 England fans have bought tickets for the competition. But Uefa, Europe’s football governing body, has estimated the number of fans travelling to Portugal in June will be much higher. A Home Office spokeswoman said Mr Blunkett does not want to stop Cabinet colleagues from going to the tournament or supporting the England team. Rather, Mr Blunkett is asking that they inform the Home Office before going. “This is to help the British embassy in Lisbon co-ordinate any visits well in advance and assist with planning arrangements, taking into account the available resources,” she said. Mr Blunkett wrote the letter on 2 April, according to the paper, and he will brief Cabinet colleagues ahead of England’s first game against Euro 2000 champion’s France on 13 June. “I will provide a detailed assessment of the risks nearer the event,” the home secretary wrote.

Not Keane on Roy
BBC News – Apr 16, 2004
How are you – you sound a bit weary. I am – there’s just too much sport on at the moment – I’ve got no time to attend to normal family life! In fact I’m not sure whether they’re here or not, I’ve just been stuck in front of the telly. I know what you mean, we’ve had football, cricket, golf, tennis… He’ll have a massage and say: “You get 15 minutes longer than this at Man U”, and: “You know this hotel pool’s not Olympic size – it is when you play for Man U” and: “The prawn sandwiches aren’t freshly cut – but they are
when you play for Man U. ”

That’s what McCarthy couldn’t stand. But I think it’s a bit grovelly to get him back just because they haven’t made it to Euro 2004, which is the point. If they’d got through to that, they wouldn’t be bothering. And another thing about Keane – I was watching Spurs v Man U at the beginning of the season and the United fans were singing “There’s only one Keano” – and Robbie Keane was playing for the oppostition!

What’s going on there? There’s two Keanos, clearly!

The sooner he retires and becomes a kind of autocratic manager (that’s a good word) the better. Well Alex Ferguson is now bizarrely saying Keane’s decision to come out of international retirement will give him a new lease of life and prolong his career by a further two years. Well that’s a typical piece of Ferguson logic, isn’t it? You can have it any which way if you’re Alex Ferguson.

Fortune smiles on ITV
Guardian Unlimited – Apr 17, 2004
getElementById( ‘frameId630402′ ). Following that event, ITV saw advertising rise for five consecutive months. Moreover, if the buyers’ estimates are anywhere near accurate – and they usually prove conservative, if anything – then City forecasts for ITV looked well underpinned. Dealers said the shares had also been supported by confirmation from industry watchdog Ofcom that it would synchronise the timing of ITV licence renewals, with all 17 regional franchises being able to apply on December 31. In the wider market leading shares closed at a five-week high, lifted by a firm opening on Wall Street as interest rate fears eased, and a strong showing from Vodafone, up 3… 3, taking its gain over the week to 48 points, or 1. Elsewhere the picture was not so bright, with the FTSE 250 falling 11 points to 6,258. 4 after its housebuilding constituents took another pounding, this time following a profits warning from Countryside Properties, off 37. The FTSE Small Cap index, meanwhile, gained three points to 2,643.

Beckham the Galactico sent crashing to earth – Apr 18, 2004
Atletico’s Vicente Calderon stadium, where Real’s highly fortunate 2-1 victory left them with a precarious one-point lead in La Liga, was a cauldron in every sense. For Beckham, though, it was probably nothing compared to the atmosphere at home. For Galactico No 23 and England’s leader at Euro 2004, which is eight brief weeks away, April is the cruellest month. Refusing to speak to the Spanish media, Beckham flew to London to be with his family in what one imagines to be the world’s most expensively furnished doghouse. By the time he was able to race to the airport it was already Sunday morning, which, for him, has become a time of trial by text message and cringe-inducing scrutiny of his sexual and marital lives – all of which, some argue vehemently, is the price he has come to pay for presenting himself as the perfect family man and turning his life into a soap opera and a commodity; for hanging a for-sale sign on so much of his celebrity marriage. With its 10pm kick-off, this match nearly spanned two days. By the time he had showered, Beckham had doubtless already been briefed on the next set of blows to his ribs… “The readjustment is almost complete. The celeb-obsessed are abandoning the myth of Beckham as some kind of deity and learning to regard him instead as someone altogether more human: flawed and fallible, as we all are. For so long we could not find the middle ground on this ubiquitous, hard-working, ball-curling, self-grooming hero of aspirational England. After France 98, he was the self-absorbed villain who got England knocked out of a World Cup with his playground hack at Diego Simeone, the Argentine agent provocateur. Then, after his free-kick against Greece and the relentless parading of his paternal skills with Brooklyn and Romeo, he was a paragon. Roth’s point is that we are all something in between.

Samuel seeks to end Villa’s European exile – Apr 18, 2004
His call-up at least suggested that Samuel, 23, was right to hold out for England, rather than seek international recognition with Trinidad, where he was born. And it gave him the opportunity to catch up on old times with lifelong friends John Terry and Ledley King, though their topic of conversation was not what one might have expected. Instead of discussing their hopes at Euro 2004 and Villa’s chances of playing at the Bernabeu next season, they reminisced about muddy Sunday mornings on London’s Hackney Marshes and Wanstead Flats. But seeing that the club were formed in 1961, it is more likely to have been named after the bridge. Samuel says: “We were all East End boys who started playing on the streets and we didn’t know back then whether we would all make it.

Sports | Columns | Luis Bueno | | Southern California News |…
Press-Enterprise – Press-Enterprise (subscription) – Apr 17, 2004
Whatever the reason, this year’s Champions League isn’t very Champion-esque. Europe’s true champions are long gone. Real Madrid? Hasta luego. Manchester United? Fare thee well… Want proof that FIFA’s World Rankings are not to be taken seriously? Ranked fourth in the latest rankings is Mexico, just in front of the Netherlands, Argentina and Germany. The United States is tied for 11th with Italy. Reach Luis Bueno at.

Protecting children in war – Apr 16, 2004
These include Britain, Denmark, Switzerland and, of course, Portugal,” said an ICRC statement. “Initially, solidarity centred on a football event. Now solidarity is taking on a new dimension as other members of the Red Cross ‘family’ (like the national societies of Iceland and Austria) rally to the cause, even though their countries did not qualify for EURO 2004™. ” Referee ambassadorsFour top international referees – Pierluigi Collina, Anders Frisk, Markus Merk and Lubos Michel – are acting as ambassadors for the campaign and last month, the latter three travelled to Sierra Leone on a special field visit. Frisk, Merk, and Michel witnessed at first hand programmes designed to help children who have suffered the effects of war. In addition, the referees officiated a match between children from two refugee camps. Seminar launchThe quartet are all preparing for EURO 2004™ and will be attending a UEFA preparatory seminar for the tournament in São Felix da Marinha near Porto at the end of this month.

Sven has no fears over Beckham
The Age – Apr 16, 2004
“I have spoken to him several times, as I normally do. I suppose he could have done without this,” said Eriksson who was guest at a fans’ forum at the headquarters of the Football Association. “When he pulls on the England shirt, he will be very focused on what to do… “In the country I am from, Sweden, and in Italy, it was about football, not your private life. It’s much better to be on the back page than the front page. “Meanwhile, Eriksson said he hoped that English fans will behave themselves at the Euro 2004 finals in Portugal this summer. European football’s governing body, UEFA, has threatened to expel England from the tournament if there is any repeat of past hooliganism. “It will be a small disaster if we leave early for football reasons, it would be a real disaster if we do so for other reasons.

Moyes: ‘Rooney is going nowhere’ – Apr 17, 2004
That was the clear message from Everton manager David Moyes ahead of yesterday’s visit to the club once again linked with the England teenager – Chelsea. “We are not grooming him for them or anyone else. He is going nowhere,” insisted Moyes, who clearly believes his striker should stay at Goodison Park. “When you look at David Beckham, he had well and truly served his apprenticeship with Manchester United before thinking of moving on and joining Real Madrid,” Moyes added. “That is how it should be. The point about Wayne is that his development has only just started… “Albert Souto, president of the Aveiro Chamber of Commerce, retorted: “This can’t happen. I understand the impatience of people over the delays, but blocking streets is a criminal act. “The stadium will host the Euro 2004 games between Czech Republic and Latvia and Holland and Czech Republic in June. Roberto Baggio will make a farewell appearance for Italy in their friendly against Spain in Genoa on April 28 ahead of his retirement from the game at the end of the season. “Baggio will play in the next game,” Italy coach Giovanni Trapattoni told Italian television. “I have spoken with him. It is a rightful recognition of a charismatic footballer.

Greeks prepare to party – Apr 17, 2004
Two and a half years later, the statistics speak for themselves. Having won their Euro 2004 qualifying group ahead of Spain, they are approaching the finals on the back of a 15-match unbeaten run matched only by France. In their last two friendlies they have swept past fellow qualifiers Bulgaria and Switzerland and, though a truer test of their credentials will come in Eindhoven later this month when they take on Holland, there is a growing belief in the country that they could be one of the tournament’s dark horses. Part of that confidence derives from a draw that pits them against Portugal, Spain and Russia in the group stage. Their path to the finals included a 1-0 win in Spain while a friendly in Portugal last year, before their group opponents were known, saw them draw 1-1 despite being reduced to 10 men. “One of our biggest problems is that playing against the hosts, there’s obviously going to be a lot of support for Portugal, and the fact that Spain is so close means there will be a lot of Spanish fans there as well,” Nikapolidis said… From the moment he joined us, we have always known that he would only select the best players based on their performances for their clubs and the national team. We know each other so well now that it is like being part of a big family. “Unfortunately, Nikapolidis can no longer count on impressing the national coach with his club displays because his recent decision not to sign a new contract has led to him being dropped by Panathinaikos. Rehhagel has assured him, however, that he remains his first-choice goalkeeper. “Otto has been very loyal to me and I appreciate that,” he says. “I feel satisfied that, with all the problems I’ve been facing, it has had nothing to do with my performances for the club. “Nikapolidis hopes that his own showing in Portugal could attract interest from foreign clubs – his first choice would be to join Greek team-mates Nikolaos Dabizas and Stylianos Giannakopoulos in England – but his focus at the moment is restoring some pride to a country who have always been at the back of the queue when football trophies are handed out. – The Professional Footballers’ Association – Apr 16, 2004

Liverpool boss Gerard Houllier is confident he will still be at the helm at Anfield next season, despite speculation to the contrary. "We have got a contract. I understand the speculation, it is part and parcel of this modern game, but I feel strong, I feel good and I want to fight back because I am not happy with what has happened this season. I believe the team will grow and at some stage we will win the title. "

Houllier is disappointed that Liverpool's season hinges on finishing fourth and he adds: "We are not happy with the way we have gone out of the cups and we are not happy with the way we have slipped down in the league. But in spite of all our problems we are still competing for fourth place.

Trapattoni confirms Baggio’s Italy farewell
Independent Online – Apr 17, 2004
The Brescia striker, who will retire at the end of the season, has not played for Italy since making the last of his 55 appearances against Belarus in March 1999. Asked if he would be calling up the 37-year-old forward for a last time Trapattoni told state broadcaster RAI: “Yes, for the next game, yes. I have already spoken to him. It is a fitting tribute to such a charismatic footballer… The Brescia striker, who will retire at the end of the season, has not played for Italy since making the last of his 55 appearances against Belarus in March 1999. Asked if he would be calling up the 37-year-old forward for a last time Trapattoni told state broadcaster RAI: “Yes, for the next game, yes. I have already spoken to him. It is a fitting tribute to such a charismatic footballer.

Dealing with the commodity market
BBC News – Apr 16, 2004
well, I don’t think I could use the word on the BBC website. It was frustrating and left us all scratching our heads, not least boss Paul Sturrock. The season is winding down but although we’re safe, we’ve still got plenty to play for. The chairman certainly wouldn’t be happy if we put our feet up now and started to think about our holidays, and quite rightly when there is a lot of prize money at stake… But I’m going to say a word on behalf of the little fellow who plays alongside me. Kevin Phillips is on fire at the moment, he’s scored six goals in eight games and if there’s a more in-form striker in the country at the moment in terms of goalscoring, I’d like to meet him. He’s tremendous to play alongside, and I don’t think it’s any coincidence that my form has returned since he’s been back playing regularly. Without blowing our own trumpets, I would think we’re among the best striking partnerships in the country at the moment.

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